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Welsh Wench:
Rather than post the whole story, let's post this where we sign on with Jack's crew. Then we can go right into DMT2. Think of this as the prequel.

Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/01/2007 21:35:57

"Honour? Hello! Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me... Come round, love! Was it... oh, damn! Sorry!" Jack exclaimed as he snuffed out his pipe. With all the commotion of the evening, he'd forgotten about the hallucinogenic qualities of his tobacco. Given all the khat he'd consumed over the years, it didn't have that much of an effect on him.

Honour started to come around. "What? What happened?"
"You were having a conversation with Old Hardup, here..."
"That's 'Harcourt', thank you very much!" Harcourt interrupted.
"That's your version of it. Shut your pie hole, if ye know what's good for you." Jack turned his attention back to Honour. "You called me in as a witness to his confession about taking the warrants as his own, without authorization from any governor. I sat beside you to listen to his albeit whiny confession when I lit up my pipe. That's when you went all foggy and distant. Are you feeling alright now? Can I get you anything? More food, perhaps?"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/03/2007 23:27:00

A wheezing,red faced form burst into the Dead Man's Tavern,panting with exertion. "Welsh Whh...Welsh Whh...Welsh Whh.... CAPTAIN!!!!" He exclaimed as he shouldered men out of his way "The Ravage has just dropped anchor in the sheltered end of the bay and McClure's flyin' a Union Jack on her topsail!! She's turned out o' the wind and her decks are crammed with crewmen!" Martin removed his sodden beret and rung it out,splashing sea water across the clean swept boards of the Tavern floor."I went to the ship first Mason and the carpenter's are finishing up on the new mainmast.By the time we get back to the "Knight Hammer" the skeleton crew should have the sheets sorted out and we can set sail,heading out in search of new plunder or the Lost City of the Incas..........or ....whatever!" The burly merchant looked at his Captain as she sat possessively next to a distinguished looking pirate with a swept hilt Spanish sword leveled at his flushed throat!!


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/09/2007 19:54:26

"Jack, stay your weapon. This is Martin Montgomery, gourmet cook of the Knight Hammer and one of my dearest and most trusted friends."
Martin sat down, clearly out of breath. Wench went back behind the bar taps and came back with a cider for Martin. Martin took it gratefully and drank deeply.
Jack scabbarded the sword and extended his hand to Martin. "Sorry, man. In this business, you draw first and ask questions later."
Martin wiped his brow and said, "I understand. I'm just glad the darling captain was here before I had to answer out of the hole in my throat."
Wench went in the back and brought out a few towels for Martin.
"Martin, you'd better get out of those clothes before you catch your death of a cold."
"But, Captain, the harbor is full of ships and they don't look all that friendly!"

Just then Lorelei opened the casement window and then turned to the assembled patrons. "I don't think you will have to worry about them doing anything tonight. Look outside! I've been born and raised in Glen Livet and I've only seen fog like this once or twice. This is a real pea-souper. Those ships aren't going anywhere. They will be dropping anchor wherever they are and hoping the rest in the harbor will be doing the same. And I hope no one runs into that jutting stick in the water that marks the spot where the Crude Organ Donor is lying."

Wench looked out the window with Lorelei and Jack opened the door. The port had an unearthly calm as the fog rolled in and embraced everything it touched. He closed the door and threw back the bolt.
"Lorelei, it's late and nothing is going to attempt to come this way. In fact, if anything, there may be a few pirates in the brine tonight if they aren't careful where they are stepping. I'd suggest you just keep this door locked and call it a night."
The tavern keeper nodded and said, "Looks like this is a small party, yes?"
Wench let out a pent-up sigh that she didn't realize she was holding.
"Elinor is upstairs sound asleep. I think Lilaney must be on the ship. If Mason screws up, Lil will keep him in line. Brother Timothy, well, the man could stave off an English army and all with a clowder of housecats, royal felines that they are, so I know he is safe. Martin, can I get you some of Lorelei's delicious beef stew?"
Martin nodded as he eagerly accepted the bowl from Wench and Jack passed the bread over to him.

After the group sat around and made small talk for the better part of two hours, Lorelei opened up the window again.
"Will you look at that? This must be what the tenth plague was like! You can't even see the tailor's across the lane!"
She shut the window and bolted it. "No new customers, either. Wench? I'm going to bed and I'll leave you to make sure this place looks like I left it in the morning."
"I'll make sure, Lorelei. Goodnight."

Jack stoked the fire and Martin sat down in front of it, warming his hands. He drew out his pipe and tamped it with pipe weed, then lit it. Jack looked at Wench and raised his eyebrow. She threw her hands up and exclaimed, "I can't win! Have at it! Just stay downwind from me."
She looked at the pendulum clock and said, "It's after midnight. I'll leave you two gentlemen to lock up."

She went into her room and locked the door. Throwing her skirt in the corner, she sat down and shoved her boots under the bed. Standing in her chemise, she pulled down the covers when she heard a knock on the door.
As she opened it, she saw Jack standing there.
"What is it, Jack?"
He leaned against the door frame. "I have no room. I can't leave. Martin said all the rooms were taken."
She tilted her head and Jack raised his eyebrow. She sighed and said, "Come on in."
He entered and looked at her. Her hair was unbraided and loose and she was in her chemise.
Holding up her hand, she said, "It is only for the night and only because you helped me with the English major."
She slipped back in bed and Jack walked over and started to drop his breeches.
She said, "You can forget about it! If you are sharing this bed with me, you WILL keep your breeches on."
He sighed and said, "You drive a hard bargain, lady."
She said something under her breath and he said, "What?"
He pulled the cover down and grinned, "Like old times, yeah?"
She scooted over to the edge and turned her back on him, saying curtly, "Goodnight, Jack. Blow that candle out, please."
He reached over, smacked her bottom and then blew it out.
From the darkness came her voice.
"Do that once more and I shall personally castrate you with my rapier."
"Spoil sport."

She bolted upright in bed, clutching the sheet and screamed out loud, "DO YOU YIELD? OR DO I RUN YOU THROUGH HERE AND NOW?"
Jack jumped a mile out of the bed, scrambling for his sword when he realized she was in the throes of a nightmare. She had done that a few times in their brief time they were together. He climbed back in bed and took her in his arms.
"Honour? HONOUR! Please! Snap out of it, darling!"
He wrapped his arms around her as she buried herself into his embrace. She couldn't stop shaking. He stroked her hair and said, "Is it the same dream? Is it about that man Madoc again?"
She pulled away and the tears were coursing down her cheeks. She whispered barely inaudible, "It's him. I know it is him..."
Jack held her closely and said, "Who, darling?"
She pulled back and said, "Prometheus. I know who he is."
"The man who was seeking passage to El Dorado! Heaven help me, Jack. I know who he is. He's come back!"
She whispered, frightened, "Daemon Vardus."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/12/2007 21:12:33

Jack frowned, "Daemon Vardus? The captain--the former captain--of the Knight Hammer?"
She nodded. "Daemon came into Dead Man's Tavern one night and had the idea to captain his own ship. He knew of a ship that was available. Martin was there that night and he volunteered as cook. Daemon offered me the first mate's position."
Jack said grimly, "And what position did you offer him, darling wife?"
She raised her hand to slap him and he grabbed it before she made contact. He said, "I've heard stories all through the Caribbean of a blonde captain with a penchant for great boots. Didn't take much to figure it out."
She wrenched her hand out of his reach and said, "Not true."
"Really? Can you honestly tell me you and Daemon Vardus were just 'comrades in arms'? Or was it in each other's arms?"
She jumped out of bed, trailing the sheet with her. "Daemon Vardus and I were never involved," she lied. "And what of you? What of all those dresses I would find in the armoire? And do we even broach the subject of Bonita? Cade told me all about that one."
He crossed his arms and said, "Bad form to mention Cade."
"Bad form to mention Bonita."
"I didn't. You did. And bring that sheet back here."

