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How do you get clean at faire?

We have a shower, and i was thinking of buying this Rosemary and Bergamot bath wash we used when we were in the UK... but no one over here actually sells it, and that seems silly to pay to import...

So what's your favourite smelly good for non-stinky rennie fun?

Gwen aka Punstergal:
I almost exclusively use soap that I buy at TRF from Caerwydden's Creations (spelling is butchered, I'm sure). She has a soap shop at the end of one lane, facing one of the little stages, near the jousting arena.  She sells handmade organic soaps in a couple dozen different smells/textures and I always buy a bag of 10 bars, which lasts me the year. My absolute favorite is the lavender (which may have rosemary in it, it's got gritty bits and it smells awesome), closely followed by the peppermint oatmeal, which is super soothing on my over-abused skin.

Traditional, unscented lye soap.  It is a natural bug repellent, biodegradable, reduces the itching of insect bites, helps with skin problems (psoriasis, eczema & acne), gets out stains, kills lice, gets rid of poison ivy oil (I have used it to pre-cover my legs when I know I will be walking thru it), and I think I even heard one time that it has a low SPF.
The miracle soap! :D

After watching the movie Fight Club, I can not do hand made me the chills.


--- Quote from: RenRobin on June 23, 2009, 05:13:41 PM ---After watching the movie Fight Club, I can not do hand made me the chills.

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 :o LMAO!


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