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Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 11/01/2007 15:35:40

*Arriving at the Tavern, Daemon quietly made his way to his room. Cold and drab, it had only the basic decor of a simple flat. He gathered up his things and headed over to the Cabin of White Rose and Dorean.


The door opened to reveal a fully packed Dorean and Rose. Dorean looked at Daemon and spoke.*

[I kinda figured tomorrow meant tonight, so I went ahead and got us packed up quick.]

*Daemon nodded his head in agreement. Then motioned o the hall way.*

"Come, haven’t much time. If we are to pick up your daughter and make our departure."

*The trio immediately left the room and headed down to the Tavern. Many of their fellow crew mates sat in the tavern, enjoying their last night in town. Quietly they slipped past un-noticed, and headed to the convent. Funny enough, it was merely a hundred yards from the main faire of Taverns. Before they reached it's gates, a Sister walked out holding young Arwen. Placing the child I Rose's hands, not a word was said. They tucked the young child in it's blanket, and quickly made way for their ship. Suddenly it hit them. Like they were walking away from all they loved, they began to feel guilt over leaving their friends behind. As they approached their ship, they began wishing it were the Knight Hammer.*


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 11/06/2007 20:22:14

Wench walked along the docks when she spied three people, one holding a baby.
They were walking towards a ship and she recognized the stance of one, with his cloak swirling in the wind and holding his staff.
'Daemon!' she whispered to herself.
Picking up her skirts, she ran towards the trio.
"Daemon! DAEMON! WAIT!"
He turned around and saw his former first mate running towards him, her hair blowing in the wind.
To Dorean and WhiteRose, he said in a low voice, "I'll catch up to you in a moment."

She skidded to a stop to avoid running into him. Breathlessly, she said, "You really are going away, aren't you?"
He nodded solemnly and said, "WhiteRose and I have to go to El Dorado to save our son."
"B-but why not come with us on El Lobo? We will find the Knight Hammer and once again you will be the Captain!"
She could feel herself getting emotional. "Daemon, I never wanted to be captain. I really didn't."

He walked down the dock with her. He took a deep breath and gazed out over the water.
"I know you didn't. And it was unfair of me to put that responsibility on you. I never dreamed it would come to be not once but twice."
"Daemon, you tried to kill me. You drew your sword and told me I would join you in eternal servitude. What was I to do? Let you kill me? You said you were going to have you a wench kabob."

Daemon looked at the ground and said, "That wasn't me. It was another...being. I never would hurt you, Wench. I lo---I had great affection for you."
She could feel her eyes beginning to fill with tears. "You offered to share your very being with me to save my life from the poisoned sword of Jonas Corwin. You were willing to risk your life for me. I can never forget that. And how did I repay you? I killed you. I never wanted it that way."

Daemon reached up and stroked her cheek with the back of his hand. She closed her eyes to stop the flow of tears but they just kept coming. She touched his hand tenderly and could barely whisper, "I can never tell you how much you have meant to me, Daemon. Words would fail me."

Daemon felt his eyes tear up. "That one night...that one perfect night..."
She nodded, hardly able to put into words, "You gave me strength and protection when I needed it most...."
He held her, nothing more to say.

Finally she lifted her head to look in his eyes. "Daemon, please! Come with us to look for the Knight Hammer! Jack won't mind. He really won't. He---"
Daemon put his finger to her lips and said softly, "Your place is with your husband. For now. I can see that. Someday....maybe someday...."
She knew he was right. They could never all stay on the same ship. In the case of Daemon Vardus, once a captain, always a captain. Jack would feel the same way.

She and Daemon stood there for a few minutes, not saying a word but holding tight to each other. Finally he said, "I have to go. Dorean and WhiteRose are waiting for me."

Wench and Daemon walked towards the other two. Without saying a word, Wench hugged them fiercely. "God go with you, my friends."
Rose started to cry and Dorean gave her a hug. Wench whispered to them, "Take care of Daemon."
Dorean nodded, "I shall. And take care of yourself, Wench. We shall meet again."

Wench broke away from the group and stood back. "May peace be with you all."
Daemon stepped forward and he and Wench embraced one last time, kissing with all the depths of their souls.
Then she turned and walked away.
Daemon watched her go and then said to the two, "We board now." And with that, they walked towards their ship.

Wench turned only once to look back. She said in a broken but resolute voice, "We shall meet again, Daemon Vardus. Of that I am sure."

She headed for Dead Man's Tavern, her emotions in a wreck but her mind was clear. She did what she had to do.
And now she had made her peace.


Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 11/08/2007 20:15:07

*Boarding the Babylon, Captain Hawke walked over to Admiral Vardus.*

[Admiral! Are you ready?]

*Daemon looked back at his former first mate, watching her slip off into the distance. Captain Hawke nudged Daemon.*

"Yes Captain, we will be in our quarters below."

*Captain Hawke nodded in confirmation, and then began giving orders to make sail. Daemon gave one last look at Glenlivet, and the world he had given the last two years to. He made his way below to his cabin. Opening the door, he came face to face with White Rose. She was sitting on his cot, waiting patiently for him.*

'Daemon, are you ok?'

*Daemon walked past her and set his things on the desk. Barely even lifting his head, he lookedback at rose. A tear flowed from his eye.*

"I'm fine Rose. Leave me alone!"

*She stood up and walked to the door.*

'Be glad i still care for you! Anyone else would have stayed and badgered you.'

*She walked out the door and headed back to her cabin. Daemon looked down at the ground, and quietly mumbled to himself.*

"I wish you had."

*The Babylon taxied out of Port, and set full sail for the City of Eldorado.*


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 11/08/2007 20:39:34

The mist coming off the water drifted through the rigging of the ship as it lay at anchor. The anchoraged off the far spit of land had been chosen carefully, for even without the mist a trained eye would have to know exactly where to look to see the vessel. It was a perfect spot to observe the harbor of Glen Livet, and an even better spot to rapidly gain the upper hand on any vessel leaving Glen Livet. It had been some time since this vessel and its crew had gone pirating, it appears some skills are never forgotten.

“Capta’n the ship’s secured, we’ve got a spring in the anchor line so we can bring our guns to bear as we wish and the axes are ready for a quick anchor drop. Any orders?” The First moved forward to stand by his Captain who at the moment had his glass trained on the harbor.

“Orders, I wish, the call finally comes and here we are, hurry up and get to sea just to wait. Well, at least we’re back at sea, you never know which way the wind will blow we could be lucky and be out of here in no time, but not until he calls.”

Captain Smootch moved to the far corner of the Pride’s quarter deck, braced in the corner of the wooden railing he could lean back and enjoy the view of the crew going about its duties. Pulling his pipe and a pouch of weed from a pocket, he slowly packed the bowl and used a taper from the starboard lantern to light. A slow draw to savor the taste and the exhaled smoke slowly joined the sea mist in the rigging.

“ never mind sir.”
“I know that look, what’s on your mind, as first mate you should always speak plainly to me, you’ll not regret it.”
“The crew has heard and was wondering is it true, we’re waiting on a monk of all things? Have the clan chiefs lost their minds? This is a pirate ship, not a cleric’s cozy carriage.”

“Now hold your horses, before you go on and bring the heaven’s damnation upon us for speaking ill of the church, the monk we’re waiting on is not your usual brown robed sit at the head table and eat the best cut of meat friar. This brother serves the Order of St Brendan, besides old Guard’n himself has ordered this, and that doesn’t happen lightly.”
“Do you know him Captain?”
“Not personally, but I understand Captain McGuckin of the Curruagh is family to him and well that’s good enough for now.”

Before another word could be spoken a cry from the mast top was heard, “Sail Ho.”
The First shouted “Where away?” listening for the bearing.
“Port bow, coming out of the harbor.”

Raising his glass the Captain held a steady gaze upon the out bound ship.
“Orders Captain?”
“A moment if you please, it’s the Babylon..."
“Captain Hawke the last I heard.”
“Not what or who we’re waiting for, let her go First.” Collasping his glass Captain Smootch turned to go, “I’ll be in my cabin if you need me.”


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 11/10/2007 22:59:58

“Now what in Hell was that all about?” Blackjack mused as Captain Jack Wolfe bolted for the tavern door as if all the fiends were hot at his heels.

Elinor leaned close in a conspirator tone whispered. “His wife Captain Wench is redecorating their ship.”

“SHE’S MARRIED?!” Jack shouted, causing more than a few heads to turn in their direction. “Aye, I should have known.” He suddenly laughed dropping his voice to a more conversational tone as the den of plunderer’s returned to their respective business.

“Aye,” Elinor laughed, “but you’d not know it from her actions.”

“Still,” Jack mused as he stood to seek the tavern wench he had been flirting with, “To see Captain Wolfe get that upset over a little paint. She must be a better pirate than a decorator. A good evening to ye, Lass. I’ve still some of Sparrow’s money to spend, and a good idea as to where I should spend it.”

“Good hunting to ye, then…..” Elinor’s voice trailed off.

Jack grinned as he realized that in his former stupor he had neglected to give his name. “Jack, M’Lady.” he grinned and placed a soft kiss to the back of her offered fingers. “Blackjack Roberts.”

“Just what we need.” Elinor thought as she watched the roguish blonde pirate walk away in search of Emily. “Another Jack.”

The flat of Emily’s hand caught Jack’s cheek with a resounding crack that caused more than one old salt to chuckle knowingly. “I’ll be thanking you to keep your suggestions to yourself, Captain Wolfe.” She replied haughtily, her hands upon her hips. “If you’ll not let a girl know about your “condition”, the least you can do is tell her you are married!”

“Married??!!” Jack rubbed his stinging cheek ruefully. “Captain Wolfe??! Lass, me name be Blackjack, not Wolfe! As for any “condition” I may have it was nothing more than drunkenness before ye near took me head off!”

One of Emily’s hands went to her mouth in surprise at the revelation. “You mean you are not Mad Jack Wolfe?!”

“Nay, Lass.” Blackjack chuckled. “And I be anything but married. Captain Wolfe was the gent what just lit outta here as if the Devil himself were chasein’ ‘im.”

“But Captain Wench said…” Her voice trailed off in embarrassment.

“So she was here after all?” Blackjack queried.

“Aye not more than an hour ago, but when I pointed to your table she must have thought I was pointing to her husband!!” Emily gasped.
Blackjack’s laughter rose above the din of The Dead Man’s Tavern as he offered the shapely wench his arm. “An honest mistake, Luv.” he winked. “Why not get us a bottle of what ever suits yer fancy, and we’ll retire to my rooms to discuss the matter further?”

“That’s the best offer I’ve had this night, Mr. Roberts.” Emily smiled as she placed one hand in the crook of Jack’s arm, then grabbing a bottle of the finest Jamaican Rum allowed him to lead her up the stairs.


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 11/15/2007 20:23:05

As Wench headed towards Dead Man's Tavern, she thought over her deeds of the evening. Having said goodbye to her captain and a former lover was never easy. She remembered how hard it was when she had decided to leave Captain Jack Wolfe. Only that was a tougher decision. After all, he was her husband. A term she hadn't thought about in a long while.
Together only a month. But, oh, what a month. So much had happened and so much to change her life.

As she passed the Blade and Bone, she was distracted by rowdy noise coming from inside. She looked in the open door and her eyes lit up.
Around the table were seven pirates playing cards.
A game of One-and-Thirty.
And Wench felt lucky.

She was glad she had changed her clothes before visiting Master Campbell. She still had on an emerald green dress with the white kidskin boots she had found in Jack's armoire. The bodice of the silk dress fit snugly and the skirt flared out from her hips and swirled over her boots, shimmering to a soft peacock blue.
Her hair was bound up and cascaded in curls down her back.
She walked in and the men at the table stopped and stared. She leaned over, affording them a glimpse of her ample cleaveage.

"Gentlemen? I have the feel of fortune. Deal me in."

They scrambled to make room for her. She took her place next to the two least disgusting ones. At least they had their eyes, their teeth and from what she gathered, all their appendages.
Wench gave them a dimpled, demure smile and asked, "What are we playing, gentlemen?"
She made a point of making sure her coin pouch made a great deal of clinking noise.

"Why, little lady, we are playing One-and-Thirty. Ye familiar wit' it?"
She frowned. "One-and-Thirty? Is it anything like Ruff and Honours?"
The men burst out laughing.
The one to her left, Zechiel, yelled, "Hey, Bartholomew! Deal her in!"

The cards were dealt and Wench exclaimed, "Ooh! What pretty cards!"
Smitty, the pirate on her right, asked, "And what ye be a-drinkin', little lassie?"
She frowned as she concentrated on her cards. "Oh, I don't know....something light, I guess. Does this place have rum?"
The men guffawed and Smitty yelled out, "Hey! Murphy! Get this little lass a tankard of your finest 'light' rum!"

The game progressed for the better part of two hours. Wench was losing money right and left. The more she was losing, the more rum the men were buying her.
Finally, she was down to her last few gold crowns.

One of the pirates, who filled her tankard up again, said, "Well, little lady, looks like Lady Luck didn't smile on ye after all."

She stood up, swayed over the table and then said, "Gentlemen, I have something much more valuable than a few mere gold coins. And I'll just bet you would like to know what it is. Ask yourselves, 'Do I feel lucky?' you, gentlemen?"

Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 11/16/2007 09:00:46

The pirates looked at her with expectation and anticipation. She placed her booted foot on the chair and resting her arms on her bent knee, she leaned forward and whispered, "I have access to a prime piece of property."
Smitty snorted, "We don't be needin' some piece o' land, lady. We be seamen. Saltwater be in our veins, not sod."

She smiled slowly and said, "Not all property is land. I happen to have in my possession a light frigate, three-masted and square rigged. Done in a basic black with burgundy red trim. The masthead is a snarling wolf. She has thirty-two guns and an arsenal to rival the Royal Navy's. Spanish-built and sleek, the Captain's great cabin is to die for. Or will be when it gets a bit of revamping. Even has a walk-in closet.
And best of all, it comes complete with a crew. Ready, willing and able."
"And just where ye be acquiring this vessel, Missy?"
She stood up and took a deep drink of ale and looked at them with glazed eyes. "Ever hear of a ship named El Lobo del Mar?"

The men were enraptured. Wench reached into her bodice and pulled out documents.
"In my hand, gentlemen, are the proof of ownership papers."
Zechiel made a grab for it and she drew it back quickly.
"Ah ah ah....hands off, you reprobate. I am willing to lay the title to this vessel down on the next hand. So what do you say? Does anyone have anything of value that will be worthy of this?"

Ferguson, a powerfully built pirate with a gold tooth in front, said, "Aye. I was left three hundred acres of land in Barbados. I'll lay the deed down for the chance to own the famed El Lobo Del Mar."
Someone piped up, "And how did ye be acquiring the title to said vessel, Miss...?"
Wench smiled sweetly and said, "Let's just say it was left to me."

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Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 11/16/2007 14:05:48

Martin gave the cast iron pan a final swipe with his towell and placed it into the rack that the Dooley brothers had made along the galley's wall. It fit with so little room that no amount of rough seas would cause it to fall. "I'll hand it to these boys" He thought to himself "They ain't got no formal learnin' but they are right smart! These cabinets would've taken any furniture maker a week ta make,an' then they would'a been another day ta install em'!" Smiling with satisfaction as he surveyed the clean, bright galley that was once avoided by the entire crew, if possible, because of the little lamented, tyrant of a cook named "Lucky". Now with most of the off duty crew well-fed,and the galley set to rights Martin was looking for something else to put his nervous energy towards. The only member of his old crew that was here was Lilaney, and she had eaten earlier. The young woman was doing what she did best,making an effort to befriend the crew of the "El Lobo Del Mar" the burly cook grinned as the girl had left with three young sailors to "practice" with her throwing knives on the main deck using an empy keg for a target, a challange was soon to be settled. He hoped that she might let one of the boys win but he didn't have much hope,better to hope to change the tides! Several of the Lobo's crew sat at the long trestle table playing cards and checkers and enjoying a final mug of the excellent coffee that the big cook had brought on board. One of the men watching the game nudged his mate and loudly asked "Do ya' tink Gordy might be a bit peckish?" Martin looked away from admiring the new cabinetry and asked "Who is Gordy? I don't believe that I have met him." The men in the galley fell silent as the new cook took the bait laid out by "Tricky Tommy Taylor". "Oh yessir! Best lookout ever ta leave dry land! You ain't met im cause he's on duty. I jest bet that he would love a bit of a snack!" Taylor gave the big cook a smile that never touched his eyes,but I bet you don't care one whit about poor Gordy,on duty out in the chillin' sea air while you sit warm an tidy here in your precious galley!" He turned to the other men sitting at the table "Ole Lucky weren't much of a cook but he was one of us! He put his life on the line time an' again, an' he paid a terrible price for the men of the Lobo!" Not knowing why this men was singling him out Martin knew that getting in a fight wasn't the best way to make a good impression for his old crew. Turning from the man who railed against the Newcomers who would soon invade the Lobo, Martin picked up a plate and went to the warming trays pileing it high with scrambled eggs,bacon,bisciuts and hash browns he found a mug and filled it with coffee then turned back to the growing crowd of Lobo crewmen who were looking at him with distrust. Shooting a scathing look at Taylor,that silenced him even as he praised Lucky's faithfullness to the crew, raising his bushy right eyebrow Martin quietly asked "If you think that this man Gordy might be hungry, and you can't take him some food then I will, because as faithfull as your friend Lucky might 'ave been,he was NOT a good cook! He was filthy in his personal habits,and I heard that some of old Lucky's problems were brought on by old Lucky! Now if you were worried about poor Gordy you could take this to him, but since I am the new cook I'll do it ,if you could kindly direct me to his work station." Taylor winked at his mates and turned to face the burly man,closing the trap. "He is the Lookout Sir, that would mean that he's up in the crowsnest,in fact,he dosen't hardly ever come down! Now,Sir you promised that if I couldn't take poor Gordy his meal,you would! Are you a liar or are you jest full of hot air?"


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 11/16/2007 15:25:51

"For God's Sakes women! Will you stop ordering my men around!"
Lil turned slowly on the spot; it would have been uncouth for this man to see her roll her eyes a second time.
"You and I are going to have to come to some sort of terms..."
Briggs interupted her.
"You are right there. You stop ordering the men around and I won't throw you off the ship."
Lil felt her blood rise at the veiled threat.
"Fine!" she looked at the working party and hollered, "Oy! You all! Leave that pile of things right where you found it! And bring up all the other stuff that you have taken down to the Captain's Quarters! Now!"
Lil heard the curses this time; after five trips loaded down with things like pillows, tablecloths and candlelabras they would have to unman themselves again and trot all the 'pretties' back up onto the deck for Glenlivet and all the world to see.
"This ship's gone to 'ell, it has."
One seadog muttered as he neatly draped a pink chenille throw over the top of a pile of three boxes.
Briggs took an even wider stance as Lil leaned back a bit to look up at him. He could have been called handsome, if he wasn't so sour faced all the time.
"I promise you that if any of this stuff was mine, I would be certain to send it to my quarters."
Briggs bristled a bit.
"You have quarters?"
Lil nodded and blazed forward, her fingers itchy on her concealed throwing knife.
"It seems that things are changing for the better on this ship and I for one am glad to see the change. Briggs I suggest you embrace this, or bugger off!"
Lil turned on the spot and stormed back over to the three morons she thought to teach a skill too.
"Oy! Why are you cleaning your ear with my dagger?"
The short, bald man looked up blankly.
"It itched."
The other two, who, after having a quiet shoving match were now 'dueling' with the wrong ends of the blades.
Lil looked to the heavens to offer a prayer of hope.
Her eyes must have been playing tricks on her.
"Martin! What the hell are you doing!?"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 11/16/2007 19:25:49

"Best, two out of three?" Ferguson grinned.
Wench tried to focus her eyes. "Sounds good to me. My, that---whatever it was--is delicious! Please, may I have some more?"
The gentlemen grinned and Bartholomew came over with a full tankard. She downed it and laughed, "It certainly goes down easily, doesn't it? But do you mind if we take a five minute break? I want to be sharp as a cookie for this."
Smitty yelled, "Five minutes! Then back to the table!"

Ferguson sat with Smitty and they laughed at what they thought was a sure thing.
Smitty asked, "What you reckon to do about the crew on board El Lobo?"
Ferguson struck a match on his boot and took a long draw on his black cigar. "Either they join up or I dump them over the side when we get out of port."
"How you figure she got the ship?"
Ferguson shrugged. "Rumour has it Wolfe had a wife once. Pretty little blonde thing. Then she ran off. But first she cleaned him out. There was talk she maimed Captain Jonas Corwin of the Golden Phoenix."
"Corwin with the hands like...this?" Smitty demonstrated a crippled hand.
"Yeah, that be him. And I heard she ran Daemon Vardus through with a sword after he had his way with her. Or maybe after she had her way with him. Either way, he's dead. And I think that be the little lady in there. Also heard she sank the Crude Organ Donor and almost scuttled the Azure Tooled."
"Damn, ye say! Wench like that needs t'be taught she can't make a monkey out of brother pirates."
Ferguson stood up and grinned. "And I jest be the one t'be doling out the lessons!"

Wench walked outside and stood in the night air. 'Oh, they've really underestimated me,' she thought. She laughed to herself and took a few deep breaths. If all goes right, I'll be the owner of a three hundred acre sugar plantation in Barbados. All I have to do is put on that ridiculous act of being buzzed and I'll be home free....'

She walked back into the tavern, affecting a sway in her walk.
Ferguson came over with another tankard of rum and said, "Here. Allow me."
He pulled out a chair for her and she sat down gingerly. She hiccuped.
"Are you ready to play, Miss...? I be apologizing, we ne'er did hear your name.."
"Gisele. Gisele Trosclair, at your service." She slurred her words. Then she giggled.
"I think I can play now. Yes, I am sure. Mr. Ferguson, are you ready?"