She balled it up and threw it at him. "Take it! I didn't want it anyways."
He said, "Seriously, you are afraid. I hear it in your voice. Rumour is you ran him through. And I heard all sorts of variations about it. Even heard the story of Jonas Corwin. But let's reserve that for another fight. What makes you think Prometheus is Daemon Vardus?"
"The eyes."
"The eyes?"
She took a breath and said, "The colour. The way he looked at me. And there is another thing."
"When Vardus and the crew were starting out, he mentioned El Dorado. A place shining with the treasures of a lost people. He wanted to go there but was side-tracked by the explosion of the Captain's quarters on the Knight Hammer..."
"You blew him up?"
"Of course not! The liquor cabinet was booby-trapped and Daemon went sky-high and the bay windows were blown out. Do you want to hear the story or not?"
Jack brushed her hair back, grazing her cheek. His touch caused a flush on her cheeks. NO! I won't fall for it again...
"Of course I want to hear the story."
"He died. But came back."
"Came back?"
"He explained it to me once when I almost died..."
"When did that happen?"
"When I had a disagreement with Jonas Corwin."

Jack burst out laughing. "Throwing him out in nature's own to walk back to his ship in your sheets is more than a disagreement. Remember when you tossed me out into the galley without even the consideration of a sheet?"
"This was different."
Jack moved closer to her. "Not much, love. In fact, we never did finish that."
She began to feel the flush on her cheeks spread a bit southward.
"That----that was a long time ago."
He said softly, "Too long."
"It would complicate things and..."
"This may be the only chance for me to make love to a captain," he chuckled.
His lips sought hers. She felt her breath catch.
"It's wrong, Jack.."
He tilted her chin up to meet his gaze. "And we ARE married."
She closed her eyes, trying to keep her heart from beating so fast. His lips moved down to her throat and her chemise dropped off her shoulders.

With a sharp intake of breath, she whispered, "What the hell....I wasn't doing anything, anyways...."


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/17/2007 15:31:15

The Morning broke lovely over the Habor of Glen Livet.
The fog from the night before, that blew in thick as pea-soup and just as mired in mystery
and intrigue, blew out with the morning tide.
The calm dapple green waves bumped gently along the hulls of the moored ships, waking those who were to come to watch and lulling them that stood the night patrol to an easy sleep.
"Morning Lil! In a better mood today?"
The scrawny dock rat (Lord knew which one he was) shouted up from the pier to the quarterdeck where Lil stood, watching the beauty that was a sunrise over water.
She looked down and smiled.
"Aye, you. What sort of goods to you have to be brought up this morning?"
The dock rat nodded his head to the end of the pier.
"Just them food stuffs what Martin told us to gather yesterday. Think we could bring'em up?"
Lil pushed away from the railing and meandered over to the gangplank.
"Welcome aboard then! What sort of foodstuffs?"
The Double Diamond Rats swarmed the gangplank as bundle, box, crate and sacks began to be brought aboard.
The kid shrugged his shoulders.
"Usual stuffs: boots, chocolates, bath salts, feathers, dog biskits, ink, towels, and I think sumthin that the Captain wanted special just for Captain's quarters. Don' know what it is, but, it's heavy as.."
"Thank you, kid. Well, I guess put it all where it will fit."
Lil cut him off as she saw a figure approaching the pier.
She shaded her eyes with her hand to get a better look, when she was interupted by howling.
"Hey! Lemme down! How the hell did I get up here?!"
Lil cast an annoyed grimmace up at the Crow's nest. Well, not really the crow's nest, but, the cross-piece on the top of the new mast.
"You are ruining a perfectly beautiful morning, you know that?!"
Lil yelled up at the person trussed up, tight as a pig, on the solid piece of wood.
"When I get down from here, you'll learn how ruined this day will be for you!"
He kept shouting as Lil tried to ignore him and regained tracking on the figure approaching.
"Well, I'll be, is that who I think it is?"

Welsh Wench:
Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 09/18/2007 12:11:10

A bird on a branch of a tree just outside the window chirped loudly. Opening first one eye to the sunlight streaming in from the window, and then the other, Elinor groaned. "Stupid bird, you're ruining my nap!" Deciding it would be best to get back to work, she neglected attempts to return back to sleep, getting up to dress instead.

Sitting down at the small desk that sat beside her bed, still with crumpled papers from the night before, she once again picked up her quill and dipped it into ink. The minutes flew by as did her hand across the pages before her, the paper rapidly filling with tales of the crew of the Knight Hammer. Two hours later, Elinor sat back in her chair, flexing her fingers which were sore from the writing. With a satisfied sigh, she gathered the pages and bound them together, setting them aside for the time being. Her stomach grumbled as she remembered her agreement to go shopping that day with Lil.

"Breakfast must be first," she muttered. "Then find Lil."


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/18/2007 16:18:06

"I'm hungry" Lil told no one in particular, leaning far out she watched the shadowy figure pause at the end of their pier and then move on towards the taverns.
Lil stood still and thought hard where she had seen that man before, shrugging off the odd feeling she turned and headed for the newly restocked galley.
"Okay! Okay! I give up! I will do whatever you tell me too, just get me down from here!"
Lil paused near the mast and looked up again and the bound figure.
"I am not really sure who you are, but you have nice boots, which means you know that Captain. And you are too handsome for real work, which means the Captain knows you.
So, for the sake of all parties involved I think you need to just sit tight until Captain comes back and sorts you out. By the way, are you hungry?"
Lil moved on as the swearing started up again.
"When Elinor gets here, I must remember to buy some new banadges for the first aid kits, they make wonderful gags."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/18/2007 19:58:59


Wench sat up quickly, knocking Jack off the bed and onto the floor.
"OW! You did that before and it isn't---"
"Shh!" She called out, "Who is it?"
Jacl clamped a hand over her mouth and whispered, "Maybe if you act like no one is home, they will go away."
She bit his hand and he yelled, "OW!! &*^%$#@!! What the hell was THAT for?"
"I couldn't breathe!"

She hoisted her chemise up around her and padded over to the door. Jack made a grab to drag her back but he missed and fell face first onto the floor.
She opened the door a crack and then opened it wider. She exclaimed, "As I live and breathe! I didn't know you were in port!"

