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Rather than post the whole story, let's post this where we sign on with Jack's crew. Then we can go right into DMT2. Think of this as the prequel.

Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/01/2007 21:35:57

"Honour? Hello! Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me... Come round, love! Was it... oh, damn! Sorry!" Jack exclaimed as he snuffed out his pipe. With all the commotion of the evening, he'd forgotten about the hallucinogenic qualities of his tobacco. Given all the khat he'd consumed over the years, it didn't have that much of an effect on him.

Honour started to come around. "What? What happened?"
"You were having a conversation with Old Hardup, here..."
"That's 'Harcourt', thank you very much!" Harcourt interrupted.
"That's your version of it. Shut your pie hole, if ye know what's good for you." Jack turned his attention back to Honour. "You called me in as a witness to his confession about taking the warrants as his own, without authorization from any governor. I sat beside you to listen to his albeit whiny confession when I lit up my pipe. That's when you went all foggy and distant. Are you feeling alright now? Can I get you anything? More food, perhaps?"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/03/2007 23:27:00

A wheezing,red faced form burst into the Dead Man's Tavern,panting with exertion. "Welsh Whh...Welsh Whh...Welsh Whh.... CAPTAIN!!!!" He exclaimed as he shouldered men out of his way "The Ravage has just dropped anchor in the sheltered end of the bay and McClure's flyin' a Union Jack on her topsail!! She's turned out o' the wind and her decks are crammed with crewmen!" Martin removed his sodden beret and rung it out,splashing sea water across the clean swept boards of the Tavern floor."I went to the ship first Mason and the carpenter's are finishing up on the new mainmast.By the time we get back to the "Knight Hammer" the skeleton crew should have the sheets sorted out and we can set sail,heading out in search of new plunder or the Lost City of the Incas..........or ....whatever!" The burly merchant looked at his Captain as she sat possessively next to a distinguished looking pirate with a swept hilt Spanish sword leveled at his flushed throat!!


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/09/2007 19:54:26

"Jack, stay your weapon. This is Martin Montgomery, gourmet cook of the Knight Hammer and one of my dearest and most trusted friends."
Martin sat down, clearly out of breath. Wench went back behind the bar taps and came back with a cider for Martin. Martin took it gratefully and drank deeply.
Jack scabbarded the sword and extended his hand to Martin. "Sorry, man. In this business, you draw first and ask questions later."
Martin wiped his brow and said, "I understand. I'm just glad the darling captain was here before I had to answer out of the hole in my throat."
Wench went in the back and brought out a few towels for Martin.
"Martin, you'd better get out of those clothes before you catch your death of a cold."
"But, Captain, the harbor is full of ships and they don't look all that friendly!"

Just then Lorelei opened the casement window and then turned to the assembled patrons. "I don't think you will have to worry about them doing anything tonight. Look outside! I've been born and raised in Glen Livet and I've only seen fog like this once or twice. This is a real pea-souper. Those ships aren't going anywhere. They will be dropping anchor wherever they are and hoping the rest in the harbor will be doing the same. And I hope no one runs into that jutting stick in the water that marks the spot where the Crude Organ Donor is lying."

Wench looked out the window with Lorelei and Jack opened the door. The port had an unearthly calm as the fog rolled in and embraced everything it touched. He closed the door and threw back the bolt.
"Lorelei, it's late and nothing is going to attempt to come this way. In fact, if anything, there may be a few pirates in the brine tonight if they aren't careful where they are stepping. I'd suggest you just keep this door locked and call it a night."
The tavern keeper nodded and said, "Looks like this is a small party, yes?"
Wench let out a pent-up sigh that she didn't realize she was holding.
"Elinor is upstairs sound asleep. I think Lilaney must be on the ship. If Mason screws up, Lil will keep him in line. Brother Timothy, well, the man could stave off an English army and all with a clowder of housecats, royal felines that they are, so I know he is safe. Martin, can I get you some of Lorelei's delicious beef stew?"
Martin nodded as he eagerly accepted the bowl from Wench and Jack passed the bread over to him.

After the group sat around and made small talk for the better part of two hours, Lorelei opened up the window again.
"Will you look at that? This must be what the tenth plague was like! You can't even see the tailor's across the lane!"
She shut the window and bolted it. "No new customers, either. Wench? I'm going to bed and I'll leave you to make sure this place looks like I left it in the morning."
"I'll make sure, Lorelei. Goodnight."

Jack stoked the fire and Martin sat down in front of it, warming his hands. He drew out his pipe and tamped it with pipe weed, then lit it. Jack looked at Wench and raised his eyebrow. She threw her hands up and exclaimed, "I can't win! Have at it! Just stay downwind from me."
She looked at the pendulum clock and said, "It's after midnight. I'll leave you two gentlemen to lock up."

She went into her room and locked the door. Throwing her skirt in the corner, she sat down and shoved her boots under the bed. Standing in her chemise, she pulled down the covers when she heard a knock on the door.
As she opened it, she saw Jack standing there.
"What is it, Jack?"
He leaned against the door frame. "I have no room. I can't leave. Martin said all the rooms were taken."
She tilted her head and Jack raised his eyebrow. She sighed and said, "Come on in."
He entered and looked at her. Her hair was unbraided and loose and she was in her chemise.
Holding up her hand, she said, "It is only for the night and only because you helped me with the English major."
She slipped back in bed and Jack walked over and started to drop his breeches.
She said, "You can forget about it! If you are sharing this bed with me, you WILL keep your breeches on."
He sighed and said, "You drive a hard bargain, lady."
She said something under her breath and he said, "What?"
He pulled the cover down and grinned, "Like old times, yeah?"
She scooted over to the edge and turned her back on him, saying curtly, "Goodnight, Jack. Blow that candle out, please."
He reached over, smacked her bottom and then blew it out.
From the darkness came her voice.
"Do that once more and I shall personally castrate you with my rapier."
"Spoil sport."

She bolted upright in bed, clutching the sheet and screamed out loud, "DO YOU YIELD? OR DO I RUN YOU THROUGH HERE AND NOW?"
Jack jumped a mile out of the bed, scrambling for his sword when he realized she was in the throes of a nightmare. She had done that a few times in their brief time they were together. He climbed back in bed and took her in his arms.
"Honour? HONOUR! Please! Snap out of it, darling!"
He wrapped his arms around her as she buried herself into his embrace. She couldn't stop shaking. He stroked her hair and said, "Is it the same dream? Is it about that man Madoc again?"
She pulled away and the tears were coursing down her cheeks. She whispered barely inaudible, "It's him. I know it is him..."
Jack held her closely and said, "Who, darling?"
She pulled back and said, "Prometheus. I know who he is."
"The man who was seeking passage to El Dorado! Heaven help me, Jack. I know who he is. He's come back!"
She whispered, frightened, "Daemon Vardus."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/12/2007 21:12:33

Jack frowned, "Daemon Vardus? The captain--the former captain--of the Knight Hammer?"
She nodded. "Daemon came into Dead Man's Tavern one night and had the idea to captain his own ship. He knew of a ship that was available. Martin was there that night and he volunteered as cook. Daemon offered me the first mate's position."
Jack said grimly, "And what position did you offer him, darling wife?"
She raised her hand to slap him and he grabbed it before she made contact. He said, "I've heard stories all through the Caribbean of a blonde captain with a penchant for great boots. Didn't take much to figure it out."
She wrenched her hand out of his reach and said, "Not true."
"Really? Can you honestly tell me you and Daemon Vardus were just 'comrades in arms'? Or was it in each other's arms?"
She jumped out of bed, trailing the sheet with her. "Daemon Vardus and I were never involved," she lied. "And what of you? What of all those dresses I would find in the armoire? And do we even broach the subject of Bonita? Cade told me all about that one."
He crossed his arms and said, "Bad form to mention Cade."
"Bad form to mention Bonita."
"I didn't. You did. And bring that sheet back here."

She balled it up and threw it at him. "Take it! I didn't want it anyways."
He said, "Seriously, you are afraid. I hear it in your voice. Rumour is you ran him through. And I heard all sorts of variations about it. Even heard the story of Jonas Corwin. But let's reserve that for another fight. What makes you think Prometheus is Daemon Vardus?"
"The eyes."
"The eyes?"
She took a breath and said, "The colour. The way he looked at me. And there is another thing."
"When Vardus and the crew were starting out, he mentioned El Dorado. A place shining with the treasures of a lost people. He wanted to go there but was side-tracked by the explosion of the Captain's quarters on the Knight Hammer..."
"You blew him up?"
"Of course not! The liquor cabinet was booby-trapped and Daemon went sky-high and the bay windows were blown out. Do you want to hear the story or not?"
Jack brushed her hair back, grazing her cheek. His touch caused a flush on her cheeks. NO! I won't fall for it again...
"Of course I want to hear the story."
"He died. But came back."
"Came back?"
"He explained it to me once when I almost died..."
"When did that happen?"
"When I had a disagreement with Jonas Corwin."

Jack burst out laughing. "Throwing him out in nature's own to walk back to his ship in your sheets is more than a disagreement. Remember when you tossed me out into the galley without even the consideration of a sheet?"
"This was different."
Jack moved closer to her. "Not much, love. In fact, we never did finish that."
She began to feel the flush on her cheeks spread a bit southward.
"That----that was a long time ago."
He said softly, "Too long."
"It would complicate things and..."
"This may be the only chance for me to make love to a captain," he chuckled.
His lips sought hers. She felt her breath catch.
"It's wrong, Jack.."
He tilted her chin up to meet his gaze. "And we ARE married."
She closed her eyes, trying to keep her heart from beating so fast. His lips moved down to her throat and her chemise dropped off her shoulders.

With a sharp intake of breath, she whispered, "What the hell....I wasn't doing anything, anyways...."


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/17/2007 15:31:15

The Morning broke lovely over the Habor of Glen Livet.
The fog from the night before, that blew in thick as pea-soup and just as mired in mystery
and intrigue, blew out with the morning tide.
The calm dapple green waves bumped gently along the hulls of the moored ships, waking those who were to come to watch and lulling them that stood the night patrol to an easy sleep.
"Morning Lil! In a better mood today?"
The scrawny dock rat (Lord knew which one he was) shouted up from the pier to the quarterdeck where Lil stood, watching the beauty that was a sunrise over water.
She looked down and smiled.
"Aye, you. What sort of goods to you have to be brought up this morning?"
The dock rat nodded his head to the end of the pier.
"Just them food stuffs what Martin told us to gather yesterday. Think we could bring'em up?"
Lil pushed away from the railing and meandered over to the gangplank.
"Welcome aboard then! What sort of foodstuffs?"
The Double Diamond Rats swarmed the gangplank as bundle, box, crate and sacks began to be brought aboard.
The kid shrugged his shoulders.
"Usual stuffs: boots, chocolates, bath salts, feathers, dog biskits, ink, towels, and I think sumthin that the Captain wanted special just for Captain's quarters. Don' know what it is, but, it's heavy as.."
"Thank you, kid. Well, I guess put it all where it will fit."
Lil cut him off as she saw a figure approaching the pier.
She shaded her eyes with her hand to get a better look, when she was interupted by howling.
"Hey! Lemme down! How the hell did I get up here?!"
Lil cast an annoyed grimmace up at the Crow's nest. Well, not really the crow's nest, but, the cross-piece on the top of the new mast.
"You are ruining a perfectly beautiful morning, you know that?!"
Lil yelled up at the person trussed up, tight as a pig, on the solid piece of wood.
"When I get down from here, you'll learn how ruined this day will be for you!"
He kept shouting as Lil tried to ignore him and regained tracking on the figure approaching.
"Well, I'll be, is that who I think it is?"

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Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 09/18/2007 12:11:10

A bird on a branch of a tree just outside the window chirped loudly. Opening first one eye to the sunlight streaming in from the window, and then the other, Elinor groaned. "Stupid bird, you're ruining my nap!" Deciding it would be best to get back to work, she neglected attempts to return back to sleep, getting up to dress instead.

Sitting down at the small desk that sat beside her bed, still with crumpled papers from the night before, she once again picked up her quill and dipped it into ink. The minutes flew by as did her hand across the pages before her, the paper rapidly filling with tales of the crew of the Knight Hammer. Two hours later, Elinor sat back in her chair, flexing her fingers which were sore from the writing. With a satisfied sigh, she gathered the pages and bound them together, setting them aside for the time being. Her stomach grumbled as she remembered her agreement to go shopping that day with Lil.

"Breakfast must be first," she muttered. "Then find Lil."


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/18/2007 16:18:06

"I'm hungry" Lil told no one in particular, leaning far out she watched the shadowy figure pause at the end of their pier and then move on towards the taverns.
Lil stood still and thought hard where she had seen that man before, shrugging off the odd feeling she turned and headed for the newly restocked galley.
"Okay! Okay! I give up! I will do whatever you tell me too, just get me down from here!"
Lil paused near the mast and looked up again and the bound figure.
"I am not really sure who you are, but you have nice boots, which means you know that Captain. And you are too handsome for real work, which means the Captain knows you.
So, for the sake of all parties involved I think you need to just sit tight until Captain comes back and sorts you out. By the way, are you hungry?"
Lil moved on as the swearing started up again.
"When Elinor gets here, I must remember to buy some new banadges for the first aid kits, they make wonderful gags."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/18/2007 19:58:59


Wench sat up quickly, knocking Jack off the bed and onto the floor.
"OW! You did that before and it isn't---"
"Shh!" She called out, "Who is it?"
Jacl clamped a hand over her mouth and whispered, "Maybe if you act like no one is home, they will go away."
She bit his hand and he yelled, "OW!! &*^%$#@!! What the hell was THAT for?"
"I couldn't breathe!"

She hoisted her chemise up around her and padded over to the door. Jack made a grab to drag her back but he missed and fell face first onto the floor.
She opened the door a crack and then opened it wider. She exclaimed, "As I live and breathe! I didn't know you were in port!"

In her hallway stood Captain Bacardi. He stepped in and saw Jack on the floor, his shirt had a few rips in it.
Bacardi laughed and said, "Jack Wolfe! What are YOU doing here?"
Jack scrambled up and said, "My shirt got a few rips in it and I was here to find some thread and a needle."
Bacardi looked from Wench to Jack and then said, "I didn't know you knew each other!"
Wench's face flamed red. "We--we've run into each other a few times."
Bacardi tried to keep a straight face. Her hair was in a tangle, her lip coloring was smeared and it appeared to have smeared onto Jack's face. Her face was flushed and there was a hickey starting to form on her neck. Oddly, Jack had a matching one.
Aside from the rips in the shirt, it was tucked out of his breeches. He had on one boot.

Bacardi asked, "So..where is El Lobo? I didn't see it when I ported this morning."
Jack tried to tuck his shirt in and said, "The port was closed when I arrived so I went to Conwy. Where is the Black Rock?"
"Over at Colwyn Bay. Hitched a ride in."
"Seen Captain Blake lately?"
"A few weeks ago over near Kingston. Had a load of silks and tea to warehouse. Cade Jennings been around recently?"
Jack said grimly, "I bet he's hanging around somewhere. Heard from Dolly, she sends her best regards to you."
Bacardi replied, "And Daisy, Maggie, Ginger and Lula said hello. And the twins--you know, Molly and Polly..."
Jack made sushing motions behind Wench's back but she turned and he immediately coughed into his hands.
Wench said cooly, "I really hate to interrupt this male bonding but Bacardi, why are you here?"
Jack retorted, "I was about to ask the same thing. He seemed to know which room was yours."
She stamped her foot, "What is THAT supposed to mean? Maybe you double dated with Molly and Polly. Or maybe Polly was Blue's friend and--"
Bacardi interrupted. "That's why I am here. It's Blue. He's pouting. I think he is mad at me."
"Whatever for?"
"Well, your friend Athena parrot-sat for me while I had some business in the next port and I think he had too good a time with her. He's gotten spoiled and now he won't drink the rum I gave him. I think she gave him the more expensive kind and now he won't go back to it."
Wench tried not to laugh. "And what do you want me to do about it?"
"Athena went to visit a friend and won't be back till next week. I was you know what kind of rum she gave him? I need to mix it in and then wean him off it until he doesn't notice the difference."
"She got her rum from Puerto Rico, Bacardi. Reportedly she made a good trade. A favorable fortune told, and he bestowed her with quite a few bottles of the finest rum."
"Really! May be a good venture when I give up the account. How does this sound? Bacardi Rum!"
Jack scowled, "It will never succeed."

Wench was putting on her skirt and boots and said, "Bacardi, I have a couple bottles she gave me. Tell you what--I'll give you a bottle to gradually dilute it with what you have been giving him and..."
"Hey! You can't just leave me like----"
"Cool your boots, Captain Wolfe. I'll look for that needle and thread after I get Bacardi that bottle for Blue."
Bacardi tried not to laugh out loud. After all, he always wondered if the two of them had ever met. Now he had a suspicion they may have more than 'met'.

Wench closed the door and she and Bacardi headed down the hallway.
"You know, she not only gave him expensive rum, she gave him ice cream and---"
From the room they heard, 'BLAM!'
Bacardi jumped a mile. "What the BLOODY HELL was that?"
Wench was non-plussed. "Oh, that. I'm guessing Captain Jack Wolfe had an overwhelming desire to shoot something."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 09/18/2007 20:06:25

Finishing her breakfast hastily in her famished state, Elinor paid and left the tavern, rejoicing in the sunlight that fell upon her face as she stepped outside. The gentle breeze whipped at her skirts as she made her way towards the Knight Hammer, hoping to find some familiar faces on board.

Reaching the ship a short while later, she boarded and was delighted to see all the improvements that were being made to the vessel. She was even more delighted when, approaching the galley, a familiar face greeted her. "Lil!"


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/19/2007 09:14:49

"Ho Elinor!"
Lil chucked the remains of her breakfast over the side of the railing as Elinor made her way up the gangplank.
"Hey! When am I going to get fed!?"
Lil scowled; not only was the gent complaining nonstop, he was acting like a noble about it.
"You know!? Your are about the poorest excuse for a prisoner I have ever had the unfortunate duty of caring for!"
Whatever he replied back with was muffled as one of the dock rats scooted out from the crow's nest and shoved a hunk of bread into his mouth.
"Your Welcome!" Lil yelled, then she smiled at Elinor who's nervous gaze went from up in the rigging back to Lil.
"Do you know who that is?" She asked as she and Lil walked back down the gangplank together and headed into town.
Lil shrugged; they waited for a man on horseback to pass and then crossing the street they headed for the shops.
"No idea, one of the Captain's toys. He looks familiar, but, they all start to look alike after a fashion. Although, that one was left on the quarterdeck in a heap. Guess he had had a bad day."
Elinor laughed as they headed into the first shop of the morning.

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Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/21/2007 04:36:00

Martin sat near the fireplace in the rear of the "Dead Man's Tavern"and contemplated his still damp clothes while he puffed thoughtfully on his pipe,sending the wonderfully scented,blue smoke towards the rafters. Moments later the man that Welsh Wench had introduced as Jack and had almost gave the big man a new hole to breath out of,came over and sniffed appreciatively at the fragrant smoke while warming his hands near the fire.Martin begrudgingly offered up his pouch and the two sat,quietly smoking staring into the fire as it slowly died"Martin"He stated"Are you aware that your Captain,for all of her obvious charms,a self-absorved,egotistical,fashion-obsessed....." As Jack kept listing WW's faults,as he saw them,Martin reached over to an overflowing bowl of assorted nuts. Picking out two huge walnuts that together filled his oversized palm,he turned in his chair to face the man. "Sir!" Martin sharply exclaimed,in a voice not much above normal conversation tones "You are speaking against my chosen Captain and I must warn you, You may.....No,you do exceed my poor level of skill with a sword" The big man motioned to the beautiful blade that rode on Jack's hip."But if you hurt her..."At this point his eyes went out of focus for a few seconds. "Let us just say she has gathered a group of individuals and she treats us like family,not hired underlings! She has a past,of that I'm sure,we've all done things that we'd rather not done......" His voice lowered to a deep rumbling whisper "She is rather well liked by almost everyone she meets and should she come to any more harm......." The stout man yawned then stood and snatched Jack's right hand so quickly that his hand was a blur and gripped tightly as if it was caught in a metalworkers vice!."I will now bid you good night,Captain!" He slowly opened his own right hand and let the pulverized nuts,shell and all trickle into Jack's captured palm."There are no more rooms available." Motioning to the wall rack with several keys still hanging. "So you can bunk in my room. It's tight quarters and I am told that I snore but you can toss a quilt on the floor." Jack smiled a rogue's smile and nodded his understanding to the burly man,who strode towards the stairs."I believe that I'll have a talk with your...OUR Captain! She CAN defend herself,you know!" Martin turned on the third step and grinned sadly "Not from boots like yours,Sir!" Then,almost silently,he climbed the stairs out of sight. Jack looked at the destroyed remains of the hardshelled nuts filling his right hand and blew out his breath in a quiet "Whew!"tossing themess onto the table and flexing his fingers free of the clinging bits he slipped the small caliber pistol back in the top of his left boot,where he had drawn it from even as the giant man had grabbed his right hand. "Honour"He whispered" You've grown up from the time we were together you've got a good ship and an honest crew who respects and in their own way,love you. Do I anger this genteel giant by following my heart and going to see my own wife,or do I follow my head,realize my folly and wait for "The El Lobo Del Mar" to make port?" Shaking his head he smiled to himself as he climbed the stairs and found a certin door.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/21/2007 20:33:42

Jack stared at the hole he'd just put between the eyes of the portrait on the wall. "Bloody poor painting, anyway." With sleep out of the question, he pulled on his clothes and headed back downstairs. The fire had died to embers. He tossed on more wood to add some warmth to the wood, and then settled into a chair to enjoy his pipe. He looked upon the remains of the walnuts Martin had pulverized earlier, and addressed his own lap. "You may be disappointed, lads, but at least you're in one piece..."

