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Dustin: have to remind your daughter not to sing "Bell Bottom Trousers" at school.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
Your 6 week old son sleeps peacefully the first day at faire when you're working in the booth, but the next day, the first signs of colic kick in, and the poor child cries the whole day.  Leading to a sign posted on his portable crib, "The Prince of Wails."

Whistler Fred:

--- Quote from: Dustin on June 01, 2009, 05:23:26 PM have to remind your daughter not to sing "Bell Bottom Trousers" at school.

--- End quote ---

Or "All for Me Grog" at church (yes, our daughter did just that).


...your daughter wears her chemise as a nightgown, because that what people would have done in the 16th Century.

...your son dresses in faire garb for "Back to the Eighties" week at high school.  "This is the eighties...1580 to be specific!"


My son got up in front of my extremely conservative pentacostal family at Christmas and proudly announced he was going to sing for them.  He started singing a "Lost Boys" song that goes "Drink Drink, we never drink, you'll have to do it for us cause we never never drink".  I think he was five at the time and it was hillarious, especially since my parents see drinking as one of the big sins.

Lady Renee Buchanan:
When you get a call from a teacher wanted to know what your son means that you have dead people hanging all over your walls.

Had to explain that we do Medieval Brass Rubbing, and have the brass facsimiles as well as some rubbings hanging up.  Told her that they were effigies of knights, lords, and ladies.  The teacher was so fascinated that I ended up doing a brass rubbing workshop for the entire sixth grade.


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