In her hallway stood Captain Bacardi. He stepped in and saw Jack on the floor, his shirt had a few rips in it.
Bacardi laughed and said, "Jack Wolfe! What are YOU doing here?"
Jack scrambled up and said, "My shirt got a few rips in it and I was here to find some thread and a needle."
Bacardi looked from Wench to Jack and then said, "I didn't know you knew each other!"
Wench's face flamed red. "We--we've run into each other a few times."
Bacardi tried to keep a straight face. Her hair was in a tangle, her lip coloring was smeared and it appeared to have smeared onto Jack's face. Her face was flushed and there was a hickey starting to form on her neck. Oddly, Jack had a matching one.
Aside from the rips in the shirt, it was tucked out of his breeches. He had on one boot.

Bacardi asked, "So..where is El Lobo? I didn't see it when I ported this morning."
Jack tried to tuck his shirt in and said, "The port was closed when I arrived so I went to Conwy. Where is the Black Rock?"
"Over at Colwyn Bay. Hitched a ride in."
"Seen Captain Blake lately?"
"A few weeks ago over near Kingston. Had a load of silks and tea to warehouse. Cade Jennings been around recently?"
Jack said grimly, "I bet he's hanging around somewhere. Heard from Dolly, she sends her best regards to you."
Bacardi replied, "And Daisy, Maggie, Ginger and Lula said hello. And the twins--you know, Molly and Polly..."
Jack made sushing motions behind Wench's back but she turned and he immediately coughed into his hands.
Wench said cooly, "I really hate to interrupt this male bonding but Bacardi, why are you here?"
Jack retorted, "I was about to ask the same thing. He seemed to know which room was yours."
She stamped her foot, "What is THAT supposed to mean? Maybe you double dated with Molly and Polly. Or maybe Polly was Blue's friend and--"
Bacardi interrupted. "That's why I am here. It's Blue. He's pouting. I think he is mad at me."
"Whatever for?"
"Well, your friend Athena parrot-sat for me while I had some business in the next port and I think he had too good a time with her. He's gotten spoiled and now he won't drink the rum I gave him. I think she gave him the more expensive kind and now he won't go back to it."
Wench tried not to laugh. "And what do you want me to do about it?"
"Athena went to visit a friend and won't be back till next week. I was wondering...do you know what kind of rum she gave him? I need to mix it in and then wean him off it until he doesn't notice the difference."
"She got her rum from Puerto Rico, Bacardi. Reportedly she made a good trade. A favorable fortune told, and he bestowed her with quite a few bottles of the finest rum."
"Really! May be a good venture when I give up the account. How does this sound? Bacardi Rum!"
Jack scowled, "It will never succeed."

Wench was putting on her skirt and boots and said, "Bacardi, I have a couple bottles she gave me. Tell you what--I'll give you a bottle to gradually dilute it with what you have been giving him and..."
"Hey! You can't just leave me like----"
"Cool your boots, Captain Wolfe. I'll look for that needle and thread after I get Bacardi that bottle for Blue."
Bacardi tried not to laugh out loud. After all, he always wondered if the two of them had ever met. Now he had a suspicion they may have more than 'met'.

Wench closed the door and she and Bacardi headed down the hallway.
"You know, she not only gave him expensive rum, she gave him ice cream and---"
From the room they heard, 'BLAM!'
Bacardi jumped a mile. "What the BLOODY HELL was that?"
Wench was non-plussed. "Oh, that. I'm guessing Captain Jack Wolfe had an overwhelming desire to shoot something."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 09/18/2007 20:06:25

Finishing her breakfast hastily in her famished state, Elinor paid and left the tavern, rejoicing in the sunlight that fell upon her face as she stepped outside. The gentle breeze whipped at her skirts as she made her way towards the Knight Hammer, hoping to find some familiar faces on board.

Reaching the ship a short while later, she boarded and was delighted to see all the improvements that were being made to the vessel. She was even more delighted when, approaching the galley, a familiar face greeted her. "Lil!"


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/19/2007 09:14:49

"Ho Elinor!"
Lil chucked the remains of her breakfast over the side of the railing as Elinor made her way up the gangplank.
"Hey! When am I going to get fed!?"
Lil scowled; not only was the gent complaining nonstop, he was acting like a noble about it.
"You know!? Your are about the poorest excuse for a prisoner I have ever had the unfortunate duty of caring for!"
Whatever he replied back with was muffled as one of the dock rats scooted out from the crow's nest and shoved a hunk of bread into his mouth.
"Your Welcome!" Lil yelled, then she smiled at Elinor who's nervous gaze went from up in the rigging back to Lil.
"Do you know who that is?" She asked as she and Lil walked back down the gangplank together and headed into town.
Lil shrugged; they waited for a man on horseback to pass and then crossing the street they headed for the shops.
"No idea, one of the Captain's toys. He looks familiar, but, they all start to look alike after a fashion. Although, that one was left on the quarterdeck in a heap. Guess he had had a bad day."
Elinor laughed as they headed into the first shop of the morning.

Welsh Wench:
Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/21/2007 04:36:00

Martin sat near the fireplace in the rear of the "Dead Man's Tavern"and contemplated his still damp clothes while he puffed thoughtfully on his pipe,sending the wonderfully scented,blue smoke towards the rafters. Moments later the man that Welsh Wench had introduced as Jack and had almost gave the big man a new hole to breath out of,came over and sniffed appreciatively at the fragrant smoke while warming his hands near the fire.Martin begrudgingly offered up his pouch and the two sat,quietly smoking staring into the fire as it slowly died"Martin"He stated"Are you aware that your Captain,for all of her obvious charms,a self-absorved,egotistical,fashion-obsessed....." As Jack kept listing WW's faults,as he saw them,Martin reached over to an overflowing bowl of assorted nuts. Picking out two huge walnuts that together filled his oversized palm,he turned in his chair to face the man. "Sir!" Martin sharply exclaimed,in a voice not much above normal conversation tones "You are speaking against my chosen Captain and I must warn you, You may.....No,you do exceed my poor level of skill with a sword" The big man motioned to the beautiful blade that rode on Jack's hip."But if you hurt her..."At this point his eyes went out of focus for a few seconds. "Let us just say she has gathered a group of individuals and she treats us like family,not hired underlings! She has a past,of that I'm sure,we've all done things that we'd rather not done......" His voice lowered to a deep rumbling whisper "She is rather well liked by almost everyone she meets and should she come to any more harm......." The stout man yawned then stood and snatched Jack's right hand so quickly that his hand was a blur and gripped tightly as if it was caught in a metalworkers vice!."I will now bid you good night,Captain!" He slowly opened his own right hand and let the pulverized nuts,shell and all trickle into Jack's captured palm."There are no more rooms available." Motioning to the wall rack with several keys still hanging. "So you can bunk in my room. It's tight quarters and I am told that I snore but you can toss a quilt on the floor." Jack smiled a rogue's smile and nodded his understanding to the burly man,who strode towards the stairs."I believe that I'll have a talk with your...OUR Captain! She CAN defend herself,you know!" Martin turned on the third step and grinned sadly "Not from boots like yours,Sir!" Then,almost silently,he climbed the stairs out of sight. Jack looked at the destroyed remains of the hardshelled nuts filling his right hand and blew out his breath in a quiet "Whew!"tossing themess onto the table and flexing his fingers free of the clinging bits he slipped the small caliber pistol back in the top of his left boot,where he had drawn it from even as the giant man had grabbed his right hand. "Honour"He whispered" You've grown up from the time we were together you've got a good ship and an honest crew who respects and in their own way,love you. Do I anger this genteel giant by following my heart and going to see my own wife,or do I follow my head,realize my folly and wait for "The El Lobo Del Mar" to make port?" Shaking his head he smiled to himself as he climbed the stairs and found a certin door.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/21/2007 20:33:42