Three bells into the second night watch, and Briggs had run out of patience. "Enough waitin'! We've seen hide nor hair of Jack, and he's well overdue. Stow the boat, and make ready to get under way!"
The crew lashed the jolly boat back into place as others worked the capstan to lift the anchors.
"Make full sail! Hands to the braces! Steer us into the road south to Glenlivet!" Briggs barked. The discipled crew of cutthroats responded to him as they would Jack himself. They knew the riches their captain had brought them, and they were hell bent on getting him back.

No sooner had they made course for Glenlivet than the lookout cried "Master Briggs! A sail! A sail!! Ahead and starboard! She looks to be showing her heels!"
"Mother and Child! What next?" Briggs growled. "Make ready the guns with round shot!! With a will, ye dogs!! Hold your course, helmsman. We'll not be givin' chase tonight, but we'll be ready nonetheless." He stared out over the open water as the ship gained speed. "You'd best be in one piece, Jack, or I'll have that accursed witch woman heal ye, then kill ye myself!"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/23/2007 07:20:25

The big merchant grinned wolfishly as he eased the door to his room closed.This "Mad Jack" was a breath of fresh air,different from the other men that he'd seen pass through WW's cabin and her life, at least the time that he'd been Cook on the "Knight Hammer." The big man had taken off the,still slightly damp and dirty clothes that he had worn for the past two days and took a quick wash with water caught in a rain bucket hung just outside his window. He then dressed in a similar colored set of rough woven pants and long sleeved shirt. Taking his belt,with it's several different sized pouches over to the rough wooden table he carefully emptied each one and wiped it clean with an oiled cloth,treating the belt and his baldric with the same care he let his mind wander back to how WW and Mad Jack had spoke and treated each other,almost like she knew the answer to a question he'd been chasing for years. But then this WAS WW and she'd so had many men so completly wrapped 'round her fingers that she must be running out of room. Chuckling to himself he forced himself to admit,Jack did seem to look at her.......differently somehow, with a deep seated respect. Shaking his head he thought "Hellfire you'd think that they was married!!"


Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 09/23/2007 17:01:13

*From below the decks of the Knight Hammer came Prometheus, Dorean, and White Rose. Looking around the port, they could see that the fog was finally lifting. The smell of morning dew floated through the port, as the sound of the early birds followed behind. The trio looked back at each other and the started to walk towards the Tavern. Early risers could be seen, slowly putting the town back together. After all the destruction, the people just wanted to get back to some form of a normal life. Shop keepers huried to get their stores ready for the day's business. Not long was the trip that was ahead of them, and before they realized it, they were standing infront of the Tavern. Unlike the other taverns in town, Dead Man's Tavern was also a boarding house. The business men could be heard eating their breakfast's, and reading their papers. The trio entered the Tavern and were met by the sight and smell of a great buffet of breakfast foods. A hot bar had been set up on the main bar, allowing the guests to eat at their convenience. The trio found a table relatively quickly, as a Bar maid met them at the table.*

=Milords, Milady, Could i interest you in a cup of Joe this morning? Perhaps a spot of Tea?=

*All three ordered drinks, Dorean and White Rose were to enjoy the house blend of coffee and Prometheus was to have a cup of Earl Grey. They sat there for a moment sipping their drinks enjoying each others company, when Captrain Bacardi and Welsh Wench Came walking down the stairs. Wench's eye's immediately picked out Prometheus. She stumbled back as her face went pale. Bacardi turned back to help, but she waived him off. They continued down, and into the Tavern it'self. WW stopped Bacardi for a moment, asking him to wait. She made her way to the table where Prometheus was sitting, all the while glaring at him. She walked right up to him and put her hands on her hips.*

'Well well well Captain, when did you plan on telling me?'

*Prometheus looked back at her, with a confused expression.*

"Excuse me Milady, what are you talking about?"

'You know full well what i am talking about, Vardus!!!!!'

"Milady, i'm not sure what you are getting at. I am a simple traveler on a task for our Queen."

'Oh i already know about that. I'm sorry i guess i should have said Admiral!'

*Prometheus stood up, and motioned for WW to sit down.*

"Take a seat milady! Now i dont know where you got your information, but untill my mission is complete i cannot allow the world to know that Glenlivet is forming a Navy. I dont want to know why you are confusing me with that man you murdered, but you need to drop this Admiral talk."

*WW grabbed Prometheus by the collar and pulled him close.*

'Pretend if you want, but dont forget that i know who you are, and i will be watching.'

*Prometheus chuckled and looked square in her eye's.*

"From where, under the table?"

*A voice came from behind White Rose. It was one of the Samoan Pearl Divers, asking if their was a problem. Rose turned around and looked at him. His face turned red with anger as he realized it was her that through him out the window. He reached down to grab her, when a large Ghost like creature appeared next to him. It snatched him up like a rag doll and held him in the air.*

[Perhaps i never introduced you to my Voldwalker. Bragma, please take out the trash.]

*Obeying his Mistress, Bragma through the Samoan out the window once more. Rose muttered a few words and the creature disappeared. Wench started having flash backs to her last vision, only confirming to her what she had seen. She released Prometheus, and returned to Bacardi's side. As she walked away Prometheus spoke to her.*

"I'll be seeing milady!"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/23/2007 20:49:41

Wench ignored Prometheus and walked back over to where she left Bacardi standing.
"What's the deal with that guy there?"
She shrugged. "Prometheus whatever-his-name-is-when-he-is-town had some big thing he called a Volkswagen--whatever that is--toss something out the window. I swear, that is the sort of trick that Daemon Vardus would pull. Would you believe he has this big blue parrot that becomes a little dragon? Or is it a little parrot that becomes a big dragon? Well, whatever it--AH! Here it is!"

They were at the storage room door and Wench reached down to take the key out of her boot but..."Oh, ^$#@!! I forgot I wasn't wearing any boots."
Bacardi looked down and she was barefoot. "Heh, heh, I guess in my haste I forgot my boots. Wait here."
She ran up to the corridor and snatched the key from above a doorjamb, hurrying back to Bacardi.
She put the key in the door and opened it.
"Wow! Look at that! Nine matching chests! What is in them, Wench?"
She got defensive. "I like boots and collect them, OK? Is it a crime? No, I didn't think so! Just stay away from them."
She reached behind the third one and pulled out a bottle. "Supposed to be good stuff. Called 151. Athena lit it on fire before she gave it to Blue. I hope his little feathers didn't get singed."
Bacardi grimaced, "So that is why he looked a little bald-faced."
Wench reached up to her own hair and touched a spot. "I know how he feels. Lilany had to cut a section of my hair when the mast came down and almost hit me. I cracked my head open. But it's growing back."

Bacardi took the rum and said, "Thanks, Wenchie!"
She reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You know, Bacardi, you are one of the very few I let call me 'Wenchie'. It doesn't sound respectful. I mean, say it--'Captain Wenchie'. I'm not five years old, you know."
He laughed and then said, "I didn't know you knew Captain 'Mad' Jack Wolfe. Did he ever tell you how he got the name 'Mad'?"
Bacardi winked and said, "Ask him some time. It's a good bedtime story."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Well, you and Jack in that room together and--"
She held her hand up. "Whoa, wait a minute! There were no rooms left so Captain Wolfe was staying in my room and was sleeping on the floor and--"
"With your lip colouring on his face---"
"He bumped into me when I turned around and got it on his face!"
Bacardi flipped her hair back. "Funny how he has the same kind of suckerbite on his neck too. Don't tell me! You both ran into a door at the same time!"

Her face blazed aflame. "Alright, Bacardi, you have the rum. Just remember who did you the favor."
He winked, "As I'll remember what your gypsy-friend did to him! If she wasn't so fond of Blue, I'd never let him near her again. He kept squawking, 'Rocky Road! Rocky Road!'"
He hugged her and then left by the side door.

As Wench walked by the table with Prometheus, she stopped and said haughtily, "And as far as murdering you, you know it's not true and even if it was, you know the reason why!"
She continued over to the fireplace where Jack sat there, his feet up on the low table in front of him and smoking his pipe.
She kicked his feet off the table and said, "Lorelei said no boots on the furniture!"
She reached over and took the pipe out of his mouth and emptied the pipeweed into a half-filled tankard of rum.
"Hey! I just lit that!"
"Yeah, and I put out your fire!"
"In more ways than one!"
She looked at the remains of the walnuts.
"What happened here?"
Jack instinctively put his hands in his lap. "Guess you could say a Freudian hint from Martin your friend."
She said, "I guess we--I--can kiss off a good night's sleep. The sun is up. Come on, Jack, I need to get dressed and get down to check on the mast. You need to get your gear out of my room before people get the wrong idea."
As he followed her up the stairs, all that could be heard downstairs was, "Care for a--"
A door slammed and then a voice yelled through to it, "Well, you always WERE a morning person...!"

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Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/24/2007 15:26:27

'...and that's what it means by, 'your turn in the barrell'."
Elinor blushed and jostled her bag and packages.
"Oh, um, thanks Lil for explaining that, didn't know what he meant saying something like that about our Captain."
Lil shifted her own gear around to manuver the sidewalk they were passsing on.
"And that is why I had to do what I did."
They paused as a mother dragged her reluctant child across the lane and into the cobbler's shop.
"Did you really have to break his nose? I don't think he meant what he was saying."
Lil smiled at Elinor.
"Sometimes, people have to be held accountable for what they say about other people."
Elinor nodded and led the way through the morning shoppers.
"Elinor? I think we have everything, what is left to buy?"
Lil was not one for spending hard earned money, but, if one was down to her last dress and smallclothes. Funds must be spent.
Elinor paused in front of the blacksmith's shop.
"I need a dagger."
Lil was taken aback. Elinor? Needed a weapon? This statement caught Lil speechless.
Elinor handed over her packages and her bookbag to Lil; who took them and adjusted everything in her arms. She was about to follow her in, when Elinor looked up and shyly said.
"Can I do this by myself, please?"
Lil understanding the weapon one buys to be a personal matter, she nodded and stood off to the side of the shop's door and kept watch.
From this part of town, one could almost see the water of the harbor.
The tall ship's mast rocked gently over the city-scape of the buildings. Seagulls and sparrows flew in and out of the sheets and rigging, looking for food and calling to one another.
Lil tried to guess which mast was their's. She counted masts and tried to look for the newest one, then smiled. All she had to do was look for that gent that was tied up near the Crow's Nest. She looked again and the smiled faultered.
She didn't see a mast plus one hostage.
"Lil!" She turned as saw a Double Diamond Dock Rat coming her way, he was soaked and looking rather alarmed.
"Lil! It's 'orrible! Jus 'orrible! Where's Martin Montgomery?"
Lil sensed his fear and tried to smile.
"It can't be all that bad, Martin is over at the Tavern, I think."
The Dock rat shot off before Lil could get anything else out of him.
'Odd' she thought, at that moment Elinor walked out of the blacksmith's shop beaming with happiness.
"I guess we can head back to the ship now, anything else you need out in town, Lil?"
Lil furrowed her brow, Elinor hadn't looked this happy in a while.
"Mind me asking what you got in there?"
Elinor's eyes twinkled merrily but shook her head as she took bag her bag and packages.
"Oh, something for myself."
Lil looked back round at the masts, still not spying the tied up person.
Unease settled into her gut.
"I agree Elinor, let's get back to the boat. Something's not right in Glen Livet."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 09/24/2007 18:00:30

Elinor grabbed the handle on the door to the blacksmith's shop and tugged, entering. Spying a silver handled dagger over in the corner, she approached it and gave it a once over. It was small but sleek, without the adornments of her old dagger, the one that had been lost while adventuring in Tortuga. She picked it up, wrapping her fingers around the smooth surface of the handle. It was simple, so unlike so much of her life right now. "I don't see why a girl like you'd need a weapon like that." She turned and saw the blacksmith eyeing her from behind the front desk.

"One can't be too careful in these times. I have the opinion that when danger looms, one shouldn't be unprepared," she responded, walking towards him. "I'd like this one, please."

"I still don't see--" the shop owner started to say, but Elinor flashed him a look that made him halt his tongue.

"I like to be prepared. Now, will you sell this to me, or not?" Elinor asked. There was no question in her mind that she needed a new weapon. Sailing with the crew of the Knight Hammer proved to be spontaneous, and more often than not, slightly dangerous. Ever since she'd lost her bodice dagger, saw it skittling away from her, never to be returned to its owner, she'd felt like she was missing something. The first dagger had been a gift, and carried memories of the person who had given it to her, and it was gone. It was time to make new memories.

Paying for her purchase, she sighed contentedly and let a smile form on her face as she exited the shop. The smile only faded as she sensed her friend's worry, and increased as they neared the dock, searching for their ship. The ship that was no longer docked in the place it had been at the start of the day, when she and Lil had left it. Elinor turned to her friend. "Lil? Where's the ship?"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/24/2007 21:34:20

Wench opened the door. Jack stood there rubbing his nose.
"OW! You damn near took off my nose!"
"That's what you get for standing too close to it."
"Aren't you going to invite me in?"
"Because I need to get my sword."
She sighed and opened the door. He picked it up and sat down on the bed, patting a spot next to him. She ignored him.
"So. Where are we going, my sweet?"
She stood there with a hairbrush poised. "If you MUST know, I am going to Wainwright's to negotiate a discount on the mainmast that was installed."
"A discount? Didn't you negotiate a price BEFORE you ordered it?"
"Of course I did. But I said I was going to negotiate a discount. I already know what he charges. But what he charges and what I want to pay are two different things. Jack, time for you to go!"
He sat there and crossed his arms. "Hell no! This is one scene I just HAVE to see! I'll even buy your breakfast."

She thought for a second and then said, "Alright. But I warn you, I have a terrible craving for benjies."
"Oh you know. We got them in Martinique. Sugared and fried little squares."
"Whatever. They have them over by the docks. Monique makes them."
"And you are going to wear your chemise? "
She looked down and hoisted her chemise up to her shoulder when it slipped down.
"I guess I had better change if I want to negotiate a deal with Mr. Wainwright."
"Oh, I don't know, maybe..."
"Don't start with me, Wolfe. Turn your back."
"Darling, how many times do I have to tell you it's nothing new under the sun."
She glared at him. He threw his hands up.
"Have at it. And do you happen to have a clean shirt I can wear?"
"Is this a trick question to find out if my closet pour un became a closet pour deux?"
"Not at all. I just need one that isn't ripped down the back."
She reached into her armoire and from the back, withdrew a shirt of linen.
"Here. It may have even been yours at one time. I just grabbed a handful when I left."

She walked to her armoire and pulled out a dress made of white lawn and slipped it over her head.
"Would you lace me up the back, please?"
Jack came over and deftly laced her up.
She said frostily, "I see you learned how corsets and such go ON now."
She whirled to face him and he looked around and said, "Where'd that voice come from?"

She reached into a chest and brought out some white calf-skin boots and then reached into her closet and pulled out a white hat with huge black feathers. She grabbed a white lace parasol from the dresser drawer and said, "I'm ready."

He looked at her and she looked like something that should be sitting on a veranda of a sugar plantation rather than the captain of a pirate ship.
He said, "What are YOU supposed to be?"
She adjusted her hat in the mirror and said, "A lady. For now."

They walked down to the small eating establishment run by a mulatto named Monique. As they entered,
Monique cried out, "Bonjour! Ma petite captain!"
Wench smiled and said, "We are here for breakfast and the gentleman--and I use the term loosely--will pay."
Jack reached into his pockets and patted himself down. " to be short a chest or ten of guilders..."


The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy. Wench had her hand resting on Jack's arm and she breathed deeply of the salt air.
Jack looked suspiciously at her. "I haven't seen you this contented since we had that picnic a deux at that grotto in Castara Bay. What gives?"
She smiled radiantly and said, "It's a beautiful day, I have a new dress on with matching boots and I just negotiated a very good discount on that mainmast. All is right with the world. Or at least MY world!"
Jack shook his head. "How you did that is beyond my comprehension. Wainwright has been known to wring every last shilling out of everyone he meets. Maybe your mast was made of balsa wood and veneered with oak. I seem to remember a story where you got a brass blade masquerading as Toledo steel and..."
"We don't talk about it. OR the one who set me up. Alright?"
"By the way, where's Muir?"
"Athena came by yesterday and Muir was beside himself. He loves her to death, she gives him ice cream so I let him spend some time with her and I'll pick him up tomorrow. Now, shall we head down to the docks and look at the mast? I may want some new sails before we leave. Maybe something in a pale peach..."

They headed over the grassy knoll and walked along the wooden planks leading to the harbor.
Wench looked over the port and her eyes recited the names of the ships she knew.
"Ah! There is The Blatherscythe. Looks like Deadbishop ported during the night! The Black Rock....Bacardi is stll here. I see Blue on the crow's nest. The Ebony Heart...Captain James Squall is in port. The Dark Vexation is gone. Guess James--I mean Captain Blake--is on his way to Port Royal. The Azure Tooled..." here Wench made a face, "....he's still around. Damn. And that stick in the water that used to be The Crud Organ Donor..."
"Yes, he certainly is."
"No, I mean The CRUDE Organ Donor."
"What did I say?"
"No, I didn't. Crude. That's what I said. Crude."
"You seem to know them all."
"I've lived here a while. And there she is! My ship! The Knight...."
She turned to Jack and looked at him in disbelief.
"Where is my ship?"
He just shrugged.
She threw her hat down on the ground and yelled, 'WHERE THE HELL IS MY SHIP???"


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/25/2007 07:56:33

"It is too quiet for my liking"
Lil looked around the Harbor, no ships were making ready, no people were scurrying. Even the drunks from the night were still snoring in their chosen spots around the docks.
Elinor sat her gear down on the pier that used to be the Knight Hammer's; rummaging through it, she pulled out a telescope.
"Where'd you get that?"
Lil liked the look of it, old and trustworthy; something a Quartermaster might own.
"Marvos had it in for an overhaul, I picked it up for him."
She put it to her eye and scanned the waters. Scrunching up her face she swept the 'scope around the bay. Pausing a moment, Elinor leaned out a bit as if to get a better sight.
"Lil, I think I found it, but, something's not right."
Lil stood behind Elinor and looked over her head in the direction the telescope was trained on.
She saw the boat, it's sheets at full sail and it swiftly getting smaller and smaller.
She frowned.
"It looks about a mile out; can't have taken off much earlier than about an hour ago. Why would WW do that? How on earth does she expect us to get back on?"
Elinor and Lil whipped their head's around to see WW and another man standing at the end of the pier. Collapsing the telescope back into her bag Elinor ran up to Captain.
"Captain! It looks about a mile out! Oh! How are we going to get back aboard?"
Lil calmly sat her stuff down next to Elinor's, never taking her eyes off the sails of the ship.
WW,Elinor and a slightly winded Martin came swiftly up the pier.
"It looks like all that bad stuff we ever did has just be revisited on us, Captain."


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 09/25/2007 12:24:24

“You realize that even for an Irishman you are a very lucky man.”

The taller of the two men appeared not to hear the comment and kept walking down the hill toward the docks. “Timothy, that was the Reverend Father, the Abbot, the head of our Order, the keeper of the keys, the successor of Brendan…”

Stopping abruptly the taller man quietly states aloud, “And he is a man, just as you and I are men,” turning to look at his companion without a trace of a smile, “at least I’m a man, tell me Arthur has your beard come in yet?”

Arthur’s eyes and mouth open wide in shock and disbelief at the comment but the retort is swallowed as he sees a creeping smile start on Timothy's face that is followed by a loud belly laugh. "Please my brother, just now no disrespect was meant to you just as no disrespect is meant to the Abbot when I disagreed with his comments regarding my recent activities. Even before this past evening spent listening to the Abbot, know that I am fully aware of my vows and my responsibilities to the Order. Appearances are not the reality in this case. I have no secular interest in this crew or their Captain, but I humbly disagree with the Abbot, I still believe in the vision that told us the way to St. Brendan's Journal lies through that boot-loving blonde headed walking disaster from Wales. Pirate, Wench, Bootaholic or not, where she and her crew goes I must go if I am to recover the journal."