The deed to the land and the documents of ownership to El Lobo del Mar were laid on the table. The cards were drawn and One-and-Thirty commenced.
Ferguson won.
A cheer went up.

Round two.
Wench one.
Time for round three.

Wench now realized it was time to play her hand. She sat there and snapped herself out of her so-called alcoholic stupor. Silly men, she thought. A tavern wench learns early how to look sociable without drinking half the alcohol offered. She was as sober as a nun at Easter services.

She remembered a lesson she had learned and learned well. And it was about to come in handy.
Cade Jennings had taught her how to read a marked deck.
And this deck had marks that would make a cheetah look like a connect-the-dot game.

"Gentlemen? I do believe this game will be the deciding factor."
The men looked to each other and were puzzled.
Where was the slurring?
Where was the unfocused eyes?

Before them sat a self-assured, totally in control woman.
And she wasn't the least bit drunk.

The cards were dealt and as the final cards were laid down, Wench let out a slow breath and said, "Thirty-one."
Bartholomew raised his hand and said, "Game over."
There was a silence from Ferguson as he couldn't believe what had just happened to him.
Wench scooped up the deed to the land in Barbados and slipped it into her bodice, along with the title that had been falsified as to the rightful ownership of El Lobo del Mar. Thank God for Master Beres, printer deluxe.

"Well, wasn't that a pleasant way to spend an evening? Thank you, gentlemen, I'll be on my way. Ta!"
She left the tavern and as she paused by the lantern light, she took a look at the deed.
'I can't believe it! Is this possible?' she said in astonishment.
She burst out in laughter.

The land was right next to the plantation that Wench, as Honour Bright Wolfe, had bought the day before she left Captain Jack Wolfe.

'Not bad for an evening's diversion. Not bad at all...'


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 11/16/2007 21:34:27

Jack closed the door of the tavern behind him. "Where is that woman?!" he bellowed.

"Aye! Jack!" Briggs yelled across the room. "She went... no, that was you. Well, I'm sure she'll be back. What are we drinkin' to?"

Jack made his way to the table and sat heavily in an empty chair. "You're right. Waitress! Oi! Rum, and plenty of it! She was going to bloody redecorate the entire sodding ship, can you believe it? And behind my back! Why are you looking at me like that?"
"How much have you had?"
"Oh, just a dram or two..."
"He's had at least a half a bottle," Elinor slurred.
"Enjoy your cider, darling. Josiah, is she right? That's got to be a record, even for you."
"Aye. You were sayin', Jack?"
Jack rolled his eyes. "Enjoy your shore leave."
"We haven't seen Captain Wench at all since we've been here," Brother Timothy offered.
"Ah. No doubt she's on a shopping spree. I seem to have a previously unknown line of credit in this town. Where was I?"
"What?" asked Briggs.
"Wondering where your wayward wife has wandered off to," said Brother Timothy.
"Nice alliteration," Jack quipped.
Elinor tried to stifle a giggle.
"Josiah! How stands my ship?" Jack asked.
"In the harbour, right were we left her. Why?"
Mercifully, Jack's rum arrived just in time. "You are a goddess, darling. Wait a moment! Where's Emily?"
"I'm Dierdre. Emily's upstairs with some bloke. What, you don't like me?" the serving wench asked.
"No! I like you just fine!" he said. "I was just... oh, hell. Here." Jack pressed a few coins into her hand.
"If you change your mind, you know where to find me," Dierdre smiled.
"You seem to have no lack of luck with the ladies," Brother Timothy observed.
"Ha! You have no bloody idea," Briggs laughed.
"Oh, shut up," Jack snapped.
"Are you two always like this?" Elinor asked.
"This is a good day, love," Jack said.
"Heaven help us all," chuckled Brother Timothy.


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 11/19/2007 20:29:25

Carefully carrying the piled high plate in one hand and a full mug of steaming hot coffee in the other Martin navigated the confining passages through the "Lobo" from his newly refurbished galley,deep in the belly of the mighty vessel to the hatch that opened onto the main deck. Following him were Tommy Taylor and several of his cronies,as the strange procession past men who were off duty and looking for entertainment the interested parties joined the growing crowd. As the burly cook walked outwardly calm,alone with his thoughts,he berated himself mentaly "You great bloody FOOL!" He seethed angrily at himself for falling into such a simple trap. "You need to replace a trusted member of this crew to be able to soothe the anger and resentment that will come when WW and the rest of YOUR crew arrive,hopefully this morning! Now, how are you going to do that when every mother's son that was in the galley heard you say "Now if you were worried about poor Gordy you could take this to him, but since I am the new cook I'll do it ,if you could kindly direct me to his work station." Bloody FOOL!! Ah well no use cryin' over spilt milk! Here we are!" The group,now numbering almost twenty men stood watching the new cook as he crossed the deck and gently set the full mug on the rail. Taylor nudged his mate with his elbow and loudly whispered "See! He don't care one lil' bit 'bout poor Gordy, he's givin' up!" The men surrounding Taylor laughed loudly as the big man slowly turned,nodded to Lilaney who was trying to seperate two of her "Students" who were,apparently fighting a duel,with the wrong end of their knives and tossed a heavy pouch at her feet. Moving the biscuits onto the top of the scrambled eggs made room for the mug on the plate. Setting the plate on the rail and clambering up to stand on it,at the bottom of the braided ratlines "Martin! What the hell are you doing!?" Martin answered Lil's screamed question with a grin and said "Lil, take all bets!!" Then picked up the plate of still warm food and started to slowly climb towards the sky!!


Reply author: Welsh Wench
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Wench walked into Dead Man's Tavern like she was on top of the world. Which she was. Because of her daring and her cunning, she was able to wrestle a three hundred acre tract of Barbadian land from a big brute of a pirate. The lagniappe was that it was adjoining the land she bought right before she left Captain Jack Wolfe a few years before.

"Lorelei!" she called out. "I'm helping myself to a tankard here."
Lorelei looked up from laying down a tray of tankards. "Only you are the self-serve department here, Wench."

She filled up her pewter mug and said, "Seen any of my crew?"
Lorelei nodded over to the table by the window. "Right over there."
Wench saw Elinor and Brother Timothy so she sauntered over there.
"Well, hello, my crew! Or what is left of.....uh oh."
She skidded to a stop too late.
Because quick as a flash, a nose was almost touching hers.
And that nose was attached to the face of Captain Jack Wolfe, reluctant co-captain and even more reluctant husband.
"Oh. Um...hi, darling!" she said.
He shook his finger in her face. "Don't 'Hi, darling' ME!"
She pushed his finger away from her face. "Don't do that unless you intend to use it," she said crossly.
She looked over and said sunnily, "Well! Hello, Josiah!" He gave her a grin and saluted her.
She looked closely into Briggs' eyes.
"Briggs? Oh, dear. He's been into a dram or two..."
Jack started with, "Alright, what is the big idea of----"
Wench waved his upcoming lecture away like it was an annoying fly.
"Captain Wolfe, I am in too good a mood. Let's do this over, shall we?"

She walked outside the door, then opened it up. Pouring herself a tankard, she headed back to the table.
"Well, hello, my crew! Or what is left of it!"


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 11/20/2007 19:40:31

Jack grabbed Honour by the ears and pulled her close. "Hello, darling," he grinned, and kissed her so deeply she found herself on tiptoes, and her heart racing. "Missed me? Your line of credit seems a bit fouled up. Let's we negotiate, shall we? I know a place upstairs..."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
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She started to melt once again like she always did at Jack's kisses. She started to go weak in the knees and she felt the heat in her inner core start to spread in all directions.
But she managed to yell, "OW! dangnubbit, Jack! I just had a second piercing in my ears and they were just starting to heal!"
She rubbed her earlobes.
"I swear, if I have to go through that again...."


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 11/20/2007 21:04:29

"I'll buy you piercings galore, my love. I've seen things in Singapore that would make your ear piercings look like child's play," Jack purred seductively. "Come closer, darling, and I'll tell you all about it..."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 11/20/2007 21:08:34


Jack sputtered and Honour stood there gasping. Both of them were dripping in ice water. Brother Timothy stood there, grinning.
"Oh, that felt so GOOD to be finally able to do that!"

Wench stood there, her hair plastered to her cheeks and the feathers in her big hat drooping like a depressed peacock. She shook rivulets of water off her hands. Her skirt clung around her legs.
Jack burst out laughing.

Honour took both her hands and pushed Jack backwards into Briggs.
He recovered long enough to say, "NOW you're talking, darling!"
She stuck her tongue out at him and ran up the stairs, dripping a trail of water behind her.

Jack shook Brother Timothy's hand and could barely contain his laughter.
"She always did look good in a wet bodice!"

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Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 11/21/2007 22:48:26

The thought that he really should not have done that flashed across his mind but was quickly interrupted by the vision of her swaying wet behind as she climbed the stairs. His eyes followed her even as he took a very deep breath, held it but a moment and then rapidly exhaled, “now I know I really shouldn’t have done that.”

“Nonsense Friar, that was bloody brilliant, she never saw it coming and I am certainly enjoying watching it go, if you follow my meaning.” Jack wiped more water from his face and tried to wring out his sleeves, “However, the next time you choose to baptize a sinner give a man a shout so I can get clear of the action if you please. Here I am soaking wet, it’s not even Saturday night, what a waste.”

“Captain Wolfe my apologies, retake your seat and permit me to make repairs. Elinor," catching her eye, "please do me this favor, Lorelie has a private stock of fine Irish uisge beathe, please go and ask for a bottle and make sure it gets here. Do not let it out of your sight, I don’t have many bottles left in Glen Livet and would hate to see it lost amongst this maddening crowd.”

Pulling his chair away from the table the monk motion the dripping pirate into the spot adjacent the fireplace, "Jack, every hour the Knight Hammer is getting further away, its getting late and we need to pull out of this port, have you given any thought as to how we will manage this feat?"
"Well, unlike some who may have better connections, I wasn't looking to walk on water, so I thought we would use the El Lobo and sail out with the morning tide. Why do you ask, is there something I should know?"
"No, I believe you already know quite a bit, and it is because of that bit, namely a certain blonde wench, that I think we may need some assistance."

The empty mug on the table in front of him seem to hold his attention, then looking at the monk "The rum's gone again."
"Yes it is."
"But the whiskey is coming?"
"Yes it is."
"Then good brother you have my undivided attention, you were talking about our needing divine assistance in exiting this fine port, are you suggesting we are on a mission from God?"

"It has been stated that the Lord works in mysterious ways, but I'm not sure even He would go to that length unless there was some serious repentance involved on a certain Captain's part, which I am sure will not be happening until the warm weather in Hell abates."
"Very true that wench will never change her ways much less get to a nunnery! Do you really think there is hope for her?"
"There is always hope for us all, Captain Wolfe, even for Captains with ships bearing wanted individuals and needing a safe way out of port."

The Captain held his glass upside down in front of the monk's face, "Water water everywhere and what I need is a drink, my mouth is drying out and soon I will die from thrist and other than dousing the wench you have yet to make a point in plain sight that I can understand. Is it your plan to talk me into conversion, to keep my drink just out of reach until I submit to your unknown inquisition, speak plainly man!"

Put the glass down sir, the water of life will be here in but a moment to revive your body, yet should you wish to keep that body intact know, the subject of the recent showering is a wanted women, Captain get the smile off your face and focus."

"Certainly the Ravage and its pirate-hunters has left Glen Livet with her tail between her legs, but I think she will not be far off and waiting for a second chance and some revenge. Second, the English posted enough of those wanted notices that even some of her Captainship's so called friends may think twice about going for the reward. Third, there are certain Captain's and their crews who are still turning Glen Livet upside down looking for our blonde headed vixen, under any number of names and disguises, and once they find her, even if she is on your ship, they will do whatever it takes to get her. Fourth, I do not like having ships which I am sailing on blown up, it is an experience I do not care to repeat. Plain enough?"

The monk looked at Captain Wolfe sitting across the table, he saw that the drunk fool making passes at the serving wenchs earlier was merely a facade shown in public and easily set aside, for now his eyes were alert and his mouth set in stone. As he slowly took in what was said and the points made by Brother Timothy his mind weighed one point against another. "I am the Captain of El Lobo, I agree to nothing and am bound only by rules of the pirate brotherhood, but I am open to suggestions."

"A fair start, I have someone you should meet that may be able to aid our departure from Glen Livet." Brother Timothy looked over toward his clansman and Guard'n.


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 11/22/2007 12:26:47

Elinor got up from the table at Brother Timothy's request and sidled up to the bar. "Um...Brother Timothy asked me to ask for a bottle of...what was it?" She cocked her head to the side, thinking. "I think it was called ooh-ish beeth, yes, that's got to be it! It's part of Lorelei's private stock," Elinor added, leaning in close the barmaid. "Thank you," she finished. After a good minute of the barmaid scowling at her for her mangling of the Irish tongue, she disappeared and came back with the bottle. Elinor strolled back to the table, the barmaid with the fine bottle of whiskey in tow.

"Do me a favor, Brother," the barmaid said, "On one of your trips out to sea, teach this one some Irish!" With a departing scowl towards Elinor, and a beaming smile towards Brother Timothy, the barmaid placed the bottle on the table and left.


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
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Blackjack had no sooner opened the door to his room to get another bottle of rum when a dripping wet Wench came fuming around the corner of the small hallway. “Good God, Captain!” He spoke opened mouthed at the sight. “What happened? Ye didn’t get yerself tossed off the dock did ye?”

“No I did not!!” Wench cocked one hip to the side and placed her hands on both hips, tossing her head to send a dripping wet feather back from her face. “That rotten monk just thought this was the best way to break up an argument between me and my……well never mind! You’re a fine one to be talking about appearance, Jack Roberts!”

Jack looked down at himself for a moment. There he stood wearing nothing more than his boots, breeches, and baldric draped around his bare chest, an empty bottle in one hand. He saw no reason to put on his shirt, as he didn’t plan on being gone that long.

“Yes. Well I’m a tad preoccupied for the night, Luv.” He grinned like a Cheshire cat. “So how did the argument with your husband go?”

Wench’s eyes widened. “You know?”

“Aye.” Blackjack chuckled. “Me companion fer the night kinda informed me, in a most unusual way.” He rubbed his cheek with the memory. As if on cue Emily appeared in the doorway, wrapped in a sheet.

“Jack...what’s taking so lon...Oh, hi Wench.” Emily pulled the sheet a little tighter around her buxom curves. Speaking in a rush of words. “This is the one I was talking about, he had his back to the window at the time. At first I did consider your husband, but...well....he’s married! And after you informed me of his “condition”.....well, I near took poor Blackjack’s head off, and we’re discussing the misunderstanding.”

“So I see.” Wench replied a bit icily. Then her tone turned official. “Mr. Roberts. I trust you will be ready to sail shortly.”

“Aye, Captain!” Jack straightened up to attention, half in drunken jest, but his tone was serious. “That I will. Just knock on me door when yer ready to leave.” Then grinning he placed a quick kiss on Emily’s cheek. “Now if you will excuse me, M’Ladies. I’ve a bottle to fetch, and a night to finish.”

Wench and Emily watched as the broad tanned back disappeared around the corner towards the rowdy sounds wafting up from below. Emily sighed, and Wench unconsciously nodded in agreement. Damn, but the man did have!

“Thanks for telling me about your husband, Wenchie.” Emily sighed as she prepared to close the door. “I almost went with him tonight, but this one I think is much more fun and no diseases to worry about.”

“Your quite welcome, dear.” Wench replied even more coolly than before.

From a shadowed corner dark brown, nearly black eyes spied his nearly naked quarry as he came down the stairs and made a bee line for the bar. Purchasing a new bottle of rum he fairly flew back upstairs. No doubt about it the information was correct. That was Blackjack Roberts alright.

Raising one gloved hand Malcolm Dagget caught the attention of one of the serving wenches. “Another Ale, Love.” He took two doubloons from his coat pocket. “And a bit of information?”

Looking quickly around the tavern wench slipped the two coins into her cleavage before leaning closer to the dark figure. “And what would ye be wanting to know, Sir?” She breathed huskily.

“The half naked rogue who just came down stairs a moment ago. Do ye know him?" Dagget whispered.

“Nay.” The girl returned in a slightly disappointed voice. “I’ve heard he calls himself Blackjack. Emily would know more than I, but it may be morn before anyone sees her again this night.”

“Thank ye, Love.” Malcolm smiled beneath his trimmed and waxed black moustache. “Besides the ale that’s all I require of ye.” He grinned even larger as the girl turned to fill his order, tossing her hair in a huff.

“Well, well, well, Jack” He mused to himself beneath his breath. “It would seem I’ve caught up with you at last. More’s the pity for you.”


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 11/25/2007 22:07:36

Wench slammed the door to her room, and not very gently.
'Good, I hope they heard that downstairs!'
She took her hat off and looked at the five ostrich plumes in various shades of green and blue.
'Damn! And that was a brand new hat, too! Jack Wolfe will end up paying for that one. Singapore piercings, indeed! So much for a celibate life for him while we were separated...'

She took each feather and shook it out, laying it on the bed.
'Why do the feathers have to get wrecked? I mean, do ostriches go into a cave when it rains?' she mused.
She looked in the tilt-mirror and surveyed her dress. It hung limply around her body. She turned around and thought, 'Well, no bloomer lines there....'
She unlaced it and stepped out of it, dropping it into a heap. She picked it up and wrung it out, laying it flat against the chair.
Pulling the covers down, she slid into the bed.
But not before looking under her bed.
'Not one pair of boots. No wonder I am getting a headache.'

"NO! AAAAHHH!" she screamed.
She bolted upright in the bed, her arms covering her head and brushing imaginary pieces of glass and wood splinters from her head and down the front of her.
She looked around and all that confronted her was dead silence. The blackness of the room enveloped her.
She shuddered as she realized it was only a dream. A horrible, horrible dream....

She wrapped the sheet around her and walked over to the window, trying to regain her breath. Wench looked out to the harbor and spied El Lobo rocking gently against the moorings. She looked good despite the beating she took that harrowing day. No one would ever suspect Diego de Castille y Mendoza had left his callling card in a most terrifying way.
She laid her hand against the window and opened it. She could hear the merriment coming from the tavern below and wondered if Jack was still down there.
Unconsciously she twisted the three-emerald ring that now resided on her right hand. So long ago...but was it really?
Two years.
Two years and three months.
Two years, three months and five days.....
'As if I was counting...'

Wench touched the silver chain she always wore around her neck.
'Mother, please. Am I doing the right thing? Or is my heart ruling my head again?'
She realized she was shivering. But was it from the coolness of the air or from fear?
Or anticipation of being with him once again?
'Nonsense!' she chided herself. 'His boots aren't any better than Cade Jennings. Or Daemon's. Or James Blake's....'

She sighed and went back to bed. One more night in this town. 'One more night to change my mind,' she thought.
And before she realized, she was back under the power of Morpheus.


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 11/27/2007 07:52:27

The breeze was coming in freshly from the sea and the early morning sun cast it's light down across the calm waters of Glen Livet Bay. Thousands of keening gulls rode the gentle winds carefully watching for any bit of garbage that might be pitched overboard from one of the many vessels that were at anchor in the large protected harbor. A few of the more industious avians dove down to skim the waters searching for any small fish that might venture too near the sparkling surface. All was right with the world..."'Fraid not!!" Muttered Martin as he carfully worked his way up the ratlines of the "El Lobo Del Mar" "Only a fool would try this,and I have to try it with one hand full!!" From the deck that was far below the burly climber's one true friend on board at the moment,Lilaney, shouted up encouragement" You've got the hard part done Martin!Just another ten feet!!" She turned to a group of crewman and then at the respectable stack of coins,mostly siver but with a few shining slivers of gold mixed in,laid out on the deck under the watchfull eye of an older member of the crew,that Lil felt could be trusted a bit more than the others. She sized up the pile and estemated that it contained the amount equivilent to thirty gold pieces! With a smirk the instigator,a smarmy type named Taylor,wolf-whistled across the deck at her and made kissing noises while others chuckled and patted him on the back. Her temper flareing up and her cheeks flaming hotly she chanced one last look at the cook's retreating rotund rump as it disappeared over the side of the crow's nest then stalked across the deck ahile filling both hands with her secreted throwing knives. "Would you like to run that by me again?" She said in a dangerously low voice."I couldn't quite hear you from way over there!" Taylor swallowed deeply and turned a billious shade of green as he realized he had swallowed his quid of tobbacco!! He choked back a curse as the razor point of Lil's right hand knife stood inches from his grizzled throat!! Lil flipped the blade in her left hand around to hold it carefully in a throwing grip and gave a small shake of her head at Taylor's companions. You and you stay where you are!" She said evenly.

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Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 11/28/2007 19:22:19

“I do not need to meet any body, what I need to meet is another bottle of rum.” The Captain slowly turn his mug about in a circle over the table demonstrating its empty state of being. “You promised a drink if I listened, well my ears are here and filled but the drink is not, are you a monk and a man of your word or just another bishop selling indulgences and looking for fat tithes?”

“Captain I am well aware of my church’s short comings but as my father once said “change that comes slowly has a greater chance of lasting,” and you may do well to remember the Scotsman who said “If you keep on drinking rum, the world will soon be quit of a very dirty scoundrel!” Brother Timothy spied Elinore and one of the serving wenches making their way to the table.

“Me! A dirty scoundrel! Friar don’t think that paying me compliments will make me go easy on you, you still owe me for several ribs and its time for a boost of me pain medicine.”