Jack stared at the hole he'd just put between the eyes of the portrait on the wall. "Bloody poor painting, anyway." With sleep out of the question, he pulled on his clothes and headed back downstairs. The fire had died to embers. He tossed on more wood to add some warmth to the wood, and then settled into a chair to enjoy his pipe. He looked upon the remains of the walnuts Martin had pulverized earlier, and addressed his own lap. "You may be disappointed, lads, but at least you're in one piece..."

Three bells into the second night watch, and Briggs had run out of patience. "Enough waitin'! We've seen hide nor hair of Jack, and he's well overdue. Stow the boat, and make ready to get under way!"
The crew lashed the jolly boat back into place as others worked the capstan to lift the anchors.
"Make full sail! Hands to the braces! Steer us into the road south to Glenlivet!" Briggs barked. The discipled crew of cutthroats responded to him as they would Jack himself. They knew the riches their captain had brought them, and they were hell bent on getting him back.

No sooner had they made course for Glenlivet than the lookout cried "Master Briggs! A sail! A sail!! Ahead and starboard! She looks to be showing her heels!"
"Mother and Child! What next?" Briggs growled. "Make ready the guns with round shot!! With a will, ye dogs!! Hold your course, helmsman. We'll not be givin' chase tonight, but we'll be ready nonetheless." He stared out over the open water as the ship gained speed. "You'd best be in one piece, Jack, or I'll have that accursed witch woman heal ye, then kill ye myself!"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/23/2007 07:20:25

The big merchant grinned wolfishly as he eased the door to his room closed.This "Mad Jack" was a breath of fresh air,different from the other men that he'd seen pass through WW's cabin and her life, at least the time that he'd been Cook on the "Knight Hammer." The big man had taken off the,still slightly damp and dirty clothes that he had worn for the past two days and took a quick wash with water caught in a rain bucket hung just outside his window. He then dressed in a similar colored set of rough woven pants and long sleeved shirt. Taking his belt,with it's several different sized pouches over to the rough wooden table he carefully emptied each one and wiped it clean with an oiled cloth,treating the belt and his baldric with the same care he let his mind wander back to how WW and Mad Jack had spoke and treated each other,almost like she knew the answer to a question he'd been chasing for years. But then this WAS WW and she'd so had many men so completly wrapped 'round her fingers that she must be running out of room. Chuckling to himself he forced himself to admit,Jack did seem to look at her.......differently somehow, with a deep seated respect. Shaking his head he thought "Hellfire you'd think that they was married!!"


Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 09/23/2007 17:01:13

*From below the decks of the Knight Hammer came Prometheus, Dorean, and White Rose. Looking around the port, they could see that the fog was finally lifting. The smell of morning dew floated through the port, as the sound of the early birds followed behind. The trio looked back at each other and the started to walk towards the Tavern. Early risers could be seen, slowly putting the town back together. After all the destruction, the people just wanted to get back to some form of a normal life. Shop keepers huried to get their stores ready for the day's business. Not long was the trip that was ahead of them, and before they realized it, they were standing infront of the Tavern. Unlike the other taverns in town, Dead Man's Tavern was also a boarding house. The business men could be heard eating their breakfast's, and reading their papers. The trio entered the Tavern and were met by the sight and smell of a great buffet of breakfast foods. A hot bar had been set up on the main bar, allowing the guests to eat at their convenience. The trio found a table relatively quickly, as a Bar maid met them at the table.*

=Milords, Milady, Could i interest you in a cup of Joe this morning? Perhaps a spot of Tea?=

*All three ordered drinks, Dorean and White Rose were to enjoy the house blend of coffee and Prometheus was to have a cup of Earl Grey. They sat there for a moment sipping their drinks enjoying each others company, when Captrain Bacardi and Welsh Wench Came walking down the stairs. Wench's eye's immediately picked out Prometheus. She stumbled back as her face went pale. Bacardi turned back to help, but she waived him off. They continued down, and into the Tavern it'self. WW stopped Bacardi for a moment, asking him to wait. She made her way to the table where Prometheus was sitting, all the while glaring at him. She walked right up to him and put her hands on her hips.*

'Well well well Captain, when did you plan on telling me?'

*Prometheus looked back at her, with a confused expression.*

"Excuse me Milady, what are you talking about?"

'You know full well what i am talking about, Vardus!!!!!'

"Milady, i'm not sure what you are getting at. I am a simple traveler on a task for our Queen."

'Oh i already know about that. I'm sorry i guess i should have said Admiral!'

*Prometheus stood up, and motioned for WW to sit down.*

"Take a seat milady! Now i dont know where you got your information, but untill my mission is complete i cannot allow the world to know that Glenlivet is forming a Navy. I dont want to know why you are confusing me with that man you murdered, but you need to drop this Admiral talk."

*WW grabbed Prometheus by the collar and pulled him close.*

'Pretend if you want, but dont forget that i know who you are, and i will be watching.'

*Prometheus chuckled and looked square in her eye's.*

"From where, under the table?"

*A voice came from behind White Rose. It was one of the Samoan Pearl Divers, asking if their was a problem. Rose turned around and looked at him. His face turned red with anger as he realized it was her that through him out the window. He reached down to grab her, when a large Ghost like creature appeared next to him. It snatched him up like a rag doll and held him in the air.*

[Perhaps i never introduced you to my Voldwalker. Bragma, please take out the trash.]

*Obeying his Mistress, Bragma through the Samoan out the window once more. Rose muttered a few words and the creature disappeared. Wench started having flash backs to her last vision, only confirming to her what she had seen. She released Prometheus, and returned to Bacardi's side. As she walked away Prometheus spoke to her.*

"I'll be seeing milady!"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/23/2007 20:49:41

Wench ignored Prometheus and walked back over to where she left Bacardi standing.
"What's the deal with that guy there?"
She shrugged. "Prometheus whatever-his-name-is-when-he-is-town had some big thing he called a Volkswagen--whatever that is--toss something out the window. I swear, that is the sort of trick that Daemon Vardus would pull. Would you believe he has this big blue parrot that becomes a little dragon? Or is it a little parrot that becomes a big dragon? Well, whatever it--AH! Here it is!"