"But what of me Timothy, I am ready to serve you on this vision, the wharf rats..."
"Still need you. I'm sure Master Martin will be shipping out with the crew and someone needs to keep an eye on the young boys and Wendy. Besides I need you here to watch Amber for me."
"You'll not take Amber with you?"
"Not this trip, I don't have a good feeling about this one. Besides if she stays here that means at least one sensible creature will be in Glen Livet." The protest is never uttered as Arthur sees the big grin once again upon the older monk's face.

The two monks turn and continued walking down the hill from the Mariner's Cathedral toward the docks. Looking about the harbor Brother Timothy noted it was from this very spot that he originally saw the English troops coming ashore not that long ago. The firing of the Dead Man's Tavern and the later rout of the invaders was still fresh in his mind.

As Timothy scanned the harbor a small voice told him something was wrong. A hand on the shoulder stopped the young Arthur in his tracks.
"Look about, is something different or are just my old eyes playing tricks?"
Brother Arthur studied the view in front of them, "all looks normal except that ship to the side, the one flying the English flag, has its gun ports open and seems to be swinging against the tide even though she is at anchor."
"Your eyes are good Arthur but something else is amiss, something so obvious I'm missing it. Keep looking."


The two monks look at each other, the voice was very familiar and coming up the hill from Glen Livet's docks. Without a word both men turned, hiked up their brown habits and ran toward the docks and the sound of a very upset blonde headed wench.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/25/2007 20:21:41

The sun rising to warm the morning as Briggs caught first sight of Glenlivet's harbour. For the second since they'd gotten under way, the lookout's voice rang out. "A sail! A sail, heading out of the harbour! Dead ahead, and steering away! She's - she's running!"
Briggs peered at the ship through the perspective glass. She was steering sluggishly, as if her rigging was fouled or there weren't enough hands to work the sails. "Aye, that she is!" he called back. "There's got to be a reason ship's be runnin' like rats! Put your backs into it, lads! Crowd on the canvas!" He turned to the helmsman. "Get us into that harbour. Something's terrible strange about all this, and I'm bettin' Jack's right in the thick of it. Aye, in the thick of it, or we're too late."

Jack winced and put a finger to his ringing ear. "I have a different, yet related, and certainly quieter question. Where is Cade?"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/26/2007 06:23:16

Captain Stuart McClure lowered his spyglass from the obviously drunk and possibly undercrewed ship leaving the harbor and turned to his friend and First Mate,Dylan Yates asking incredulously "Is that incoming ship flying a skull and cross bones!?!? Yates responded, his predatory grin never reaching his hard eyes "Yes Sir! They do appear to be Pirates,and with them coming into the Glen Livet Harbor under full sail I'd bet the fifty gold Guilders each that we were promised from that English fella, that they intend to attack this poor defensless coastal town!!" McClure raised the glass and said under his breath, "Damn but that's a fine looking ship!! Too bad we have to sink her!" Then louder "Mister Yates!! Run out the starboard guns and prepare to fire on that ship!" Yates repeated the order and the "Ravage's" starboard gun crew responded like a well oiled machine,each man doing his duty with the practiced ease that bespoke of long years serving together. The "Ravage's" main guns were specially made using McClure's own design,and each cannon could fire it's load accurately at just over a nautical mile! McClure kept watching through his brass 'scope and saw the incoming ship pass several others that were at anchor, obviously intending to take the slip that was newly emptied. It passed an orderly looking ship that proclaimed itself the "Black Rock" another was turned away from McClure's sight but the name ended with -gan-Donor, still another had sails stained a pale blue. "Yates!" McClure called out to his only friend from childhood, "I bet you can't hit that pirate on the first shot!" The gun's crew chuckled quietly,this was a game played between the two often. "You're on!!"

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Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/27/2007 08:41:00

Lil's face showed the alarm as the ship's began to show aggresion to one another.
WW looked up from fixing the heal of her boot. Her face showed a keen interest, then slowly dissolved into a look of horror.
"They are not serious!"
Elinor pulled out the Telescope again and handed it to WW, who put it up to her eye just to have it snatched out of her hands by the Gent standing next to her.
He peered out into the bay, making no sound his face showed the emotions he witheld from speaking.
Elinor wrung her hands a bit and scooted closer to a bollard.
"I agree with you Elinor, if this shootin' match goes on like I think it will, I wanna hide too!"
Martin Montgomery moved forward and flanked WW on the her left.
"Captain, isn't that one of our crew over there?"
WW was trying to snatch the telescope back from the gent, he easily kept it out of her reach as he watched the ships. She began making small leaps in the air to get it. The gent seem to expect every jump and just moved it out of the way.
"Hey! Give it back!"
Martin tapped her shoulder to get her attention. She paused in her fruitless attempt and turned to look where Martin was pointing.
Down the pier, where the it met with the quaywall lounged a man. One that looked familiar to Lil, but, being poor with names she could not recall who he was exactly. That was until WW saw him.
Her outburst in close quarters made them all jump, save the man with the telescope.
"Really, Wench, was that nessecary?"
Martin wiggled his ear to get the ringing to stop. The man at the end of the pier looked up, and smiled.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/27/2007 14:41:10

Smoke and hellfire erupted from the Ravage's gunports. The crew on the weather deck of El Lobo reacted instinctively to the muzzle flashes and took cover at their stations. Plumes of water shot up on either side of them as they continued headlong at the English ship. Briggs felt the deck shudder beneath his feet as two or more enemy shots struck near the bow and were largely deflected away.

"Hah!! They be fightin' like right proper Navy men, tryin' to hull us at the waterline! Keep us straight on 'em, helm! We're too small a target for their broadsides this way! Now get those muskets into the shrouds! If any a gunport starts to open, I want fire against it! Keep 'em closed, boys!! We're nearly on 'em!"

Twenty men grabbed up muskets, shot, and cartridges and swarm up the ratlines. They knew they had only precious seconds before the enemy ran their guns out again. El Lobo was within 600 yards of the man-o-war, closing fast.

McClure was astonished. "They're still closing! Why aren't they breaking off??
Yates had never seen his captain caught off guard like this before. "Sir, they intend to ram us!"
"Make sail, now! We'll take the weather gage and pound them once they trap themselves in the harbour. Gunners, fire when ready!!"
The mainsails and topgallants of the H.M.S. Ravager unfurled and caught the wind. The ship was a good sailer and began moving forward toward the mouth of the harbour.

McClure and crew were in for another rude surprise as a steady hail of musket shot began peppering the side of their ship. The men on deck dove for any cover they could find.

"Why aren't you firing?!" McClure roared.
"They're throwing small shot against any port we open, sir!" the Master Gunner called back. "I've four men wounded already!"
"Captain, look." Yates voice was almost a whisper.

El Lobo had steered once again directly at their waist. She was only 300 yards away now, and the pirate hunter couldn't bring a single gun against her.

"Bear off!! Bear off now!! Hard over larboard, and brace for collision!!!" McClure yelled.

Jack stared unblinking as he watched his ship race toward certain destruction. He barely noticed Honour's fingers digging into his arm as she watched the spectacle.
"Our ship..." she whispered.
"Tell you what, love. You can have whatever's left."

Briggs saw the men of the Ravager desperately hauling on the bowlines and braces in an attempt to avoid being rammed.

"We've got her!! Hard to larboard!! Wear away larboard!! Starboard guns, bear up and fire as we pass!! Fire all, damn ye!!" he cried.

With less than a hundred yards space between them, El Lobo sheered away from the pirate hunter toward the town of Glenlivet, lashing out at her enemy with a fiery barrage of hot metal as she slipped past.

For a few seconds, the decks of the Ravager were a maelstrom of flying debris as their enemy unleashed a hellish broadside at pointblank range. Captain McClure wasn't about to let the offense go unanswered.

"Starboard guns! Fire all!!" he yelled. The powerful guns roared, but El Lobo had moved past their field of fire. McClure watched impotently as the barrage went wide of their intended target and battered the hull and masts of the Azure Tooled. He felt little satisfaction as the unintended target's mainmast twisted, snapped, and slowly fell over into the water.

Jack and company let out a cheer when El Lobo veered off and got the better of her adversary.

"I knew it! Oldest trick in the book, just like I taught him!" he bragged.
Honour was incredulous. "Jack Wolfe, you lying son of a..."
"Captain Wench! Look!" Elinor exclaimed, pointing a the Azure Tooled.

They all watched the stricken ship's mainmast slowly drooped over and fell off.

Jack looked back at Honour. "A friend of your's, I take it?"

"Come about!! Larboard guns! Make your target and fire at first opportunity!" McClure barked. "Mr. Yates! Clean up this mess and-" He was cut short as the ship rocked and shuddered. In their efforts to evade the pirate, they'd run over the hulk of the Crude Organ Donor.

"Cap'n, we're breached! We're taking on water in the hold!" a sailor cried.

McClure stared back at the prey that had slipped through his fingers. "Stand down the guns," he said quietly. "Mr. Yates, see to repairs. We're leaving."

Without another word, he slowly walked down the steps to the weather deck and stared out at the open sea.


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/27/2007 15:57:01

Lil rested her chin in her hands, elbows in her lap as she sat on top of the bollard that had once given protection from the skirmish in the waters ahead of them.
"We Won!"
WW jumped up and down as she cheered and beat the air and the gent next to her with her tiny fists.
Martin laid a steadying hand on her shoulder to cease the jumping, it was making him a bit seasick to watch all that movement.
Elinor came around the bollard and peered into the water.
"I hope they move that British ship, if they don't it will be really hard for the ships in port to get out."
Her observation brought a smile to the lips of the gent who handed her back her telescope.
"Thanks, lass."
Elinor accepted it with a slight smile and a look to wench who was in a quiet conversation with Martin. Lil was curious as to who this man was, he seemed the most normal of the WW's Harem.
"Um, beggin your pardon gent, but, which one of WW's gents are you?"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/27/2007 20:19:06

"Why, I just happen to be..."
"A good friend of mine, " Wench supplied before Jack could answer.
Jack grabbed her by her elbow and nodded to Lil. "Excuse me, but I have to have a word with my 'good friend' here."
He took her over to the end of the dock and shook her. "What do you mean by 'good friend'? I'm your husband, dangnubbit!"
Wench put her hand on Jack's shoulder and said, "Hold that thought, my boot heel is loose and I need to fix it."
She balanced herself on Jack while she took her boot off. She then proceeded to pound it on the deck and then slipped it back on.
Smiling sweetly, she said, "Now. What were you asking?"
He shook his head and asked, "Were you this scatter-brained when we were married or has your hair gotten blonder?"
She put her hands on her hips and retorted, "I'm going to overlook your testiness right now on account of you were a bit upset about our ship."
"OUR ship?"
Wench furrowed her brow. "Well, sure. Look at it this way. When we got married, I remember the part where you said, 'With this ring, I thee wed and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.' "
It was Jack's turn to be astonished.
Wench said triumphantly, "Aha! You thought I was too drunk to hear that part, didn't you?"
"So..what worldy goods do you think you are entitled to?"
"El Lobo del Mar is a pretty big worldly good, don't you think?"
Jack stood there wordlessly. Wench continued in her usual convoluted trail of thought that made no sense to anyone but herself.
"Jack, look. I don't tell people we are married because, well, they wouldn't look at me the same way. They look at me as a confident captain. You start trying to pin an apron label on me and I turn into a hausfrau in their eyes. They won't think of me as Captain Wench but as Mrs. Jack Wolfe. At that point I lose my own identity and then become a part of you. Or worse, your chattel."
Jack shook his head. "When did I ever try to tie you down?"
She suddenly smiled and said, "You never did. And I think that was what you liked, Jack. We were kindred spirits. Somehow, in a strange way, I think we are bound in spirit. Listen to me! I sound like that voodoo queen, Bonita."

They started to walk back towards the rest of them. Lilaney frowned, "I hate to tell you, Wench, but with the ship gone, we are stuck here in Glenlivet. I suppose I could always seek another form of employment."
Elinor added, "I can always get my position back at the stationer's. And I have enough stories to maybe turn into a book."
Martin said reluctantly, "I suppose I could help with the dockrats. Or open my own tavern."
Wench threw a glance to them all and said, "I have it all figured out. We have a ship and we have a crew."
She turned to Jack and said, "You will be taking us to look for the Knight Hammer. And we can be co-captains! Isn't that a terrific idea?"

Jack had just taken a swallow of rum from his flask and spewed it.
"Are you out of your mind, Honour?"
"No more than you are, 'Mad' Jack."
She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "And do you still have that cabin with the huge windows?"
"I do."
"Just wondering. I'll be requiring my own quarters. Now, if you don't mind, the feminine part of my crew and I need to do a litte shopping and..JASON! YOU LITTLE PIPSQUEAK! YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!"
The rest of them jumped a mile.
She marched over to where Mason sat, a fishing pole in the water.
Martin turned to Jack and said, "Did she always break the sound barrier with her yelling?"
Jack took a deep drink of his flask and said sadly, "Aye. For such a small wench, I swear she must be part banshee."
He passed the flask to Martin and said, "Best you drink up. You will probably need it."
Jack pulled a flask out of his boot and opened a new one.
"Briggs will be beside himself to see her again."
Martin took a swig and said, "He likes her, eh?"
"Let's just say he will be hard put to contain his feelings!"

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Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 09/28/2007 19:41:29

While the spectacle of the dueling ships in Glen Livet’s harbor held most people’s attention, those along the lane leading from the cathedral down to the docks were struck dumb by the vision of two monks, their habits hiked up to their belts and running as if Satan himself were behind them. It was agreed later, that no one in the town could remember such as sight and hopefully this type of shocking display would not be repeated again anytime soon. Pirates were one thing, but one expected better from the clergy.

There is a very good reason that one very rarely sees a monk running. Putting aside for a moment that many monastic orders are cloistered and as such are rarely seen much less seen running, one must consider the clothing of the average member of a monastic order. Imagine running in a heavy gown that reaches to the ankles, a long rope belt wrapping around the legs in the first two strides, and sandals slipping away on the cobblestones. It was only by the grace of God and dumb blind luck that Brother Timothy and his young companion Brother Arthur made it to the docks in one piece. Skidding to a stop Timothy took a moment to do a roll call of body parts, with everything accounted for he took in the situation upon the docks.

“Oh blessed saints, I don’t see it, its not here, please it can’t be.”
“What can’t be?” Arthur heard the concern in his friend’s voice. “Brother, the fights over and everything appears to be fine.”
“It’s not the dock or the people, it’s the Knight Hammer. The ships gone!”

Arthur scanned the harbor with his eyes, “Are you sure, perhaps they just moved it to a better spot.”
“My dear boy, it’s a pirate ship, not a delivery wagon! One just doesn’t simply pick it up and move it to a better spot. Obviously someone took the bloody ship!”
“I understand, but there are plenty of other ships in the harbor, perhaps you and your friends can pick out another one?”

Brother Timothy was now moving toward the crowd on the dock, looking for a certain familiar face, “Another won’t do, I left two very important things on that ship, my personal chest and the friend I left guarding it. Dam it, whoever stole the ship also has Amber.”

Arthur stopped as a cold shiver went down his spine, "On this is not going to be pretty."

Brother Timothy brushed by Martin, "Excuse me Martin, I'm looking for her worship our dear Captain."
Lowering the flask, "Ah Brother, you are just in time allow me to introduce a new friend Captain Jack..."
"I'm sorry Martin I really need to find Wench, your pardon Captain but I have an urgent matter..." as Brother Timothy and Captain Jack see each other for what should have been the first time.

"You! The tavern! Elinore! The pistols!" Brother Timothy's staff moved quickly and found it way to the Captain's midsection. Captain Jack bent over took in a deep breath and pulled his pistols. Both men stood face to face with Martin and Arthur trying to get between them.

All heads turned at the shout...Wench!!! Honour!!!


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/30/2007 08:13:52

Even as Brother Timothy moved,with his heavy brown robes hoisted high, down the long dock with the grace and speed of a much younger man,Martin watched with wonder. Young Brother Arthur was barely keeping pace! Brother Timothy slowed from headlong dash to a more dignified trot,allowing his sweeping robes to fall into place as his eyes traveled the docks length.He turned and asked the burly merchant where "Her Worship" Captain WW was. Trying to shield his captain from the worried monk's sight he stated "Ah Brother, you are just in time allow me to introduce a new friend Captain Jack..." and in that instant all hell broke loose!!! Shouting something that sounded like "Elinor had pistols in the tavern!" Spinning his heavy oaken staff as if it were made instead of hollow reeds the elder monk quickly jammed it's head deeply into Jack's midriff!! Jack had seen the strike coming and had deflected most of the power by catching it on his pistols belt's buckle even as he drew them both! Martin grabbed both guns by the barrels and yanked them out of his hands interposing his bulk between the two men while Arthur tried to sooth his elder.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/30/2007 16:32:00

"I have no quarrel with you, until now, good friar!" Jack snarled, as he tried to catch his breath. "I have reason now not you kill you... why?!"

Martin suddenly interposed himself between the two men and yanked the pistols out of Jack's hands. Jack clutched his belly and sat hard on the cobblestones. "Martin, mate, you're becoming a right inconvenient fellow. Blimey!! What in blazes did he hit me with?" Jack curled up on the ground and began taking inventory of his ribs.

"Brother, put it away!" Martin pleaded. "He's giving us passage on his ship! What more do you want from this man?"

Brother Timothy's face flushed with embarrassment. "I saw him arguing with Wench! I thought he was from the English ship. I'm so sorry!"

The monk offered his hand to help Jack back to his feet. Jack slapped it away. "I can manage, thank you very much. It would seem that among this crew, no good deed goes unpunished. Honour! Call off your attack monk!"


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 09/30/2007 18:10:43

Everything happened so fast that it was all Elinor could do to keep up, and she barely did so. Brother Timothy and Brother Arthur came running, breathless, Brother Timothy went up to Martin, he shouted something at her about pistols, and before she could comprehend what he truly meant, her mind spinning, the monk had hit Jack squarely in the chest. Hard. Martin courageously got between them and stopped the fight before it had barely begun, and Elinor let out a sigh. After hearing Jack yell at Welsh Wench to "call off your attack monk!" she couldn't help but smile a little. "You must forgive Brother Timothy. With all our altercations of late with the English, you can understand his reaction if he thought you sailed with them," she spoke to Jack.

Nevertheless she kept her distance from the monk and the pirate. After all, the last thing she needed was more broken inkwells ruining her parchment again!


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/30/2007 19:22:34

Wench ran over to where Mason was sitting on the edge of the dock. He had a pole in the water and he had a string of fish next to him.
"Ahoy, Captain Wench! Look at the fish I caught! They sure are biting today and I..."
She yanked him up by his shirt collar and put her face right into his.
She said in very careful measured words, "Where-is-my-SHIP??"
Mason baited his hook and cast it off. He said, "It's gone."

She tried very hard to control her temper and for her it was a real effort. She fought the urge to slap Mason upside the head.
"Gunther, I am very well aware that my ship is gone. But you are here on the dock. Fishing and having a successful day, I might add. But that is my point. You were the watch. You are here. The ship is.." Wench gestured to the horizon, "....out there."
"Oh! Well, NOW I can see your confusion, Captain!"
Wench tapped her foot and gave him an 'out with it' motion.
Mason reeled his line back in and shook his head. "Looks like something out there is hungry and took the bait."
She wondered how much pressure it would take to snap Mason's neck in two....

"He took it."
"WHO took it?"
"Your gentleman friend. The one that you left in a heap on the quarterdeck."
"CADE? Why would Cade do that?"
"Because he was trussed up like a Christmas goose from the crossbeam of the crow's nest."
"But...but...why would Cade hang himself upside down unless he wanted a headrush?"
"Oh, he didn't do it! Lilaney did it. You see, she came back on the ship and tripped over him. So she thought he needed some fresh air--at least that is the reason she gave me--and I think what she said was, 'Captain doesn't pick up her toys.' And then she said he needed hung out to dry. So...she asked me and we hung him up there to dry. He wasn't that wet though."

Wench's head was swimming. The ship was gone and Cade was responsible for it? She turned to Mason and asked, "So why aren't you on the ship with him?"
Mason pulled his line up and said, "Gotcha! And ain't it a beauty, Captain? Imagine how good this will taste with lemon and butter..."
She took Mason's hat and jammed it over his nose. "Why-aren't-you-on-MY-SHIP?"
Mason pried the hat back off his nose and rubbed it. "OW! Oh! That's right! He left you a letter."
He fumbled in his shirt pocket and withdrew a sheet.
Wench snatched it out of his hands.