“Ah, here we are, manna from heaven, thank you ladies.” Brother Timothy took the bottle of Irish whiskey from Elinore, broke the seal and savored the aroma. The light beamed through the amber liquid as he held the bottle up over the table where Jack could see it,

“Our cousins in Scotland think they invented this, but we know better, whiskey has been made in Ireland since the Irish monks brought the method of making it back from the lands in the East. The Normans called it “fuisce”, but it has always been “Uisce Beatha” to us, the water of life.” The whiskey found its way into four glasses, one for Elinore who at first tried to explain why she couldn’t or shouldn’t but was voted down by the monk and the pirate, one for Captain Wolfe who showed his experience by not gulping his drink but slowly savoring the taste, one for the monk himself and the fourth glass placed by the empty chair.

Eyeing the fourth glass, “One for the Holy Ghost?”

“Not bloody likely, I hear tell the bird doesn’t drink, that one’s for me.” As the man in the dark green kilt sat down at the table Brother Timothy made the introductions, “ Guard’n, may I present Captain Jack Wolfe of the El Lobo de Mar. Captain Wolfe, may I present Lairde Guard’n M’Crack of the Clan M’Crack."

"Lovely, just what I need another Irishman and please don't take this the wrong way, I love the whiskey, and if you were a pretty little Colleen well who knows what could happen but your not, and what with the vagabonds from the Knight Hammer my ship is a little overflowing right at this moment."

Brother Timothy's face started to darken as he spoke, "Captain that is uncalled for, you don't realize who you are speaking to, why..."
"Easy there boyo" Guard'n placed his now empty glass in front of the monk, "pour us another if you please Brother, my throat is a wee bit dry for the talking we have before us."

Captain Wolfe lean forward looking directly into the older Irishman's eyes, "Perhaps you didn't understand, there is nothing to talk about, good night and good luck."

"Being Irish I have the luck," leaning forward across the table Guard'n continued in a lower tone, "Thanks to the good brother here I also have the eyes and ears of Glen Livet, so I also know that right now there are three ships waiting for the El Lobo to set sail, and that as soon as you clear the harbor and the shadow of the Queen's tower they will turn on you and take you down. I saw the little doonybrook in the harbor with the Ravage, your crew is good but not 3 on 1 good. I hope someone on your fine ship is from the Emerald Isle because you'll be needin the luck of the Irish before this is done."

Captain Wolfe sat back and considered, his crew was good, and even more important in a fight he and his officers were not fools. Yet, if what the Irishman spoke of was true, and knowing his wife's effect on people and her uncanny ability to become involved in "situations" it very well could be true, "Well now what to do?"

"I curious sir as to why?"
"Why what?"
"Why the sudden concern for me and mine, we have no accord, no past business together, hell I don't even owe you money, or do I?"

Guard'n laugh, "No, if you owed the M'Cracks money believe me you would remember. Our concern is with Brother Timothy here, we watch out for our own even after they take on the brown robes of the Order of St Brendan. Of course, after the fight we're more than happy to see to the salvage of goods."

"Perhaps I was bit hasty, if what you say is true about those ships, well Mother Wolfe didn't raise a fool and a smart man never turns aside the offer of a helping hand. But we do need to talk about what is in that helping hand."

"Then its good that we have time and whiskey. Fot it would be a sin to waste, so I see it as our Christian duty to see that this water of life, this gift from He is above us all is put to good use."
"Amen Brother, here's my glass!"

The three men spoke quietly about ships and plans. Upon sailing the element of surprise would be three fold in favor of the El Lobo. First, Wolfe and crew now knew about the hunters who would follow them to sea and what to expect; Second, the presence of the Knight Hammer's crew meant a full crew on the Lobo working the guns and sails at the same time bringing a quicker response time; and Third, the unexpected presence of The Pride waiting just around the far point. If all went according to plan the hunters would become the hunted and both the Lobo and the Pride would feast.


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 11/29/2007 11:01:31

"Now, what did you want to say?"
Taylor's eyes bulged as he turned around and threw up the tobacco over the railing.
Lil deftly replaced the knives back in their wrist straps and watched as Taylor's companions did the work for her. Roaring with laughter at their friend's unfortunate circumstance.
"Tha' ain't the way to get a lady! You gotta show 'er your money when you whistle! Ya daft arse!"
Lil stepped back a bit from them and looked at her newly acquired money.
"Looks like you and two others won the pot, missy."
The old Pirate's rough bass voice did not fit his size. He was a bit shorter than her, but, that voice came straight up from the ocean floor.
"Thanks, so a three way split, huh? That's not too bad. I got ten, who's the other two?"
The Pirate had a set of 'sea eyes'. They were once blue when might have been young. But, the years on the ocean had clouded them, turning them storm grey. Lil would bet during a storm his eyes were green. The depths of his eyes sparked with a blue mischief as he answered her.
"Briggs and the Doc"
Lil felt she swallowed a lump of tobacco.
"Those two?"
She looked around the decks, they were no where to be seen. The sun was just clearing the horizen and the cold bite of the wind had lessened. The men on decks were begining in ernest to their own assigned tasks.
The Pirate nodded, and pointed to the Galley door.
"Briggs is probably lookin' over maps in Captain Wolf's cabin, and Doc's always holed up in his place. You take'em the money, me being seen with this much gold will get me a knife in the back."
Lil seperated out the money into three piles. Putting her own away, she tied the other two in spare scarves.
'I wonder if I just hurl these through the doors as I pass by, I won't have to talk to either of them.'
Her thought process was good, but, if her aim was true, and it was, those two surly men might come after her later.
Sighing, she looked up at the Crow's nest. Martin was not visible amongnst the sails and rigging.
Admiting defeat about the upcoming uncomfortable situations, Lil walked slowly through the galley door and down into the bowels of the El Lobo.


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 11/30/2007 12:12:23

The minute she'd downed the whiskey in front of her, and the men at the table had started talking shop, Elinor felt herself getting incredibly tired. She tried very hard to stay awake, as any information, when it came to the Knight Hammer and the El Lobo were concerned, was good information to have, but she couldn't help a yawn or two escape her lips. Sensing she would not be missed in the discussion, she carefully manuevered her way out of the main tavern and up the back steps to her room upstairs. Glancing back at Brother Timothy, she caught his gaze and he gave a little nod, telling her he understood her departure.

Slowly climbing the steps, she held onto the railing that had been logically placed on the left-hand side of the staircase, feeling herself to be not as steady as usual, due to the cider and whiskey she'd just consumed. Finally managing to get herself to her room, she closed the door and plopped down on the bed tiredly, falling asleep almost as soon as her head hit the pillow.


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 11/30/2007 19:18:52

Jack lay on the bed beside Emil’s softly sleeping form both wide awake, and sober. He lay on top of the coverlet, his breeches and boots back on, one arm crooked behind his head as he took another long pull from the half full bottle of rum he had returned with. Something was desperately wrong.

By rights he should be either drunk, or half asleep, but he was neither. Long ago he had learned to listen when things like this happened to him. It was a sure sign that something was amiss, even if he couldn’t put his finger on it at the moment. His brow furrowed and he frowned, lost deep in thought.

Playing the happy go lucky rouge had served him well over the years since he had left England for good. It had been the cause of more than one enemy’s underestimating him. Besides, he looked approvingly at the sleeping girl beneath the covers beside him, it did have it’s benefits. He only hoped that whatever had occurred to set off his sense of danger would wait for the girl to be safely alone.

He took another long draught from the bottle and checked the charge of the pistol laying on his lap. The change in carriers hadn’t changed all that much in his life it would seem. The girl stirred and he patted her bottom reassuringly. The longer she slept, the better. Satisfied he again cradled his head with one arm and returned his attention to the door.

Malcolm Dagget left The Dead Man’s Tavern as quietly as possible. No since in spooking the quarry when it was this close to his trap. From all his men had been able to gather this night Roberts had signed on with a blonde female Captain. One who it seemed was married to Captain Jack Wolfe, Mad Jack as he was more popularly known in pirate circles. Captain of El Lobo del Mar. A formidable vessel to be certain, but if Jack was counting on that to keep him out of harms way he was sadly mistaken.

The day of reckoning was at hand, as soon as El Lobo del Mar set sail.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 12/01/2007 16:18:20

"So, Guard'n. Before we go any further with the particulars of this proposition you're proposing, do you have any hint of why the English Crown and her Admiralty are so interested in me and mine?" Jack asked. It was an old ploy. The more drunken and confused he sounded, the easier it was to figure out just how drunk and confused the fellow on the other side of the negotiating table really was.

Guard'n laughed. "Where to begin? You've been at this game more than a little while, Jack. But the bee in their bonnet this time has much to do with, oh, how did they put it?" He pulled a broadsheet from his pocket. "'The several and heinous Misdeeds of the Founder of the Church of the Holy Unnecessary, the Right Reverend Cotton Thrasher, also known by many other Names including Captain Jack Wolfe, a notorious Pyrate.'"

Jack noted the incredulous look on Brother Timothy's face and smiled uneasily. "Everyone needs a hobby, yeah? Sorry for cutting in on business, Brother."
"A man's soul and salvation are hardly 'business'!" Brother Timothy protested.
"Tell that to the Vatican," Jack replied acidly.
"Have ye thought of whittling?" Guard'n chuckled.
"I'll keep it in mind," said Jack, clearing his throat. "Now, if I'm to understand your offer fully; I pack Brother Timmy here and the rest of the Knight Hammer's complement aboard the Lobo, sail out under your protection, and run like all Haitian - sorry, Friar - while you and your lads give the English the pasting they deserve. And all you ask is right of salvage?"
"That's all of it, in a nutshell," Guard'n replied.

Jack considered the deal for a few moments, then extended his hand. "We have and accord, my new friend. Let's drink on it, shall we?"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 12/04/2007 08:15:25

Gulping the bracing sea air Martin hauled his bulk over the side of the "El Lobo's" crow's nest and came face to face with the ship's lookout,Gordy. "Who inna HELL are YOU!?!?"he screamed. The burly cook set the loaded plate down then carefully lowered himself till he was resting on a cunningly constructed cabinet/bench,built,like the sleeping pallet and sun cover, connected to the outer frame of the nest itself. The sea green eyes that showed under the worn yellow sou'wester were filled with uncertainty as the burly cook stood up. Standing at six foot,six inches he towered over Gordy's three foot,three inches but the little man stood his ground.Extending a stubby finger he poked the burly cook in the stomach and stated "I thought I made it REAL clear that if Lucky sent me any more 'o his crap,I'd send down a bucket 'o MINE!" The small man removed his finger and snatched up a lidded "slops" bucket, prepareing to sling it over the rail,down on the crowed below! "Hold on there Master Gordy!" Martin stepped forward and grabbed the smelly bucket VERY carefully! Setting it down from where the small man had snatched it from,Martin took out a dishcloth and fastidiously wiped his hands before picking up the still warm plate and gently wafting the scent of a good meal under Gordy's large misshapen nose. "Master Gordy, I am the new cook on the "El Lobo",Lucky has been cashiered out! I have already served the rest of the crew that is aboard this morning and your friend,Master Taylor called to my attention that you might be a bit peckish and as you are always on duty, I brought you some breakfast." The small man's hands shot out and snatched the plate and Martin's breath caught in his throat as one of the oversized biscuits disappeared down Gordy's gullet without the benefit of chewing. After several moments the plate was bare and Gordy was wiping the remains of egg yolk from his moustache with his sleeve. "W'all son I'd say that was jest bout the finest meal served in a crow's nest!" As he had been eating, Martin had looked around Gordy's domain. The crow's nest had been built expressly for the diminutive lookout,a foldout bunk stood on one side and built in cabinetry held a few clothes and the rest of Gordy's foul weather gear,casks of hardtack and jerky were stacked next to a small barrel of water which stood next to the slops bucket."You climbed all the way up here, one-handed jest to bring me these fine vittles and ta win some sorry bet 'gainst Taylor, I can see that, but what i don't unnerstand is WHY didn't ya jest use the pully system?" Pointing to a boom that consisted of a large wheel and rope that obviously was how everything else had made the long trip up to the top of the mainmast.


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 12/05/2007 10:51:24

The morning rays streamed into the room at Dead Man's Tavern, so brightly that Elinor, opening her eyes to the new day, had to blink, and turn her glance away from the window. As her eyes adjusted, her mind adjusted to the memories of the night before, and what lay before her today. We're supposed to sail today! she thought, springing out of bed. Dressing and getting the remnants of her belongings together, she tidied up the room, and rushed downstairs. Leaving payment for her room with the maid at the bar, she glanced around the room.

Seeing only Mad Jack sitting in the chair that he'd occupied the previous night, sound asleep, she wondered where Brother Timothy had gotten off to. "Goodness, I hope I didn't sleep TOO late!" She remarked worriedly to the barmaid. The barmaid just shrugged, and said, "I just got here, Lorelei asked me to fill in for a certain maid who is still occupied elsewhere," nodding back up the stairs, where Elinor had just come from.

Elinor raised her eyebrows. "Perhaps I'm not as late as I thought I was!" Still, I ought to get to the El Lobo, just to make certain no one leaves without me... Elinor nodded in the barmaid's direction, and took her leave of the tavern. Which one was the El Lobo, again?

Heading down to the docks, spying the many ships that were docked there, she had difficulty discerning which was the ship she was supposed to board. Coming closer to one of the ships, and seeing Martin's familiar face staring down from the Crow's nest, she knew that the great ship in front of her was the El Lobo. Climbing aboard, she shielded her eyes from the Sun and yelled, "Martin? What are you doing up there? Seems like I've missed a great deal while at the tavern!"

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Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 12/05/2007 19:45:38

It was several hours later that the chill of the dark broke through the men’s conversation and gave them caused to look about. The common room was strangely empty with the exception of one or two poor souls snoring beneath the tables. The fire in the big fireplace had been banked and no one could be seen nor heard behind the bar.

Three Irish whiskey bottles stood empty alongside a fourth one still filled to just below the label with the amber colored water of life. The monk’s eye hurt to move as he realized what had happen and where the contents of the three now empty bottles had gone.

Looking about a room without moving one’s eyes is not easy, but kneeling in chapel all that time as a novice had taught him thing or two. On his right Mad Jack was reaching for the lone bottle still containing whiskey while Guard’n on the left was trying to reach his green top hat which had rolled away across the floor. The monk took in the situation and came to the conclusion that as bad as he felt, he couldn’t look at bad as these other two. Because if he did look and feel that bad then he was most likely dead, and while what he saw was not hell it most definitely was not heaven, which left only the common room of Dead Man’s Tavern and he was alive. Contrary to what else his senses were trying to tell him.

“Gentlemen, and I use that term lightly so don’t get your hopes up, I believe we have discussed, agreed upon and then toasted just about every situation that may occur up to and including what to do if the El Lobo should run out of rum. Although I’m telling you Jack you will not like the wine. Now I believe the time has come for my departure from here so I may prepare for my departure there.”

“Timmy lad what are you talking about, departing here departing there, you could be in a box with a fox but you can’t be departing because you aren’t dead.” Guard’n had managed to retrieve his green top hat which he was now balancing on the fingertips of his right hand.

Holding the whiskey bottle aloft Jack chimed in, before Brother Timothy could answer, “Before you go we need to have one more drink, because a monk once told me that it was a sin to waste, and besides a bit of the hair of the dog which bit us and we’ll be better for it.”

The three men shared the last of the whiskey then Jack carefully placed the fourth, now empty, whiskey bottle aside its three brethren. “Good morning my new friends,” and with that final comment Captain Jack Wolfe laid his head upon the table and began to softly hum to himself.
“Is he talking to us or the bottles?”
“I really don’t want to know, let’s go I have several things to gather before we sail and you need to get out to the Pride."

Brother Timothy and Guard’n made their way to the door, looking back at the pirate they could no longer hear the humming and they could tell he was asleep. They closed and latched the door quietly behind themselves.


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 12/05/2007 20:40:33

The morning sun streamed through the windows and the beams seemed to find Wench's face. She groaned and covered her eyes with her forearm.
She murmured, 'Time to get up, darling....' and felt the space next to her.

She sat up and ran her fingers through her hair, then flopped back, throwing the covers back over her head.
'Don't want to get can't make me...too early....need sleep....'
But she knew her place was on El Lobo and today was the day they sailed out of Glenlivet.
She rolled over on her stomach and she felt something pressing down on her back.
And a soft touch on her cheek. She giggled and said, 'How did you get in?'
She threw the blanket off only to be confronted by Lorelei's cat.

Wench got up and looked around the room. She had thrown things into a duffel bag the night before. And a trunk. And another trunk. And one more.
She sighed, 'I'm really going to miss this room. It was the scene of some really great.....well, some really fun...I got alot of sleep here.'
She dressed carefully in her black breeches and white gauzy shirt with a waist cincher laced up the back. She twisted her hair up and put on a new hat. Black and white feathers and one bright pink one. She put on her black boots that came up to her knees and then trudged downstairs.

"Good morning, Wench. Sleep well?"
Wench helped herself to some fruit and bread and shrugged. "About as good as can be expected."
Lorelei nodded over to the chair in the corner.
"Looks like he never made it to your room."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Don't husbands and wives usually share a room?"
"They do if they aren't separated."

Wench walked over to Jack and kicked the side of his chair. Nothing.
She tried again. Still nothing.
Finally she cupped her hands and put her mouth close to Jack's ears.

He jumped a mile out of a dead sleep and put his fingers in his ears.
Wench stood up and tapped her booted foot.
"I'm ready."
"And the whole world revolves around that?"
She nodded. "Aye aye, Co-captain Wolfe!"
"Forget that co-captain stuff. And what is THAT?"
He pointed in the direction of her luggage.
"Just a few things I need. Can you carry them for me?"
"What's the matter, Jack? Slowing down?"
He stretched and yawned. "It's not the age, sweetheart, it's the miles."

He looked at all the chests and trunks and then at Wench.
"You want help?"
"Yes. Please."
"My pleasure."
Jack took the chests and threw them out the window and into the alley one at a time. Wench stood there with her mouth open. He dusted his hands off and said, "NOW we are ready to go."
He took her by the elbow and steered her to the door.
"Say 'Goodbye, Lorelei.'"
Wench looked wistfully over her shoulder and said, "Goodbye, Lorelei."
She looked at Jack and said, "Not good enough. And don't rush me."
She ran over and the two women embraced.
Wench whispered to Lorelei, "Take good care of those chests in the storeroom."
Lorelei whispered back, "Your boots are safe with me!"
Wench turned to Jack and said, "NOW I am ready to go."

As they were heading out the door, Wench said, "Now, about this co-captain thing....."


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 12/06/2007 20:17:08

Two of Jack's crewmen were at the door as he and Honour were leaving the tavern. "We're here for the lady's luggage, like Mr. Briggs told us," the first one said.
"Ah! Good! It's all in the alley round back."
"Right! We're on it," the second said as they headed off for the alley.
"Why didn't you tell me you had men on the way to carry my things?" Honour asked.
"And spoil the surprise? You know me, love. Considerate to a fault."
"I can't disagree with the 'fault' part," she snickered.
"Ungrateful brat. Now what is this 'co-captain' silliness you keep going on about?"
"It is not silliness!" she said indignantly. "My crew is joining yours, provisionally, until we recover the Knight Hammer. But there's no reason why we can't share the mantle of command, since we're both captains now."
"One ship, one captain," Jack said flatly.
"Why do you insist on being so unreasonable? Fine. I and my crew are staying here. I understand James Blake makes port her quite regularly. I'm sure I can convince him to give us passage..."
Jack ground his teeth in frustration as Honour watched him aloofly, hoping he didn't call her bluff.

"All right! I have absolutely no idea how this will possibly work, but... you'll be on my ship-"
"Our ship." she interrupted.
"Says you. Anyway, given the circumstances, how much trouble could you possibly get into?"
Honour smiled and hooked her arm with Jack's. "I promise I'll be on my very best behaviour. And our crew will just adore having two captains," she purred as they walked down the street.
"You didn't really have my cabin redecorated, did you?"
"Oh, Jack. You always know how to make me laugh..."


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 12/07/2007 18:42:49

Blackjack waited at the foot of El Lobo’s gangplank. He had left Emily sleeping soundly in the room with a note expressing his gratitude for the night before. Since he couldn’t sleep anyway he had decided that the girl’s safety would be better served if he vacated the premises before dawn.

Setting on his sea bag he lit one of the numerous thin black tobacco Jamaican cigars he carried. The flavor of the rum soaked leaf helped him to think. Blowing out a thin cloud of aromatic bluish white smoke his mind went back to six years before. There could be only one man who would go to all this trouble to find him. One very powerful man.

He had excepted the blond female captain’s offer in the hopes of fading into her crew and disappearing yet again. Unfortunately it seemed the lass was a magnet for attention. So far though, he had succeeded in remaining virtually unknown to the rest of her crew. He doubted if any of them even remembered his name. Trading the life of a highwayman for that of a pirate had so far worked in his favor. At least this time there had been no star crossed love affairs to complicate things for him.

Now that was one hell of a thought. Complicate things was an understatement if ever there was one. From the moment she had walked into the Crown and Scepter he had been infatuated. Her long raven hued locks, those huge deep sepia eyes. Jenny had succeeded in stealing something from him for once in his life. If only he had known her true last name was Blackwood. She might yet live, and he would not be wanted for her murder.

The sound of a familiar feminine laugh brought him back from his reverie. With a sigh at the cruel twists of fate he reassumed his devil may care persona, and stood up with a grin. Coming toward the dock was his new captain arm in arm with her husband. Soon he would be back at sea. Another adventure, and even more miles to put between himself and the English gallows.

He wondered if Sparrow was missing his purse yet.


Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 12/07/2007 18:59:21

*The Babylon sailed steadily towards El Dorado. Daemon sat on the main deck, watching the sun setting across the water. Thoughts of his life crossed his mind, as the day seemingly passed by. Before long night had fallen, and a heavy fog risen. Daemon stood up and walked to the bow. Seaching the fog for some sight other than lightly glowing grey. In the distance a form started taking shape, although shrouded in the ever darkening fog. Just as it was about to disapear, the shape briefly cleared. It was a ship, and her name appeared to be Knight Hammer. But as quickly as it had appeared, it vanished into the fog. Daemon stepped back in disbelief, and convinced himself it was just his imagination. He turned to go below, when he ran face to face with White Rose. She had this look in her eye, that made him flash back to the days of their love. When he would die for her without a thought. She was wearing a silk dress of elven design, trimmed in silver and pearl. She bore a regal presence that he had not seen since the old days working for her father. The wind caught her hair, as she took him into her arms.*


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 12/08/2007 10:01:38

Shortly after leaving the tavern Guard’n and Brother Timothy went their separate ways. Guard’n headed straight to a little used area of the docks where a small but well armed vessel waited to take him out to the Pride. Brother Timothy on the other hand visited several shops before walking down to the docks. It being very early yet he often found himself using the back or family doors of several of the shops. The scene was repeated at each stop, the brown robed monk would go into the shop empty handed and depart shortly later with not only his brown cloth bag looking all the bigger but with his hands full of morning pastries and a cup of warmed cider. It seems every shop matron felt certain that this monk living in a community of just men needed all the mothering care he could get, and what better way than feeding him. By the time he headed toward his new ship he had found a second bag to carry the overflow.

As he advanced along the dock walking toward the El Lobo his path took him within shouting range of a 12 gun sloop. He knew it was within shouting range because a voice was hailing him from the ship’s quarterdeck.

“Hey Brother Tim!” Then even louder “Ahoy Brother Timothy! Come on, I know you can hear me.” There was no getting around it, unless he approach and dealt with the caller the cries would not cease and soon the entire neighborhood would be awaken. Turning to the boat he raised his eyes toward the voice. The ship was a small but tight, its crew seem rather young but the friar knew that was to be expected of this ship. The Vexation was a pirate ship that was not only first in its class but perhaps the only ship in its class.

“Blessings Suzie and how are things faring with the “PIT” Crew?”
“They’re a good bunch, still a little young and a lot green behind the ears but for “pirates-in-training” things are moving right along. Crazy Albert’s House of Salvage is even sponsoring part of the monthly expenses. The only problem is we lost another Captain.”
“Another one, what happen this time?”
“Things were going fine until there was a slight accident with one of the deck guns, I mean it barely grazed him, you would think nobody ever pointed one of those things in the wrong direction.”
“What’s that make four or five? Why haven’t you ever considered Captain Suzie the Moderately Red and the good ship Vexation?”
“No disrespect Brother but are you out of your mind! I enjoy being the first mate, less accidents that way. Besides, you know I keep hoping you’ll put a good word in Captain McGuckin and the Curruagh. Any word on an opening on his staff?”
Knowing from past experience where this conversation was going the monk began moving down the dock toward the Lobo, “Suzie, as always I will keep you and your pirates in training in my prayers, and should Captain McGuckin send word you will be the first one I call.”

Moving quickly away from the Vexation Brother Timothy got his first good look at the El Lobo.
"Mater Dei!"

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Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 12/13/2007 13:32:59

"... Though I have to admit, those French doors you had installed during El Lobo's refit were quite a nice addition. They give a lovely cross breeze."
"You see?" Honour said proudly. "I do have a knack for decorating. And you were so upset when you first found out about them."
"Only because of the grief I knew I'd catch from Briggs. Speaking of which, you know what he'll say about our arrangement-" Jack started.
"Jack? Jack Wolfe? Is that you?" a woman's voice called from behind them.
Jack eyes went as wide a saucers. "- but instead of all this conjecture, let's just find out, yeah?" he blurted as he tried to pick up the pace.
"Jack! Wait! It's me, Monique!" the voice called again.

Honour unhooked her arm from his, and stood there staring at him with her hands on her hips. Jack continued on for a couple of steps, stopped, cringed, and slowly turned to face his wife, wearing what was arguably one of the top 10 guiltiest looks in all of human history.

"My tailor. I owe her money," he lied.
"I knew it had something to do with money and your breeches," Honour fumed.

The woman finally caught up to them. She was a lovely thing, with emerald green eyes and long auburn hair. "Jack! I can't believe it's you!" she said as she flung her arms around his neck and kissed him.
Jack's face was a masque of horror as he tried to extricate himself from her grasp. Once he succeeded, he caught her by the shoulders and held her at arm's length.

"Monique! It's you! Why are you here?" he stammered. He glanced nervously at Honour, who's pursed lips and cocked eyebrow spoke volumes.
"I've been trying to find you," Monique answered. "Aren't you going to kiss me?"
"I'd really rather not at the moment," he replied.
"But, we have so much to catch up on -"
"Catching up! Splendid idea. Let's start that process right away, shall we? Monique DuPre, I'd like to introduce you to my wife, Honour Wolfe."
Honour gave Monique a sarcastically pleasant smile. "Pleased to meet you, Miss DuPre. And exactly how do you know my husband?"
Monique gave Jack a hurt and confused look. "She's your what?"
"Actually, it's quite the funny story..." he started.
"It's obvious from the greeting she gave you that the woman has a tongue, Jack. Let her speak," Honour chided.
Monique's face clouded. "Well, it all started when he became a frequent guest at my -"
"Tailor's shop." Jack interrupted. "Just like I told you, love."
"'Tailor's shop'? That's the first time I've heard it called such. And you never told me you were married, Jackie."
"'Jackie'?" Honour asked.
"A terrible oversight on my part. Look, I can explain everything..."
"You can always 'explain everything', Jackie. Whether it's true or not," Monique said in a mixture of humiliation and anger.
"She's got you on that one, 'Jackie'," Honour interjected wryly.
"I'm sorry I ever came looking for you," said Monique. "But, with your wife's permission, I'd like to give you something to remember me by."
"Oh, why the hell not," sighed Honour.

Monique took a step toward Jack, smiling, her eyes glistening, her lips parted ever so slightly, and slapped him hard enough to make him stumble. "Good luck with him," she said to Honour as she turned on her heel and marched back up the lane.

Honour went to Jack and gently touched his face where Monique hit him. "Are you all right, darling?" she asked sweetly.
"I'm fine," he said, working his jaw. "Honour, I'm sorry about all that. I'll make it up to you, I swear. Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?"
She smiled lovingly at him, and held her arms wide. As Jack slipped his arms around Honour to hug her, she delivered a surprisingly forceful punch to his already cracked ribs. He went down on his knees, clutching his side and gasping for air.

"OK, now I forgive you," she said happily as she adjusted her gloves. "Now, come along, 'Jackie'. We've got a ship to sail."

"Coming, dear," he wheezed.


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 12/13/2007 14:47:19

"Oy! Briggs! Here's your bet!"
Briggs looked up and just barely caught the bag of silver that was aimed at his gut.
"You're welcome!"
Lilaney's voice sailed in the door as she briskly passed the open door.
"Evil she-demon" He mumbled as he rubbed his stomach and went back to looking over the charts.
The voice rung through the ship causing a flurry of activity.
Briggs put the sexton down and headed up to the main deck.
As he came to railing on the quarterdeck he saw the Mrs. Wolfe in the lead and the Captain not too far behind, staggering slightly and gently rubbing his stomach.
Her footfalls were bouncy and somewhat determined as she headed up the gangplank.


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 12/13/2007 16:36:31

Before Elinor could get a reply from Martin, there was a cry from one of the members of the El Lobo's crew.


Elinor whipped around to see her captain as well as Mad Jack stride up to the ship. Mad Jack looked a little worse-for-wear, but a smile played upon Captain Wench's face which made Elinor raise her eyebrows and smile a bit herself. I wonder what happened to get them into that state? She paused. Maybe it's better not to know... Deciding her best bet at present was to investigate the ship and find her quarters, she headed in the opposite direction of the two captains, hoping to find Lilaney if she was on board...


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 12/13/2007 21:13:44

Wench looked back at Renee walking away from them.
"She's got a big butt, you know."
"She does not!"
"And how would you know?"
"Let's not go there, Honour. Rumour reached all around the Caribbean about a young blonde female captain with a fascination for captains' boots. And it didn't take much to figure out who. Especially after Jonas Corwin's quartermaster blabbed the story of how his captain got his hands crippled."
"Hey, nothing happened even if Jonas thinks it did. He was so drunk and wanted to take the one hundred pounds I owed him out on 'trade'. Well, Wench doesn't 'trade' with anyone."
"Heard you sent him on his way wrapped up in your bedsheets and his boots."
"Don't forget the sword. I left him that."
"More than you left me with when you pushed me out of your room in the altogether."
"Served you right. Putting the moves on me just so you could find that Sun Key."
"Are you always going to hold that over my head?"
Wench looked thoughtful and then smiled radiantly. "I'd say the chances are pretty good that I will."

Wench saw the newest member of her crew sitting on his sea bag and smoking his cigar.
"Well, there you are! I thought for a minute that Emily would have whined and cajoled you into missing the ship. So glad you could make it, Jack!"
Black Jack Roberts stood up and bowed low. "And I am pleased that I shall be serving under you."
They looked at each other and laughed.
"Well, you know what I mean."
Captain Wolfe walked over to them and shook Black Jack Roberts' hand. "Glad to have you aboard, mate."
Wench looked at Jack and said, "Don't forget he is MY crew, not yours."
She glanced down and said, "Oooh! I love your boots..."
"That will be enough. Come along, Captain Wolfe, Jr," Jack said through clenched teeth. He grabbed her by the elbow and steered her towards the gangplank.
But not before she turned and gave Blackjack Roberts a wink and a smile.


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 12/14/2007 19:20:27

“Lord, what have we gotten ourselves into this time?” Brother Timothy stood on the dock taking in his first real look at the El Lobo. The first thought to cross his mind was she had seen better days. Much of the paint was faded, in places timbers were mismatched and judging from the powder burns here and there upon the hull, close combat has been a regular feature. The overall impression was not to sneeze too strongly and in the wrong direction else the entire ship might collapse like a house of cards.

“Yet the Captain I’ve meet is not a fool, in fact he is anything but despite the role he plays for others benefit. I wonder if his ship also has a role to play.” Looking with a new intent the monk began to notice the tell tale hints that the casual or brief examination would have miss. Yes, the sails appear to be old and stained but the pattern of the brown markings on the cloth show the stain had been thrown upon the sails rather than earned through time and weathering. True, timbers were mismatched but there were also better concealed places where it appears the hull had been reinforced. There were even extra lines amongst the masts that demonstrated no purpose at the moment but he suspected could raise unseen sails for that unexpected bit of speed when needed in a chase or when fleeing. Moving up the gangway the monk thought better of their odds now, “A house of cards perhaps but one where the dealer hopes to hold all the aces.”

Seeing what he assumed passed for a sentry at the head of the gangway, “Blessings of the day, permission to come aboard.”

The young crewman had been told by the first officer that the Captain and officers of the Knight Hammer would not be exactly what he might expect, but he never expected a cleric. Much less one who stood well over six feet and close to 19 stone. Yet here one stood, dressed in brown habit complete with sword and staff in hand. What should he do now? His thoughts ran wild after all he hadn’t talk to a priest since before he run away from home, am I suppose to bow or was that kiss his ring? The young pirate’s mental conflict and debate resulted in an open mouth and an audible “umm.”

“I’ll take that as permission granted. I am Brother Timothy and you are?”
“Yes, well, are the Captains aboard?”
“Fine, is there anyone who could tell me where I’m berthing?”
“Good, let’s do this, you stay here and guard the gangplank and I’ll go to the quarterdeck in search of another syllable. “
"Be a good pirate now and mind your post." As the monk moved toward the quarterdeck several more crewman stopped and stood transfixed, the women from the new crew were one thing, after all everyone had heard of female pitates, but a monk on a pirate ship?


Reply author: Ice Mage
Replied on: 12/14/2007 23:41:13

*Daemon stepped back and looked down at her. Raising her head, she looked back at him.*

'You never complained about my embrace before.'

"You were my wife then, and now you are married to my friend Dorean."

*She crossed her arms as she continued.*

'I'm worried about you. I know how much you loved her. You once looked at me in the same way.'

*Daemon shook his head as he turned to look out upon the sea.*

"It's not in the cards for me Rose. She is in love with another, and i cannot interfere with something like that."

*Rose wrapped her arms around his waist, and layed her head on his back.*

'Don't give up on her Daemon, i know she feels the same way.'


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 12/16/2007 09:23:58

Jack stowed his gear under the bunk assigned to him in the quarters set aside for Captain Wench’s crew. A smile came across his face as he thought about the exchange between the two captains on the dock a few moments ago. From the short time he had known her he would have been willing to bet a plunder’s share that Captain Wolfe had bitten off more than he could chew with that lass.

There would be a few moment before the rest of Wench’s crew arrived so he took the time to sharpen the edge of his saber, lightly oiled “Old Hob”, and checked the primer in the twin French flintlocks. The tasks had also given him more time to think.

He had been sitting in the Crown and Scepter near Dorset enjoying the fruits of his latest robbery. The coach had held several of the wealthy elite of Cornwall on their way to London. Having stowed his Black velvet long coat, and black silk scarf he tied across the lower half of his face to hide his identity, in his saddle bag he had little to fear. Most simply took him for a successful business man with money to burn, the rest simply did not care.

He had been successfully flirting with the serving wench, tipping her generously, and lying about his large farm near the Cotswold’s when the door opened and she walked in. Even with the hood of her cloak pulled up to hide her features within its shadows her beauty shown through. Jack stared with his tankard suspended halfway between the table and his face.

No sooner had she inquired about a room for the night when the door burst open, and two large lads stormed in. “There ye are, Missy!” Exclaimed the larger of the two crossing the distance to the bar and roughly grabbing the frightened woman by the arm. “Ye’ve led us a merry chase, but it be over now!”

The rest of the patrons had not moved, being simple farmers they had no wish to involve themselves in an altercation that was clearly none of their business. Jack, on the other hand, had no intention of seeing any woman manhandled, regardless of the reason. He quickly set down the half full tankard and stood up.

“I’ll be thanking you to unhand that lady, Lout, and to use a more civil tone when addressing her.” He spoke sternly.

“And just who be you to be givin’ us orders?” The second snarled. “Ye’d be better served mindin’ yer own business.”

Jack casually leaned one hand on the back of the chair he had just vacated. “My name is Jack.” He grinned. “And it is always my business when a lady is ill used around me.”

“Then yer business is about to earn you a right good wallopin’.” The larger of the two brutes growled hurling the woman into the grasp of his comrade. As she stumbled the short distance her hood came down about her shoulders and Jack’s blood truly began to boil. Her left eye sported a large purplish bruise that encircled it.

As the giant hurled himself forward Jack’s hand closed around the top rung of the chair’s back. Swinging with all the strength he could the chair exploded into kindling against the larger man’s head and shoulders. The hulking abuser flew sideways from the impact to lay beneath a recently abandoned table, moaning in unconsciousness.

Spinning back around a long thin line of black leather uncoiled across the distance between himself and the remaining villain with a loud crack. With a howl of agony the second brigand released the raven haired woman and clutched his right hand in pain. Blood flowed between his covering fingers as he looked up in shock to find himself staring down the barrel of Jack’s pistol.

“I’d be advising ye to take your mate and leave quickly.” Jack hissed between his clenched teeth. “Before I should decide to add to the holes in your heads!”

The second brute drug his partner to the door by the armpits, stopping only long enough to warn Jack that he would live to regret this night. Jack’s answer was a hearty laugh. Moving over to where the girl had fallen when the brute that held her shoved her away he offered her his hand to help her stand.

“Those two will bother ye no more this night, Miss...??” He said softly. His heart beating wildly at the sight of her deep sepia eyes.

“Jenny.” She managed a smile as she took his hand. “Jenny Kenward.”

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As the two Captains, Wolfe and Wolfe Jr, walked up the gangplank, a voice was heard from behind.
"Wait for me!"
An auburn-haired woman a little taller than Wench ran up behind them, clearly out of breath. She put both hands on her hips and said, "Trying to sneak off without me, were you?"
Wench shrieked, "KATE!"
Jack winced and put his index fingers in both his ears. "For the love of God, woman! I really wish you would learn to lower the decibels."
She stuck her tongue out at him.
"Very mature, Wolfe Jr, very mature."
Wench ran up to Kate and threw her arms around her. "I thought you were staying to help your sister with the new baby!"
Kate had the two dock boys put her trunks down and said, "And who would help you with your clothes and make sure you stay out of trouble?"
Wench cocked her head towards Mad Jack and mouthed, 'Not him!'

Captain Wolfe walked over to where the two women were standing. Kate had her foot planted into Wench's backside and was pulling on her back lacings. Wench was gasping, holding onto the railing for support. "Not....tight....enough....can....still...breath...GASP!...OK...that'"
Her voice was several octaves higher.
Jack put his hands on his hips and narrowed his eyes. "What good are you going to be if you pass out on me, Honour?"
He flipped out his dagger and sliced through the laces like it was a loaf of bread.
"OOF!" Wench let out a pent-up breath.
As Captain Wolfe's back was turned, she threw an apple at his head. It went whizzing by. He turned quickly but she was already deep in conversation with Kate.

The two Wolfes both turned. Wench gave Jack an exaggerated salute. "I do believe he is speaking to me. After all, he's one of MY crew."
Jack snorted, "And you can have him!"
He turned to the voice and said, "Ahoy, Hobson!"
Wench said, "Gunther."
Jack said, "Jason."
Wench said "Mason."
Mason piped up with, "Jerome!"
She whirled on him. "Who asked you?"
Mason shrugged and said, "Just trying a neutral name on for size. Speaking of size, did you know your shirt is wide open to the back?"
Wench reached around and felt skin. She gasped.
Jack burst out laughing. "I was wondering how long it would be before you noticed."
Jack's crew was trying hard not to laugh. She glared at them and then walked up to Jack, took his frock coat and ripped it off his shoulders. She slipped into it, adjusted her hat and turned to walk with as much dignity as she could muster.
Her boot heel came off.
She limped on board with all the panache of a pirate queen, slamming the door to the Captain's quarters behind her.

Jack said to Briggs, "You got to hand it to her. She sure knows how to make an entrance!"


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Wench looked around the cabin where once upon a time she spent her honeymoon 'cruise' to Tobago with Jack.
'Not much has changed,' she thought. Then she looked at the big bed and burst out laughing.
Jack had drilled hooks into the wall, strung some rope and sailcloth was draped right down the middle of it.
'At least he remembered I prefer the left side of the bed.'

She opened the chest drawer. Jack's effects were scattered in it. She took out the drawer and dumped it on his side of the bed. A miniature of a woman with dark brown eyes and long dark curling hair landed on top of the pile. She picked it up. Jack had explained to her on their way back to Barbados that it was a portrait of his mother. She had died when Jack was twenty-three. She looked at the picture, smiled at it and said, "Hello, Mrs. Wolfe."
Then she laughed. 'Well, as one Mrs. Wolfe to another.....I really should just stick with Miss Bright. Less complications....'

There was a knock on the door. One of Jack's men, Jacob Davis, handed her a letter and said, "This was dropped off for you, do we call you now?"
Wench took the paper and said, "Captain is just fine, Davis. Thank you."
He tipped his cap and left.
Wench sat on the bed and broke the wax seal.

Dear Rhiannon--

I know we didn't see much of each other in port this past month. As you know, I had some business to take care of in Glenlivet. And here is what I need to tell you. I won't be sailing with you this time. Perhaps when you come back, circumstances will have changed for me. But I have been offered a position to teach. I can't say what it is but you know of the Old Order and suffice it for me to say that it is along those lines.

I know you have always looked to me as your rmentor and protector. And even when I revealed I was the one who your father used to place you in the Order of St Brigid's, we stayed close. As for Tortuga, I am sorry it came to killing Captain Ramzy but I had no choice. Well, maybe I did, but he had to go.

You have many friends on board with you, Rhiannon. Martin, who provided you with the bracers that will protect you. Hibernian to keep your spiritiality on the straight and narrow. Practical Lilaney, who won't let you get away with anything. Elinor looks up to you, please make sure you don't lead her astray. She is of impressionable youth. And your best friend Kate to confide in.
Your new crewmate, who I met one night last week, Blackjack Roberts, will be a very good asset to you. And his boots were exceptional. Just don't complicate your life with them.

I'm sorry you lost Dorean and White Rose. But they have a mission of their own to tend to.
And Daemon. I know how close you were. And he did what he had to do. Whether we approve of it or not, he always was his own man. Some day you will understand, Rhiannon.
Some day.

I had no idea of your subsequent marriage to Captain Jack Wolfe. In fact, it seems that NO ONE knew of your marriage. But word has reached me that you have met your match in him. That he is probably the one man you can't put anything over on. And I did a bit of investigating and for all his madness, he is an honest--and yes--decent man.

You had always looked to me for guidance and answers, Rhiannon. But at this time, I am relinquishing this assignment over to your husband.
Just don't try to park his ship.

Your humble servant and friend,


'Damn!' she thought. How can I possibly survive without the advice of Marvos? Marvos, who bought the costly Phoenix's tears to save her life when she became septic with the cuts from Corwin's sword. She sighed.
Taking his letter, she put it in the drawer with her belongings, buried at the bottom.

She sat on the bed, touching the sailcloth.
'I hope your will power is as strong as this sailcloth, Captain Wolfe. Otherwise, this shall make for an interesting voyage. Yes, indeed!'