They were at the storage room door and Wench reached down to take the key out of her boot but..."Oh, ^$#@!! I forgot I wasn't wearing any boots."
Bacardi looked down and she was barefoot. "Heh, heh, I guess in my haste I forgot my boots. Wait here."
She ran up to the corridor and snatched the key from above a doorjamb, hurrying back to Bacardi.
She put the key in the door and opened it.
"Wow! Look at that! Nine matching chests! What is in them, Wench?"
She got defensive. "I like boots and collect them, OK? Is it a crime? No, I didn't think so! Just stay away from them."
She reached behind the third one and pulled out a bottle. "Supposed to be good stuff. Called 151. Athena lit it on fire before she gave it to Blue. I hope his little feathers didn't get singed."
Bacardi grimaced, "So that is why he looked a little bald-faced."
Wench reached up to her own hair and touched a spot. "I know how he feels. Lilany had to cut a section of my hair when the mast came down and almost hit me. I cracked my head open. But it's growing back."

Bacardi took the rum and said, "Thanks, Wenchie!"
She reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "You know, Bacardi, you are one of the very few I let call me 'Wenchie'. It doesn't sound respectful. I mean, say it--'Captain Wenchie'. I'm not five years old, you know."
He laughed and then said, "I didn't know you knew Captain 'Mad' Jack Wolfe. Did he ever tell you how he got the name 'Mad'?"
Bacardi winked and said, "Ask him some time. It's a good bedtime story."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Well, you and Jack in that room together and--"
She held her hand up. "Whoa, wait a minute! There were no rooms left so Captain Wolfe was staying in my room and was sleeping on the floor and--"
"With your lip colouring on his face---"
"He bumped into me when I turned around and got it on his face!"
Bacardi flipped her hair back. "Funny how he has the same kind of suckerbite on his neck too. Don't tell me! You both ran into a door at the same time!"

Her face blazed aflame. "Alright, Bacardi, you have the rum. Just remember who did you the favor."
He winked, "As I'll remember what your gypsy-friend did to him! If she wasn't so fond of Blue, I'd never let him near her again. He kept squawking, 'Rocky Road! Rocky Road!'"
He hugged her and then left by the side door.

As Wench walked by the table with Prometheus, she stopped and said haughtily, "And as far as murdering you, you know it's not true and even if it was, you know the reason why!"
She continued over to the fireplace where Jack sat there, his feet up on the low table in front of him and smoking his pipe.
She kicked his feet off the table and said, "Lorelei said no boots on the furniture!"
She reached over and took the pipe out of his mouth and emptied the pipeweed into a half-filled tankard of rum.
"Hey! I just lit that!"
"Yeah, and I put out your fire!"
"In more ways than one!"
She looked at the remains of the walnuts.
"What happened here?"
Jack instinctively put his hands in his lap. "Guess you could say a Freudian hint from Martin your friend."
She said, "I guess we--I--can kiss off a good night's sleep. The sun is up. Come on, Jack, I need to get dressed and get down to check on the mast. You need to get your gear out of my room before people get the wrong idea."
As he followed her up the stairs, all that could be heard downstairs was, "Care for a--"
A door slammed and then a voice yelled through to it, "Well, you always WERE a morning person...!"

Welsh Wench:
Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/24/2007 15:26:27

'...and that's what it means by, 'your turn in the barrell'."
Elinor blushed and jostled her bag and packages.
"Oh, um, thanks Lil for explaining that, didn't know what he meant saying something like that about our Captain."
Lil shifted her own gear around to manuver the sidewalk they were passsing on.
"And that is why I had to do what I did."
They paused as a mother dragged her reluctant child across the lane and into the cobbler's shop.
"Did you really have to break his nose? I don't think he meant what he was saying."
Lil smiled at Elinor.
"Sometimes, people have to be held accountable for what they say about other people."
Elinor nodded and led the way through the morning shoppers.
"Elinor? I think we have everything, what is left to buy?"
Lil was not one for spending hard earned money, but, if one was down to her last dress and smallclothes. Funds must be spent.
Elinor paused in front of the blacksmith's shop.
"I need a dagger."
Lil was taken aback. Elinor? Needed a weapon? This statement caught Lil speechless.
Elinor handed over her packages and her bookbag to Lil; who took them and adjusted everything in her arms. She was about to follow her in, when Elinor looked up and shyly said.
"Can I do this by myself, please?"
Lil understanding the weapon one buys to be a personal matter, she nodded and stood off to the side of the shop's door and kept watch.
From this part of town, one could almost see the water of the harbor.
The tall ship's mast rocked gently over the city-scape of the buildings. Seagulls and sparrows flew in and out of the sheets and rigging, looking for food and calling to one another.
Lil tried to guess which mast was their's. She counted masts and tried to look for the newest one, then smiled. All she had to do was look for that gent that was tied up near the Crow's Nest. She looked again and the smiled faultered.
She didn't see a mast plus one hostage.
"Lil!" She turned as saw a Double Diamond Dock Rat coming her way, he was soaked and looking rather alarmed.
"Lil! It's 'orrible! Jus 'orrible! Where's Martin Montgomery?"
Lil sensed his fear and tried to smile.
"It can't be all that bad, Martin is over at the Tavern, I think."
The Dock rat shot off before Lil could get anything else out of him.
'Odd' she thought, at that moment Elinor walked out of the blacksmith's shop beaming with happiness.
"I guess we can head back to the ship now, anything else you need out in town, Lil?"
Lil furrowed her brow, Elinor hadn't looked this happy in a while.
"Mind me asking what you got in there?"
Elinor's eyes twinkled merrily but shook her head as she took bag her bag and packages.
"Oh, something for myself."
Lil looked back round at the masts, still not spying the tied up person.
Unease settled into her gut.
"I agree Elinor, let's get back to the boat. Something's not right in Glen Livet."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 09/24/2007 18:00:30

Elinor grabbed the handle on the door to the blacksmith's shop and tugged, entering. Spying a silver handled dagger over in the corner, she approached it and gave it a once over. It was small but sleek, without the adornments of her old dagger, the one that had been lost while adventuring in Tortuga. She picked it up, wrapping her fingers around the smooth surface of the handle. It was simple, so unlike so much of her life right now. "I don't see why a girl like you'd need a weapon like that." She turned and saw the blacksmith eyeing her from behind the front desk.

"One can't be too careful in these times. I have the opinion that when danger looms, one shouldn't be unprepared," she responded, walking towards him. "I'd like this one, please."

"I still don't see--" the shop owner started to say, but Elinor flashed him a look that made him halt his tongue.

"I like to be prepared. Now, will you sell this to me, or not?" Elinor asked. There was no question in her mind that she needed a new weapon. Sailing with the crew of the Knight Hammer proved to be spontaneous, and more often than not, slightly dangerous. Ever since she'd lost her bodice dagger, saw it skittling away from her, never to be returned to its owner, she'd felt like she was missing something. The first dagger had been a gift, and carried memories of the person who had given it to her, and it was gone. It was time to make new memories.

