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Loki and other Liquers

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Oh man... we were hard up for flavoring, and decided to try jello pudding powder..... BIG MISTAKE. It was the desperation that did it!

Oh, and the watermelon. It's been a year- it's STILL like gasoline!

double filtered the alien wine last night- there was so much lime in it it was undrinkable... so, tonight I'll add some sugar and see how that has mellowed now that the leftover solids/oils have filtered out.

Need to decant/filter the nutella- I'm not sure if i need to add back soem hazelnut flavor yet or not...

How are your batches coming?

Orange cinnamon using real fruit was my biggest mistake. I think the citric acid just doesn't age well.
I did Cinnamon Pear one year. The taste was fabulous but I got could never get it to clear up very well. It ended up effervescing into Champear.

Hey Teach!! The Sour Apple works!! We use it in one of our many concoctions and it is always a big hit!! Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum!!!

A few that have failed.........

Tried using Strawberry Daquiri mix it was so thick and gross.. Just wrong.. so very wrong...

Our Cherry loki usually tastes good right away and then morphs itself into a Cough Syrpy glass of yuck.. There are a few who like it, maybe they were the ones who would break into our garage as a kid and steal my Dad's sale/sample Robitussin... Hmmmmm?  :P

Also tried using Long Island Iced tea mix.. Called that one Captain's Island.. The Captain can keep his island.. That one will give you a case of the barfs for sure!  :-X

I am on the fence about our Rootbeer flavor... There's just something weird about it to me...

I would have to say though, my favorites that we have made are the Butter Rum, the Hot Damn, and the Cinnamon Apple... They are full of yummyness!!

Have a few new flavors brewing.. Can't wait to see what we come up this time!!!  :-*

DonaCatalina- i know I shouldnt ask, but would you mind sharing the details on that ChamPear? it just sounds DIVINE! Like a spicy, sweeter perry cider?


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