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
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Jack picked up Honour's broken boot heel and nibbled on it, spat out a bit of leather, then handed the heel to Briggs. "Italian," he declared. "Some things never change." Briggs tentatively sniffed at the heel, then handed it to Mason.
"Mr. Briggs! If everyone is aboard, safely or otherwise, make ready to get under way. The rest of you... do what Briggs says. That's an order." He turned and walked toward the companionway entrance.

"And what about you?" Lil asked. "Captain Wench always helps out getting the ship ready."
"Well, I'm not Captain Wench," replied Jack. "And speaking of her, I'm off to see if the curtains still match the rug."
Lil and Kate gasped, and some of the crew chuckled lasciviously.
"What?" he asked. "She threatened to redecorate me bloody cabin! Now get to work!"

Jack grumbled all the way to the door of his cabin - strike that - their cabin, and paused. "Decorum, I suppose," he thought, rolling his eyes. He polished his somewhat gaudy wolf signet ring and rapped twice on the door before opening it. "Honey, I'm home!" he said cheerily.

Honour was sitting on the bed. She gave him a coy smile. "You've redecorated," she said, running her hand along the sailcloth partition.
"You noticed! It's my own creation. I call it 'Early Provincial'... something snottily French."
"That's the one," he grinned.

Lil' Puddin' skirted into the room and wound himself around Jack's legs. Jack went to the cupboard and took out a saucer and a bottle of rum. He bit the cork off the bottle and poured some rum into the saucer, and laid the dish on the deck. Puddin' ran over and greedily lapped up the booze.

"Are you out of your mind?" Honour cried. "He's just a poor little kitty!"
"I daresay he could drink even the fabled Captain Wench under the table. That is, if the rumours are anywhere close to the truth." Jack poured two glasses full of the dark liquid, and handed one of them to his tongue-tied wife. "Shall we test the theory?"

Honour accepted his glass and took a deep drink. "Barbados rum? You sentimental dog."
"Only the best for the best, love," he smiled, and downed his entire glass. "More?"
She polished off her drink and screwed her eyes shut for a moment. "It's got a kick, doesn't it?"
"If it didn't, would it be worth drinking?"
"I suppose not. More, please," she asked. Jack eagerly poured them both a generous glass.
"A toast," he offered. "To Eldorado."
"To Eldorado." Honour clinked glasses with her husband, and watched as he downed the who glass. She swiftly poured hers into a chamber pot she'd placed under the bed, having anticipated Jack's plan to ply her with drink.
He quickly poured two more glasses. "So how exactly did you come by your determination to find Eldorado, where so many others have failed?"
"I have it's location on good authority. Very good authority. Iron clad, and irrefutable," she boasted. "All I need is to stop off at Martinique and pick up the correct map."
Jack grinned, and downed his glass. He got up and went to his bookcase, giving her time to dispose of her drink.
"I'm guessing you mean this particular map of the Orinoco River?" he gloated.
"Where did you get that?!"
"Jean Duquesne. Oh, is that a familiar name? He said you'd be coming for it. Cost me a pretty penny, I'll have you know. But I think it was worth the expense."
"Jack, that's my map, and you know it!"
"Well, since you've been crying 'community property' ever since we've reunited," he said, pouring more rum, "it seems only fair that we share and share alike. Don't you think?"
Honour stared at him. "This is Bonita's work. I can smell it."
"Oh, pish. I haven't seen here since Castara, nor do I want to. This was good old-fashioned getting-one-over-on-the-wifey," he said, downing his glass. "Wait... what's that lapping noise?"
"What noise?" she said, trying to cover the sound of Lil' Puddin' lapping up the rum she'd hidden.
"Why, that noise, under the bed!" Jack insisted. "What's under here? Puddin'?"
Honour took the opportunity and grabbed one of Jack's ornate pistols and clouted him with it.
"Fair enough, Jack. It's our map. And in the spirit of community property, it's my ship until you wake up." She set about changing her clothes, outfitting herself in black from head to toe, save a resplendent cascade of white feathers tumbling from her black leather tricorn. "My ship, my agenda, my revenge. This will be fun." she said to herself.

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El Lobo del Mar started to slowly make headway through the harbor. As Wench appeared on deck, she was confronted by Briggs.
She stepped in his way.
"Where is Captain Wolfe?"
He tried to go around her.
She stepped in time to him.
He moved left.
So did she.
"Honestly, Briggs, if you want to dance, why don't you just ask me? I'll pencil you in for the Saturday night Cotillion."
"I need to find Jack."
"Whatever for?"
"Captain always is on deck when the ship leaves port."
She raised an eyebrow.
"What do you think I am, window decoration? I happen to be the acting captain."
Briggs snorted. "You? This is El Lobo del Mar and it has only one captain. Captain Jack Wolfe. Although if he relinquished the captainship to you in any form, he truly IS mad. Now where is he?"
Wench put her arm on the wall, blocking his way.
"He's out."
"Like a light. He's sleeping. He's very tired. So he is taking a nap."
"A nap."
"He had a rough night. Didn't get much sleep. I swear, he was just standing there and the next thing I knew, he was face down on the bed out cold."
"Let me check on him."
"Briggs, I don't think you should go in there. It's full of woman's niceties. You know...lacy, fluffy, silky, sheer things."
Briggs felt the colour rise in his face.
"When he wakes up, tell him I want to see him."
"You're supposed to call me Captain. Maybe a salute in there would be a nice touch."
Briggs snorted again and walked off.
Wench yelled after him, "It's a good thing I like you or I'd yardarm you!"
To herself she said, 'Whatever that means....'

El Lobo sailed quietly, the sun starting to rise in the skies. Wench breathed deep the salt air.
'I'm going to miss Glen Livet', she thought. As they sailed through the harbor, she glanced over at the various ships in port. Blatherscythe....Black Rock....Dark Vexation, guess James Blake is ported still...Azure Tooled...AZURE TOOLED!
She tilted her chin in a defiant pose.
"Yes, Ma' Ma'am...Mrs. Wolfe?"
"Open the larboard guns."
"I am the Captain. Do what I say and do it NOW!"
They shrugged and opened the larboard guns.
Wench stood watching intently.
"Now listen closely....almost there....just about...wait...wait...and LARBOARD GUNS! FIRE ALL!!!"
The guns fired a volley.

The gunners were good and the gunners' aim was true.
Azure Tooled took three hits at the waterline and blew apart.

Wench turned to the gunners and said, "I can't begin to tell you how good that made me feel!"
She watched as Captain Sean Daniels and his brother ran towards the ship or what was left of her.
She whispered, 'Give me a brass blade, will you? I just evened the score.'
She took off her tricorn and touched her forefinger to her forehead in a mock salute.
'Happy sailing, Captain Daniels. Happy sailing.'

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Reply author: Hibernian
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'Happy sailing, Captain Daniels. Happy sailing.' She stood and watched as the Azure Tooled slowly took on water and sank into Glen Livet's harbor.

"Young lady,I truly wish you hadn't done that."

Wench quickly turned around to address the voice and now noticed the monk leaning against the railing of the quarterdeck's far corner. How had she missed him earlier? "Brother he had it coming, you remember how he was almost the cause of my death and this was just a small payback, he deserved much worse! Besides, that's a shallow area, see how the ship's settling already. When the tides out he'll be able to raise her and rebuild her, it'll just cost him two things he has plenty of, time and gold."

"Lass, I'll not debate the right or wrong of vengence with you, for the good book says that belongs to only one, and that's not you. Yet I had hoped we could slip out of port without attracting undue attention. You would do well to remember there are still people looking for you and the price upon your head, I had hoped to steal some distance with this departure. Now that bloody broadside has just announced our departure to the world!"

"Whatever, it was worth it!"

"You're acting like a, nevermind, well what is done is done," searching in his side bag the monk brings out a small flag. "I had hoped not to use this, here have someone raise this to the top of the main mast."

"Your personal standard Commodore Monk?"

"Not quite, but it is a family standard and one that I pray will bring enough assistance to see our way clear."


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
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As the report of El Lobo’s cannon reach him Malcolm Dagget took the spyglass from his eye, a grim smile graced his lips. It would seem that Jack Wolfe had a score to settle before leaving port with the quarry.

“What in bloody Hell was that all about, Mr. Dagget?” Burton Cummings, captain of the HMS Cornwall inquired.

“A parting gift for some unlucky pirate it would seem.” Malcolm grinned. “One less complication for us to worry about, Captain.”

The Captain removed his navy blue tricorn to adjust the white powered wig which covered his head. “Be that as it may, Sir. I find it damned inconvenient to encumber no less than three of His Majesty’s finest for the capture of one man.” He continued.

Dagget cast a side long look at the shorter man, raising one eyebrow. “Are you saying you disagree with your orders, Captain Cummings?”

“Indeed I am, Sir! However, I shall see my duty through to the end.” The captain retorted huffily. “The King placed us under your command until this brigand is brought to justice, and at your command we remain. But make no mistake, Sir. The safety of these ships and their men are my first priority.”

Malcolm threw his head back and laughed loudly as Burton turned beet red. “Your priorities be damned, Cummings.” he sneered after the fit left him. His flashing dark eyes bored into the officer. “You, and the rest of this fleet will do exactly as I command, or by God I’ll see every one of you hanged as cowards! Is that understood?”

“Aye. It is, Sir.” Burton Cummings returned lowly, a frown of frustration filling his features. Turning on his heel he stalked off to take his impotence out on the first unlucky sailor to be found neglecting his duty.

Malcolm returned to watching as the El Lobo del Mar made it’s way toward open sea. The fleet would stay here out of sight until she was nearly gone from view. Thanks to some loose lips, and a bit of gold placed into drunken hands he knew full well the course she would take. Black Jack would not escape him this time, and he looked forward to personally escorting the coward to the gallows. Any man who would murder another man’s wife in a fit of jealous rage deserved no less. Sir Terrance Blackwood will have his vengeance.

“Stone me!” Jack thought as the blast from the cannon reverberated through the ship. Leaping to his feet and pulling both pistols he raced for the main deck. If they were under attack already every man would be needed to fend it off.

As he burst into the sunlight he saw Captain Wench deep in conversation with the monk from the tavern. Then he noticed a docked ship slowly sinking into the bay. Faint curses coming from her direction. My God but that woman was hard on sailing vessels.

Wench spied him standing there open mouthed with his pistols pointed to the sky and laughed loudly as she walked over to him. “Ready for action are we, Blackjack?” She smiled. “Well it’s good to know that you’ll come running if there is ever any trouble, but this was just a parting gift for an old friend.”

Jack Roberts stowed his pistols in his belt, scratched his head and grinned sheepishly. “Sorry, about that, Captain. Thought we were under attack.”

Wench reached out and stroked his jaw line gently. “Nothing of the sort. At least not until Captain Daniels can repair his ship.” She giggled. “And that may take quite a while. Have I told you how much I admire your taste in boots?” She winked and walked off toward the cabin she shared with her husband, leaving Blackjack feeling more than a little confused.

“Don’t worry, My Son.” Brother Timothy spoke. “You’ll get use to her eventually. Now if you‘ll excuse me” The monk walked off to have one of the crew take a small flag up to the main mast.

Blackjack turned his attention to helping the rest of the crew make way out of the harbor. Since he was already on deck he might as well attend his duties. Besides he had hoped the work would take his mind off the ghosts of the past that had been steadily haunting him since last night. No such luck.

Jenny had taken his offered hand shakily, her eyes holding the tint of fear that he had seen grace the eyes of many an ill used woman. The purplish blue coloring around her right eye underscoring that fact.

“Don’t worry, Lass.” He smiled warmly, attempting to drive that demon from her. “Yer husband won’t be returning any time soon I’d say.”

“That wasn’t my husband.” she attempted to smile as she took the seat he held out for her at his table. “I’m not married.”

“Then who....?” Jack began.

“They work for my father.” Jenny smiled. “I ran away from our Estate in Kent. My father and I disagree on his choice for me.”

“Still,” He retorted, “that’s no excuse for...” unable to voice the words he motioned lightly to her eye.

“Oh, that.” She frowned. “Yes. Well you can see why I ran away, but I fear I have acted too hastily and can not repay your kindness.”

“Think nothing of it, Lass.” Jack Roberts grinned. “I’ve more than enough wealth, and should the need arise I can always lay my hands on quite a bit more.”


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
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"There!" Elinor surveyed her hopefully-not-permanent quarters with satisfaction. Everything had a place, from her parchment to her quills, to the small, but still rather sizeable writings she'd started to begin the ship's logs anew. Or to add to them if, no when we get the Knight Hammer back, she thought. Suddenly she heard cannon fire from a different section of the ship, cannon fire that, although distant, caused her to clutch the posts of her bed to steady herself as the ship rocked slightly. "What was that?" She muttered, striding quickly out and meeting Brother Timothy, who was engaged in conversation with Captain Wench. "Why am I not surprised that she was the one who ordered that to happen?" Elinor muttered, spying the look of satisfaction on Wench's face, and the look of disapproval on Brother Timothy's. "Wench!" She called, "we haven't even left port, and you're already stirring up trouble! What was that just now?"


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
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Consciousness crept back into his skull at a glacial pace. Burnt powder? Sniff. Oh, and rum. I like rum. Sniff-sniff. Wait, burnt powder?!

His eyes sprung open, to find Puddin's butt just an inch or two from his face. The cat lay curled up, snoring loudly. Confused, Jack gave another, very tentative sniff. Definitely burnt powder and nothing else. He slowly got to his feet, wondering why his head was pounding. Oh, she didn't, he thought. Suddenly, everything came together in his mind. "Oh, bugger!!"

He burst on to the weather deck and had to grab the door facing to keep from running into a gun crew. "Why are you swabbing the guns?!" he demanded.
"'Cause Cap'n Wolfe, I mean, the other Cap'n Wolfe, ordered a lit'le gunn'ry practice, if you be catchin' my meanin', Cap'n," the gunner laughed.
"Gunnery practice?" Jack asked.
"Aye, on that there derelict what we just sent to Davy Jones 'imself. She called it the 'A-Skewered Toad', or somethin' such the like. I'd say we done ourselves proud, we did."

Jack looked like he was about to explode. "Honour!!" he bellowed.
"Yes, Captain Wolfe? Did we have a good nap?" she answered from the quarterdeck.
He stormed up the steps to confront her. "What the hell do you think you're doing with my ship?"
"You mean our ship? Community property," she said defiantly.
"Fine, community property," he fumed. "But that doesn't mean you get to tool about the bloody Caribbean dressed like one of the Leather Goddesses of Port Royal..."
Honour shot him an indignant look.
"... scratch that. Anyway, you can't just go sinking any ship what gets your Irish up!"
She gave him a cat-that-ate-the-canary smile. "You mean, acting like a pyrate?"

Jack went from furious to angrily deflated. "Mr. Briggs! Get this mess cleaned up, and see that we make it out of this port without leaving a complete a wake of total devastation? I'll be in my quarters, nursing this compound headache."


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
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Finally having someone to talk to,Gordy had opened up like a book. Martin now knew that the short-sighted lookout hails from a small hamlet on the Emerald Isle,known to the inhabitants as "The Scarlet Shamrock" but on the maps it is called "Redton". The new cook is also surprised to learn that the very lonely little man has "adopted" the flock of seagulls that tended to follow the "El Lobo" living off of the plentiful waste after every meal,when the crewmen would dump the swill that the last cook,"Lucky" had tried to pass off as "Good-Stick to yer ribs Food". The flock has nine members and Gordy calls each one a variation of the name "Sam"! There is "'Lil Sam,Sammie,Samkin,Samuel,Samson,Samantha,Sambo,Sam-Sam and the flocks leader,Big Sam! Martin sighed "He must really like that name!" he thought,as the endless chatter pouring from the lonely lookout became MUCH more interesting! Apparantly when the long hours in the tidy little crows nest begin to get to him,Gordy watches the crew on deck! "....and when Mr. Briggs saw Taylor sneaking down to the galley with cases of RUM!!,ya see him and Lucky had a thing going so they could sell the crew extra rations of rum to make that crap that Lucky was servin' taste better........Well!! That cost Mister Taylor a week in the brig!! Lucky got off with "Donatin'" the "Extra" rum ta tha' Ship's Stores,which made the Cap'n happy....... Oh look they're raisin' anchor! Looks like we're on our way! Don't you worry none, Mr Montgomery!" The rotund merchant broke in and stated ,with a wide smile "You can call me "Martin" if I can call you "Gordy"! "That'll work fine,Martin!.....anyway ,like I was sayin' The "Lobo" can slip out o' any harbor! Quiet as a mouse! That crew down there has trained together so much they ain't even got to talk to each other when they're workin'!! Anyway we'll leave as silent as a ghost in a mist,then we........." The talkative lookouts words were drowned by a thunderous roar as the Port guns fired a salvo at a handsome looking ship with pale blue sails that was docked and taking on supplies! Peeking over the rail "That there is WAS the "Azure Tooled"!! Good ship but they're Captains' kinda moody!! Too bad.....say Martin, what's fer supper?" Turning from the slowly settling ship and looking at his new friend Gordy kept up the running dialogue " Good thing she was docked! It's shallow enough there to raise her,when the tide goes out! The damage didn't really look that bad,she was holed,but they used solid know, no "BOOM!" after the hit. MARTIN!! What are ya doin?!?! The burly cook had grabbed the slender rope that held the bucket Gordy usualy got his food in,checked the knots,nodded to himself then sat on the rail and gave Gordy a mock salute "We are gonna fix this up real nice, with a MUCH bigger rope!! It's been real nice talking to you Gordy,keep up the good work!! Holler at me later and we'll visit some more,right now I've got to talk some sense to a beautiful,vengeful woman,and explain to her that "Silent as a mouse" doesn't mean "A mouse with twelve pounders!!" Putting his right foot into the bucket and wrapping the loose end of the slim rope around his broad backside Martin said "Wish me luck!" and slipped off the rail!! Sliding rapidly to the deck below,yelling at the men in the sheets to "Watch Out" as he went by. Gordy watched as the big man hit the deck hard,rolling with the impact and almost taking out the crew of one of the guns as they were busily swabbing the barrel and prepareing it to normal readiness! He slowly got up and after exchanging a few words with the guncrew limped towards the quarterdeck where the Captain's Wife and Co-Captain was standing talking to a tall robed man. "You'll need it,my large friend! That lady looks tough!!!.........and soft tooo.........."
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Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 12/31/2007 14:37:37

Jack stomped back to his cabin, fighting mad. He turned and slammed the door shut, hard enough to shake the bulkheads. He turned to find Dr. Gander sitting at the table, pouring old cognac.

"Quite a magnificent woman, isn't she?" he chuckled.
"I don't know what you mean," Jack grumbled.
"Oh, I don't know... she's only managed to insinuate herself back into your life, get you to save her life not once but twice, secure passage on your ship for herself and her crew, and set you off on another wild quest. I'd say she's done quite well for herself."
"Oh, yes. And let's not forget that she's funded her exploits by stealing from me, and kept me as a cuckold all over the bloody New World!"
"Hmmmm, yes. I see your point. Quite the downside, that. Although, the grass didn't exactly grow long under your feet, either, Jack. Tell the truth now."

Jack took a long, slow drink of cognac. "What's the point to all this, Duckie? So far, you've only managed to restate that which I've been brooding about."
"Stop brooding about it, and I'll leave it alone," said Drake. "You have a very convenient memory when it comes to how long we've been friends. You didn't have to drop out, you know."
"How easily you forget. My father had died, and my family needed the money. Oxford isn't cheap, you know."
"No... no, it isn't." he sighed. "But I can see from your library you never stopped studying. Bacon, Spinoza, More, Sabuco, Powell, Suárez... You've certainly kept up with modern philosophers."
"That's because they're deathly dull. Helps me go to sleep."

Duckie poured himself another drink. "Jack, you are a masterful liar. Especially to yourself. And it's all good fun until you put yourself in this bind again."
Jack smiled ruefully. "And what bind would that be, my friend?"
"The bind where you're caught between that which you want and what you think the world expects of you."
"Finishing university taught you all that, Doctor? So tell me, are you more comfortable as a doctor or a bartender?" Jack quipped.
"Sometimes a man will tell his bartender things he'll never tell his doctor. But we both get the same two kinds of customers - the living and the dying. Which customer do you choose to be, Jack?"

Jack opened his mouth to answer, when there came a soft rap at the door. Honour politely stuck her head in. "Am I interrupting anything important?"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 01/01/2008 21:22:18

Duckie's face broke out in a grin.
"Well, well, well....if it isn't the radiant Mrs. Jack Wolfe!"
Wench came in and crossed over the room, holding her hands out.
"And if it isn't my favorite doctor in the whole world! How are you, Doctor Gander?"
He held his finger up and said, "Ah, now....why the formality?"
She laughed. "Alright...Duckie, it is!"
He gave her a hug, winking at Jack over his shoulder.
Jack downed his cognac and glared.
"Honour, why are you here?" he asked impatiently.
She raised her eyebrow and said, "My, my! I didn't know this was a hush-hush medical consultation? Oh, wait! This doesn't have anything to do with me, your ribs and Miss Big-butt Renee, does it?"
Duckie choked on his cognac.
Honour helped herself to a glass of cognac. She looked at Jack and said, "Before you say a word..."
Jack finished with, " property."
She looked at Duckie and said, "Oh, I have him trained SO well!"
Duckie sat back down and laughed. "You always were a challenge for Ol' Jack here."
Jack said, "Honour, if you don't mind, Dr. Gander and I were...."
"I know, 'consulting.' Well, I only came in here to get a book...ah! Here it is!"
She pulled out a volume of Voltaire. Dr. Gander looked at Jack and said, "She even has the same taste in books you do!"
Wench opened it and said, "Oh, dear! I think not. Inside the covers are some very naughty literature. For shame, Captain Wolfe! For shame!"
"I do not!" Jack exclaimed.
She laughed, "I really got you going that time, didn't I? No, Duckie, I just came in to see if my....oh, there he is!"
Muir crawled out from under the bed. He sat next to Jack. Wench patted her leg and said, "Come on, Muir! Time to go up on deck!"
He sat there next to Jack, thumping his tail. Jack scratched him behind the ears.
She fumed at Muir, "Traitor!"
She turned on her heel and closed the door.