Paying for her purchase, she sighed contentedly and let a smile form on her face as she exited the shop. The smile only faded as she sensed her friend's worry, and increased as they neared the dock, searching for their ship. The ship that was no longer docked in the place it had been at the start of the day, when she and Lil had left it. Elinor turned to her friend. "Lil? Where's the ship?"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/24/2007 21:34:20

Wench opened the door. Jack stood there rubbing his nose.
"OW! You damn near took off my nose!"
"That's what you get for standing too close to it."
"Aren't you going to invite me in?"
"Because I need to get my sword."
She sighed and opened the door. He picked it up and sat down on the bed, patting a spot next to him. She ignored him.
"So. Where are we going, my sweet?"
She stood there with a hairbrush poised. "If you MUST know, I am going to Wainwright's to negotiate a discount on the mainmast that was installed."
"A discount? Didn't you negotiate a price BEFORE you ordered it?"
"Of course I did. But I said I was going to negotiate a discount. I already know what he charges. But what he charges and what I want to pay are two different things. Jack, time for you to go!"
He sat there and crossed his arms. "Hell no! This is one scene I just HAVE to see! I'll even buy your breakfast."

She thought for a second and then said, "Alright. But I warn you, I have a terrible craving for benjies."
"Oh you know. We got them in Martinique. Sugared and fried little squares."
"Whatever. They have them over by the docks. Monique makes them."
"And you are going to wear your chemise? "
She looked down and hoisted her chemise up to her shoulder when it slipped down.
"I guess I had better change if I want to negotiate a deal with Mr. Wainwright."
"Oh, I don't know, maybe..."
"Don't start with me, Wolfe. Turn your back."
"Darling, how many times do I have to tell you it's nothing new under the sun."
She glared at him. He threw his hands up.
"Have at it. And do you happen to have a clean shirt I can wear?"
"Is this a trick question to find out if my closet pour un became a closet pour deux?"
"Not at all. I just need one that isn't ripped down the back."
She reached into her armoire and from the back, withdrew a shirt of linen.
"Here. It may have even been yours at one time. I just grabbed a handful when I left."

She walked to her armoire and pulled out a dress made of white lawn and slipped it over her head.
"Would you lace me up the back, please?"
Jack came over and deftly laced her up.
She said frostily, "I see you learned how corsets and such go ON now."
She whirled to face him and he looked around and said, "Where'd that voice come from?"

She reached into a chest and brought out some white calf-skin boots and then reached into her closet and pulled out a white hat with huge black feathers. She grabbed a white lace parasol from the dresser drawer and said, "I'm ready."

He looked at her and she looked like something that should be sitting on a veranda of a sugar plantation rather than the captain of a pirate ship.
He said, "What are YOU supposed to be?"
She adjusted her hat in the mirror and said, "A lady. For now."

They walked down to the small eating establishment run by a mulatto named Monique. As they entered,
Monique cried out, "Bonjour! Ma petite captain!"
Wench smiled and said, "We are here for breakfast and the gentleman--and I use the term loosely--will pay."
Jack reached into his pockets and patted himself down. "I....um...seem to be short a chest or ten of guilders..."


The sun was shining, the sky was blue and the clouds were fluffy. Wench had her hand resting on Jack's arm and she breathed deeply of the salt air.
Jack looked suspiciously at her. "I haven't seen you this contented since we had that picnic a deux at that grotto in Castara Bay. What gives?"
She smiled radiantly and said, "It's a beautiful day, I have a new dress on with matching boots and I just negotiated a very good discount on that mainmast. All is right with the world. Or at least MY world!"
Jack shook his head. "How you did that is beyond my comprehension. Wainwright has been known to wring every last shilling out of everyone he meets. Maybe your mast was made of balsa wood and veneered with oak. I seem to remember a story where you got a brass blade masquerading as Toledo steel and..."
"We don't talk about it. OR the one who set me up. Alright?"
"By the way, where's Muir?"
"Athena came by yesterday and Muir was beside himself. He loves her to death, she gives him ice cream so I let him spend some time with her and I'll pick him up tomorrow. Now, shall we head down to the docks and look at the mast? I may want some new sails before we leave. Maybe something in a pale peach..."

They headed over the grassy knoll and walked along the wooden planks leading to the harbor.
Wench looked over the port and her eyes recited the names of the ships she knew.
"Ah! There is The Blatherscythe. Looks like Deadbishop ported during the night! The Black Rock....Bacardi is stll here. I see Blue on the crow's nest. The Ebony Heart...Captain James Squall is in port. The Dark Vexation is gone. Guess James--I mean Captain Blake--is on his way to Port Royal. The Azure Tooled..." here Wench made a face, "....he's still around. Damn. And that stick in the water that used to be The Crud Organ Donor..."
"Yes, he certainly is."
"No, I mean The CRUDE Organ Donor."
"What did I say?"
"No, I didn't. Crude. That's what I said. Crude."
"You seem to know them all."
"I've lived here a while. And there she is! My ship! The Knight...."
She turned to Jack and looked at him in disbelief.
"Where is my ship?"
He just shrugged.
She threw her hat down on the ground and yelled, 'WHERE THE HELL IS MY SHIP???"


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/25/2007 07:56:33

"It is too quiet for my liking"
Lil looked around the Harbor, no ships were making ready, no people were scurrying. Even the drunks from the night were still snoring in their chosen spots around the docks.
Elinor sat her gear down on the pier that used to be the Knight Hammer's; rummaging through it, she pulled out a telescope.
"Where'd you get that?"
Lil liked the look of it, old and trustworthy; something a Quartermaster might own.
"Marvos had it in for an overhaul, I picked it up for him."
She put it to her eye and scanned the waters. Scrunching up her face she swept the 'scope around the bay. Pausing a moment, Elinor leaned out a bit as if to get a better sight.
"Lil, I think I found it, but, something's not right."
Lil stood behind Elinor and looked over her head in the direction the telescope was trained on.
She saw the boat, it's sheets at full sail and it swiftly getting smaller and smaller.
She frowned.
"It looks about a mile out; can't have taken off much earlier than about an hour ago. Why would WW do that? How on earth does she expect us to get back on?"
Elinor and Lil whipped their head's around to see WW and another man standing at the end of the pier. Collapsing the telescope back into her bag Elinor ran up to Captain.
"Captain! It looks about a mile out! Oh! How are we going to get back aboard?"
Lil calmly sat her stuff down next to Elinor's, never taking her eyes off the sails of the ship.
WW,Elinor and a slightly winded Martin came swiftly up the pier.
"It looks like all that bad stuff we ever did has just be revisited on us, Captain."


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 09/25/2007 12:24:24

“You realize that even for an Irishman you are a very lucky man.”

The taller of the two men appeared not to hear the comment and kept walking down the hill toward the docks. “Timothy, that was the Reverend Father, the Abbot, the head of our Order, the keeper of the keys, the successor of Brendan…”

Stopping abruptly the taller man quietly states aloud, “And he is a man, just as you and I are men,” turning to look at his companion without a trace of a smile, “at least I’m a man, tell me Arthur has your beard come in yet?”