I'm sorry if it appears I ran off with your ship. I must admit, that is quite a crew you have assembled. There I was, laying on the quarterdeck trying to figure out why my head was swimming. The last thing I remembered was Jack dumping me on the deck and I heard you two talking. And then a woman came on board and tripped over me. I must have passed out again--I need to check the rum supplies, I think Jack put a big dent in the stock--and the next thing I know, I'm hanging from the crossbeam like a ham.
I convinced Mason to untie me----

Here Wench glared at Mason but he was casting out again----

---and to make a long story short, I needed your ship to find out where The Gryphon drifted off to. I told my crew if I wasn't back in a week, to take the swag and unload it in Port Royale and then come back to pick me up. I honestly thought we'd be on our honeymoon by then. I had no idea that Jack didn't give you the annulment papers like you said. Of course, sometimes you are so distracted, you may have thought it was a boot-bill and put it in a drawer to be paid later.
I'll send the ship back to Glen Livet as soon as I find my ship.
OH! There's a very nice dog here. Don't worry about her, you know how I love dogs and she will be just fine. I'll return her with the ship.
When I get back, I expect you to have your annulment and an answer to my bended knee question. Jack said alot of things about you, that you played me for a fool. But I just can't quite seem to grasp that.
Regardless, we shall discuss our future when I get back. Don't be mad, alright?
I love you.

She exhaled her breath and then a sudden intake so quickly she felt a pain in her chest.
'Amber! He has Amber with him! And Brother Timothy's personal chest. And Gwydion's book...GWYDION'S BOOK!'

She bent down quickly to get the blood to rush to her head before she fainted on the dock. If that book falls into the wrong hands....
She started to hyperventilate and then she heard two voices shout in anger.

She looked up to see Jack and Brother Timothy engaged in an attempt at combat with Brother Arthur and Martin coming between them.

"Captain! Look at the size of THIS one! Isn't this one a...."
Wench swiftly took her rapier out and sliced the line before she stomped off.
"...keeper?" Mason finished.


'Guess she's having a bad day....'
Mason cast his line again and thought, 'Mmm....yep, lemon and butter...'


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 09/30/2007 23:56:38

"Brother, put it away!" Martin pleaded. "He's giving us passage on his ship! What more do you want from this man?"

Brother Timothy's face flushed with embarrassment. "I saw him arguing with Wench! I thought he was from the English ship. I'm so sorry!"

The monk offered his hand to help Jack back to his feet. Jack slapped it away. "I can manage, thank you very much. It would seem that among this crew, no good deed goes unpunished. Honour! Call off your attack monk!"

“Honor indeed, what does a person who attacks innocents in taverns know of honor. You should consider yourself blessed, I was winded from the run and didn’t get the proper stroke. If I were twenty years younger you wouldn’t be talking to us right now. Besides, it was your fault.”

“What!?” The pirate’s pained response came out nearly as a yelp due to either his touching a cracked rib or the surprise and bedevilment that just by standing on a dock and drinking rum from a flask he was responsible for that same cracked rib. “Correct me if I’m wrong oh good man of the cloth, but it was you who ran onto this dock and attacked me without so much as a fine ‘how do you do’ or even a simply ‘pleased to meet’ you before suddenly wham, bam, and the grand oak of the forest comes crashing into my rib cage. Perhaps if you were twenty years younger you old fool you would have noticed I didn’t even know you were here! How am I responsible!”

“It has been written that a man must be responsible for his own past actions, and your recent actions brought this upon you.”

Struggling to his feet, Jack waved Martin off while keeping his left arm firmly pressed against his side as if holding his ribs in placed. “Spare me the theology lesson friar, put the smoke and incense away; give me a clear answer.”

The monk looked about and motioned Elinore over. Taking her by the arm he brought her over to stand in front of Jack. “Child it was not merely his arguing with Wench that brought my action, look closely at him and think back to the other day. The English were searching all of Glen Livet for our blonde headed Captain, the same Captain who did not even realizing there was a price on her head, and then you were brought to the Dead Man Tavern held and threatened at gun point unless you gave up information on your Captain and your friend. You’ll remember it was Lilaney and myself who freed you from the man who threatened your life, from the man who we thought threaten our friend Wench. Look at his face, listen to his voice, is it any wonder I thought ill of him?””

Elinore’s eyes widen with recognition, “You! Oh my god, you, Brother’s right, it was you, you...and I thought you were Wench’s friend, why you’re nothing but a wolf in sheep’s clothing!” The sound of glass knocking together could be heard as Elinore started toward Jack and began to wind up for a swing with her satchel.

Still on the alert Martin quickly moved to intercept Elinore as Brother Arthur took her satchel.

“Bloody hell not again!” Guarding his ribs and ducking behind Martin Jack cried out for help just as Martin whose hands were full with Elinore cried out for help too.


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Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 10/01/2007 04:32:50

Bodily lifting Elinor by gently putting a ham sized hand on each of the scribes hips,Martin called "Wench!" as he turned and set her down away from Jack ,who cried out "Honour!",scampering to stay behind the burly man where,for now,it was safe. Wench was berating Mason,Brother Timothy and Brother Arthur were loudly discussing the fact that everyone deserves a second chance,even Pirates! Seeing his friends both old and new fighting while,in his mind,the true culprit was sailing away with the ship that has become his home over the past months. "Enough!!" He raised his voice,venting his frustration in the one harsh word. The crowded dock fell quiet,only the waves breaking on the pilings and the happy mutterings of Mason still fishing contentedly off the docks end. Bending and retrieving the fallen pistols the heavyset merchant turned back to Jack,who now had his breathing under control,and presented them butt first to him. Then putting an arm around the astonished man's shoulders he smiled,making sure to show all of his teeth,and said "Jack,meet your new crew members! Before anyone could say a word Martin spoke again "If we are going to set sail as soon as our new vessel docks,I for one need to get a few things from the Double Diamond Warehouse,my clothes were on the "Knight Hammer"! Can I have the DockRats bring anything for anyone else?" At the mention of this conversation broke out again,but it was a variety of objects that the Crew would need to replace what had set sail with the stolen/borrowed ship. Martin had caught sight of several DockRats coming to the docks to fish and signaled them over,to Jack he asked "What do you think your men could use on your ship? I have a good relationship with a supply house here and we can have it here within the hour. I doubt we can catch up to our good friend Captain Cade" He motioned to the dissapearing sail on the horizen. "By the way I can supply you with plenty of good tobacco that doesn't offend WW too much!"


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 10/01/2007 11:11:14

From her place standing behind Martin, Elinor crossed her arms in anger at Jack, and in frustration at herself.

How easily one forgets... In her memory, she could hear her old employer speaking on one of her first days as an apprentice, as she forgot his many rules for arranging the books in his shop. She'd blushed then in embarassment, but now her cheeks were flushed in hatred. Hatred at the pirate whom they now would turn towards for aid in finding their beloved Knight Hammer, but also hatred at herself, for forgetting the wrongs done carelessly to her. How could I? she thought. She then vowed never to forget what Jack Wolfe had done to her, but resolved at the same time never to seek retribution. For life shouldn't be lived courting vengeance, she thought. Although I could always speak unfavorably of him in our Ship's logs...if I ever get them back...

And with that thought, her mind snapped back to her surroundings, hearing Martin ask the crew if the Dock Rats were needed to fetch anything else. In the din that followed, Elinor remembered her belongings that needed to be picked up from her room at the Dead Man's Tavern. Following Martin as he traveled over towards Jack, and listening to him discuss tobacco, she stepped on the tips of her toes and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Martin? I still have belongings at the Dead Man's Tavern that need to be retrieved. I don't wish to leave them here." Martin nodded and motioned to one of his DockRats, whispering directions to the young lad, who scampered off in such a haste that Elinor barely had time to say, "Be careful with them! Walk, don't run back, I don't want them to be dropped!" As she turned back, the other members of the crew stared at her, trying to figure out what she was up to.

And with a glare at Jack, and a mischevious smile at the rest of the crew assembled, she replied, "What? Captain Wench isn't the ONLY one with a surprise or two up her sleeve!"


Reply author: LairdeGuardnMCrack
Replied on: 10/02/2007 23:45:57

"Stout all around and no charge" were the first words he shouted upon his return to M'Crack's Own Pub after the melee "and music, loud and cheerful" he looked about to the staff of his place and those with instruments.

"a fine fight indeed, the british dogs on the run, so now we celebrate" he shouted before he waved over to Lexi (known to the family as Nail'n), the head bar wench, to join him, and once he was sure the music and cheering were loud enough so that he not be overheard, he whispered to her. "Gather some of the Oculus Nox and send them to my room upstairs, keep this party going and loud, but post a watch on the end of each alley and the roofs to ensure that we can not be surprised. Make sure the family keeps a calm head and once all others but the clan are out of the pub allow no other in, keep enough downstairs to keep the sounds of a celebration going, and have the rest join me as well" sending her off, he retired to his chambers to rest, clean-up and wait for Lexi and the Nox to arrive.

Once in his room he had time to think clearly, and plan as well. The fight with the british proved two things to him....The septs of the clan had not been gathered for a long time and that most of the clan had become indolent with just hanging around the island. The time for idleness was over, Timmy (he laughed in his own mind knowing he should have to remember to call him Brother Timothy in public) had reminded him of the honor and tradition of the
clan and the melee reminded him of the fact that they had been silent for too long.


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 10/03/2007 22:11:34

"Oh, for the love of God, what is going ON?'' Wench said exasperatedly as she stood next to the two would-be combatants. Jack touched his ribs and grimaced, bent over and trying to take deep breaths and with each one, a new wave of pain.
"Jack, are you alright?"
"No, I am NOT alright. I think your monk here swings first and asks for forgiveness later."
Brother Timothy turned to Wench and said, "This is the man who pulled the pistols on me and Elinor at the tavern. He almost took her hostage."
Wench turned to Jack and exclaimed, "You didn't!"
He winced. "Alright, so I must have made a mistake. So shoot me."
She started to look for a pistol on her person and Jack yelled at her, "Oh, for the love of God, I didn't mean that literally!"

She looked over at Jack who was taking in shallow breaths.
"Jack, what IS the matter?"
Jack said with a tight voice, "His Holiness here rammed me with that pole he carries. It hit my pistol belt buckle and deflected it to my ribs. Now I think they are cracked...OW!"
She sighed. "Let me look."
She deftly touched his ribs.
"How about here?"
"No, not---OW! RIGHT THERE!"
"They are cracked, allright. Let me bind them up."
She reached by her waist and pulled a drawstring. A flutter of sheer silk dropped like a leaf in autumn. She ripped it in strips and bound it around Jack's midsection.
"That will have to do until I can get the doctor to look at you and maybe get some laudanum for the pain."

She then turned to Hibernian. "Alright, so what seems to be the problem here?"
Hibernian's face flushed. "He was yelling at you and I mistook him for an English soldier. I should have realized what you were saying were words of love at a decibel-splitting level. But we have a bigger problem on our hands right now."
"I know. The fisherman from Gorton--or Gunther or Jason or whatever I decide to call him--informed me your chest and Amber and Gwy---never mind. There's alot of things there. I say we all meet at Dead Man's Tavern in an hour and we will discuss the merging of the crews."
Jack pulled back. "What do you mean, the 'merging of the crews?'


Reply author: LairdeGuardnMCrack
Replied on: 10/04/2007 01:06:02

As soon as Nail'n and at least 4 of the clans night eyes arrived in his room, he blinked and rose from the chair he had taken refuge in to wait. His face stern, he looked to all those gathered and did but take one breath before his orders were issued. Using the names that only the family would know he laid out what he wanted.

"Cover, I need to gather the clan and all the chieftons and Dublin will have need of us.....go to the Black Adder Pub on the far east side of the island and then to the White Horse Tavern to the far northeast....and let the Clan Boru and O'Morda know I require their support, send Bee'n from the Boru north to the Clan White and muster all of them that she can"

with the accepting nod to the task given, he quickly looked to another of the Oculus Nox....

"Up...your mission is of great importance...go west, and find the O'Neill's, they are Dublin's own sept, and then continue on to the westernmost regions and find Deep'n, and tell him to come and bring all he can from Clan Griffin"

he could hardly keep the smile from his face as two of the Oculus Nox were gone before he could finish his orders to the turning then to Lexi

"Nail'n, you know that I trust you dearly, so now that my second will be gone, you will become my Nox, your job is to maintain the security of M'Cracks Own Pub and the O'Ceallaig's and make arrangements for the arrival of the septs" He looked around for his tankard, to find it close by the chair he had been resting in and full again with a fine stout, a sip was taken and a smile given to Nail'n before he continued.

"Thrice'n send word to your husband Smootch, and have him bring the Hoodoo's Pride to port, let him know we the family sails again like we did with Grace......"

It was only after all those that needed to leave had left he looked over to Yankin.......

"Find Dublin and let him know that I have called the family....ask him to come to see me if he can, but if he can not, tell him we bring O'Mally's greatest ship, the Pride, and it is at his disposal."

It only seemed like a moment before he was opening one of the upper windows and calling out of the pub down to the street below...

"Yankin....remember to call him Brother Timothy"

he chuckled and went back to sipping his tankard, his foot beginning to tap to the music coming from the pub below.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 10/04/2007 13:09:32

"What do you mean, the 'merging of the crews?'" Jack winced as his ribs argued with him again. "Will everyone please SHUT IT for moment! Let's clear the air, shall we, before there's any more talk of any of you setting so much as one toe aboard my ship." Honour opened her mouth to interrupt, and Jack stabbed a finger at her to cut her off. "Tut! Hush! I've got the floor now! There'll be no merging until we get a few things sorted out here."

He drew a ragged breath as Honour's crew glared at him. "I concede that I didn't start off on the right foot with a few... all right, most of you, but has your Captain bothered to tell you how I fought along side her to disrupt the English lines? And that I made certain she got out of it all safely while your gang were off enlisting the aid of Field Marshall Mittens and his Kitty Cavalry? Don't mistake me; that was an impressive feat with the cats, but I doubt you've endeared yourselves to the local fishing trade. Oh, and that chap she was interrogating in the tavern? We'd not be having this chat unless someone - me, for example - intervened."

"We appreciate you taking care of our Captain," Hiberian interjected, "if it really happened. Even if it did, how can we as her crew ever trust you?"

"You have a knack for reminding me why I'm not a papist, Friar," Jack replied acidly. "Personally, I could care less if you trust me. Fact is, you need me, and you need my ship. El Lobo and her 60-some souls, who, by the way, will no doubt take a dim view of having their shares diluted, are your only real chance of catching your wayward ship. So unless Hon... er, Captain Wenchie has a mast and a lot of sails in her bodice - and if pleasant memories serve -"

Honour's eyes flared. "Your point, Jack?!"

"My point, my crimson cheeked darling, is simply this." He leaned over gingerly and picked up a set of oars. "If it's everyone's intent to keep me playing the fox to their hounds, I'll just row out to my ship, broken ribs or no, and let you all shift for yourselves. Or we can hammer out a set of articles, all civilized like, dispense with the shilly shallying, and chase down the Knight Hammer before Cade tangles himself in the rigging again. Do we have an accord, Captain?"

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Wench stood there and bit her lip. She looked over at her crew who looked expectantly at her.
"You want me to hammer out a set of articles? ME, of all people?"
Jack cocked his hat and, looking from under the brim, said cooly, "Yes. YOU. Especially of all people."
He tapped the oars on his open palm.
"Tick tock, tick tock, time is running out. NO? Have a nice time catching up to your ship while you are land-locked, love."
He turned and walked about twenty feet away when he heard her clear voice call out, "Wait!"

Jack turned abruptly on his heel and sauntered back to her. He tried a low bow but yelled, "Ow! dangnubbit!"
He held his ribs and swore.
Wench looked him in the eyes and said, "I think we should discuss the merger----"
"Merger? I think not. More like you are hitching a ride."
"--as I was saying, the offer of a lift to find my borrowed-without-permission ship."
"And the set of articles. Signed."
"WHAT? You actually expect me to SIGN something?"
"Aye. I do."
"I'm your wife, for pity's sake!"
Jack looked up in the sky and recited, " 'The Code of the Brethren as set for by the pirates Morgan and Bartholomew...'"
She tossed her head and said imperiously, "Very well. Meet me in my room at Dead Man's Tavern in an hour."
To her crew she said, "Don't worry. I know what I am doing."


Kate sat cross-legged on the bed. "I don't know, Wenchie, this is all pretty half-baked."
"Oh, no, it's completely baked."
She slid a red dress over her head. "Now, please help me lace up the back."
Kate came off the bed and sighed. "Alright, hold onto the bedpost and suck in!"
Kate planted her knee in Wench's stern-quarters and yanked back.
"Ooof!" she squeaked out. "Thank you!"
Kate sat back down. "He's dangerous."
"Of course he is. The night I married him, I called him a dangerous, magnificent bastard. Nothing has changed."
She ran a brush through her hair and pinned it on top. Tendrils fell down around her face. Kate laughed. "Bed head."
Wench retrieved a pair of boots from under the bed. "And you know just what to do?"
Kate recited, "I wait fifteen minutes and then knock on the door and say, 'Wench! There's a man down here to see you and he won't take no for an answer!"
Wench made a circle with her finger and thumb. "Perfect!"


Precisely as the hour struck, Jack showed up at her door. Kate opened it and said, "I was just leaving."
She left quickly and Wench said, "You may as well come in, we need to get this over with. The articles."
Jack sat down on the bed and patted a spot next to him.
She sat down and primly folded her hands in her lap.
He withdrew papers out of his waistcoat. She jumped up. "You already had them in WRITING?"
"Well, sure. Just the standard agreement."
"In your dreams!" she said hotly.
"No sign, no ship, Honour. Simple as that."
She sat down again and bit her nail. "I've got an idea. Let's do it this way. You pirate what you want. My crew, most of them, have independent ways of paying for their expenses. We have never done a day of pirating and---"
Jack started to laugh and then groaned at his cracked ribs. "You've never even taken ONE SAIL?"
She said haughtily, "We didn't have time to get around to it, what with the windows being blown out and Vardus dying--not once but twice!--and the Loreion and Tortuga and..."
"I can see this won't be a conventional crew. You, my dear, are 'cruising'. What do you propose?"
"My crew will not interfere with your shenanigans. We will provide you with one gourmet cook. We shall not want a share of your booty. In return we expect to look for the Knight Hammer while your--whatever it is you do--is still going on."
"Deal. Shall we seal it?"
He moved closer.
She put her hand up and said, "And I shall require my own quarters. Kate, Lil and Elinor have always shared, they get along wonderfully. Brother Timothy and Martin will each have their own rooms."
"Honour, this isn't the damned HMS Queen---whoever she is now. This is a PIRATE SHIP as you so well remember."
"Can't Briggs bunk with you?"
Jack stood up quickly and bounced Honour off the bed.
He glared at her. "Me. Have Briggs share my quarters? HELL NO!"

She stood up and folded her arms and said, "Well, where am I going to sleep? I thought Briggs wouldn't mind if I---"
"Briggs give up his quarters for YOU? Think again, darling!"
"Well, where do you think I am going to sleep?"

He looked her in the eyes and said, "I believe you know your way around my quarters quite well and know how comfy the bed can be, Mrs. Wolfe."

The silence was palpable. She then said haughtily, "I shall require two hooks, a rope and a blanket."
Jack grinned, "Are you sure you really aren't Madame Gisele?"
She said cooly, "You haven't seen anything yet, Captain Jack Wolfe. Do we have an accord then?"
She extended her hand and he reached over and pulled her to him.
He breathed in her ear, "Aye. An accord! And more!"
She felt her knees go a little weak.

Just then there was a knock on the door.
"Wench? There's a man down here to see you and he won't take no for an answer!"
"I'll be right there, Kate! I'm afraid we shall have to cement our alliance another time, Captain. Duty calls!"


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Looking like the sweet little Irish Lass she was, she was able to find Doublin and whisper the words to him, while she folded her hands in front of herself to appear as innocent as the day was long.

"the chiefton wishes me to tell you, the M'Cracks sail again and Hoodoo's Pride is at your beck and call"

She would smile sweetly and give him a wink.....

"and our chiefton said I must call you Brother Timothy"

the giggle as she spoke, could have melted a spartan 3000......


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He felt himself losing control and did not like it. Recent events had been moving too quickly and he had allowed himself to be drawn into them without thinking and the result of his thoughtlessness and inappropriate action was there for all to see.

Actions without thinking always create chaos, and in this case the chaos was not good. Seeing the pirate arguing amongst his companions, without proper consideration he had struck Captain Wolf with the full intent of doing him harm, and from the look of pain on the pirate’s face every breath demonstrated how well he had succeeded. A part of himself smiled that despite being in excess of 50 years he hadn’t lost his touch; while another part was shocked that he could so quickly move to violence for an answer.