Duckie turned to Jack and said, "Looks like you charmed her dog!"
Jack laughed and took a bone out of his pocket and gave it to Muir. "Dog bait. It's only fair. The cat seems to have defected to her side."

Duckie said, "Well, you may have saved her life a time or two but she seems to have done the same for you. Need I remind you of the attack you launched on The Mercedes on the way back from Tobago? "
Jack smiled ruefully. "And I have that lovely scar on my shoulder as a memento."
"She managed to dig that bullet out and pack the wound. Not very many women would be willing to do that."
Jack poured another cognac for Duckie and one for himself. "And right after that, it went downhill."
"She wasn't to blame for what happened."
"If she had stayed in the cabin, I wouldn't have been distracted and I would have seen the sniper."
Duckie polished off the drink and said, "Did you ever stop to think, Jack, that she may have unwittingly saved your life? If she hadn't distracted you, the sniper might have got you right between the eyes."

Jack said nothing.
Duckie said, "Yes. Well. Be that as it may...."
Duckie paused with his hand on the doorknob.
"If you had treated her right and not blamed her, Cade Jennings never would have entered the picture."
And with that he closed the door, leaving Jack with his bottle of cognac.
And something to ponder.


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 01/02/2008 20:10:32

Not getting an answer Elinor turned to Brother Timothy, “Well, do you know what that was just about, are we under attack already, should I grab a sword, do we prepare to defend the ship, won’t someone tell me what is going on here!” Despite the grim look upon his face, Elinor followed him as he moved forward obviously looking for someone. She didn’t really know the crew yet and with Wench not talking, the best source of reliable information would be the monk.

Elinor and the brother were making their way forward to one of the gun crews when suddenly a shadow appeared on the deck next to the cannon. As she thought about how clear the sky was today and where had the clouds so quickly come when a large shape landed with a thud upon the deck. Jumping back three feet and two lives she recognized that the falling shape was none other than Martin Montgomery. The man slowly regained his feet and was apologizing to the gun crew about the scare he had thrown into them when Brother Timothy took him by the arm.

“Heavens Martin are you alright, legs, back, head all intact. Good, I’m pleased nothing broken, then perhaps next time you’ll let us know when you intend to test the quality of the ship’s construction. Has the shock of a new ship lead our crew to take leave of their good sense? We have who knows who or what looking for us and the Wench takes to blowing up ships in front of the whole port and you’re doing imitations of falling rocks. Perhaps we can save time and effort and just arrange to have Wench fire you out of the cannon at a passing ship next time.”

“Brother Timothy,” Martin placed what he hoped was a comforting hand upon the monk’s shoulder, “having a bad day are we? Come on down to the galley and have a nice cup of tea, it will calm you down. I’ll even make up a loaf of Irish brown bread for you.”

“Oh Martin, I am sorry, you are correct this is not my best morning. You know as well as I do the dangers our blonde headed wench has following her, our leaving the port unnoticed this day was a challenge to begin with before she went and sank that ship. Right now there are probably a dozen sets of eyes on us, watching and thinking of when is the best time to make a move to follow us. Who knows what is just over the horizon. Mark my word before this day is through the smell of powder will be in the air and not from sinking a docked vessel."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 01/03/2008 22:28:28

"Which means that this is the best time for some refreshment!" Elinor exclaimed, brightening at the idea. "I have so missed your food, Martin! That is, if I'm invited to partake in it..." she coyly asked, sending an innocent look Martin's way.

Brother Timothy and Martin gave each other a quick glance which, to anyone "in the know," said plainly, "I think the girl's becoming a very able student of Wench's..."


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 01/04/2008 12:04:35

"God! I missed the sea!"
As the wind tickled the sails, Lil stood on the rail and leaned out over the bow. Hooking one hand into the rigging she watched the ship cut the waves neatly as they headed out for yet another adventure.
"Hey! Get down from there! You might fall!"
Lil felt herself ripped back from what was otherwise a peaceful pondering to the wonders of life.
With a quick move, Lil extracated herself from one of Captain Wolfe's men.
"I was fine, thanks, spent most my life on a boat. Couldn't fall off if I tried. Been pushed off a few times, blown off and I think once I jumped, but never fallen off."
The crewman looked down at the female, and sneered.
"yeah, well, you and the others stay out of the way, ya hear? Don't need another of Wolfe's Wenches gettin' underfoot. Distracts the others, see?"
About to retort, the man turned suddenly and bellowed up into the sails. The wind had caught and with a slight jerk, the ship picked up speed.
Lil balanced and decided that this guy might actually do her harm if she stayed to help.
Ducking to the side she scurried down the steps to the quarterdeck, steadying herself a time or two as the rock of the ship deapened.
'Gotta get used to the rocking again.' she thought.
Mr. Briggs was on the Quarterdeck.
"Hey! Got anything snide to say?"
He turned and raised an eye at the brunette pain-in-the-butt.
"Not getting enough verbal abuse from the others on the crew?"
Lil broke into a brilliant smile.
"Oh sure, but, it just doesn't seem that the day can go right until you tell me off for something I haven't done."
He turned his back on her, muttering something about time wasters.
Chuckling she walked to the door to the galley.
"You can't do cute!"
She stopped with her hand on the doorknob. Puzzled, she turned and looked at Briggs.
Mr. Briggs felt he had finally gotten the upper hand.
"You; you can't be cute. You don't have it in you. No matter how long you hang around your Captain or the other females it won't rub off. So, stop being annoying and bothering the crew for attention and try to find something useful to occupy your time. From what I have seen, your Captain took you on as a sympathy case. What did you do for your crew, anyway?"
Lil had rarely been spoken to like this before, she opened her mouth to return a scathing reply, but, nothing came out.
Briggs, smirking, proceeded to the bow. Hollering a reply to the large man on the bow, who laughed.
Lilaney felt her colour rise. Anger radiated out of her as she stood rooted to the spot and watched the others on the deck. They were unwanted on the boat, she was unwanted! Oh! The nerve. She quickly thought up all sorts of evil ways to make their lives miserable, the ways in which she could exact the revenge on her hurt pride. But, no, she couldn't do any of that.
Her anger started to wain as self-doubt and fairness took its place.
They needed to work with Captain Wolfe's crew, not against them. Else, her misdeeds could get any one of her friends thrown overboard during the night. Shoulders sagging and slightly defeated Lil opened the door to the hall and trooped in. She walked slowly down the stairs chewing on the words Brigg threw at her.
'I have a purpose' She thought, 'I have many! But, that lout is right, I have a job to do. So I best be about it!'
With a surge of renewed confidence, she bypassed the Galley and walked straight into the quarters where the infirmary was located.
It was a nice space; clean, well kept and fastidiously organized. Nothing like she had ever seen before.
"Better than just a trunk of supplies" She said out loud to herself, "Well, best familiarize myself with the who, what and where of my new working space!"
Walking to the first glass-fronted cabinet, she threw open the doors and started removing bottles and boxes from the shelves.


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 01/06/2008 20:12:11

Just as the topsail of El Lobo del Mar was about to sink into the horizon Malcolm gave the signal to set sail. The three British frigates Pulled out from their hiding place near the mouth of Glenlivet harbor making for the open sea. “Captain Cummings!” He turned and shouted, secretly enjoying the haste with which the commander of the Cornwall came to answer his call.

“You called, Mr. Dagget?” Burton did his best to keep his distain from his face.

“Indeed, Sir.” Malcolm returned. “Have all of the ships been given the coordinates for our rendezvous?”

“Aye.” The captain frowned. “They have, and they know the part they have to play in your plan, Sir.”

“Excellent, Captain. See that all is made ready, then give the signal for the ships to separate.”

“As you wish, Mr. Dagget.” Burton Cummings turned to carry out the man’s orders, no matter how much they stuck in his gut.

Malcolm turned back to the point that he saw the pirate ship vanish. Only the flat open horizon of blue greeted his eyes. “Perfect.” He thought. “Now let us see you slip out of this one, Black Jack.” As he walked back toward amidships his mind went back to almost six years ago, and the night that Sir Terrance Blackwood had summoned him back to the estate in Kent.

Once he had been led to the huge library that doubled as Sir Blackwood’s study his jaw dropped. An angry red scar marred the young nobleman’s handsome features, running from his temple down the left side of his face to the jaw. Though he smiled cheerfully at the sight of his servant, a smoldering rage lay just beneath the surface of his pale blue eyes.

“Ah, Malcolm.” He spoke as he rose straightening his evening robe, and brushing a few stray strands of dark brown hair back to where they had escaped the pony tail’s red ribbon. “Come in, My Good Man. Please, have a seat, I’ve been expecting you.”

Dagget crossed the room to take the richly upholstered chair across from the large oak desk the lord sat at. A cordial of fine brandy awaited him, but he waited for his master to sit and drink before reaching for it.

“I see by your eyes that you have noticed my beauty mark.” Sir Terrance’s grin was filled with venom.

“Your pardon, Milord.” Malcolm almost stammered. Sir Blackwood raised a hand to cut him short.

“It’s not like it’s hard to miss, My friend.” Blackwood continued. “It is part of the reason I had you brought back from France. But not the main one.”

The Blackwoods were arguably the most powerful and richest family in England. Second to only the monarchy. There was even speculation that they had legitimate claim to the throne themselves. Malcolm’s family had been in their service for as long as anyone could remember, and it was clear that the Dagget family believed the Blackwoods were the rightful rulers of England. In return for their loyalty The house of Blackwood saw to it that their every need was met. The Daggets lacked for nothing, and were almost an elite, well trained force for the Blackwoods.

“As you know I have spent a considerable amount of time and money on the return of my wife.” The noble continued. “For almost two years it had been a fruitless search. Two months ago I was fortunate enough to have finally located her.”

Unable to contain himself Malcolm blurted out. “Is she home now, Milord?”

A ironic chuckle came from the scared nobleman. “Hardly, Malcolm.” He continued sadly. “She had taken up with a commoner, worse yet a common thief. I personally went to their residence near Birmingham to convince her to return home with me.”

Blackwood stood up, placing his hands behind his back as he started to pace behind his desk. “She readily agreed. The life of living with a bandit had become more than the poor dear could bear. Just as we were about to leave the monster arrived home unexpectedly. He was not about to give her up and struck her. I drew my sword and fought with him, and that is how I acquired this!” He pointed to the long scar.

“I had almost won the day when the bastard did something so horrendous I shudder to think of it!” Sir Blackwood’s voice began to rise with each passing second of the tale. “Seeing that he was about to lose the fight, he pulled out his pistol , said that if he could not have my Jenny then no one would, and shot her dead!”

“Milord!!!!” Malcolm gasped.

“The worst was yet to come, Malcolm.” Terrance Blackwood’s voice quickly changed, coming out low and sad. “As I rushed to her side the villain took the opportunity to escape. She died in my arms, professing her love, and begging my forgiveness.”

Malcolm Dagget was on his feet in a moment. “Who is this brigand, Lord Blackwood?!! I swear I will lead him to the gallows personally!!”

“I believe you have heard of him, Malcolm.” Sir Terrance’s face was drawn and sad. “He is a highwayman of some reputation. Black Jack Roberts. He left England as soon as the warrants were posted for his arrest. I need you to find him and bring him back….for Jenny’s sake. I will see that every means is placed at your disposal.”

“With pleasure, Sir Blackwood.” Malcolm bowed low. “I swear I shall not rest until this Roberts is swinging from the king’s gallows.’

After Malcolm Dagget had been given all he would need to begin his quest Sir Terrance sat back down at his desk and poured a crystal glass full of brandy. A wicked smile formed on his face, soon blossoming into a gale of vile laughter. For all his use Malcolm could be such a fool at times.

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Reply author: Martin Montgomery
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Looking up at the crowsnest,and shaking his head at the thought of what he had just done, Martin exchanged a few words with the gun crew that was busily swabbing their smoking cannon. Dusting himself off and biting back a choice curse when he noticed who had been flattened by his sudden appearance from the cloudless sky. Martin turned to Elinor and Brother Timothy inclined his shaggy head,eyes downcast and stated in a somber tone "Oh Elinor! This ship's poor galley would be improved greatly by your presence, but I am afraid".....Here the large cook slipped a covert wink to the smiling monk..." I've only had time to make the crew's breakfast this morning ........However I also whipped up a couple dozen CHOCOLATE muffins AND a pan of brownies!!! The young scribe broke into a wide grin and seized the large cook's right hand and set off down the central passage leading towards the galley. "Coming Brother Timothy? She called over her shoulder. The brown robed monk smiled and followed as Martin's voice wafted back "The offer still stands for the tea and brown bread Brother,Hurry!!


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 01/08/2008 22:15:17

"Viff if wonderful!" Elinor exclaimed, her mouth full of delicious muffin.

Martin raised his eyebrows, giving her a look. She swallowed, and then blushed a deep pink. "Sorry, Martin! It has been so long since I've had the pleasure of having your food, I couldn't help but dive first!"

"And forget your manners in the process?" Brother Timothy asked.

"It's only been a few days," Martin added. Elinor shook her head. "It has felt longer than that! I suppose that's what happens when I get spoiled by such delectable concoctions as these..." It was now Martin's turn to blush, though he didn't turn as red as Elinor had. The three sat in the galley, each with a cup of tea before them, Elinor feasting on the promised muffins and brownies Martin had baked, Brother Timothy finishing a slice of brown bread. Elinor took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh. "I missed this, us being all together," she replied, finishing off another muffin.

There came a shout and a few of the members of the El Lobo's crew came rushing into the galley, the aroma of the food having wafted to their noses. Rudely reaching over Elinor's shoulder, the two crewmen grabbed the last of the brownies and muffins, and left the galley, leaving a trail of crumbs as they ate them en route. Elinor sighed again. "Good thing I was full already," she muttered, and then let out another sigh. "I'll be grateful when we get the Knight Hammer back."


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 01/09/2008 20:17:49

The two men stood at the top of the hill just to right of the Mariner’s Cathedral. They like everyone else within earshot of the harbor were watching the story unfolding down below.

“Well you got to hand it to her, she certainly knows how to make an exit.”
“How do you know it was her, that’s Wolfe ship and he certainly gives the commands.”
“Aye, but that’s Daniel’s ship sinking into the harbor muck, and you know the old proverb that hell has no fury like a wench with blonde hair.”
“Most likely you are correct, still give Jack some credit certainly he wouldn’t leave her on the quarterdeck alone in command?”
“Not bloody likely if he can help it, still by this time the good Captain is probably just becoming aware of the full implication of that women being on his ship! He may not be in complete command of his own life much less the El Lobo.”
“Well, time for a pint...first round at the Dead Man is on me.”

Turning toward the side street which lead to the Dead Man’s Tavern the two gentlemen missed the newest travesty to set forth into the harbor, the good ship Vexation and its Pirates-in-Training or PIT crew lead by Susie the Moderately Red Pirate was attempting to leave the dock. It should be noted the blackboard at the Numbers House gave the odds at 5-2 against.

“Once we clear the dock stow those lines and give us a bit more sail.”

Turning back toward the quarterdeck Suzie, First Mate of the training vessel Vexation shouted over to the young trainee standing next to the wheel. “Helm bring her around another ten degrees to the starboard and you should feel her take the wind. You’ll have steerage then so you’ll be able to take up the course we discussed. Isn’t this great, just think in a mere moment and a breath of wind you’ll have the entire ship at your command, wherever you move the wheel, we’ll move, do it right and the Vexation will turn on dime, do it wrong and well we won’t go there.”

The young man at the helm looked less than certain and seemed to be mumbling to himself, he didn't seem to hear her and the first mate of the PIT crew was beginning to turn moderately red with fustration. “You do remember the course we talk about earlier don’t you, the one leading us out of the harbor, the one that keeps us from crashing!” Hearing no answer she moved toward the helm and the stiffening pirate at training, “Hello! Anyone home?” A blank stare was the only response she received as Suzie moved to take his hands off the wheel, a task perhaps easier said than done. And the Vexation continued to sail with the wind.

The signal flags danced up the HMS Cornwall’s lines and the English frigates instantly moved into action. All eyes had been upon the quarry which had just slip over the distant horizon and now every hand was turned out to bring their ships to ready and into the chase. Orders were shouted and relayed, feet slapped the deck as the crews ran in response and the anchors slowly cleared the water. Nothing out of the ordinary or unexpected, just another typical day and port departure for the English Navy.

Unfortunately for the Captain of the HMS Broadsword, his ordinary day became a Glen Livet day when one of his officers called his attention to a rapidly approaching vessel.

"Sorry sir, she just came up out of nowehere, looks like she'll overbear us in no time."
A brief glance by the Captain, "Very well, her Captain should give way shortly, just the same keep an eye on her. Get one of the juniors to identify her and note those signals flags."
"Aye sir."

The bridge of the Vexation was awash with people and no one or combination of crewmen could pry the man's hands from the wheel. The ship sailed on with an erect but comatose helmsmen. Finally in fustration Suzie retreived a belaying pin and applied it to the side of the man's head.

"Yes! It worked!" The helmsman trainee collasped to the deck and released his hold upon the wheel and the ship. Unfortunately, this being a training vessel no one step forward to take his place and the wheel, and as the trainee's would learn the ship, was now turning on its own.

"Beggin the Captain's pardon, sir, regarding the oncoming vessel's flag hoist."
"Yes, what was the message?"
"That's just it sir, there was no message, just a single signal flag, larger than usual sir, big yellow flag with a black letter "L" in the middle."
Before the Broadsword's Captain could demand an explanation an excited shout from elsewhere brought his attention back to this vessel bearing the mark of the solitary L.

Suzie and the crew of the Vexation stood in shocked silence as they watched the bow of their vessel come about and head straight for an English frigate. "Oh my stars, we're going to ram her, someone get the helm and bring us about, everyone else to the sails maybe if we slow down it won't be so bad." Picking up the horn she did the only other thing she could do, shouting at the other ship, "Ahoy! Watch out! Coming through! No brakes!"

As the Captain of HMS Broadsword watched the Vexation approach he did the only three things a Captain in this situation could do; he order his crew to prepare for a collision; a signal to HMS Cornwall that Broadsword would be delayed; and that instead of his usual cup of tea this morning he would have a pint of rum, now.


Reply author: Ice Mage
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*As she held him tight, the fog began to lift. In the distance they could see a row boat with a young couple, rowing just off shore. Daemon turned to look into the eye's of his former wife, and she in his. And at that very moment they forgot about their current worldy loves, and embrased each other in a kiss that only true love could have produced. Meanwhile across the deck, Dorean came up the stairs holding their child. Excited that the baby finnaly rolled over, crawled to him.
To his Horror he came face to face with the Image of the two former lovers in a passionate embrace. Furious he turned quickly and made his way back to the cabin. Daemon and Rose failed to see him, being that they were otherwise occupied. In a mere moment after Dorean walked away, they pushed away from each other. Both apologizing quickly, they realized their mistake. Rose excused hereself, and headed back to her cabin. Daemon turned to continue watching the lovers in the row boat.*

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Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 01/17/2008 18:55:05

Wench stood on the deck, leaning on the rail of the upper deck of the community property known as El Lobo del Mar. She breathed deeply the salt air.
"I decided to take my morning coffee with you. Martin brewed a fresh pot."
Wench turned around and smiled at her sight of her best friend Kate.
Kate handed her a mug. "Thought you could use the extra cream."
At the mention of cream, Li'l Puddin' came running and wound himself around Wench's legs.
She reached down to pet him.
"Would you believe Jack gave him rum this morning? I've never seen anything like it in my life."
Kate said, "Well, that would account for him walking sideways. All this time, I thought it was kitty sealegs. I didn't know the kitty had an affinity for rum. Like his captain, no doubt."

Wench laughed. "Would you believe Jack tried to get me snockered before 9 AM?"
Kate took a sip of her coffee."From what you tell me of him----yes, I can believe it. Isn't that how you became Mrs. Captain Wolfe?"
"Ah, that Barbados rum! But what did me in was the Irish whiskey he pumped me with."
"I was really surprised when you told me you were married. I always thought it was to the dead one. I had no idea this one was so....lively."
" 'Lively!' A very interesting adjective to describe Jack Wolfe!"

Kate took another sip of her coffee. "I thought you said that being married to Madoc was enough marriage to last you a lifetime."
"It was. Although I would have married Rhys in a heartbeat."
"Do you ever think of him, Wench?"
She stared out to the sea, a melancholy look on her face. "Only on days that end in 'y'."
"No. Not at all. I thought myself dead to love until Rhys and I met."
"And where does that leave Jack? As Rhys' replacement?"
She turned to face Kate with a wistful smile on her face. "No one can replace Rhys Morgan. Just as there is no one to compare to Jack Wolfe. It's like..."
"...comparing apples and oranges?"
Wench laughed, "More like comparing Barbados rum with Irish whiskey. Both pack a punch. But you enjoy it while you are drinking it, never aware of the consequences of it. Or you don't give a damn. You just know you like it and damned be the morrow."
Kate shook her head and gave her friend a hug. "You do have a colourful way of explaining things!"
Wench grinned. "I came from a long line of bards, poets and singers. Welsh blood, you know."