Arthur’s eyes and mouth open wide in shock and disbelief at the comment but the retort is swallowed as he sees a creeping smile start on Timothy's face that is followed by a loud belly laugh. "Please my brother, just now no disrespect was meant to you just as no disrespect is meant to the Abbot when I disagreed with his comments regarding my recent activities. Even before this past evening spent listening to the Abbot, know that I am fully aware of my vows and my responsibilities to the Order. Appearances are not the reality in this case. I have no secular interest in this crew or their Captain, but I humbly disagree with the Abbot, I still believe in the vision that told us the way to St. Brendan's Journal lies through that boot-loving blonde headed walking disaster from Wales. Pirate, Wench, Bootaholic or not, where she and her crew goes I must go if I am to recover the journal."

"But what of me Timothy, I am ready to serve you on this vision, the wharf rats..."
"Still need you. I'm sure Master Martin will be shipping out with the crew and someone needs to keep an eye on the young boys and Wendy. Besides I need you here to watch Amber for me."
"You'll not take Amber with you?"
"Not this trip, I don't have a good feeling about this one. Besides if she stays here that means at least one sensible creature will be in Glen Livet." The protest is never uttered as Arthur sees the big grin once again upon the older monk's face.

The two monks turn and continued walking down the hill from the Mariner's Cathedral toward the docks. Looking about the harbor Brother Timothy noted it was from this very spot that he originally saw the English troops coming ashore not that long ago. The firing of the Dead Man's Tavern and the later rout of the invaders was still fresh in his mind.

As Timothy scanned the harbor a small voice told him something was wrong. A hand on the shoulder stopped the young Arthur in his tracks.
"Look about, is something different or are just my old eyes playing tricks?"
Brother Arthur studied the view in front of them, "all looks normal except that ship to the side, the one flying the English flag, has its gun ports open and seems to be swinging against the tide even though she is at anchor."
"Your eyes are good Arthur but something else is amiss, something so obvious I'm missing it. Keep looking."


The two monks look at each other, the voice was very familiar and coming up the hill from Glen Livet's docks. Without a word both men turned, hiked up their brown habits and ran toward the docks and the sound of a very upset blonde headed wench.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/25/2007 20:21:41

The sun rising to warm the morning as Briggs caught first sight of Glenlivet's harbour. For the second since they'd gotten under way, the lookout's voice rang out. "A sail! A sail, heading out of the harbour! Dead ahead, and steering away! She's - she's running!"
Briggs peered at the ship through the perspective glass. She was steering sluggishly, as if her rigging was fouled or there weren't enough hands to work the sails. "Aye, that she is!" he called back. "There's got to be a reason ship's be runnin' like rats! Put your backs into it, lads! Crowd on the canvas!" He turned to the helmsman. "Get us into that harbour. Something's terrible strange about all this, and I'm bettin' Jack's right in the thick of it. Aye, in the thick of it, or we're too late."

Jack winced and put a finger to his ringing ear. "I have a different, yet related, and certainly quieter question. Where is Cade?"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 09/26/2007 06:23:16

Captain Stuart McClure lowered his spyglass from the obviously drunk and possibly undercrewed ship leaving the harbor and turned to his friend and First Mate,Dylan Yates asking incredulously "Is that incoming ship flying a skull and cross bones!?!? Yates responded, his predatory grin never reaching his hard eyes "Yes Sir! They do appear to be Pirates,and with them coming into the Glen Livet Harbor under full sail I'd bet the fifty gold Guilders each that we were promised from that English fella, that they intend to attack this poor defensless coastal town!!" McClure raised the glass and said under his breath, "Damn but that's a fine looking ship!! Too bad we have to sink her!" Then louder "Mister Yates!! Run out the starboard guns and prepare to fire on that ship!" Yates repeated the order and the "Ravage's" starboard gun crew responded like a well oiled machine,each man doing his duty with the practiced ease that bespoke of long years serving together. The "Ravage's" main guns were specially made using McClure's own design,and each cannon could fire it's load accurately at just over a nautical mile! McClure kept watching through his brass 'scope and saw the incoming ship pass several others that were at anchor, obviously intending to take the slip that was newly emptied. It passed an orderly looking ship that proclaimed itself the "Black Rock" another was turned away from McClure's sight but the name ended with -gan-Donor, still another had sails stained a pale blue. "Yates!" McClure called out to his only friend from childhood, "I bet you can't hit that pirate on the first shot!" The gun's crew chuckled quietly,this was a game played between the two often. "You're on!!"

Welsh Wench:
Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/27/2007 08:41:00

Lil's face showed the alarm as the ship's began to show aggresion to one another.
WW looked up from fixing the heal of her boot. Her face showed a keen interest, then slowly dissolved into a look of horror.
"They are not serious!"
Elinor pulled out the Telescope again and handed it to WW, who put it up to her eye just to have it snatched out of her hands by the Gent standing next to her.
He peered out into the bay, making no sound his face showed the emotions he witheld from speaking.
Elinor wrung her hands a bit and scooted closer to a bollard.
"I agree with you Elinor, if this shootin' match goes on like I think it will, I wanna hide too!"
Martin Montgomery moved forward and flanked WW on the her left.
"Captain, isn't that one of our crew over there?"
WW was trying to snatch the telescope back from the gent, he easily kept it out of her reach as he watched the ships. She began making small leaps in the air to get it. The gent seem to expect every jump and just moved it out of the way.
"Hey! Give it back!"
Martin tapped her shoulder to get her attention. She paused in her fruitless attempt and turned to look where Martin was pointing.
Down the pier, where the it met with the quaywall lounged a man. One that looked familiar to Lil, but, being poor with names she could not recall who he was exactly. That was until WW saw him.
Her outburst in close quarters made them all jump, save the man with the telescope.
"Really, Wench, was that nessecary?"
Martin wiggled his ear to get the ringing to stop. The man at the end of the pier looked up, and smiled.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 09/27/2007 14:41:10

Smoke and hellfire erupted from the Ravage's gunports. The crew on the weather deck of El Lobo reacted instinctively to the muzzle flashes and took cover at their stations. Plumes of water shot up on either side of them as they continued headlong at the English ship. Briggs felt the deck shudder beneath his feet as two or more enemy shots struck near the bow and were largely deflected away.

"Hah!! They be fightin' like right proper Navy men, tryin' to hull us at the waterline! Keep us straight on 'em, helm! We're too small a target for their broadsides this way! Now get those muskets into the shrouds! If any a gunport starts to open, I want fire against it! Keep 'em closed, boys!! We're nearly on 'em!"

Twenty men grabbed up muskets, shot, and cartridges and swarm up the ratlines. They knew they had only precious seconds before the enemy ran their guns out again. El Lobo was within 600 yards of the man-o-war, closing fast.

McClure was astonished. "They're still closing! Why aren't they breaking off??
Yates had never seen his captain caught off guard like this before. "Sir, they intend to ram us!"
"Make sail, now! We'll take the weather gage and pound them once they trap themselves in the harbour. Gunners, fire when ready!!"
The mainsails and topgallants of the H.M.S. Ravager unfurled and caught the wind. The ship was a good sailer and began moving forward toward the mouth of the harbour.

McClure and crew were in for another rude surprise as a steady hail of musket shot began peppering the side of their ship. The men on deck dove for any cover they could find.

