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Ms Trish:
Looking for a suggestion - want to filter some of the sediment out of my latest loki flavor attempt. Any suggestions on how I should go about that? Coffee filters are all that is coming to mind.

Merlin the Elder:
It would seem that you'd have to be able to drip slowly to filter with coffee filters...not a lot of surface area. We used to filter grease from deep fryers through some quite large conical filters. They would be able to process a lot more Loki in a shorter time. The filters are very much like coffee filters, but probably not as dense.

You can use coffee filters, just put them into a funnel and then let it drip into a container.

Captain Teague:
I might suggest a reusable coffee filter over a paper one. They drain through much more quickly than paper ones. Maybe place it into an extra large funnel or into an old filter cup off a coffemaker. Cost a few bucks for a round one at Walmart, or get fancy with one that looks like it would fit right into a funnel.

Laird Fraser of Lovatt:

--- Quote from: sloth on October 14, 2011, 09:11:06 AM ---I was wondering with those of you that make pie loki, do you use an extract to simulate the whipped cream taste? if so, what do you use? if not, is the taste still obvious without the cream taste? I have the flavors down in my head for pumpkin pie (I know, I know), but have now hit a speed bump.

--- End quote ---

Whipped cream vodka... or extra vanilla syrup.


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