Mentally he reviewed his past lessons that the loss of control must not happen again, too much was at stake and depended on his staying with the blonde wench till the very end. Ironic that she and the crew would need the assistance of her acknowledged if not accepted husband to seek the Hammer and her latest paramour. A new appreciation for the vow of celibacy brought a small sigh from his mouth and he moved apart from the others to try and clearly think and consider the current situation and his next steps.

It wasn’t until he turned away that he noticed her standing quietly and waiting. He remember her face, there was something about the eyes and the body language that instantly shouted M’Crack. As she approached he spread his arms in welcome, “Well met Cousin, Pax nobiscum.” In a sweet voice that only the two of them could hear she replied “and to you Cousin...Timmy.” “Why me Lord,” and the two embraced.

Having fulfilled the clan chief’s charge she stepped back to await Brother Timothy’s answer. “Give Guard’n my respect and my thanks, I will attend him as soon as I am able. Now get going and mind you be careful there are still some English strays lurking about in the shadows.”

Yankin laughed as she ran down the dock and disappearred around the corner, “It’s those English dogs that should be careful, there never has been one born yet that could track a M’Crack.”

"Lord, do you mean it as a test, or is my association shall we say with all theses independent minded women a running joke in the heavens? Doesn't anyone stay home and obey their husbands anymore?"


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
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As Honour brushed past, Jack drank in her seductive scent of jasmine. "How many more times, Jack Wolfe, shall you allow that seductive tramp l'oiel get the better of you?" he asked himself. "As often as it takes, I suppose." With that, he wandered down out of the tavern and back to the waterfront. El Lobo was just tying up.

"Jack! Ye sorry son of a papist's daughter! You're alive!!" Briggs cried as he clambered down the gangway and hugged Jack off his feet.

"Aye, as are you!" Jack coughed as he tried to hide his broken ribs. "Now, what the hell was that dim bulb and bull playing about with my bloody ship out there?! Answer me that!!"

Briggs was taken aback, but straightened himself to answer. "Captain! I engaged the enemy and made them soil themselves for all the soddin' world to see, SAH!" He snapped a farcical Navy salute, to which he and Jack dissolved in laughter.

"That, my friend, was more than a bit of inspired warfare. Bloody, bloody brilliant! You've more than earned your week's pay, Josiah! Despite the surprise I have in store for you."

Briggs' laughter stopped short. "Jack, that's ne'er a good omen, when ye go involving my pay and surprises. What are we in for? It's not that accursed Monique DuPre, is it? She's been chasin' ye all over the Carribee since we left Petit Goave!"

"No, It's not Monique, though her name's come up. Think back a bit. Castara Bay, if that jars a memory."

The blood drained from Briggs' face. "Sweet Mother and child. Not her. Please, please say it's not her.

"Aye. And she has a crew."

"A crew?! After all her caterwauling when we fought Medoza? What the flyin' hell is in your head, Jack?"

"She wore... the red dress." Jack said quietly.

"The red dress?"


Briggs took a deep breath and ground his teeth as he marched back up the gangway. "Make hurry the repairs, ye scabrous dogs! Double time! And hold tight to what yer fathers gave ye! Mrs. Jack Wolfe will be comin' aboard, and the Powers save us all, she's got a bleedin' crew in tow!!

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Wench stood around the corner of the tavern's public room and saw Jack leave the tavern.
She walked over to Lorelei who was tending to the filling of tankards.
"Wench, when are you going to settle down? You've been a flake ever since you blew into town two years ago."
"I don't know what you mean. Haven't I always landed on my feet?"
She sat down and Lorelei gave her a tankard of ale.
Lorelei grabbed a rag and started to wipe down the tabletop.
She said quietly, "It won't bring him back, you know."
Wench stared at her tankard and said, "I am sure I don't know what you are talking about, Lorelei."
"You know exactly what I mean, Wench. Good grief, it's been five years! Time to let go of ghosts. I'm sorry that he died, but that was a long time ago. You have to move on. Stop living in the past, and look what you have right in front of you."

Wench looked at her and fought back the tears that were forming in her eyes. "I am responsible for his death, Lorelei."
"No, you weren't. Rhys Morgan made a conscious choice. He could have walked away."
A tear traced down her face and she wiped it away from her face with the back of her hand. She said softly, "I couldn't stay with Jack."
"Why not? You married him."
She took a deep drink of her tankard and said, "I wouldn't watch him die."

She put her elbow on the table and rested her hand in the palm of her hand.
"Ever hear of Diego de Castille y Mendoza?"
Lorelei shook her head. Wench continued, "He was Jack's nemesis. Jack never told me about him, and I never knew what was going on. Not even when it was all over. But on the passage back to Barbados from Castara Bay, Jack spied Mendoza's ship. He was like a man possessed. He told me to get below and I did. Lorelei, I was never so scared in my life! A sniper was in the rigging and he took aim at Jack with a musket. Briggs saw it, took aim and shot at the same time the sniper did. If he hadn't, I have no doubt Jack would be dead. The ball lodged in Jack's shoulder. Our ship had no doctor and I had to dig the musketball out. Briggs was busy with the more serious casualties. I got Jack back to our cabin and gave him massive doses of whiskey and I had to remove the ball by myself. I almost passed out. But I did it. I dug it out and I stitched him up. And at that moment, I knew it wouldn't work between us. I thought it was just a matter of time before the pyracy all caught up with Jack. He was running like a man on borrowed time. And....I loved him too much at that time to watch him die."

Lorelei patted her friend's hand. "Lord Conaway would be surprised at what his little girl has become."
Wench laughed ruefully. "He never cared. He unloaded his 'problem child' on Lord Castlemaine and I never went back home."
"Rhiannon, what about the rest of the men?"
Wench looked up sharply at Lorelei. "I thought we agreed way back when I first landed in Glenlivet that we would never say...that name."
"It's just the two of us here."
She laughed derisively, "They were only a night's entertainment. Or a means to use for a shopping spree. I never loved them. Some of them I didn't even like."
"What of Daemon Vardus?"
"Daemon and I were...a moment. That was all it was. A closeness between captain and a first mate. Only his first mate happened to be a woman."

"Why did you marry Jack Wolfe, Rhiannon?"
"Too much whiskey and I was in a dead-end job as a tavern wench in Barbados."
"Two years after Rhys died? Why Jack Wolfe?"
A minute of silence passed as Lorelei looked steadily at Wench.
Finally she said defiantly, "You aren't going to let up until I answer you, are you?"
Lorelei said nothing.
Finally Wench stood up and said with vehemence, "I loved him, alright? He wasn't Rhys. And for once I never pretended he was. But he was the first man that could stand in Rhys' boots. He came oh, so close to Rhys! Happy now? Happy that you made me go into a place in my heart I swore I never would again?"
Lorelei said quietly, "Do you still love Jack Wolfe?"
Wench stood up, slammed a few guilders on the table and said softly, "Yes. Yes, I do. And I will deny it with my last breath."
And she walked out of the tavern.


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As the bustling dock cleared and everyone went to pack,find replacements for something left on the "Knight Hammer" or in most cases,attend one more party until the time to set sail once more. The burly merchant watched as the "El Lobo Del Mar" smoothly came to lightly kiss the worn wood of the dock that so recently had been the "Knight Hammer's" berth. Martin took note of the workmanlike way that the skilled crew dropped the gangplank even before others had looped the ships' heavy hawsers around the bollards set at the end of the dock. He quietly veiwed the manly greeting that a sturdy looking man,probably the First Mate, Briggs gave his friend and Captain. His eyes scanned the "El Lobo",to his eyes,it appeared as good as any deep sea going ship could look after entering a habor under the gun and chasing off a gunship like the "Ravage." Martin waited until the crew had settled down and most had gone into town,then he appoached the sailor who stood guard at the gangplanks end. "Excuse me son" he kept his voice low and non-threatening yet he was met with a loaded pistol that seemed to leap from the young man's belt! "Stay where ye arrrr and explain yer business with th' ship o' the best Captain on th' high seas!" Martin sighed and thought of his "Business Partners" The DockRats. "Son,you remind me of some of my young friends. They just needed some direction in their lives!" Shaking his head he addressed the armed youth once more "Are you familiar with the story of your captain's..... wife?" The youngster blinked and uncertainy showed in his eyes. He'd heard the hushed stories of the infamous young woman who had twisted his Captain's mind into virtual pretzels with "Blonde" logic, a shameless attitude and a Red Dress! "Yeah,I heard she was back in his life,but ain't no amount o' red material gonna cover up some things" He sneered "An' one of them is ain't her!" A cruel smile crossed the young man's lips as he guestured back towards the dock with the pistol "Go on,Git!" In the instant that his pistol's bore no longer pointed at the heavyset man,Charlie Simkins felt as if his wrist was in a vise and he dropped the weapon from suddenly nerveless fingers! Martin,with his right hand gripping the sailors' right wrist, took one slow step after another up the gangplank and for each one of his,poor Charlie took two steps backwards. Martin,still speaking quietly stated "Son,your Captain has been good enough to take the dispossessed crew of the good ship "Knight Hammer" on and that makes us shipmates,so if you will be so kind as to point me towards the ships' mess I won't snap your arm off and use it to flavor the soup!!" Charlie pointed,with his left hand,over his shoulder to the hatch leading to the mess and then tried to rub the feeling back into his now throbbing,newly freed arm. "Thank you kindly M'boy,thank you! Martin move passed Charlie with a gentle pat on the left shoulder and a toothy smile "We should get along just fine!"


Reply author: Hibernian
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It was obvious what was going to happen, the story had been played out before, the actors were on stage and knew their assigned roles, soon enough the predetermined conclusion would be reached. He slowly turned away from the docking ship and started walking deeper into the town. “The only unanswered questioned is will Mad Jack be Lucky Jack this evening.”

“I’m sorry Brother did you say something?” Elinor had been close enough to hear the rhetorical question.

“Not really my dear, just musing about how a Captain has everything in order upon the ship except that which is dearest and closest to the heart.” A pause and then the smile returned to his face, “I trust that the two Captains will come to a mutually agreeable arrangement and that we will most likely sail upon the morning tide. Elinor my young scribe, should anyone have need of me I shall be at Dead Man’s Tavern this evening. Stay safe and be careful, you will soon be sailing with a new crew made up of pirates who may not know exactly how to deal with the likes of us.”

Watching the monk walk away, her hand moved to check the carefully concealed bodice knife. "I can take care of myself..."

Suddenly the young man at the Lobo's gangplank aimed his psitol at Martin, "Stay where ye arrrr and explain yer business with th' ship o' the best Captain on th' high seas!"

"...Oh my" Elinor stood dead still watching Martin. "I think I can take care of myself."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
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Watching Martin interact with one of the crew of the El Lobo, Elinor found herself rooted to the ground. After a bit, it seemed that Martin had gotten in a scuffle with the crewman, but, strangely, released him from his grip and patted him on the shoulder! The danger--for now--passed, Elinor found she could move again, and from a place in her memory out came the realization that the DockRat that Martin had sent off to fetch her belongings hadn't returned yet. A frown creasing her forehead, she left Martin and raced back to the tavern to see what had become of the young lad.

She found the young member of the DockRats outside the tavern joking with a few of his friends. She sighed and marched over to him with all the confidence and authority she could muster. "And I suppose you were waiting till a convenient time to bring my things back to the ship?" She asked, raising her eyebrows. The boy's head slowly turned in her direction, and a look of embarassment crossed his face. Elinor was sure that if it wasn't night, she would have been able to see that he was blushing as well.

She gave him a weak smile. "Not to worry. I'm in town for the night, so I will have no problem doing your job for you." And with that, she left the group of boys to their excited whispers as she passed them, entering the tavern and returning to her lodgings for the rest of the night.


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Lil reclined back against a bollard and adjusted her new skirts, allowing for one leg to drape off the side of the pier and the other to stick straight out in front of her.
"So, that is the ship we are going to be taking to save our ship?"
She looked over and to the left of her position on the pier; she was not twenty feet from the gangplank. Staring up into its rigging, she calculated speed.
Subconciously, she began swinging her leg in time with the lapping waves.
"Not a bad bit of boat, needs some sprucing up, but, it can get us out of here at a good clip"
Lil settled a bit more and prepared for a long wait; hanging out on the docks dressed as she was and also being a women, might draw unwanted attention. But, it also made you invisible to passersby. Doxies were commonplace around the piers.
Lil made a subtle check around the area, it looked like the time just before honest people go to bed and the trouble of the night slowly begins to stir.
She looked back at the ship, it floated peacefully in its mooring.
The boistrous songs and music were a lullaby that the ships in harbor swayed in time too.
'Looks to be a peaceful watch tonight' She thought, adjusting herself a bit farther into the shadow that the bollard cast as the nightwatchmen lit the oil and the taverns began to crowd with their night's earnings.

Show me your tan lines..and I'll show you mine!

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*As WW rounded the corner out of the Tavern, she entirely missed the man entering. Before she could even look up from the ground she was focussed on, she was laying on it. With a large thud WW was on her butt. Angry over what Lorelei had drug out of her, and irritated by this fool whom had knocked her down. She shot a glare of death at the man above her. The man reached his hand down to lift her up, when the light crossed his face. It was Prometheus trying to offer her his hand.*

"I'm sorry milady, let me help you up."

*She growned in irritation, but accepted his hand none the less.*

"I'm sorry about that, i did'nt see you coming."

'Well if you would only watch where you were walking!'

"I am sorry milady; about the way i bumped into you, and about what happened to your ship. I heard it was stolen by pirates."

'Yeah well, i know just who did it. When i catch up to him, he'll wish he had never crossed me. You of all people should know!'

*Prometheus lightly chuckled under his breath.*

"Yeah...... I do."

*An uncomfortable silence crossed over them. They looked each other in the eye's, and a unspoken understanding connected between them.*

"Iiiiiii.....Uhhhhhhh. wanted to get a suggestion from you on another captain i might book passage with. Since the Knight Hammer has been lost, i am kind of in a bind. Queen Bonnie wanted me to sail with you, i figured the least i can do is use a substitute of your suggestion."


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
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Boarding the "El Lobo" With no blood shed put Martin in a fine mood "Who would have known" He thought "That up til I set foot on the "Knight Hammer" I'd ne'er spent time on a sea-going vessel of any size." Unconsciously humming a few bars of "Roll Your Leg Over" the burly merchant lifted the hatch and clambered down the steep stairway and followed the companionway aft. Passing several storerooms that looked,to his experienced eye, too well stocked for a ship that had been long at sea, He came to the galley it consisted of two large iron pots that dangled over a protective brick "sandbox" which kept the wood fire from engulfing the ship. If the "El Lobo" was ran like this galley appeared to be, it would sink soon before they left the harbor!! The man seated on a short stool with his back to Martin stirred the contents of the left pot with a long handled spoon clearing his throat Martin asked "Excuse me sir! Are you the cook here?" The man switched to stirring the pot that bubbled on the right,the noxious smelling liquid sluggishly moved and he continued to ignore the burly man. Putting his hand on the left shoulder of the man and slightly shaking him ,to once more try to get the man's attention Martin said "Pardon me! I'm looking for the......OMIGAWD!!!!" Letting out a startled yelp as the other man's right hand quickly seized his wrist.The merchant looked down and saw a sight that brought close to home the fierce nature of life on a Free Trader or pirate ship. "Whaddya doooin',sneakin'up on me lak 'at? Whoooo inna 'ell ar ye?" The man had half turned when he'd grabbed Martin's wrist and the full extent of his injuries came into view. The unfortunate individual that was seated alone in the galley was proof of what could and did happen when you live by the strength of your swords and guns. The cook's ruined right hand had only it's thumb and index finger, the others were mere uneven stumps,he wore a patch over his left eye and his right rolled around in it's sockett until it found the large man,squinting at the small amount of bright sunlight that found it's way down the long tunnel-like corridor,suddenly standing and reaching for a cut down oar that served as a makeshift crutch since his left leg had been replaced from the knee down with a wooden peg.


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 10/14/2007 19:06:34

Cornered by the spoon wielding wretch,Martin tried to set things right by introducing himself "My good man!" He started "Speak up Tiny" The older man tilted his left ear towards Martin and cupped his hand around it "I served onna gundeck fer years!" Trying again, a little louder this time, the burly merchant spoke. "My good man, Your Captain has seen fit to offer up his ship to MY Captain,his WIFE,for the time that we cross paths with the foul soul that took the "Knight Hammer" or end the accord that they have entered into." The ruined man stood stock still and listened as his jaw worked,chewing slowly at his tobacco as Martin continued his explanation "Now,sir I have fufilled the capacity of cook on the "Knight Hammer" and would like to offer my assistance to you here." A cunning gleam entered the grizzled man's remaining eye when the burly man mentioned his offer. Turning back to the two pots he stired one,then the other with his long wooden spoon then spit a dark nasty stream into the fire under them. "Wal' le'mee be the fust ta say "Welcome Aboard" my wee giant! They calls me "Lucky"",he snorted as he used his iron tipped pegleg to stir the failing fire under the simmering pots. "This is the galley o' th' Free Trader Ship "El Lobo Del Mar" A stream of liquid splashed across the floor and wall off the wooden spoon as it pointed "Dry goods storage,fresh water tank,Captain's Mess,the way you came in goes ta th' upper deck,an'that way goes ta th' gun deck an crew quarters. Any questions? No?" A satisfied smile crossed the older man's scarred face,causing the black patch to shift,showing the raw puckered hole that had once held an eye. "Sorry bout that!" He chuckled as he replaced the leather patch "It slips sometimes. Now come with me!!" The big man followed Lucky past the still steaming pots and used his hand to waft some of the scent to his nose. Violently recoiling, he covered his nose and mouth with his hastily snatched handkerchief "My God man!" He exclaimed once he could get the noxious stench out of his nose "What in Holy HELL do you call that putrid crap in these pots man?" Tossing the spoon to Martin,Lucky gave him a one eyed wink and said "Th'one ta starboard is Pease Porridge,or it twas three days ago!" Gagging from the rank smell,the burly cook asked "And the one to Port?" A quick chuckle "Laundry!" Martin looked for and found the lids for the iron pots then burning his hand covered the pots and swung them away from the fire, which he doused with several mugs of water. While he was attending to this,Lucky had went to an adjoining niche and set about worrying away at a knothole near the head of his cot. Martin,having finished with the fire, came over to see the old man pull a dirty cotton bag out of the dark recess behind the knothole. "What are those, Lucky?" He asked as the man pulled out another smaller bag. "Well M'Boy these here bags are the remains of the monies paid ta me fer losin' a leg,a hand an' an eye in the service o' Mad Jack Wolfe! The whole crew thinks that "Ol Lucky, done lost it all at cards and payin' fer women! This is my re-tire-ment! I got's my only eye on some land up north o Glenlivit and one a' the "Ladies" workin' in town is keepin some o' her pay socked away jest a waitin' fer me ta find a man who will serve here in my stead! Thank you! My wee giant! Thank you!" Grabbing up his ditty bag and a duffle with a few clothes in it, he quickly hobbled out of the galley and headed up to the upper deck leaving a stunned Martin still holding the long wooden spoon."What have you got us into WW?" Looking around the filthy galley "Expecially ME!!"


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
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"What's the story with your ribs?" Briggs asked.
"I got on the wrong end of a quarrelsome monk with a quarterstaff. Is the surgeon busy with wounded?"
"Only a few minor injuries. Doc Gander should be back in sickbay by now."
"Good. Hopefully he's got a bit of laudanum left. I know how he likes a tincture with his scotch."
"Is this irritable friar part of your dear wayward wife's crew? It's bad luck enough you bringin' aboard women, but a holy man, to boot?"
"Now, Josiah, I know that you and Honour never quite warmed up to each other..." Jack started.
Briggs checked the lashings on the longboat. "That'd be a watered down way of sayin' she gets under my skin faster'n a starvin' tick, wouldn't it?" He turned to face his friend and captain. "Jack, you've been pining for that woman ever since she ran out on ye in Barbados. After, what? All of a month?"
"Don't mince words, Josiah. Tell me what you really think."
"Then there's the money she vanished with."
"Point taken."
"I can't think for the life o' me why you'd offer your ship to that philanderin'... aaaah! Jack, you cagey dog! You're goin' to get her to lead you to the money!"
"My old friend, you've sussed my plans out once more," Jack smiled. Briggs had conveniently offered a wild guess better than any lie Jack could have pulled out of his hat. "We are in fact going to be chasing down her ship, which I believe contains the missing guilders."
"By the Powers, she's got a ship?! Why should I be surprised it's run off? Do ye know who took it?"
"None other than Cade Jennings."
Briggs gave a feral smile. "Aye. Runnin' down that backstabbin' whelp will be a pleasure. Revenge is on the wind, says I. When do we sail, Cap'n?"
"Tomorrow morning. Will she be ready?"
"Ready and able, Jack. Ready and able, if I have to hold her together with me bare hands." He headed forward where the crew were making repairs to the bow. "Step it up, you slack-arsed monkeys!! We sail with the morning!"


