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Help with box pleating error.

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I just figured out what happened to this site. Whew! thought it was gone.


I have a reasonable(130") to box pleat to a 36" bodice. I folded it in half, put the middle at the front of the skirt, pleated the left side from front to back and it came out even. When I got to the back, I had the right amount of fabric.

Then I pleated the right side from the front to the back and ended up with almost a foot of extra fabric.

Should I cut in at an angle and make a 'gore' out of it? What should I do?

Thank you,


It's possible your fabric 'drifted' while you were pleating.

As much as I hate to say it, I'd recommend redoing all the pleating before you cut anything.   :(

Check twice, cut once .

well, i asked for your advice.

Thanks. time to experience the Zen of Unsewing!

Yup--I replied to your original post in the old forum and said the same thing.  Rip it out and do it again.  You will be MUCH happier.

And, ok, just because this just occurred to me: fuss with the pleats and get them perfect BEFORE you sew.  You'll be pinning like a madwoman, but it'll save you grief in the end. :)

I agree that it would be best to pick it out and redo the whole skirt pinning the pleats before sewing. However, if you really can't bear to redo the whole thing, here's another idea: Undo part of the finished side then see if you can't fiddle with the skirt and do stacked box pleats in the center back to get everything to fit to the bodice waist. That isn't an uncommon way of doing the pleats and it makes the skirt a little fuller in the back.


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