"Why aren't you firing?!" McClure roared.
"They're throwing small shot against any port we open, sir!" the Master Gunner called back. "I've four men wounded already!"
"Captain, look." Yates voice was almost a whisper.

El Lobo had steered once again directly at their waist. She was only 300 yards away now, and the pirate hunter couldn't bring a single gun against her.

"Bear off!! Bear off now!! Hard over larboard, and brace for collision!!!" McClure yelled.

Jack stared unblinking as he watched his ship race toward certain destruction. He barely noticed Honour's fingers digging into his arm as she watched the spectacle.
"Our ship..." she whispered.
"Tell you what, love. You can have whatever's left."

Briggs saw the men of the Ravager desperately hauling on the bowlines and braces in an attempt to avoid being rammed.

"We've got her!! Hard to larboard!! Wear away larboard!! Starboard guns, bear up and fire as we pass!! Fire all, damn ye!!" he cried.

With less than a hundred yards space between them, El Lobo sheered away from the pirate hunter toward the town of Glenlivet, lashing out at her enemy with a fiery barrage of hot metal as she slipped past.

For a few seconds, the decks of the Ravager were a maelstrom of flying debris as their enemy unleashed a hellish broadside at pointblank range. Captain McClure wasn't about to let the offense go unanswered.

"Starboard guns! Fire all!!" he yelled. The powerful guns roared, but El Lobo had moved past their field of fire. McClure watched impotently as the barrage went wide of their intended target and battered the hull and masts of the Azure Tooled. He felt little satisfaction as the unintended target's mainmast twisted, snapped, and slowly fell over into the water.

Jack and company let out a cheer when El Lobo veered off and got the better of her adversary.

"I knew it! Oldest trick in the book, just like I taught him!" he bragged.
Honour was incredulous. "Jack Wolfe, you lying son of a..."
"Captain Wench! Look!" Elinor exclaimed, pointing a the Azure Tooled.

They all watched the stricken ship's mainmast slowly drooped over and fell off.

Jack looked back at Honour. "A friend of your's, I take it?"

"Come about!! Larboard guns! Make your target and fire at first opportunity!" McClure barked. "Mr. Yates! Clean up this mess and-" He was cut short as the ship rocked and shuddered. In their efforts to evade the pirate, they'd run over the hulk of the Crude Organ Donor.

"Cap'n, we're breached! We're taking on water in the hold!" a sailor cried.

McClure stared back at the prey that had slipped through his fingers. "Stand down the guns," he said quietly. "Mr. Yates, see to repairs. We're leaving."

Without another word, he slowly walked down the steps to the weather deck and stared out at the open sea.


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 09/27/2007 15:57:01

Lil rested her chin in her hands, elbows in her lap as she sat on top of the bollard that had once given protection from the skirmish in the waters ahead of them.
"We Won!"
WW jumped up and down as she cheered and beat the air and the gent next to her with her tiny fists.
Martin laid a steadying hand on her shoulder to cease the jumping, it was making him a bit seasick to watch all that movement.
Elinor came around the bollard and peered into the water.
"I hope they move that British ship, if they don't it will be really hard for the ships in port to get out."
Her observation brought a smile to the lips of the gent who handed her back her telescope.
"Thanks, lass."
Elinor accepted it with a slight smile and a look to wench who was in a quiet conversation with Martin. Lil was curious as to who this man was, he seemed the most normal of the WW's Harem.
"Um, beggin your pardon gent, but, which one of WW's gents are you?"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 09/27/2007 20:19:06

"Why, I just happen to be..."
"A good friend of mine, " Wench supplied before Jack could answer.
Jack grabbed her by her elbow and nodded to Lil. "Excuse me, but I have to have a word with my 'good friend' here."
He took her over to the end of the dock and shook her. "What do you mean by 'good friend'? I'm your husband, dangnubbit!"
Wench put her hand on Jack's shoulder and said, "Hold that thought, my boot heel is loose and I need to fix it."
She balanced herself on Jack while she took her boot off. She then proceeded to pound it on the deck and then slipped it back on.
Smiling sweetly, she said, "Now. What were you asking?"
He shook his head and asked, "Were you this scatter-brained when we were married or has your hair gotten blonder?"
She put her hands on her hips and retorted, "I'm going to overlook your testiness right now on account of you were a bit upset about our ship."
"OUR ship?"
Wench furrowed her brow. "Well, sure. Look at it this way. When we got married, I remember the part where you said, 'With this ring, I thee wed and with all my worldly goods I thee endow.' "
It was Jack's turn to be astonished.
Wench said triumphantly, "Aha! You thought I was too drunk to hear that part, didn't you?"
"So..what worldy goods do you think you are entitled to?"
"El Lobo del Mar is a pretty big worldly good, don't you think?"
Jack stood there wordlessly. Wench continued in her usual convoluted trail of thought that made no sense to anyone but herself.
"Jack, look. I don't tell people we are married because, well, they wouldn't look at me the same way. They look at me as a confident captain. You start trying to pin an apron label on me and I turn into a hausfrau in their eyes. They won't think of me as Captain Wench but as Mrs. Jack Wolfe. At that point I lose my own identity and then become a part of you. Or worse, your chattel."
Jack shook his head. "When did I ever try to tie you down?"
She suddenly smiled and said, "You never did. And I think that was what you liked, Jack. We were kindred spirits. Somehow, in a strange way, I think we are bound in spirit. Listen to me! I sound like that voodoo queen, Bonita."

They started to walk back towards the rest of them. Lilaney frowned, "I hate to tell you, Wench, but with the ship gone, we are stuck here in Glenlivet. I suppose I could always seek another form of employment."
Elinor added, "I can always get my position back at the stationer's. And I have enough stories to maybe turn into a book."
Martin said reluctantly, "I suppose I could help with the dockrats. Or open my own tavern."
Wench threw a glance to them all and said, "I have it all figured out. We have a ship and we have a crew."
She turned to Jack and said, "You will be taking us to look for the Knight Hammer. And we can be co-captains! Isn't that a terrific idea?"

Jack had just taken a swallow of rum from his flask and spewed it.
"Are you out of your mind, Honour?"
"No more than you are, 'Mad' Jack."
She leaned forward and whispered in his ear, "And do you still have that cabin with the huge windows?"
"I do."
"Just wondering. I'll be requiring my own quarters. Now, if you don't mind, the feminine part of my crew and I need to do a litte shopping and..JASON! YOU LITTLE PIPSQUEAK! YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!"
The rest of them jumped a mile.
She marched over to where Mason sat, a fishing pole in the water.
Martin turned to Jack and said, "Did she always break the sound barrier with her yelling?"
Jack took a deep drink of his flask and said sadly, "Aye. For such a small wench, I swear she must be part banshee."
He passed the flask to Martin and said, "Best you drink up. You will probably need it."
Jack pulled a flask out of his boot and opened a new one.
"Briggs will be beside himself to see her again."
Martin took a swig and said, "He likes her, eh?"
"Let's just say he will be hard put to contain his feelings!"


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