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 10/15/2007 10:55:22

Climbing the stairs up to her room, Elinor shook her head. It's a good thing that we're not leaving here tonight. I can't leave all my things here! she thought. But packing the rest of her belongings did not take her as much time as she thought it would, and sitting on her bed, waiting for sleep to come wasn't pleasant, either.

Thus, the night, stretching its way toward the later part of the evening, found her straggling down to the tavern, where she found Brother Timothy sitting in quiet contemplation, a drink partially drunk in front of him. Catching his gaze, they exchanged smiles, and, walking over to his table, she motioned to sit down. He nodded, and she plopped tiredly into the seat across from him. A few seconds later, however, found her getting up and pacing the tavern, nearly knocking into nearby patrons. When she turned back towards the monk, he gave her a quizzical look.

"I'm sorry, I really should sit down, shouldn't I? It's just...this is the night before adventure again! And it's made me scared and excited and worried and glad we'll be a crew again. That, and if we don't get enough adventure rescuing the Knight Hammer, Wench and Mad Jack will surely give us enough entertainment, don't you think?" She paused in her stride, quickly sitting down and narrowly missing a passing patron with a mug full of ale. She sighed in relief at the miss. Somehow she didn't think that patron would be too pleasant to be around if she spilled the mug! "But anything Mad Jack gets from Wench he deserves," she commented, frowning.

Brother Timothy chuckled. "You're going to hold that grudge for a long time, aren't you?"

"Maybe," she answered. "It's more me I'm upset at. You would think, as ship's scribe, the one to record and remember things, I'd remember being threatened by a pistol!"


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 10/15/2007 20:49:24

“Elinore you are too hard on yourself and what is it with the women of this crew? Do each of you have a private competition going to see who can give the monk an ulcer first? Between Wench’s mystery boot tour or Lilaney’s scampering up the ship’s rigging with little sense of personal modesty or safety mind you and now you are knocking around the pub just spoiling to get into something or someone new and strange. For heaven’s sake you are too young to be making such a fuss about your behavior.”

“But I didn’t even recognize the man who held me at the point of death with his pistols! Brother I’m supposedly a trained observer, if I can not see and remember a pistol waving in my face how will my writings be believed?” Her boot heels boomed against the floor as her legs and arms suddenly jerked out in exclamation and just as quickly slumped by her side in dejection, her head forward with her eyes upon the floor.

He paused a moment before speaking softly, it was an old trick but it always worked. No matter how long or loud one spoke, when someone was in this style of mood, you couldn’t demand their attention, you had to make them want to listen. If one spoke softly, loud enough barely be heard but low enough to take concentration listening you drew your subject into the web of interest, once there they would start listening and be stuck, then you had them.

“Elinor, what color are my eyes?”
“a very misty blue.”

“and my staff is smooth isn’t it.”
“No, it’s knobby as if you cut branchs off.”

“And the chain and cross around my neck are…”
“Silver with black inlaids.”

“Elinor how many times have you ever stared down the barrel of a pistol leveled at your face? Wait, no need to answer, its purely a question asked not seeking an answer but the beginning of thought. I wager you have never before that moment stared down a pistol and thought what its going to be like to be shot and then to die. Will it hurt, will I screamed, will I just pass out and not awaken, will there be angels? My point is look at all you observed, I bet you are the only crew member I have ever had who knew my eye color, heavens I’m not even sure my sainted mother remembers it but you do. Child when you are young and concerned for your earthly life do not worry that you only remember the pistol and not the man holding it. You are not alone, in time, as you grow older you will learn to do otherwise, in the meantime if I were you I would place my gruge against the Captain Jack aside. You’ll find gruges get in the way on a small ship and after even two weeks at sea the largest ship in the world isn’t any longer.”

Elinore sat up in the chair, “I can forget the grudge but I don’t have to be happy about it do I?”
“Of course not, I might suggest the pistol incident at Dead Man’s Tavern might justify an entire chapter in the log.

"You know you are right, and talking with you always seems to help somehow, do you monks have some sort of magic?"
"Drink up Elinor, I'm just a good listener."

The young scribe pick up her mug and took a long swallow of the ale. She observed that Brother Timothy had not answered the question.
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Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 10/15/2007 21:04:00

Heading aft, Jack met up with the ships carpenter, George Piper.
"Mr. Piper! I have a special request for you."
"Aye, Cap'n? What you be needin'?"
"I need one of your lads to run a length of rope and a small panel of sailcloth back to my cabin."
"Rope and sailcloth, you say."
"Captain's quarters, Captain's business, as they say," Piper shrugged. "I'll get a man on it shortly. Anything else?"
"No, thank you." Jack was more than a little put off at Piper's insinuations.
Piper smiled cheerily and went about his business. Jack gave the man an odd look as he walked away.

"Ask for a few simple items, and they make something out of nothing. Not like I asked for a bloody trapeze to be installed." he groused as he walked to the sickbay of Dr. Drake Gander. "Oi! Duckie! Are you here, man?"
"Yes, yes, Jack. Just putting away my instruments. What can I do for... oh, dear. Looks like someone's been brawling again. You do know that people have started wearing bandages under their clothing these days? It's the latest fad."
"Cheeky, Duckie. Very cheeky. Can you patch me up and give me a little something for the pain?"
"Yes, of course. Have that shirt and waistcoat off, and we'll get those ribs bound. Here." Gander handed him a glass full of dark liquid. "Drink this."
Jack sniffed it. "It's rum." He downed the glass and set it on the table.
"Yes. Rum, and laudanum. Ordinarily I'd have just given you scotch, but I know how you hate the stuff."
Jack smiled as a comfortable numbness came over him. Gander set about binding his ribs and was finished before he realised it.
"There. That should hold you well enough."
"Thanks, Duckie. I'm feeling much better."
"That's the laudanum talking. Give it six hours and you'll feel like hell again. So no more fighting tonight."
"Sound medical advice, doctor," he replied as he pulled his waistcoat back on. "Time to go back ashore."
"You really should get some rest, Jack."
"No time, Duck. I have to go finish preparations for my wife and her crew to come aboard."
"That would be the redoubtable Honour Wolfe, I take it?"
"Among other names, yes. You know of her?"
"Just what I've heard from Master Briggs. She sounds positively delightful."
"Briggs gave you that impression of her?"
"I had to do a liberal amount of reading between the lines, of course. What I don't understand is why on earth she decided to marry an unrepentant sea dog like you?"
"In a few hours you'll be able to ask her yourself." Jack replied. "Then we'll both know. Thanks for the patch up."
"Don't make it a habit," the doctor smiled.

After stopping back by his cabin to rearm himself, he stepped back onto the cobblestone streets of Glenlevit. Back on the way to Dead Man's Tavern and his new crew members by proxy.


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 10/16/2007 08:49:48

After several hours of steady cleaning Martin and two young crewmen had the galley cleaned and shipshape. The burly cook had carried one of the pots up to the deck,out in the better light,while the other was wrestled by up the narrow passage by the sailors,once they were on deck Martin had the burnt, blackened and crusted cookware lowered over the side to soak in the sea! The impressed workers then brought down buckets of seawater and threw them on the bulkheads and deck while Martin,striped to the waist,scrubbed with a stiff bristled brush to remove the layers of congealed grease,dropped food,ashes and woodsmoke.


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 10/16/2007 09:10:42

"Cherish! Oh, Cherish yer here!"
Lil stifled awake slightly as a very smelly and somewhat over-exuberant man fell down on his one leg and half-hugged/half-toppled on her.
Confused from the small nap and the somewhat innocent attack, Lil tried to right herself while being unbalanced by the old geezer.
"I'm not Cherish old timer, if you'd be please too lemme go, before I make you"
Lil tried to be polite as she extracated herself from the gent, his one eye looked grey and foggy as he staggered back up and balanced on his peg leg.
"Not Cherish?"
Lil finally up on her own two good legs looked at the old man who was a foot shorter than her.
"Nope, try the next pier over."
He squinted up at her as if not believing her. A few tense moments more of scrutiny and he was hobbling off down the pier.
Lil adjusted herself and did a mental count of her weapons.
She was minus a dagger and one pouch.
Grumbling about having to chase down a crippled old-timer she turned away from the 'El Lobo' and stalked down the pier after the geriatric pick-pocket.
She was on him in a flash and grabbed him by the scruff.
He began hollering and screaming. A local peace officer just happened to be patroling the early dawn of the docks; spying the commotion he sauntered over.
It must have been a site for him; a tall, stately doxie holding a one-legged man three inches off the ground by the back of his shirt, while she obviously robbed him of his pouch and dagger.
"Problem gentleman?"
He raised an eyebrow at her; which made Lil just want to smack it off his face.
"Yeah, could ya get this whore off me?"
The Officer looked Lil up and down, her disguise as a 'women of the night' apparently was full proof.
"Ms.? Accosting an ederly man for your pay, even this ugly bugger, is considered poor form."
Lil could feel an unwanted confrontation coming on.
Since she had retrieved her personal effects back from the geezer; she gently placed the man back down and proceeded to dust him off which happened to help her find a pocketknife, two silver pieces, a key, and pouch of what smelled like tobacco.
Quickly fencing these items she began to weave her story.
"Not a problem sir, father has never been proud of my proffesion, unless it brings profits his way. Seeing as it has been a slow night I thought to simply get my personal pro-tection back from him." She provided the dagger for viewing to the officer. He peered uninterested at it as he began to grow bored with the situation.
Lil saw the moment to close this case and took it. Silently. she handed the officer the man's two silvers, his eyes lit up at the money, she quietly nodded. The Bobby pocketed the coins while glaring at the old man who glared back. Sneering at Lil, the old man hobbled off down the lane muttering about the injustice of it all. The Bobby gave Lil one more appriciative once over and procceeded in the opposite direction.

"Guess its about time to get onboard" Lil thought.
Walking back up the pier to the quarterdeck, she made her way up and onto the boat.
"You! Stop right there!"
Lil paused and waited paitently as a handsome gent broke away from a group of men who were obviously preparing to make sail, he stormed over to the railing where Lil leaned.
"Who are you and what are you doing on my ship?"
Lil looked up at the man.
'Nice eyes' she thought.
"Who are you to be asking me anything?" She challenged back; she thought to lounge back a bit more on the railing but seeing the glint in his eye she thought against that idea.
It wouldn't be anything for him to give one good shove and she would either land in the water or on the dock, neither appealed to Lil's mind.
Boosting herself off the railing she began walking towards the rigging.
"I asked first and I am not known for being so polite; where are you going?"
The anger in his voice ammused Lil; she breezed right by him and began climbing the rigging up towards the topsail. He made a grab for her leg and missed as she monkey-climbed quickly out of his reach.
He watched, arms folded, as she finished her climb and daintly sat on the cross-beam near the crow's nest.
She smiled back down at him; the wind had caught at her hair sending it flying about her face. In the recent eight months, since the majority of her hair was singed off her head when they first aquired the Knight Hammer, it had grown back full and lovely and was almost shoulder-length.
He continued to glare at her, this made Lil want to laugh even harder.
"The name's Lilaney!" She shouted down at him.
He nodded curtly, unfolded his arms and walked back over to the men who huddled around a barrel that was being used as a table.
They were discussing things with their head's close together.
One of the men around the barrell looked up at Briggs as he came back towards the group.
"Who's the blue parrot in the rigging?" He motioned his head in Lil's direction. She had begun swinging legs as she sat on the beam.
"No idea, said her name was Lill-a-nee, I have a sneaking suspicion she is one of Mrs. Wolfe's crew."
The other man looked up from the map he was charting.
"What makes you say that?"
Briggs looked up again into the rigging, Lil seemed to be inspecting the some line near her, legging still happily kicking back and forth in the breeze.
"Didn't you see her boots?"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 10/16/2007 19:15:16

Wench couldn't take her eyes away from Prometheus. She finally said, ''As I seem to be a bit light in the ship department, I suggest you take your request to another ship. I happen to be sailing--temporarily, mind you--on El Lobo del Mar with Captain Jack Wolfe--with an 'e', no less. He's the one you need to ask."
Prometheus was amazed. "Captain Wolfe? THE Captain Wolfe?"
She took her hat off her head and adjusted the feathers. Putting the hat back on, she made sure the feathers skimmed her cheek and then said, "You've heard of him?"
Prometheus said, "Aye. Fastest ship in the Caribbean and a ruthless captain--but fair."
She waved her hand and said, "Yes, yes, I've lived--I mean, I've heard the stories."
He said, "Even the ones with Renee de Bertrand?"

Wench's ears perked up. She said, "Let me buy you an ale and you can enlighten me."
Prometheus consulted a pocket watch. "My goodness, look at the time! I really must be running. Where might I find Captain Wolfe?"
She said flippantly, "I'd start at one end of Delancey Street and go up Bell Lane."
She walked away and said over her shoulder, "Brothels. Any port in the storm, you know...."

Her mood hadn't improved. Mason was coming out of a tavern.
"Ahoy, Captain Wench! I just sold a load of fish to the tavern. Seems they shall be making a fish chowder tomorrow and I made a tidy coin on it, too."
"Gibson, what do you plan on doing with your life?"
He looked around for Gibson and realized she meant him. "I guess I intend to go where you go. Think there is room for me on Captain Wolfe's ship? I can do the night watch."
She muttered, "It would serve him right. Ask him. I'm sure you and he have bonded. Briggs will be beside himself to see an extra crew member."
"I'll catch up with you at the tavern then, Captain. Oh, and by the way...those two guys who look alike were looking for you. Seems some blue sails were ripped when the mainmast toppled. And the other one was positively catatonic when he saw that stick in the water sheared. He was blubbering something incoherent about some cod. The other one said something like 'retribution'."
She adjusted her scabbard. Was it right or left? If I am right handed, then it goes on the...
"Oh, bother, Hobson, do you think I ever let that dandy concern me? If he annoys me further, I just may buy some itching powder and dose his tights. I know where he gets his laundry done."

She walked over to the ladies' finery shoppe.
"Ah! Mademoiselle Wench!"
She smiled warmly, "Bonjour, Madame Asher! I am in need of some new chemises. What do you have?"
"I have linen and I have--"
"Silk. I want silk."
"But Mademoiselle, on a ship it wouldn't be--"
"And lace. I must have lace."
Madame Asher sighed, "One would think you were on your honeymoon, Mademoiselle."
Wench laughed a bit self-consciously, "Madame, that is absurd! I--I just feel it is the niceties that separate us from the riff-raff on a pirate ship. Kind of like a little secret that no one knows."
Madame Asher took some chemises out of a box in the back and said, "It is about time you settled down, oui? I, for one, would like to see you marry the vicar's son. Benjamin Bradford is a fine young lad and he---"
Wench picked up her packages and said, "Yes, yes, I am sure he is. But dying of boredom isn't really what I have in mind, Madame."


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 10/16/2007 21:01:09

A man in the corner of the tavern’s common room was playing a jig with a penny whistle. In no time another started keeping the rhythm with a light drumming upon the table, while a third played a counter with a pair of bones. The light in the tavern seemed a bit brighter as the servers moved around the tables with a little more hop in their step. The nameless tune was one of those known to all no matter their place of birth so it was only expected that voices would pick up and fill in the gaps with verses of a song learned long ago.

“...Lord preserve us and protect us we’ve been drinkin whiskey fore breakfast...”

Elinor bounced up and down with the music keeping time in her seat, smiling broadly, taking great gulps of ale from her tankard, all the while singing at the top of her lungs even when she forgot or didn’t know the words! No sir, keep your scrolls, break your points and toss that ink, this was what she needed, who cares about pistols in the face when you’re drinkng and singing with such great people. Why can’t this go on forever? Well, why not, she couldn’t think of any reasons herself so she kept singing and drinking.

Refill the tankard and start another verse, then she thought how do we convine dear old Wench, oops she corrected herself, one must be proper with titles, how do we convince the dread pirate Captain Wench, the image of which brought a giggle, to forget the Knight Hammer and stay here to sing and have a good time. Inspiration struck as she turned to address Brother Timothy, “Brother you need to talk with...”

Elinor set her tankard upon the table and lean over to get a closer look at the monk. He appeared to be in his own little world taking no notice of the music and singing. His eyes stared into the distance as his hand slowly made circles on the rim of his glass and he spoke softly,

"By rock-ribbed Connaught my swift vessels glide,
Like swans they are breasting the full flowing tide.
Warships and Gael all ready to sail,
To sweep the salt sea from Cape Clear to Kinsale."

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Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 10/17/2007 04:17:57

Martin and his pressgang of two,Tom Dooley and his twin Tim,had finished cleaning and scrubbing the "El Lobo's" galley by sundown. The bewildered Ship's Carpenter,a Mister Piper,had allowed them to rummage around in the ship's lumber stores after he'd been accosted by the burly cook as he came down the ship's companionway while talking to one of his 'mates about the strange needs of his Captian and his newly returned wife. Using some heavy blocks cut from an old ironwood beam and some sheet metal castoffs that the thrifty Carpenter had kept "for something later" the trio had contrived a taller,bigger, brick lined "sand box". It was layered with real beach sand and more scrap sheet metal.Boasting room for not only the two,now spotless, pots but a good sized roasting grate/spit also. Sometime after midnight,Martin sent the weary yet pleased brothers off to their racks and set about inventorying the first of several storerooms adjoining the galley. The list included 17-barrels of salt pork,9-fifty pound crates of jerked beef, 25-one hundred pound sacks of oats, 15-twenty pound sacks of rice, 30-small sealed boxes of ship's biscuit and various other sundries a sailing ship might need. What caught his attention though, were the 40 carefully stored and braced thirty-gallon barrels that had ,until his unsupervised scavenger hunt,been totally hidden from view. After carefully broaching the closest barrel,a very suprised cook worked feverishly to re-cover the 39 barrels of good quality rum that were still unopened. Carrying his "treasure" back to the galley he stashed it in a cupboard and with a long stretch and an even longer yawn,decided against trying to fold his over-large frame into the tiny corner cot that had been "Lucky's" bed and instead began to mix the ingrediants for a hearty breakfastconsisting of homemade biscuits that would cook,Dutch-Oven style, rise and brown in the bottom of one of the newly cleaned pots. Then he set about frying the rashers of bacon in large pans that were sitting on the rack over a low banked fire,scrambling dozens of fresh eggs mixed with onions and peppers that were sent when the DockRats delivered what Martin had asked for in a note delivered to Peter, who sent many other necessary items for an extended sea voyage. Martin was,as usual when cooking, lost in thought. So when the night watch changed hours later and the tired crewman stumbled past the galley on his way to his rack he smelled the wonderful aromas wafting out of "Lucky's Domain!!! "Come in M'Boy!!" The jovial giant boomed. "Come in!" The stunned young man sat down on a stool at the large trestle table that had been lowered from the galley's high ceiling. This was a new thing ,usually the men grabbed what they thought they could stomach and retreated to their racks to wash down whatever the meal was supposed to be with copious ammounts of water or in more cases than not,rum ,to kill the taste! "Here M'boy what's your name ? I can't call you all "Boy" y'know!" As the big man swept gracefully around the cramped area near the firepit he placed a tin plate piled high with three huge biscuits and four strips of crisp bacon,a pile of hash browns steamed on the plate and several jars of sweet preseves graced the table. A mug of real coffee was placed gently at the surprised youngsters right hand spilling not a drop of the strong smelling brew! Before he could speak Martin asked "What's wrong? Is it no good?" Shaking his head and tsking between his teeth he reached for the untouched plate and quickly recoiled as the young man drove his knife into the table's tough wood with his right hand and shoved a whole biscuit into his mouth with his left!!! Smiling,Martin asked "How do you like your eggs?"


