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Carl Heinz:
Judy, Kathy and I are planning to travel to Casa de Fruta for the second and third weekends.  We'll be camping in the RV park.

Hope to see some Forum folks there.  Lightning proudly sports his R/F pin on his barding.

Carl Heinz:
Well, the second weekend (our first here) is over.  The temperature behaved and only made it up to 83 on Sunday.

Forgot to pack a staff and the colt hand puppet.  I was able to borrow one of sister Kathhy's staffs and picked up a raven hand puppet from Hallowed Tree.  Had some fun gigs with the raven which I name Crack the Lecher.

In one, a young couple with friend walked up and asked if the couple could have their picture taken with Lightning and me.  Handed Crack to the young man and suggested he put his hand on his lady's shoulder with beak pointed as he felt appropriate.  (She was in a black leather armpit to hip length corset with some cleavage.)

Stu Ableman (Ableman Art Glass) as a sign of the times, had some solar powered garden lights with multi-colored LED's.  Gee, didn't know Elizabethans had such things, but there are pretty.  He also had a nice selection of glass mushrooms as welll as his usual excellent glass sculptures and bodice chillers.

New Sterling Arms has added a toy grade crossbow.  It's excellent for launching in shell peanuts.

Talked to Rocky at Oso Forge.  He had his politician dagger.  It's pattern welded in such a manner that it could be called two faced.  :)

Met one other forum member who, I think, uses NorthBayDreamer as a handle.

A number of folks asked about Meep.  He's the Al Alfaro Drabbit (PARF and RPFS) who's function is to keep the flies out of Lightning's eyes.  I suspect they would have done well at Northern.  They certainly did at RPFS.

Memorial services were held Saturday evening for three rennies who are no longer with us.  All were a great loss.  Unfortunately, the faire community really does need more, preferably younger, folks as participants and crafts people.  If you enjoy being a playtron, you'll really like being a participant!!

Recovering for next weekend.

Carl Heinz:
Unfortunately, I noticed a flat tire on the scooter and there's really no one in the area who could deal with it quickly.

Judy and my sister Kathy are off to play while I camp in the RV and start researching solutions to the scooter's tire and throttle control problems.  Will probably give the scooter shop a call to let them know Lightning will be in this next week so they can make arrangements for parts.

Got to play last weekend and I'm sorry I'll miss this one.

Yes, it was me that you met.  It was nice to meet you, if only briefly.  I hope to get some pictures posted soon.

Carl Heinz:
Come visit us a Southern.


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