Kate pointed to the distant harbor where a mainsail could hardly be seen above the waterline.
"Want to explain why you did what you did?"
Wench said curtly, "Some things need no explanation."
"You never do anything without a reason."
"I said 'explanation'. I didn't say 'reason'."
"What about Captain Cade Jennings?"
"When I meet up with Cade Jennings, I am going to kick his arse for what he has put me through."
"What about his marriage proposal?"
Wench just smiled. "I say we get ourselves another cup of coffee."
"I guess this is yoiur way of saying, 'mind your own business, Kate.' "
Wench just laughed.
"Cream or sugar?"


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 01/19/2008 19:50:34

Sitting contentedly in the warm galley with Brother Timothy and Elinor,Martin realized with a start that these two very different folk were among the short list of people whom he would gladly trust with his life. Brother Timothy slipped a small flask out of his robes and offered it first to Elinor then Martin. Elinor shook her head and sat back with a smile of pure chocolate bliss across her face and the big cook simply passed his hand over his mug then toasted the monk as he liberaly added several dallops of the amber liquid to his own mug. Savoring a large swallow the old monk settled down to ponder the situation. "What else could go wrong on a voyage that had barely lasted half a day? More than anyone could guess!!" Was the only answer that came to mind. Finishing his tea Martin sighed, content with his surroundings,his companions and his new and exciting post on the "El Lobo Del Mar". Looking across the small table he noticed Elinor surreptitiously policing each and every crumbs from the now empty brownie trays. Winking at Brother Timothy stood and crossed the galley and stood near a newly built cupboard,opening it he removed a cloth covered basket. "My friends!"He stated" I didn't happen to notice first mate Briggs,Dr Gander or our esteemed Co-Captain Wolfe "at the trough" so to speak" Here he guestured towards the long trestle table that now was raised out of the way. So I believe I'll take these Chocolate Muffins down to Officer Country,maybe I'll stop by the surgery and introduce myself. As Elinor's head snapped around Martin reached around her and gently laid two beautiful muffins on the empty tray in front of her. "Take care Elinor!" He said as he negotiated his bulk out the galley door and down the passageway "They still have the papers on them!" The young scribe screamed at his retreating back,"Martin they don't have any paper on them......" She turned beet red as Brother Timothy smiled and Martin's hearty laughter floated back her ears. "That was a dirty trick!"She howled as the robed monk once again reached for the silver flask "but I'll think I'll put these somewhere safe!" with that the girl snatched up the two muffins and scampered off towards her quarters!" "Lord,grant me the strength!" the still smiling monk quietly whispered "To keep up with these good people! Putting the flask away, he finished "and help me to keep them all safe! Finishing the mug and putting it in the tub of dishes to be washed, the old monk moved off on a mission of his own.


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 01/19/2008 22:36:59

“If I had not been watching the whole thing with my own eyes I would not had believe it. In truth I not sure I believe it anyway, by rights both ships should be sinking to the bottom at this very moment. Instead the only excitement we get to watch is just some interlocking yards and damage to the sides. Might as well watch a cup of tea seep.”

The first mate of the Pride stood listening to his Captain’s commentary on the unexpected meeting of the training ship Vexation and the HMS Broadsword in Glen Livet’s harbor while his eyes kept watch upon his own crew preparing to follow the El Lobo del Mar over the horizon. “What’s happening now sir, dam it Snotty get those lines secured before someone falls overboard!”

“Perhaps we’ll have some fun now as it appears that the English Captain is yelling at someone aboard the Vexation, oh he has just crossed over, ah now the Captain of the Vexation, whom it appears is a young woman, she’s bowing to the Englishman, oh nice move stopped him in his tracks, it appears he is not sure how to handle a woman with authority, dam I wish I could read lips!”

“Why is that Captain?” A new voice was heard, one the Captain recognized as belonging to the chief of Clan M’Crack.
“Because I would give my eye teeth to know what is going on between those two over there, that girl can’t steer a ship but I’ve got to give her the devil’s due for standing up to the Englishman. Oh, it appears their done, he bowing and turning away, heading back…dam!”
“What happen? Here give me your glass.” Guard’n took the spyglass and looked toward the tangled ships.

“What happened was that girl Captain, as the Englishman bowed and turned away she reached over and slapped him on the behind like a hussy and blew him a kiss! I swear I could see his face turn beet red from here. Now that kind of nerve should be encouraged.”
As Guard’n looked across the water at the Vexation he smiled, “You may get your chance to encourage her, I recognize her even if you don’t.”

“What? Who is she?”
“That’s Suzie, known as the Moderately Red Pirate” noting the question look in the eyes Guard’n continued,” it’s a long story so don’t ask, just understand she’s a youngster in Brother Timothy’s clan. Wanted to sail with O’Driscoll, was told to get more experience first, so there she is running into an English frigate. She’ll be of the age soon enough, we may have to bring her home just to protect the rest of the world’s navies. Speaking of protection Captain are we ready to follow the wolf?"

"We have the coordiates but are you sure Timothy made it on board?"
"Aye that he did, for I saw the small pennet I gave him flying from the top mast telling me no changes have been made to the plan. Now lets be about our business and get underway."


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 01/22/2008 11:34:18

"What are you doing?"
The quiet voice behind Lil made the the hair on the nape of her neck prickle.
Lil froze halfway between putting an analgesic back in the cabinet and pulling out bicarbonate.
Slowly, she turned and almost bumped into that who is called 'Duckie', or Dr. Gander.
"What's up Doc?"
She looked up into to his emotionless face.
'Tough cookie' Lil thought as she began to turn around and continue with her inventory.
She was stopped with a gentle hand on her shoulder.
"Please stop touching my things."
If he had yelled, shouted, stomped or even physically thrown Lil about she could have reacted instinctively, but, this simple request baffled her.
"Say again, saw bones?"
He removed his hand and stepped easily in front of her and the cabinet.
"Stop touching the medical supplies, please. You have no idea what you are doing, and in turn are ruining the effeciency of my Surgery."
Lil stepped away from the man and bumped right into Martin.
"Morning, Doc!" Martin's cheery voice boomed across the small room as with one hand he steadied Lil and the other sat a basket that smell absoutlutely heavenly on the surgery table.
Dr. Gander turned and smiled at Martin and the nodded appriciatively at the the basket.
"Good Morning, Martin. I have heard from the crew that the cooking has improved greatly since you took over as cook. Thank you for that, I am certain their health and humors will be in high spririts for the time you are the cook of this vessel. You have made my job easier to contend with. Less cases of bellyaches and food poisonings will leave me free to deal with more serious issues."
Martin gave a smart salute and bowed at the Doctor.
"Thank you Doc; That was nice of you to say. I have come bearing gifts and I hope you and Lilaney will enjoy them immensly"
Lil sniffed the air around the basket.
"Smells good, whatever it is Martin, thanks!"
Lil made a grab for the basket and was beaten to the punch by the Doc.
"Thank you and I am sure Briggs will enjoy the rest of these."
Doc swiftly pulled two muffins out of the basket and handed it back to Martin, who winked at Lil, turned and left.
Leaving the door open to rock gently back in forth on its hinges by the swaying of the sea.
"Are you going to share?" Lil said archly as she stood back, hands on hips and watched as 'Duckie' left the muffins unattended on the shelf, and replaced everything she had taken out of the cabinets back precisily where they had been removed from.
"Should I? You have eaten already this morning, and I have not. You are free to return to the Galley while I must stay here and reinventory everything to ensure nothing is missing."
"I took nothing! I was only looking at what was all here! Being the ship's medical person on Knight Hammer; I was merely assuring we had everything nessecary for this voyage."
"Where did you study?"
Lil crossed her arms over her chest.
"I learned by watching, where did you study?"
Duckie was done replacing everything back in the cabinets and locked each glass-fronted case with an audible click when he turned and looked at her.
Lil's arms fell to her sides.
"Well, that's me outsmarted isn't it? Say, Doc, if you need any help just let me know."
Feeling like she was floundering Dr. Gander smiled a civil smile at her, picked up the two muffins and bowed gracefully.
"I am certain I will need minimal assistance. I thank you for the offer and will remember it for a later date. If you'll excuse me, I will begin my rounds for the day."
He followed Lil out the open door and passed her as he made his way back up to the Captain's Quarters and she made her way to the Galley.
Flopping down next to Elinor who smiled serenely at her, Lil glowered slightly and then smiled back.
"How's it?" She asked as she stared at the empty brownie tray.
"It is going great!" Elinor said brightly as she took the tray and headed for the scullery.
"Wait up!" Lil followed "I think some dishwashing will suite my mood perfectly."


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 01/22/2008 14:53:01

Having been treated to Martin's delicious food, and prompted by Lilaney's mention of dishwashing, Elinor decided it might be a nice gesture for her to help wash the dirty dishes that had resulted from Martin's cooking. Also seeing this as a good way to catch up with her friend after the time spent apart on shore, she spoke up amidst the bubbles and soapy water.

"You don't seem to be in the happiest of moods," Elinor started, giving Lilaney a quick glance. "Did something happen?"

Lilaney shook her head. "I was just bested by the ship's surgeon."

Elinor looked confused. "But you're the--ohhhhh," she replied, realizing what Lil had meant.

"It seems that I'm not needed," Lil continued, giving an extra vigorous swipe of the drying cloth to the dish she was holding at present.

Elinor looked at her friend in surprise. "Not needed? Why are you not--"

"He studied in Oxford," Lil explained, raising her eyebrows, assuming a slightly haughty nature about herself as she spoke. She sighed. "I can't compete with that."

"That's nonsense," Elinor responded. "Tell you what, the next time I get injured, I'll make sure I run to you to stitch me up. With the rate I end up getting scrapes or cuts, you may have work by the end of the day!" Elinor smiled hopefully at Lilaney, her grin so large and silly that it made Lil crack a smile. "And patch you up I will," Lil promised, "if I can get my hands on any supplies..."


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 01/24/2008 15:22:09

"Didn't you bring any of your own?" Elinor took the plates stacked neatly and put them away.
Lil's eyebrows furrowed as she crossed her arms and thought hard.
"I think so, the only thing I had on hand from the chest is two bottles of Rum."
"Yes, as those are only good for sterilizing and anthestitizing, think you could sew up a flesh wound with just your smile?"
Dr. Drake Gander stepped softly into the scullery and placed a metal pan of instruments next to the stove.
Lil quirked an eyebrow.
"Humor Dr. Gander? It doesn't suite you."
Elinor giggled and nodded to the Doctor.
"Pleasure to meet you, Dr. Gander, I'm Elinor, Scribe of the Knight Hammer. Looks like you know Lil already."
Duckie flashed an unnaturally genial smile at Elinor and took her hand to shake.
"Likewise, Elinor; have you happen to meet our Scribe just yet? He is an unusual gentlemen, but, being that you two are of the same occupation I am sure you will get along swimmingly."
Elinor's smile faltered ever so slightly, then brightened again.
"I am sure we will, say, where does he hang out during the day?"
Duckie had released her hand and turned to tend his instruments, using a rather large, sharp needle, he pointed towards the back of the ship.
"He is aft during the day, he says that light is better back there."
Elinor turned and beamed at Lilaney.
"I should go grab my logs!"
She eyeballed Duckie's back, her eyes slowly roving from head to toe.
She gestured with her head to his form and raised an eyebrow to Lil as if to say
'You going to be alright in here with him?'
Lil smiled at the concern her friend was showing about the matter and spoke brightly.
"That sounds great Elinor! Go get the logs; I'll just be moseying along, things to do ya know!"
If there had not been a moment of dead air, Lil might have missed the inaudible snort from the figure in the corner.
"That's right, 'Duckie', things to do."
Elinor slowly backed out of the room, smiling a rather worried smile.
"If you are sure, I'll be going now."
Lil waved her away with a grin, Elinor departed quickly and Lil allowed the grin to fade.
She leaned against the doorjamb and looked the Doctor up and down quite appriciatively.
"I can hear you thinking, you know."
His voice startled her.
"Imagine that, a man who can work and talk at the same time."
Lil crossed her arms protectively over her chest as she waited for reply. None came.
The bellow came through loud and clear, Lil, sensing her presence needed elsewhere, sent a little fairwell notice over her shoulder as she sprinted out of the scullery, through the galley, and up onto the main deck.
The small throwing dagger thudded soundly into the wood of the bulkhead just over Duckie's right shoulder. He let a small smile flit over his lips as he set the tools to scald.
"Temper, temper!"

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Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 01/25/2008 19:09:04

Malcolm Dagget closed the spyglass with a snap, they were closing fast on the prey so it would be of little use now. Now that they were well out of sight of land he could take his quarry with relative ease. Even though his forces were now cut down to two against one he remained reasonably sure that the HMS Cornwall, and the Valliant could provide enough intimidation for his task to be completed without having to test the gunners.

“Captain Cummings!” He turned and shouted against the wind of their full speed.

“Aye, Mr. Dagget?” Burton Cummings came to stand beside his temporary commander.

“Signal to the Valliant to close in on El Lobo del Mar’s port side. We will take to her starboard.” Malcolm grinned with anticipation. “We shall each fire a warning shot across her bow, then give then our terms.”

“Aye, Mr. Dagget.” The captain of the Cornwall turned to leave, when Malcolm’s words brought him up short.

“And, Captain, make certain that neither shot ‘accidentally’ hit’s the ship. I want our prize taken alive. Is that clear?” Malcolm stared holes into the shorter man’s back.

“Crystal, Mr. Dagget.” Cummings replied icily without turning around.


The cry brought the hackles on Jack Roberts neck up. With practiced speed he checked the charges in his pistols, and the readiness of the rest of his weapons. Racing to the rear of the ship, he pulled his own small spyglass, and confirmed his worst dread. Two frigates were bearing down on the El Lobo del Mar with increasing speed and both flew the Union Jack.

Only one man could possibly be in overall command. Dagget. Jack knew Blackwood’s prize hound would have upped the stakes since their last encounter in Tortuga. That encounter had cost Malcolm two of his lackeys, and a bit of flesh. It looked like this time he was taking no chances. In a way Blackjack was rather flattered. Two of his majesty’s finest for just him? And here he thought his reputation as a Highwayman was notorious.

He turned to see most of Captain Wench’s crew were now on deck, and just at that moment both Captain Wench, and Mad Jack appeared. He liked his new crew mates, and made the decision to offer himself up to Dagget for their sakes. Even though they barely knew him, there was no reason to involve them in his personal trouble, nor to have them get skinned up on his account. Besides there was always the chance he could fox his way out of captivity. He had done it before.

“Hell’s bell, and Hob’s Bodkins, Honor!” Jack heard captain Wolfe bellow as he surveyed the situation. “What did you do to piss off the English?! Sink one of their ships in port?!”

“I have no idea, Mr. Wolfe!” The stylish blond Captain shot back. “They're one group that I have had little to nothing to do with!”

“Maybe their just starting to feel left out then.” Mad jack grinned.

“It’s none of her doings, Captain.” Blackjack spoke up. “Unless I miss my guess, I’m the one they be after.”

“And just why would that be?” Captain Jack Wolfe looked sideways at him.

“It’s a long story from my past, but if the man I believe to be aboard one of those frigates is there, you can bet he won’t give up until he has me in irons. The safest course would be to take me over in a longboat and hand me over to him. It‘s all he wants, and I don‘t think they‘ll have much interest in the El Lobo del mar after that.”

Just then two cannon roared from either side of them and two splashes of water close to the bow made the frigates intentions well known. Blackjack looked up to see the unmistakable form of Malcolm Dagget at the side of one ship smiling at him.


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 01/25/2008 23:09:29

Since leaving the galley Brother Timothy had been working his way through this new vessel and her crew. Walking and talking his way through the midship, around the gun deck, pausing here and there to talk to the crew when the opportunity arose, looking but more often just listening and being seen. Lessons learned in his younger days kept him out of trouble or from committing some great taboo as he interacted with his new shipmates, but he also realize that a monk on this ship would never survive without an inside contact. He needed someone trusted by the crew to vouch for him before he would feel comfortable and safe.

Approaching the forecastle a faint aroma of pipe smoke was in the air, following his senses brought Brother Timothy around the foremast and into sight of the boatswain directing a work crew. A large man with a healthy brogue, the boatswain’s verbal assault upon the crew’s ears was halted in mid sentence by the sight of the brown robed monk.

“Sweet mother of Jesus, do my eyes deceive me is that a priest on the Lobo or has the sun taken me?”
“Pax vobis cum.”
“Dominus vobis” before he even realized it the words of his youth in Ireland slip out of his mouth and big Sean Sweeney gave his men a last threat to keep working and turned to the approaching monk.

“I had heard that the Knight Hammer’s crew was as unusual as their blonde siren of a Captain but I have to admit I wouldn’t have expected someone such as yourself!”
“It has been said there are stranger things in heaven and earth but my mission has taken me down this path for now, so here I am.”
“What kind of community sends a man such as yourself onto a pirate ship?”
“Then know me formally for I am Brother Timothy of the Order of St Brendan and I have need of...”
“Go no further for I know your Order of old, and I remember my sainted mother’s advice its best to leave some things alone and you brown robes fall into that advice. Yet she also taught me to respect your old ways, while you are with us should you need anything send me word and you shall have it if possible.”

Looking about at the work crew Brother Timothy saw that their ears were working harder than their hands, realizing that there will be hell to pay shortly on the forecastle when he left, he gave them a brief respite by engaging the boatswain in one last exchange.
“There is one very important thing you must do for me and everyone who sails upon the Lobo. We will be attack sometime in the future, when that happens you must raise this pennant to the top of the main mast. No don’t look at me like that, we have friends, if you know of my Order you know that as well, and these friends will come to our aid. Will you do it?”
“Aye, I do not see any harm in it so consider it done.”

At that moment the sound of the ship’s bell echoed through the air, “ALL HANDS ON DECK!” Lookng about to see the trouble Sweeney leaned over the railings and glanced back to see two approaching ships, “English…dam English!”
“Suffering saints Brother from your lips to God’s ear, give a man a little warning next time.”
“It is not my fault, remember your promise.”

At that Brother Timothy turned and pushed his way through the running crew toward the quarterdeck arriving just in time to hear Black Jack Roberts, “It’s a long story from my past, but if the man I believe to be aboard one of those frigates is there, you can bet he won’t give up until he has me in irons. The safest course would be to take me over in a longboat and hand me over to him. It‘s all he wants, and I don‘t think they‘ll have much interest in the El Lobo del Mar after that.”

Just then two cannon roared from either side of them and two splashes of water close to the bow made the frigates intentions well known.

Walking past Roberts and toward the Captains and pointing at the flags, "They're English, they are not to be trusted, you give them Roberts and they''ll still blow you out of the water!"


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 01/26/2008 21:22:59

Blackjack looked at the monk aghast. He wasn’t sure if it was to help him out, or just the priest’s dislike of the English that had caused him to come to Jack’s aid, But it was certain that they should all know who they were dealing with.

“I thank ye kindly, Good Monk, but do you see that sneering devil at the side of the ship off our starboard?” Blackjack pointed to Dagget. “The one who looks like a twin for Captain James Hook? I don’t know if ye ever heard of him, but that be Malcolm Dagget, prize dog of Sir Terrance Blackwood himself.”

“What ye say could very well be true.” Jack continued. “But with two ships on either side of us, I can guarantee that blackguard will give the order for both vessels to fire on us if you don’t hand me over to him.”

“I haven’t been with your crew long, but I have taken to every one of you that I’ve met, and I see no good reason for you to put yourselves in jeopardy for a stranger’s sake. Not when there‘s the chance ye all can get out of this with a whole skin for the price of one man.”

Just then Malcolm’s deep voice came across the few yards that separated the two ships. “Ahoy, El Lobo del Mar! Captain Jack Wolfe! My name is Dagget, Malcolm Dagget! We have no quarrel with you nor any of your crew except for one! Hand one Jack Roberts over to me and I will give you my personal word that you can continue on your way unharmed! Refuse and I will give the order for both of his majesty’s ships to open fire! You have five minutes to give me your answer!”

Jack stripped himself of his weapons and handed them to Captain Wench. “If you would be so kind as to look after me effects, M’Lady” He smiled with a wink. “Who knows I may come back to claim them with a bit ‘o luck.”

Then turning to Mad Jack he held out his wrists to be bound. “Well, Captain? It be up to you now.”