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 10/17/2007 08:56:22

"I smell food!"
Lil sniffed the air again and finding the nearest line, slid down to the monkey lines and climbed the remaining way to the main deck.
"Have a nice visit with the birds?"
Lil was expecting something from the gent, she knew it was bound to come. Men can't help but try to win at a battle of wits, too bad they come unarmed.
Deciding that ignoring him would make him even angrier, Lil followed the oh-so familiar smell of food towards what she was guessing was the Galley.
His shout was muffled as Lil slammed the door behind her and stepped down into the mess hall.
Her eyes lit up, Martin was already onboard as well!
"Marin! A site for sore eyes! Good to see you, I'm hungry what's for breakfast?"
Lil budged up next to someone who in her mind was taking up way too much space at a table for one sailor to politely own.
Martin's eyes beamed at Lil as he offered a one-armed hug while efficiently placing a plate piled with food in front of her.
"Good to see you as well, Lil. Eat up, you can help with dishes later."
Lil smiled at the food and agreed heartily to the arrangement.
Making a mental note for herself, she would need to leave the ship at some point and retrieve her belongings from the pier.
"Could you possibly make some room at the board, man? More than two people can sit at one table, ya know."
Lil was jostled and pushed a bit as the same crusty gent who had challenged her sat down on the bench to her left, ergo pushing her a bit closer into the man on the right.
"Lil is it? I'm Briggs, and I'm in charge around here when the Captain's gone. If you are ever disrespectful to me again, I can and will throw you overboard. Got that?"
Lil looked at the man and sized him up. He looked like he meant business, he also looked like he was fair with those who worked for him.
Lil glared at him on principle and gave a silent nod of understanding.
Briggs, feeling the conversation done, turned to his own plate that had magically appeared in front of him and began eating. After a few moments Briggs looked up over Lil's head at the man sitting next to her.
"Morning Duckie, have you met the newest member of the Captain's Wife's crew?"
Lil went from being squished between two men to suddenly having the right part of the bench free and open to herself. The man that Briggs had called 'Duckie' had gotten up and silently walked out of the Galley.
"Well, nice to meet you too." Lil muttered.
Briggs snorted into his mug as he took a swig of coffee.
"Guess he don't like you anymore than I do."
Lil's plate almost empty, she felt it was time to help Martin with the breakfast things.
"That would be par for the course Briggs. I don't like you, or this ship and will be more than happy to disembark once we get our own ship back. Thank you for the morning's company, I am certain I have never had a better case of indegestion as I have had this morning. Fair winds to ye, sailor boy."
Lil took her plate and sauntered off to the scullery.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 10/18/2007 12:52:17

Jack ambled the streets of Glenlivet as twilight settled over the town. Shops were closing for the evening, and the smell of cookfires began drifting through the air. The pleasant haze of Duckie's laudanum cocktail gave the scene a subtle dreamlike quality.

He walked past two men who were having a heated discussion. While their features seemed nearly identical, one was quite the foppish dandy. The other looked as if he'd been dragged through an abattoir at least twice. Jack couldn't quite make out their conversation aside from a few things here and there about ships, a wench, and revenge. "If their on about those two wrecks in the harbour," he thought, "at least they can't start any real trouble."

He made a mental note to as Honour where she picked up the additional alias of "Wench", aside from the obvious. He was certain it would make for an interesting story, but part of him wasn't so sure he wanted to know. In a life spent skirting the details, what was one more?

In a short while he found himself at the door of Dead Man
s Tavern. Music and laughter from within announced that the good times were in full swing. He took a deep breath. "Time to get acquainted with the better half's crew, eh?" He stepped inside and began looking around for familiar faces among the patrons. Immediately the spotted the monk at table near the fireplace. The very sight of him made Jack's damaged ribs ache. Seated with the friar was the young lady he'd taken hostage on his first visit to the tavern. She seemed in good spirits, bobbing merrily in her seat to the music. He hoped she'd forgotten about that little incident again.

A lovely serving wench was soon at Jack's side, standing delightfully close to him. "An' what can I do for you, stranger? Or are you just 'ere for a drink?" she purred.
"Just drinks tonight, um..." he started.
"Emily." she offered with a come-hither look.
"'Emily'. Means 'industrious'. It suits you." he smiled. "I promise if the situation changes, you'll be the first to know. Would you be a darling and fetch me some rum in the meantime?"
Emily giggled and hurried off to get his drink. He quietly approached the monk's table in time to hear "Captain Wenchie, the Pirate Queen."

"This should go easily," he thought. "They're obviously deep in their cups. He plopped into one of the vacant chairs and gave a sunny smile. "Allo, mates!"


Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 10/18/2007 20:32:05

*As WW walked away, thoughts began to race through Prometheus's head. Trying to decide what would be best, but torn over his feelings for a certain young woman. He turned to head back to the tavern, seriously considering her suggestion yet thinking about returning to his previous exile.

It was not long before he arrived at DMT, and as usual business was booming. He entered the door which had been his home away from home for many of years. He looked around to see so many familiar faces. In the corner was a table which had a burnt out lantern, shrouding it in darkness. He made his way to there, only to be met by Lorelei. She asked him if he'd like a drink, and perhaps a little company. Inviting her to sit she took a seat next to him, peering out into the tavern. Over a pint, they discussed life beyond Glenlivet.*


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 10/18/2007 20:59:15

“Hello there, Brother is there a problem?” Reaching across the table Elinor lightly touched the hand rubbing circles on the glass’s rim. The music was still playing and all around the patrons of the tavern were enjoying themselves but her concern for a friend blocked it all out.

Following a deep breath he turned and look at her, she spoke first, “I don’t know where you were but your mind wasn’t here, are you alright?” A blank stare from across the table and she continued, “You were quoting what sounded like a poem or perhaps part of a saga with sailing ships and Gaels. What was it about?”

“Sailing ships my budding scribe and Gaels, perhaps I mentioned Kinsale and Clare Island, or even the mighty clans of Connaught, no I’m quite alright. Your pardon Elinor but a recent meeting with an old friend, the music and the surroundings in the tavern and then the thought of setting sail once again took me elsewhere in my thoughts and memories. A disadvantage or perhaps an advantage of growing older. But I’m here now, as to where my mind was, tell me does the name Grainne Ni Mhaille mean anything to you?”

Like a student under the watchful eyes of the teacher Elinor looked at the ceiling for the answer, finding none she shook her head no while hunching her shoulders as in a question for more clues.

“I’m not surprised, a more well known form would be Grania Uaile, still doesn’t ring a bell, ah Elinor if you are going to be a scribe and tell the great stories and legends then you need to study your Irish, both the language and its people. Final translation although its one she herself wouldn’t have appreciated, in the English the name becomes Grace O’Malley...”

“Yes! I know that one! Her story or at least I have heard of her, Grace O’Malley was known as the Pirate Queen of Connaught!“

“Yes the very same, what brought to mind was that earlier this evening I stopped by M’Crack’s Own and spoke with my old friend Guard’n M’Crack, you may remember him from our recent fun with the English. We talked for quite awhile, actually to be more accurate he talked and I listened, about the old days and how perhaps the English are getting too big for their own good and that their recent actions in Glen Livet demanded a response. Well, that response will soon be upon the seas again, its not general knowledge yet but “The Pride” has been called forth. Elinor your concern is a blessings but I'm fine now yet I can’t tell all right now and please keep this in confidence and in exchange when the time is proper I will tell you enough to fill an entire journal.”

“No disrespect Brother, but how do I know you are not just teasing me, oh I know Guard’n and I know you but how and what is “The Pride? Haven't I proven myself yet? Do you have any sort of proof of whatever or whoever is with this Pride.”

The monk leans to right and reaches down with his left hand to unbuckle a sword that until this very moment had been unseen. Placing the sword upon the table between them he slowly withdraws the sword partially from its scabbard.

“My own weapons, with the exception of my staff, set sail with my chest upon the Knights Hammer. This was a shall we say loan from Guard’n and given into my care to use and safeguard. It comes from The Pride and has been handed down from those days when the Clans controled the western seas.”

“A fine blade, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen, but perhaps this is from a local shop? I’ve seen Captain Wench, Marvos, even Martin with fine blades too.”

“Very true, but gaze upon the blade and that which is etched upon the middle, “Terra Marique Potems ~ Powerful by Land and Sea” the motto of the Pirate Queen herself, no one else would use that upon peril of death, this sword is one of Grace’s own. So trust me and tonight we sit back and enjoy ourselves, if you behave I'll tell you more of Grace."

Suddenly and without warning Elinor looked directly at Brother Timothy and asked "Do you think our Welsh Wench could become a pirate queen?"

Having been caught in mid-swallow the monk's surprise at the thought implied by the question almost caused his throat to have a riot, "Now that is an interesting idea, and I believe deserves more discussion then we have time for at the moment, let me have another drink while we ponder the idea of our very own Welsh Wench as the Pirate Queen."

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Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 10/21/2007 22:01:16

Wench took a deep breath. One more stop. She turned down the lane and looked up.
Ye Olde Sheath and Sword Shoppe.

As she entered, the bell on the door jingled, announcing the arrival of a customer. Master Campbell was attaching a blade to a hilt. Without looking up, he said, "We be about to close, come back tomorrow."
She said, "Not even to fix a brass blade?"
His head jerked up and he exclaimed, "Well, 'ello, Missy! Ye hadn't been comin' by t'see yer old friend, 'ere."
Wench gave him a hug and said, "I'm leaving in the morning and I couldn't leave without saying goodbye to you, dear friend."
"An' ye be lettin' me see the sword, Missy."
She sighed and took it out of her scabbard. He took it and put it at eye level. He tapped the blade.
"Uh huh. Just as I thought."
"What?" she said suspiciously.
He grinned, "The blade be Toledo steel, jus' like I had corrected last time."
She laughed and said, "As I always said, 'I surely shan't do THAT again!'"

He held his hand out. She sighed again and withdrew her bodice dagger. He ran his finger down the blade ever so gently. "Been keepin' it sharp, I see. Nary a burr on it."
"Well, I had someone tell me how important it was to make sure your blade be as sharp as your mind. He said it would never let me down."
He returned it and she slipped it back into the scabbard that rested between....well, a place where a bodice scabbard would be.

"Now the boot."
She bent over and took out the sgian dubh. He checked that blade and said, "Very nice. Good heft to it. Where did you get this one?"
"Kate gave it to me."
He held his hand out once more. She raised her eyebrow. He wiggled his fingers with a 'hand it over' motion.
She said innocently, "I gave you all my blades. What more?"
He said, "The last one."
"I never could fool you, could I, Master Campbell? Turn around."
He turned around and she raised her skirt and unfastened a small dirk that was strapped to her thigh.
"Alright." She slapped it down in his hand.
He held it up to the candle to examine it and then returned it.
"Happy now?" she said.
He smiled with satisfaction. "Aye. Now I know ye are properly armed. Or legged."

She gave him a kiss and said, "I shall be back next time I am in port, Master Campbell. Take care, you are more than a friend to me. You're family."
"And ye has been like a daughter to me, always comin' round to pay me a visit."
She asked, "How did you know about the dirk?"
He smirked, "Captain James Blake be a customer of mine."

Hastily, she said, "I really must be going. I need to head down to Dead Man's Tavern and check on my crew, see they get a good night's sleep and all that."
She picked up her sword and scabbard it.
"Yes, Master Campbell?"
"When are ye going to settle down? Ye know, ye and that Cap'n Daniels make a nice-looking couple and..."
She made a face. "Oh, please, Mr. Campbell--that was so last year! Besides, there is one little problem."
"What's that, Missy?"
"It has been brought to my attention that I am already married."
"Aye, nigh on two years now. I guess it was kind of put on the backburner of my mind. And Mr. Campbell? I would highly suggest you close your mouth. Flies, you know...."


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
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Brother Timothy looked somewhat taken aback by Jack's intrusion, but feigned an air of cordialness. Elinor's festive mood simply evaporated as she glared at him. "Good evening, Capt. Wolfe," the friar replied. Elinor forced a smile and took a gulp of ale.

The chilliness was broken by the server, Emily, bringing Jack his drink. He pressed a couple of coins into her hand as payment. Smiling warmly, she leaned close and they exchanged several whispers. Then she left after a few moments, giggling once again. Jack turned his attention back to Elinor and the monk, who were looking at him suspiciously.

"An old friend," Jack lied.
"I thought this was your first time in this port," said Elinor.
"I make friends quickly, given the chance," he replied, and took a sip of rum. Brother Timothy rolled his eyes as he stifled a chuckle.
"Was she subjected to your 'ball and powder' charms as well?" she shot back.
"Elinor..." the friar chided.
"Desperate times, love," Jack answered. "And since we're to be sharing a ship, they should be bygones as well. For everyone's sake. Agreed?"
"Agreed!" Brother Timothy said quickly. Elinor nodded affirmatively, if reluctantly.

"Aye. Lovely, then," Jack said as he raised his cup in a salute. "Now, would you both be kind enough to bring me up to speed on the doings of your intrepid crew? And what's all this about Honour - pardon me - Captain Wench being a 'Pirate Queen'?"


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 10/24/2007 10:04:10

Elinor pried her gaze away from the intruding pirate, forcing herself to focus on someone more amiable as Brother Timothy retold the explanation he'd just told her about the Pirate Queen. Somehow, she knew in that instant that unless flanked by members of her crew, she'd be sleeping with one eye open once they set sail on the El Lobo.

Mad Jack couldn't help but laugh at the mention, once again, of Captain Wench as the Pirate Queen. "Who came up with that idea?" He asked. Elinor turned her gaze from the monk to the pirate, glaring at him. "I did," she responded. "And I think she could be, too!" She continued, turning back to Brother Timothy. Mad Jack snickered then, and once again, like a spectator watching a ball being passed back and forth, Elinor's head whipped back to focus on the pirate's face.

Leaning in closer to the man who'd soon be one of her Captains when they set sail, she said in a low voice, "For Brother Timothy I'm holding my tongue and being amiable to you. Bygones be bygones, you say? Well, I may forgive, but I do not forget." Turning back to the monk, she smiled and drank some more of her drink. Brother Timothy glanced at her, but she shook her head. "Not to worry, Brother. Now, where were we?"


Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 10/26/2007 21:09:34

*Lorelei and Prometheus talked at great length, as Guest's flowed in and out of the Tavern. From their room upstairs came Dorean and White Rose, sitting down at Prometheus's table. Lorelei looked back at Prometheus with a very concerned look on her brow.*

[Do they know?]

*Prometheus looked back at her with a very confident, and reassuring demeanor.*

"Of course Milady, with the exception of the transportation issue."

*A sigh of relief fell over Lorelei's face, knowing that she did not have to worry about slipping Prometheus's secret. Meanwhile, a tavern wench brought over their drinks. White Rose and Dorean glared at Prometheus, knowing how serious this recent move could be. White Rose could not contain herself, she burst out in frustration.*

'I can't believe you!!! After all this sneaking around, you just blurt it all out to some random bar owner.'

*Lorelei's face turned red, as she thought of all the horrible things a bottle of rum could do to a lady.*

"Calm down Rose, I have decided to come clean." Exclaimed Prometheus.

'Oh really fool, and just how do you plan to get it all back? In case you missed it, the Knight Hammer is gone and we are set to sail out on another ship.'

*Prometheus shook his head in understanding. Looking deep into her eye's he spoke once more.*

"We have more important things to be concerned with, and I have since made a commitment to our Queen. With that being said, I will go to our young Captain and tell her everything."

*Dorean nearly dropped his tankard.*

<Everything?> said Dorean.

"Well maybe not everything, but enough."

*Rose grabbed Prometheus's arm.*

'And what about Eldorado? Our son should be there within a couple weeks, assuming Arthurious is correct. And how will you complete the Queens Mission if we don't have the Knight Hammer?'

*Prometheus took a sip of his ale and slowly nodded his head.*

"I had a thought about that. Captain Wench thinks I should go to Captain Wolfe and ask for passage. My only problem is the time constraint we are under. So I contacted (With the help of Milady Lorelei here) another Captain by the name of Nathan Hawke. He sails the merchant vessel Babylon. He is expecting our arrival at the docks by noon tomorrow."

*White Rose sat back in her seat and began to think on this for a moment. Prometheus picked up on her apparent thoughts, and went ahead and commented.*

"Go get her Rose!"

*White Rose looked back at him with a puzzled face.*

"Rose, we will be traveling in secret. The only danger will be when we face him. And frankly the only use Dorean will be at that point would be to care for her. So go pack your things, and in the morning we will get your daughter back. Before we sail to save our son."

*Rose and Dorean shook their heads in agreement, and headed back to their room. But just before Rose walked away she had to ask one final question.*

'What about the Wench?'

*Prometheus looked back at her, very uneasy about what obviously had to happen.*

"I will handle that today. She has the right to know."

*White Rose continued to her room, as Lorelei stood up to head back to work.*

-If you are looking for her, I heard she was headed out to Master Campbell's shop.- Said Lorelei, already missing Prometheus's company.

*Prometheus stood up quickly to get Lorelei's Attention.*


*She turned to gaze in his eye's once more.*

"I will return for you. You have done so much for me, I will always be yours."

*Lorelei began to blush and the tears began to roll down her rosy cheeks.*

-Well then Milord, till we meet again.-

*She turned once more and headed to the store room. Prometheus picked up his things and headed down to Master Campbell's. It was not long before the figure of the Wench herself became visible, being that she was headed to the Tavern herself. Realizing this was the moment, he walked straight to her.*

"Captain Wench! May I have a moment?"

*She rolled her eye's at him, almost irritated how much he kept bothering her. Especially since she was sure he was Daemon, and he just would not admit it.*

:What do you want now?:

"I need to tell you something, but some privacy would be nice."

*She put her hand on her hip and glared at him.*

:If you think I am that easy mister, you have another thing coming! I won't invite you back to my room just because you have nice boots!:

*Prometheus put his hands up and shook his head no.*

"No no Milady, I merely want to talk."

:Yeah that's what they all say, and all they really want is to get into my bodice and leave me naked on a moonlit platter!:

*Almost shocked, Prometheus took a second to reply.*

"Moonlit platter huh?"

:Never mind, what is it you want?:

*Prometheus took her hand in his and looked down at the ground.*

"I think it is time I be fully honest with you. I was sent to you by Queen Bonnie, to not only complete my task in Eldorado. I was having trouble remembering my past, and she felt it would return to me aboard your ship. She gave me command of her future Navy, swearing I would understand why once I remembered my past. Then when Dorean brought me aboard your ship, it struck me. At first I wanted to make you pay, but recently I got my priorities straight. So in the morning White Rose, Dorean, and myself will be setting sail to save a our child."

*Captain Wench pulled her hand back from Prometheus.*

:Did you say Our Child?:

"Yes as in White Rose and Mine!"

*As he made that statement, he slowly lifted his head to reveal his true image. WW was surprised but not at the same time.*

:I knew it!:

*Daemon stepped back and bowed.*

"In the flesh Milady!"

*She began to tear up, while she spoke.*

:But you were dead, I watched you die!:

*Daemon nodded his head and reached back out to clasp her hands. Lifting them up, he lightly kissed her hands and then her fore head.*

"And one day I will explain it all to you. But for now I felt you should know before I leave."

*She looked at him like he was tearing her heart out.*

:Before you leave? But you are leaving with us right, you were going to talk to Captain Wolfe.:

"There is no time for that, we must leave immediately. Perhaps we will meet up after you have found the Knight Hammer. In the mean time, I will take my leave. I just wanted you to know about me, before I left."

*He pulled back from her, and started walking to the Tavern and on to his room. But not before saying one last thing.*

"Good bye my lo..... Milady"


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 10/28/2007 16:39:04

Blackjack Roberts stumbled into the Dead Man’s Tavern having just won a second drinking game with Sparrow, and nicking his purse in the bargain.

“Well now I know why the rum is always gone.” He laughed to himself. “Bugger, but me poor head is going to pay for this one come morning.”

His eyes scanned the room for his Captain. Not an easy task considering there seemed to be twice the number of people than the last time he had laid eyes on the place. Come to think of it there were twice the number of tables and chairs as well.

Spying two Elinors sitting at a table deep in conversation with two monk, and two pirates who from their look fit the description of Captain Jack Wolfe, he stumbled over to the table. Removing his Cavalier hat he bowed as low as he could without falling over.

“Pardon my intrusion, M’Ladies, but could either of you tell me where the Captain has gotten off to?” Jack swayed dangerously.

“I believe you had better sit down first, Mate.” Elinor grinned at the obviously drunken pirate.

“My thanks to you both, Mum. I believe you are right.” Jack grinned, then picking the wrong chair from the two Elinor had pushed out for him promptly hit the floor and passed out under the table.

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Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 10/29/2007 00:04:19

"Oh my!" Elinor exclaimed as the pirate slid beneath the table. "Brother Timothy help!"

"Help? Why, I'm sure this is not a first..."
"But he's just lying there, what if he's dead, shouldn't we do something? After all you're a monk!"
"I'm pretty sure there isn't anything about drunk pirates under tables in the Rule of Benedict."
"Brother its your duty" she continued, and as he glanced over at her eyes, he felt them pleading with him.

"Oh bother," a quick swallow of ale and he leaned over and under to reach beneath the table. Placing his hand on the man's chest he noted, as he expected, that it was moving in a regular pattern and without distress, the hand then felt air moving in and out of the pirate's mouth. From beneath the table Brother Timothy annouced his findings and his intentoins to let the pirate sleep it off on the floor.

Sitting up just in time to see Elinor taking a mug and aiming it at the prone man under the table. "Not the Ale!" quickly grabbing the mug away from her.

"You don't waste good ale, hell's fire girl you don't even waste bad ale like that, I thought you had better sense, go get some water from the bar."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 10/29/2007 11:02:08

Her eyes widening at the monk's sudden behavior, she stood up and turned towards the bar. "And I thought I was protective of my ship's logs!" She said under her breath, quietly enough that she hoped Brother Timothy wouldn't hear. Asking for a glass of water, she returned to the table and wasted no time, pouring the glass onto the man's face, giggling slightly as the man merely brushed the water off his face and continued his slumber.

"My apologies for almost spilling the ale, Brother Timothy. I suppose he'll just lay there until Lorelei kicks him out, because he doesn't seem to be waking at all!"


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 10/29/2007 18:44:50

Suddenly Blackjack yelled, "Man overboard!!" and sat bolt upright, promptly cracking his skull on the underside of the table. "Hob's bodkins!!" he laughed aloud rubbing his forehead and cursing good naturedly beneath his breath. "Well, if I weren't about to 'ave a headache come morn, I certainly will now!"

Placing his hat back on he sat on the floor and grinned at Elinor. "My thanks, Lass." His head cleared somewhat by the cold water. "Passing out in a pirate's bar is certainly not the smartest thing I've done this night."

Elinor giggled again as Jack Stood and twirled the afore offered chair around. Then making sure that this time it was the chair he intended to sit in placed one booted foot on either side, and rested his arms across the back. "Hows your head now?" she teased.

"Wet, Luv." Blackjack smiled. "But a pirate who's afraid of a little water should find another profession." He dabbed the excess liquid from his face with the back of one billowy sleeve.

Brother Timothy glowered for a moment at the half drunk Rogue, brightening when Jack called over a tavern wench and ordered ale all around. "Much as it pains me to admit it, I believe I've had me fill o' Rum this night. So I'll stick to something a bit softer."

He tossed a a few silver shillings onto the maid's tray, and with a wink told her to keep anything left over for her self, and to bring more before their tankards were dry. "I'll pay for each round ye bring, Lass, as long as Sparrow's purse holds out. Now off with ye." He winked placing a playful slap to the girl's backside as she turned to go, looking back long enough to smile.

Blackjack watched the sway of the girl's hips for a moment before turning back to Elinor. "Again, pardon my intrusion on your conversation, but could ye tell me where Captain Wench as gotten off to? I promised to stand afore the mast for her, and I'd hate for her to think I'm not a man of my word."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 10/29/2007 21:03:42

"Daemon! Wait! PLEASE!" she shouted.
But Daemon kept walking. She felt tears spring to her eyes and whispered, "I--I'm so sorry, Daemon. Maybe in another life...."
She hastily wiped the tears that traced down her face. And she thought back to that night in her room at Dead Man's Tavern.

Gwydion had been sitting at a table in the tavern, waiting for her like the proverbial spider. Daemon helped her escape upstairs to her room. They were all set to steal the Knight Hammer at dawn. A wave of panic had come over her and she whispered to Daemon, 'I'm afraid.'
He took her in his arms and whispered back, 'Don't be. I'm here.....'

It was their only time together. They had come close since then but the opportunity never presented itself. Something always interrupted them. Daemon, who was willing to sacrifice himself to impart the Phoenix to her to save her life from Jonas Corwin's poisoned blade.....

She watched him walk away and suddenly she felt a sense of shame. That she hadn't listened to him when he warned her not to put the crew in jeopardy but she headstrongly went ahead with her rescue plans.
She whispered, "Some day, Daemon....some day you may forgive me...."


She walked down the lane and saw the two brothers who were gunning for her. She ducked into a doorway and tucked all her hair into her hat. May as well do a little reconnaissance and see what is on their minds...

She fell in step behind them about ten feet away, keeping her head down. The neater one fumed, "I swear, that is the second time--SECOND TIME!--she has wrecked my sails!"
The scurvier one railed, "Wot de 'ell are ye complainin' about? Least ye has a ship! Mine has been torn asunder and is now residin' wit' Davy Jones!"
Captain Fancy-boots scowled, "I had to wait two months for the sails from Wainwright!"
Captain Scurvy put his hands on his hips and said, "Oh, is 'at so! Well, what inconveniencin' fer ye! 'Ow the 'ELL am I s'posin' ter be salin' a bloody STICK? An' a bent one at that!"
Fancy-boots said darkly, "I can't understand why we haven't been able to catch up to her. She's been T-R-O-U-B-L-E ever since she blew into town."
Scurvy reached into his frock coat and pulled out a flask, taking a healthy sip from it.
" 'At's becuz ye always take the nobler approach. Ye need t' jes' take th' wench an' teach 'er a lesson."

Wench could feel her anger rising. First he gives me a brass blade and then he can besmirch my reputation by calling me TROUBLE?"
She slipped down an alley and took a short cut. She saw where they were headed and had about a two-minute window of opportunity. Spying an eyebolt driven near the bottom of a wall, there also was a rope lying on the ground.
She hastily made a figure-of-eight knot through the bolt, stretched the line out and held onto the other end. She went around the corner of the building.

"Well, there will be hell to pay and she will be the one paying it if it is the last thing I ever---DOOOOO!"
Both men went flying forward, the momentum of their gait carrying them to a crash landing.
Unfortunately into a mud puddle.

Wench dropped the rope and ran down the alley to the chorus of "%$#@!"
She stood a ways away and watched them try to pick themselves up out of the puddle, slipping and sliding.
'Blame me for it? Umm....I don't THINK so!'
She headed towards Dead Man's Tavern to find the rest of her crew. Unless Captain Wolfe absorbed them like osmosis.


Emily stood outside the tavern, taking a break. She had been counting the shillings in her pocket when Wench approached.
"Hello, Emily. Is it busy inside the tavern tonight?"
"'ere now, Wench, it depend on wot yer mean by 'busy'. But, aye, the place be a-bustin' wit big spenders! And I aim t' land me one afore the night be over."
Wench laughed. "Do you have one in mind?"
"Aye! Look in th' window. See that there one with the, that one over there....Aye! That's the one!"

Wench peered into the window. Emily was pointing to someone alright.
It was Captain Jack Wolfe.

He was sitting at the table with Hibernian and Elinor, sharing an ale.
"You mean...Captain Jack Wolfe?"
Emily adjusted her chemise and did a stuff and fluff. "Is that his name?"
Wench could feel herself doing a slow burn. "Aye, I've heard of him. Everyone has heard of him."
"Ever have his boots under your bed, Wench?"
Wench put her hand on her hips and exclaimed, "What sort of question is that, Emily?"
"An honest one. Did you and he know....bed?"
Wench frowned and said, "Really, Emily! I expected better out of you than that!"
Wench said softy to herself, "I guess he's feeling better then."
"What do you mean?" Emily's mouth dropped.
Wench said casually, "Venus's curse."
"You mean.....?"
"Yes. Carnal pox."
Wench fussed with her scabbard and looked up. "Hmmm? Oh. Well, my guess is Tortuga."
Emily put her hand to her mouth and murmured, "I had no idea...."
Wench put her hand on Emily's shoulder and said in a caring tone, "Oh, don't let it worry you. I am sure the lesions are gone by now. Ta, dearie!"

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Reply author: LairdeGuardnMCrack
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He napped for a while, knowing that his orders were being carried out and that the septs of the clan would soon send those that were needed to assist him.

It started slowly, with the alleys and streets leading to M'Crack's Own Pub having a few more than normal men and women hanging about. The denizens and those known to be of the port were allowed free access, those that were not known were turned away, being told the streets were closed for work, and some even needed to be "convinced" a little more strongly, not to enter the area, with the working end of a shillelagh. The few British soldiers that were still scurrying for cover and a way back to their ship were allowed free access to the area, and even given a place to hide for a while from a smiling lass in one of the doorways. It only seemed fitting that they were eating a fine meal provided by the prettiest Irish lass when a group of M'Crack's Night Eyes appeared and joined them, An hour later, a group of women descended on the kitchen and cleaned up the mess, and went to cleaning and repairing the uniforms of the soldiers, they would come in handy some time, since the bodies would never be found.

Trickle into the area they did, at first just one or two at a time, sometimes as many as five or six, each group making a beeline for the pub and to await word from the chieftain. Nail'n would welcome each and some were sent back out to strengthen the street watch. Every so often another banner would be hung on the wall outside the pub, first the Boru, then the O'Neill, two at one time a few hours later with the O'Morda and the White going into their spaces, and finally as darkness fell on the port, the Griffin banner was hung in place. From the roof of the pub, a horn was sounded, and many of the men and women from the street headed back down the streets and alleys to the pub. The O'Ceallaig's would maintain the street watch whilst the meeting went on.

In the center of the pub sat a motley looking group, a table for 8 with one empty seat........the pub was loud with discussions from every corner but this table sat in silence for the most part, they seemed to only talk in greetings as each one showed up and took their seat.

"they be here Daddy" she whispered to his ear as he slept in his chair in front of the fireplace in his room. "What's that" he grumbled and gave Nail'n a stern look. "They are here Guard'n" she giggled "and Timmy....she laughed again...."Brother Timothy has been told". She kicked the stool out from under his feet "now get down there, I hate these formal meetings and want to know what is going on myself...Da...I mean my Chieftain".....a swirl of her skirts and a sweet smile given to him as she turned and left, not closing the door as she departed his room..

It was only a short time while he donned his kilt and kit and went down to the main pub to join those gathered. His decending the stairs quickly brought the entire pub to silence and every eye greeted him has he made his way to the center table and took a seat. He noticed that those of the clan included carpenters, pitch-melters, blacksmiths, coopers, shipwrights, gunners, as well as all the others needed to sail a ship. At the table before him was the Captain of Hoodoo's Pride with the Captain of the Oculus Nox the night eyes of the clan, as well as the Sailing Master, Quartermaster, Boatswain, Master Gunner and First Mate.

Turning to each at the table he spoke softly "it is not often that I ask you all to gather with your best, but it has been to long for this family remain silent. I can not tell you where we go or why, I can tell you is that we come together for Brother Timothy and that adventure is involved." A good hour of discussions were held at that table, with the agreements made that they would do what was necessary for thier brother and the Order. The captain and his officers then went about selecting the crew from those that had arrived at the pub. Orders were given to Peddlin' to gather what was left of the clan and bring them to this section of the city while the others sailed for the protection of all, just in case. Those that would be sailing were told that the ship was anchored in a cove just around the point and out of veiw of the port and the British Warship that sat in the harbor and to make way to it this very night and prepare to set sail.

It was three that left M'Crack's Own Pub and made their way toward Dead Man's Tavern. The Captain of Hoodoo's Pride, The Captain of the Night Eyes, and the Chieftian himself.

It was late when they filed in, and they scanned around and took a table not far from where they saw Brother Timothy. Ale was ordered for the table before he approached Brother Timothy. "I regret it took so long, but it has been a long time since we have had need to gather a crew, but Hoodoo's Pride is manned and gunned, and awaits your orders. Captain Smootch is her master and as we speak the crew prepares the ship to sail." He would smile to his old friend. "Now just what do you and the Order of St Brendan need of us"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 11/01/2007 12:55:33

Wench had her hand on the doorknob of the tavern, ready to push the door open when it suddenly occurred to her that Captain Wolfe was in...there.
Which meant he was not on his ship.

She stood outside the lantern light, contemplating what awaited her. An unforseeable length of time on El Lobo del Mar. She turned on her boot heel and marched down to the harbor where it was docked. Her boot heel came off and she stopped.
'DAMN! I wish the assessor of the road taxes here in Glenlivet would fix these cobblestones. That is the fourth pair of boot heels I've gone through.'

She limped to the dock and then up the gangplank and called "Permission to come aboard."
A man's head popped up over the deck rail.
"And who ye be, Missy?"
"Mrs. Jack Wolfe."
A voice from the dark said, "Aye, better let the missus on board or she will be tearin' yer ears off, chewin' them up and stickin' 'em on backwards."

Briggs came out of the dark and into the lantern light. He tried to suppress a grin. "Mrs. Wolfe. I see ye be a-changin' since ye ran off two years ago."
She walked slowly towards Briggs in a measured gait.
"Well, well, well...Josiah Briggs, as I live and breathe!"
He struck a match on his boot and lit his pipe.
"'eard Ol' Jack caught up with ye."
"Indeed he has. Quite the reunion it was. But not the way you think."
"An' yer crew is comin' on board, eh? I met the cook--a Martin Montgomery, I believe--and I must say that be the finest breakfast I had in a long time."
She walked past him and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed it."
"Hey, now, Mrs. Wolfe. Where ye be goin' like this be yer ship?"
She said over her shoulder, "I'm checking out my accomodations."
Wench walked to the great cabin, took the key from on top of the lintel and let herself in.
The watchman said, "Wot ye s'pose she be up to?"
Briggs chuckled, "I don't rightly know...but I bet Cap'n Wolfe be payin' fer it!"

Honour looked into the room. Not much has changed since I was last here, she mused. She looked at the nautical maps rolled and stashed in the corner. A few maps were over the desk in the center of the room. She sat on the bed and bounced a few times up and down on it.
Yes, still the same mattress with the same little squeak...

She walked over to the armoire and opened the door. Inside were dresses....some were hers, some were not. She picked up a purple one and wrinkled her nose.
'My GAWD that is so last year's....'
She picked through them and took the ones that weren't hers. Opening up the window that was on the sea side of the ship, she pushed them through the window and watched as they fluttered in the wind and the whitecaps devoured them.
Back to the armoire, she searched around the bottom. 'Has to be a pair here somewhere...AHA!'
She pulled out a pair of white kidskin boots. 'Right where I left them!' shoving her old boots in a duffel bag.
She took a few notes and measurements and then closed the door.

Briggs met her, his hands on his hips and said, "An' just what ye be doin' there, Missy?"
And without another word, she walked down the gangplank and back to Glenlivet.

She walked down to the store that held wallcoverings and tapestries and dyes.
"Hello, Mr. Sherwin?"
William Sherwin came out of the back and stopped in his tracks. Cautiously he said, "Well, hello, Wench. What can I do you for?"
She smiled radiantly and said, "I came to see about textiles and wallcoverings and paint."
"Decorating the dungeons again?"
"No. I am sailing off on Captain Wolfe's ship El Lobo in the morning and I'd like some things delivered there by tonight. And if you manage to do it in the next hour, there is a bonus for you."

She pored over textile samples and paint swatches. 'Too light...too dark..too much grey in that one....need this one in a shade lighter....this looks great, alternating between a rough and smooth fabric for some throw pillows....'
"Mr. Sherwin?"
He walked over. "Yes?"
"I'd like this shade here. In Buttercup. And also Oceanic Blue. I think those would look wonderful together."
"Does Captain Wolfe know you are doing this?"
"Huh? Oh. Yes. Yes, he does."
"How many gallons?"
"I don't know..I suppose whatever the order for painting the dungeon reception area will do. And double it. I am going over dark paint."
"What finish?"
"I guess satin sheen. It cleans up so much better than flat paint. You never know when you are going to get icky stuff on it. Like blood. Or fishy junk."
"Fishy junk?"
"Yes. It's a nautical term. Now..I'll take about twenty yards of this jacquard print....and about ten yards of this tapestry print....and about seven yards of this velvet...."
"For a ship?"
"Hmmm? Oh,, I like that for a dress. Just because it is a pirate ship doesn't mean we can't act civilized, does it?"
"I guess not."
"And please charge it to Captain Wolfe's account."
"Huh? But...I thought..."
"What? That I am going to pay for all this? It's his ship. So it is only fair he pays for it. I mean, I'm throwing in my services--my decorating services--for free. I think that is only right."
"B-b-but we have a slight problem...."
She tapped her foot impatiently. "And what would that be?"
William Sherwin reached under his desk and pulled out a piece of broadsheet.

'To the storekeepers in Glenlivet: any and all charges and C.O.D. orders by Captain Wench, also known as Honour Bright, also known as Honour Wolfe, are to be null and void. Payment will NOT be presented.
Signed, Captain Jack Wolfe.'

Wench's mouth formed a perfect 'O' as she put her hand to her mouth. Quick to recover, she leaned forward and said in a low voice, "Mr. Sherwin, does Benjamin Moore know you have been keeping company with his wife?"
Mr. Sherwin mopped his brow and said, "When shall I deliver it?"
"As soon as you can. I'll make sure Captain Wolfe is not on board. Tell Briggs it is for me and to stow it in the storage room. Just tell Briggs that Captain Wolfe ordered it and he will pay you then."
She looked at the clock. "Oh, my! Look at the time! I have things to do...Ta!"

William Sherwin sat down in his chair with a thud, reaching under his desk for a bottle of Scotch. He remembered the last time he dealt with her. An ongoing battle of wits with the Dungeon Master of Glenlivet. Wench was appointed by Queen Bonnie to redesign and redecorate the Royal Dungeons. She ordered mauve and ivory, he ordered stripper for the walls. She ordered, he ordered. Screaming and yelling from both parties.
Seven months it went on. Sherwin was rapidly losing his hair over the ensuing tennis match of stubborness. And the painting contractors were getting rich off their one-upmanship. Of course, the expenses came out of the coffers of Glenlivet...

Sherwin turned his head to the back room and yelled loudly, "She's gone. You can come out now!"


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Briggs was on the deck of El Lobo with some of the crew, drinking rum and swapping tales. Just as he was about to describe some delightful young lass's... attributes, a voice called up from the dock.

"Yoo hoo!! Hello! Anybody home?"

Briggs went to the gunwale and looked down at the stranger. He was dressed in normal street clothes, save that they were made of pale blue and yellow satin, and fit more snug than was necessary. His hat was so over-adorned with white feathers it looked like a swan had exploded on his head.

"Aye! What can we be helpin' you with, um, sir?"
"Why, yes! I am Martin Stewart, master designer in the employ of Monsieur William Sherwin. I'm here to have a look at the captain's cabin."
"I'm quite certain the captain didn't request your services. Who put ye up to this, Martha?
"It's Martin, sailor boy! And it was the Captain's Lady who ordered everything. So, will you help me aboard? Or does moi have to do everything around here?"

That familiar dull ache began to blossom behind Briggs' eyes. "You aren't settin' foot on this ship until ye hear directly from her captain," Briggs growled as he stormed down the gangplank and off toward Dead Man's Tavern.

"Suit yourself, handsome! I get paid by the hour either way," Stewart replied. "Hey, you fellows up there! Wanna play 'Twister'?"


Briggs was beside himself by the time he reached the tavern door. He spotted Jack sitting with members of Honour's crew by the fire, and he jostled his way through the throng toward them.

"Jack! Jack, we've got ourselves a devil of a problem," he declared. "One devil of a problem, indeed!"
The rum was clearly having it's way with Jack as he tried to focus on Josiah's face. "And does said devil wear... what's that name again? 'Prodder'? 'Plaza'?" he slurred.
"'Prada'?" said Brother Timothy.
"That's one of her favourites," Elinor offered.
"Aye!" said Briggs. "And one of her imps is at the ship right now with a tape measure, fabric swatches, and God knows what! And she was in your cabin earlier, knockin' about, schemin' and such..."
"You don't mean..."
"She's redecoratin'."

Jack bolted for the door like he's been shot from a cannon. "No! Stop! No good!" he shouted as he ran down the lane. He burst through the door of William Sherwin's establishment to find the owner and his associate pulling a bolt of tapestry from a high shelf.

"What have you done!?" Jack hissed. Sherwin's associate dropped his end of the bolt and ran for the back room.

"What?" Sherwin said nervously. "Oh, this? Um... just filling a late order, squire. How can I help you?"
"You can start," Jack said, picking up his broadsheet from the counter, "by explaining why you ignored my request that you ignore my wife's requests? Or are you in the habit of ignoring people that don't want to do business with you?"
"Um, yes. I mean, no! I was not not ignoring to you, sir. Captain. My head hurts..."
"A lot more will bloody hurt if you fill her order, mate."
"You said she's your wife?"
"Which one?"
"I mean, which of the women on that list? There were an awful lot of them. You're not a polygamist, are you?"
"No, of course not! They're all the same person."
"Isn't that confusing? How do you know what to call her?"
"Fortunately, she answers to all of them."
"Sure you didn't toss an extra one in to confuse her? Just for funsies, eh? Know what I mean?"
Jack's patience was wearing thin. "You wouldn't happen to have a relative named Mason, would you?"
"You know him? He's my second cousin, twice removed!"
"Twice removed from what?"
"Oh, well... we usually don't like to discuss that."
"Look, just cancel her order. Simple as that."
"Do you know what happened to the last person who failed to fulfill one of her orders, sir?"
"Was he wearing boots?"
"No, sir. Why?"
"Nothing. I'm sure it was... loud."
"Deafening, sir. He still has nightmares. And the cat runs from any lady in a big hat to this day. Poor thing's scared witless of feathers."
"Just focus for a moment, would you?"
"Righto, sir," Sherwin said cheerily. "Oh, that's a very nice hat."
"That's enough! Cancel it, all of it. Every last thread!"
"Consider it done, governor."
"Thank you." With that, Jack headed back to the tavern to soothe his throbbing head.

The associate poked his head out when the front door closed. "Pssst! Is he gone?"
"Yeah, he just left."
"I said, HE JUST LEFT!"
"Good. You're not canceling her order, are you?"
"Not bloody likely! I don't want to end up half-deaf like you."
"The cat's got to take a poo?"
"Never mind..."

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