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 01/29/2008 05:40:52

After dropping by the surgery with his offering of muffins,Martin left belowdecks and headed up to the maindeck. The big cook felt that he could chat with the crew of the "El Lobo Del Mar" and pehaps entice some of his new 'mates to have a go at some practice combat,for although he felt pleased with the acceptance of most of the crewmen,some people you have to earn respect from in the time honored traditional ways. Emerging into the bright morning sunlight after so long belowdecks Martin's eyes were dazzled by the reflected sunlight and he had to stop and hold onto the stairs rail while blinking rapidly to clear his sight. hearing a sound of disgust the big cook shaded his eyes and percieved the First Mate ,Briggs standing at the ship's rail just aft of the massive mainmast. Crossing to the rail Martin smiled, tossed off a jaunty half salute and offered his hand. "Mister Briggs,it's a fine morning is it not?" Looking down at the proffered, ham sized hand and after giving him a look that would curdle fresh milk,barely nodded his head. "Mornin'" Martin sighed inwardly and put both hands on the rail,watching the sea roll past the clean wooden hull as the "Lobo" made way. Looking aft he noticed that all evidence of land had disappeared. A rouge wave of uneasiness slammed into the pit of Martin's stomach,and he quickly took his eyes off of the empty horizen and looked down at the rolling waves in the deep blue water below the rail. "A bit under the weather Mr Montgomery?" Briggs scoffed "Shall I send for Dr Gander?" Martin started to lie but thought better of it "Not at all Mr Biggs! There is no need to bother the good Dr. It's just a touch of ....Well I guess you could call it "Wariness". Briggs peered at the new cook with wonder in his eyes "You don't care for life on the seas,Cook?" He groweled. "No ,no I find it exhilarating! It's just,as a merchant on land, if a wheel falls off of my wagon,or an axle breaks or one of a hundred other things that can go wrong,do. I have the option of walking to the next village and ......I have yet to master walking on water!" As Briggs snorted,Martin caught a flash of motion out of the corner of his eye,in the water and called the First Mate's attention to it. The change in Briggs' mood was very evident he clapped his hand on Martin's broad back and crowed "No need ta worry now,my good Cook! We have Poseidon's own escort!" "Dolphins!" Martin exclaimed. "Correct!" The 'Mate continued "No bad thing happens ta the first man what spies Dolphins first day out 'o port!" The 'Mate excused himself,humming a shanty to himself and Martin returned to watching the sleek animals race past his position then leap up. Clearing the surface by many feet, then landing, almost without a splash. Cavorting and doing acrobatics they chittered loudly,seemingly pleased to have an audience. "Nothing bad will happen huh." The big Cook shook his head in wonder "It is VERY clear to me that he has NEVER sailed with OUR paticular crew before!" He muttered A cry went up from the watch "ALL HANDS ON DECK!!!" Turning from the rail Martin noticed others from the "Knight Hammer" on deck, Brother Timothy stood near Captains Wolfe and Wench discussing a matter of great importance. The newest crewmember of the "Knight Hammer" was divesting himself of a great number of weapons,which he then handed off to WW. Two booming reports of large caliber cannon echoed across the deck and Martin wondered to himself "Where the bloody HELL did two ships come from?" The next thing the Cook saw caused him to scurry across the deck and dive belowdecks to retrive his weapons from his chest in the Galley! Muttering "They fly the Union Jack!! What did she do to the English?!?!"

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Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 01/29/2008 09:45:32

'There's nothing like a good skirmish in the morning to get the blood going!'
Lil muttered to herself as she monkey-climbed up the rigging lines to get into a better position.
'and to think; I thought it unwise to bring a bow and arrow on board. What I wouldn't give for some long-ranged hand-weapons right now!'
About halfway up the bow's topsail, she swung herself around and surreptiously wound her arms and legs into the lines. Even if she fell, she wasn't going to land on an English ship.
"Isn't this a merry mess!"
She shouted over to some Brits who were also climbing into position on the lines.
"Bugger off she-demon!"
Lil laughed into the breeze.
"That all ye got on a fine Morning such as this!? We musta really interuppted your morning Tea! Did a bisket get soggy? Or, gads! and even worse! Did you dribble on your nice pretty uniform!?"
One man gave a hand signal that left nothing to Lil's imagination on just exactly what he thought of her.
Her eye's open wide and she laughed brightly at her passing thoughts.
"Dumb idiots, every single one of them is exposed! Will be short work to negate them from the equation."
Finally, ignoring the men she was verbally harrassing. Lil scanned the English ship's deck.
'Standard set up, Don't these Brits ever get creative?'
She spied the gent who was doing all the hollering. Golly, he was a hair off the dog!
'Uh? Lil? Briggs wants to know sumthin'. Think you could get'em from this position?'
A skinny boy had shinnied up the man-lines and was now hiding behind Lil on the lines.
'Uh, get who?'
Obviously, this kid hadn't been out to sea much, she could hear his stomach threatening mutiny from all the deep swaying that happened the higher up the ship you went.
'That bloak that was doing all the yellin' a minute ago. Briggs thinks you could get'em from where you are.' His fear at being so high was whispered out as well as Brigg's words.
Lil espied the man who was now paceing back and forth next to the Pilot. Doing the quick math in her head, she nodded to herself and leaned back to whisper to the kid.
"Let Briggs know, if he can get that smarmy bloak to the railing of the quarterdeck, he is as good as dead."
The kid nodded and rapidly skinned down the ropes to the awaiting Briggs below.
"Sir, she says she could get'em if you got'em to the quaterdeck."
Briggs nodded firmly and quickly made his way up to the Captain.


Reply author: LairdeGuardnMCrack
Replied on: 01/29/2008 13:24:26

The call from the crows nest to the deck was loud and clear to all. "The English move on the Lobo"

Captain Smooch, walked to the rail and pulled his glass from his coat, standing calmly watching the ships move closer together and then seeing the warning shots from the cannon.

The ships boatswain and sailing master began barking orders "Prepare for full sail and make ready all guns" The men and women of the Pride were quick to action and the whole ship immediately bristled with excitement. "Not since the days with Grace" one could be heard saying while another voice "Lets give da english 'ell". All the while Smooch just watched thru his glass.

"Captain, we be ready, do we move in?" Cover looked to the captain as he gave his report. Smooch just smiled at the question and looked over as Guard'n joined him on the deck. "We wait" was the simple reply.

Smooch spoke softly. "The English are pompus fools, they must have known we were here, we are not very easy to miss, and to move in on the El Lobo without knowing who we are is just stupidity. Their commander could not have been so interested in his prey that they did not see us shadowing them. Put eyes on every horizon to see if there may be others that have snuck up on these brits or even on us."

He turned to Guard'n and gave a quizzical look "we just wait for the signal from Timmy then we follow the plan exactly....." he stated more like a question before he mumbled a bit and looked back thru the glass.

Guard'n smiled to Smooch "Aye old friend, follow the plan exactly and then afterwards we get a fair share of the spoils. Anyway, your worries of the english knowing we were here, we have been flying it since we left the island. They think we are allies" He pointed to the pennant that hung a bit crooked.......there it was the St Patricks Cross, a flag flown by some Irish to show loyalty to the crown. Then Guard'n laughed "and even when we move in, they should think right up til it is too late, that we be nothing but friends and come to the aid upon hearing the cannon."

Smooch shook his head and had a wierd grin on his face as he returned to looking thru his glass at the El Lobo he spoke to himself but loud enough for all around to hear. "It be about time Brother Timothy, where be that signal" He chuckled and kept watch.


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 01/29/2008 20:53:26

Captain Wench stood there with a scabbard, a baldric, and a swepthilt rapier. Black Jack Roberts had placed his hat on her head. She puffed the feathers out of her face.
"Pfffttt! Pfffttt!"

She pushed the effects into Mad Jack's arms.
"Oh, no, you don't! You think I am going to hand over a perfectly good pair of boots to an Englishman?"
Jack handed the effects to Mason.
"And what do you intend to do about it, Mrs. Wolfe?"
"That's CAPTAIN Wolfe to you."
Mason piped up. "You forgot to say 'junior'."
Both Captain Wolfes said in unison, "SHUT UP!"

As they were arguing, the voice from one of the English ships called out, "...give the order for both of his majesty’s ships to open fire! You have five minutes to give me your answer!”
Wench yelled back, "Are you out of your mind? I need five minutes to adjust my hat just right and you want me to....Malcolm? MALCOLM DAGGETT, IS THAT YOU?"

Dead silence fell over the ship. Daggett stood there and looked incredulous and then burst out laughing, sweeping his hat off his head and bowing.
"Mademoiselle Gisele Trosclair, is that YOU?"
All eyes were on her. She could feel one set in particular boring into her.
Captain Jack said tightly, "You must be mistaken, Mr. Daggett. That is not Gisele Trosclair. That is my wife, Honour Bright Wolfe. Who thinks she is a captain."
Wench held up her finger and said, "Ah ah ah! I am willing to share it. Co-captains, as it were."
Jack fumed, "My ship. My captain."

Malcolm stood on the prow of the ship and said, "But of course she is Gisele Trosclair! She was in Tortuga when Captain Ramzy was killed and the little ensuing uprising."
Wench said defensively, "I met him when I stopped in at The Shattered Blessings Inn with Captain Bacardi. That was when I was looking for Captain Spleen but it turns out I didn't need him at all."
She shouted back, "Malcolm, you must be confusing me with someone else. I never went near that tavern."
"Sure as I am standing here, Gisele."
Jack yelled back, "Sorry, mate. You have the wrong instance. You must have met her some other time."
Malcolm laughed and said, "I doubt it. Who else has a heart-shaped freckle on her lower back?"

All eyes were on Wench. Her face went red and she muttered, "Oh. ****!"
She cleared her throat and yelled back, "I'm sorry, Malcolm, but I shall be disinclined to hand over Black Jack Roberts. You see, he is my crewmate and therefore he is my property. And as this is the open sea, then I shall be the mean, the Captain here."
Jack Wolfe yelled, "Over my dead body!"
Wench yelled, "Don't tempt me!"
Malcolm yelled, "I don't care who the captain is. Either Captain Wolfe or Captain Gisele Trosclair. But one of you had better hand over Black Jack Roberts. Your time is up!"


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 01/29/2008 21:51:01

Moving quietly forward he finally reached a point where he could both hear and see the action taking place between the Captains Wolfe and the English Commander. Having offered his advice, the best course now was to just remain silent, observe and pray that the situation would resolve in their advantage.

From the corner of eye he saw that Sean Sweeney was at the base of the main mast and watching to execute his request to raise the pennant when signaled. In his mind Brother Timothy knew their plan was a good plan, in his heart he knew Guard’n and the Pride were out there somewhere, but he still prayed with all his soul that St. Michael would guide his sword hand in this opportunity to make the enemies of Eire regret this day.

"MALCOLM DAGGETT, IS THAT YOU?" As every head on the Lobo turned toward the blonde wench the monk couldn't contain himself and muttering louder than he thought "Good grief Wench, we're in the middle of nowhere getting ready for battle and you meet another set of boots! How do you do it?"

She must have heard because she turned slightly toward the monk, "Not now Brother,besides it wasn't like that and I'll explain when we get out of this..."Ah ah ah! I am willing to share it. Co-captains, as it were."

"Ah Lord, here we go, so many of them and so few of us, I hope there is enough to go around." As he listen to the conversation deteriorate he checked his sword and reach down to lift up the hem of his habit so he wouldn't trip over it during the upcoming battle.

Looking over the Lobo's deck and her crew he spoke a silent blessings and raise his hand and signaled Sean to hoist away. The boatswain pulled and the package flew to the top of the mast, as it clear the last yard Sean gave the line a crack and the pennant unflured to expose its colors as half gold and half white with two keys embrodiered upon the white half.

On the Pride, Guard'n pull his glass away from his eye, "Its time."


Reply author: LairdeGuardnMCrack
Replied on: 01/29/2008 23:28:46

Smooch looked to Guard'n with a grin....."the plan it is" Then the orders were given to close in on the three ships..."pull alongside the larger of the English Frigates, ensure all guns are readied to fire at the waterline, but remember to keep the gun doors closed til the order is made. By all the gods, you on deck, just go about your normal daily routine" almost with a laugh "at least try to make it look like normal work and I know how much ya want at those bloody english but wait for the order" His face got serious "or I swear you will personally explain to Hoodoo why you did not wait"

Muskets and swords were prestaged behind the rails so that when the order came they were in easy reach of those on deck. Captain Smooch changed his coat and hat to look more gentlemanly and stood by the wheel as the ship approached the others. "Guard'n, it be time for you and the Nox to go to wait out of site, it would not be good if any recognized you before the trap is set"

The ship moved steadily closer to the three, dropping some sail as they neared, to slow the ship. Guard'n grumbled as he returned to the cabins with the Nox. "We will be ready just get us in close" he called back to smooch before the door closed.

One of the younger lads would look up at Guard'n and those that gathered with him in the cabins, with a concerned look of his face. "First battle lad" Guard'n asked "Aye Lairde, but it be what the skipper said that bother me more. Me thoughts was that Lairde Hoodoo had done passed to fiddlers green." A few of the Nox chuckled and Guard'n even smiled to the lad. "Aye he went a few years ago, so do you understand now" The lad got a confused look before a look of surprise then ran off down the passageway to go below deck saying as he went "By Briget herself, I swear I won't screw up"

Work on the decks and in the sails would appear to all just normal sailing routine, and as the ship neared its desired place on the far side of the english frigate Smooch had the signal flags run up that would tell the commanders that they carry a parchment from the company and to offer assistance against their prey. He would wait til he was close enough to call out to the commander of the ship.

"Commader, can I be of any assistance with these pirates" He took a place on the quarterdeck at the rail holding a rolled up parchement in his hands, giving it a little wave.


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 01/30/2008 08:43:34

"Oh, great! Three Ships!?"
Lil leaned out a bit from her perch and stared at the new arrival. Nice lines, well maintained.
"I truly hope this is clever scheme of somebody's or we are really toast!"

"Mademoiselle Gisele Trosclair, is that YOU?" The man Lil was eyeballing for a perfect shot was now laughing and from what Lil could see, WW was not.
Lil heard the conversation veer towards the word 'Tortuga' and a visible shudder passed across her thoughts and body.
Blocking that aweful place from her mind she focused on the current situation.
'Gotta stay focused on the goal.' she thought.
Her mind reeled with possibilities.

'If I take out that man, his ship may open fire; but, the other boat may not have a chance to let a volley rip before we can. If that new ship along his port side, just on a whim, decides to be for our cause, we could open on the ship on our Port side and that might work. But, who knew how this would go down?'

All of a sudden, all hell broke loose..


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 01/30/2008 12:23:56

After having left the galley and run off to fetch the Knight Hammer logs, Elinor headed towards the aft of the ship, hoping to find her El Lobo counterpart.

She soon found him, a tall, lanky gentleman, sitting atop an empty cask, his feet supported by a nearby crate. A stack of parchment, upon which he wrote, sat in his lap. "You're blocking the sunlight," he spoke up, his eyes not leaving the parchment he was focused upon.

"How am I--" Elinor began.

"Your shadow," The man answered. Elinor frowned. He doesn't seem to be very sociable, she thought. She shifted a few paces to the right, in an attempt to alleviate the problem. "Do you happen to be the El Lobo's scribe?" She asked carefully.

"Of course I am, am I THAT invisible to you?" The man exclaimed, looking up and meeting her gaze. "Oh, I thought you were one of the crew."

"I am," Elinor responded, nodding. Seeing the man's look of confusion, she added, "of the Knight Hammer. I'm the scribe of my crew, my name's Elinor." She put out her hand to be shaken, eager to meet someone new. Reluctantly accepting her handshake, he gave her the once over. "Julian." As she released her grip on his hand, she noticed that his fingers were covered haphazardly with ink. Elinor smiled to herself, thinking of the times she'd had ink-covered hands as a result of her scribe work.

"Those are your logs?" Julian asked, gesturing to the parchment Elinor held tightly in her left hand. She blushed slightly. "Yes," she replied. "I thought perhaps we could swap stories..." she began, trailing off at the stern look from her counterpart. Julian frowned. "Swap stories? I take my work seriously, I don't do it for sport," he responded. "If I were to engage in such an activity with you, it looks as if you'd run out of material quite quickly." Elinor glanced down at the parchment in her grasp. "I have more written, much more!" She replied.

"Where is it?" Julian asked, glancing around her.

"It isn't here, it's--" Elinor began.

"What can I say? Besides, this crew has far more interesting tales to tell than yours would, I guarantee that," Julian remarked, shrugging his shoulders nonchalantly.

"It's not my fault that someone hijacked our vessel and my logs with it....excuse me?" Elinor exclaimed.


Elinor whipped her head around, searching for the person who called out. As soon as she had turned back toward Julian, she caught him placing his logs inside the cask he had sat on, corking the ink bottle and placing it in his pocket. "Put them in here," Julian instructed, gesturing to the pile of parchment in her hand. "Excuse me?" She asked again, incredulous. "You insulted my crew and my scribe skills and then you expect me to follow in your strange customs?"

"You can't help out if you're carrying your logs," Julian pointed out. Not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being right, Elinor folded the pages and stuck them into her bag. "And I keep my ink in here, too," she said indignantly.

Julian glanced at her bag with its dark blue splotches, showing where the ink bottle had broken and leaked through. "Yes, I can see. Very industrious."

Blushing redder than a ripe tomato, Elinor ran to the main deck, where she found most of the crew assembled, and Blackjack Roberts giving himself up to assuage one of the ships that had pulled up alongside the El Lobo. When did they get here? she thought.

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Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 01/30/2008 14:27:56

Malcolm raised his arm to give the order for the two frigates to fire, at that moment all hell broke loose releasing a bedlam of chaos that would take the respective crews of The Knight’s Hammer and El Lobo del Mar days to eventually sort out. Even then none were sure they had it all straight.

Several events seemed to happen all at once. Seeing the red velvet garbed commander raise his arm to signal the attack on the El Lobo del Mar, Guard'n shouted. “Now, Smooch!” The Pride’s cannon hatches opened to unleash a broadside deep into the Cornwall’s innards. Lil had already unleashed one of her deadly blades at Malcolm, and had the Pride not fired at that moment sending her target sprawling, Malcolm would have dined in Hell that night.

The surprise attack thoroughly stunned both English ships, giving Captain Mad Jack Wolfe time to shout for the two crews to split up and attack both vessels. “We’ve allies, Lads!” He shouted. “Make the most of it!”

Seeing Malcolm regain his footing Blackjack watched in horror as he pulled a pistol and took aim upward at Lil. Quickly he pulled the hidden flintlock from it’s hiding place at his back and fired. Whether by luck or design the smaller caliber musket ball hit center of Malcolm’s pistol sending it flying from his grasp.

The two crews took the shot to be a signal and soon all four ships were filling the air with lead from dozens of firearms. None wishing to get into a cannon battle at such close quarters. Jack unsheathed his rapier, then throwing the baldric behind him, wrapped one arm in a free swinging rope and swung for the Cornwall and Malcolm Dagget. Followed by several more of the crew.

Landing a few feet away from his pursuer Jack grinned evilly. “Well, Malcolm, what say we finish what we started in Tortuga? Mayhap I can add to the scar I gave ye there.”

Malcolm returned Blackjack’s grin with equal malice as he ripped his own sword from it’s sheath. “With pleasure, Coward! I’ll either take you to the gallows, or place your head before Sir Terrance on a silver platter!”

Cheers rang out on the port side of El Lobo del Mar, as The Valiant pulled away, only to be brought to virtual silence as they watched the frigate swing around and make a bee line for The Pride in an attempt to rescue The Cornwall before she succumbed to her wounds.


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 01/30/2008 16:59:05

From high atop her perch, Lil watched the battle ensue.
Her eyes darting back and forth, she watched avidly as the main players got their digs in where they could.
'I can see why older salts pick the crow's next for watch, this is the best place to view the meelee!' She thought as she heard laughter coming from the crow's nest as 'Gordy' pulled a slingshot from somewhere behind him and started winging musket balls in every direction.
"Oy! Why not shoot'em out of a flintlock like any other pirate!?"
Lil ducked as he sent one whizzing by her left ear.
"Cause me aim's terrible and I don' wanna hit the Captains!"


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 01/30/2008 20:26:15

"All hands, return fire and prepare to repel boarders!" Jack ordered. "Briggs, see to the grapnels. I want us lashed to that English scow. She'll not be going anywhere without our say so!"
"What the hell are you doing?" Honour yelled. "Are you trying to get us all killed for certain?"

He rolled his eyes and leaned on his cutlass like a walking cane as shot whizzed past them. "First off, only an idiot tries to lie aboard from the larboard side. They've handed us control of the engagement since they're in the lee. With the Roundhead's ship secured to ours, they can't fire their guns without significant risk of damaging themselves worse than they'd hurt us. Granted, the same holds true for us, but we'll worry about that later. So, what say we set about saving our ship - a task you're well acquainted with - and make sure Blackjack doesn't get his neck stretched by that overstuffed peacock?"

Honour blinked for a moment, then drew her rapier. "Either you're starting to make sense, or I'm finally losing my mind."

"Whichever it is, you still have poor taste in blades. Mind the masts, eh?" he smiled slyly.


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 01/30/2008 20:46:41

"You worry about El Lobo right now. I'm going to fetch my crewmate! He saved me from Captain Jonas Corwin and I'm about to lend him a helping hand."
She walked in the direction of the HMS Cornwall.
Jack grabbed her arm, "Are you still a bit impetuous after all these years?"
She looked down at his grip on her and said, "Release to touch, Jack. Or I'll give you the same treatment as Daggett gets."
Jack glared. "You promise? The sailcloth and rope CAN come down, you know."
She walked off towards the upper deck. "That is an argument for late at night when we are alone."
She added over her shoulder, "And it's not what you think."
He shouted, "What do you think I think?"
"I don't know but guaranteed it is an unsavory think!"

Wench grabbed the rope that was swinging from where Black Jack had let it go. Jack tried to grab her but she was already in mid air and landed on the deck of the Cornwall with a thump. She stood up rubbing her rear. "OW! Why can't I ever get a soft landing?"
She stuck her tongue out at him and yelled, "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS, WOLFE! THIS IS MY CREWMEMBER!"

She landed on the upperdeck which miraculously didn't have anyone. Wench crawled over to the canvas lying there and hid under it. With stealth, she moved down the deck almost like a ghost wrapped in tarp.
She made her way to the deck where the clashing of swords made her heart beat a little faster.
Wench threw the sailcloth off and climbed to the upper deck, holding onto the riggings.
Black Jack saw her and wondered, 'What the HELL is she doing up there?'"

Malcolm seized the moment when Black Jack was temporarily distracted and pressed his advantage. He had Black Jack pressed against the rail of the gunwale and an evil grin spread across the face. The tip of his blade was pressed against his chest.
"My face shall be the last you see, Roberts, before I send you to...."

All of a sudden, Daggett's eyes unfocused and he slumped to the deck.
Black Jack looked up and there was Captain Wench, standing precariously on the rail but with grace.

She was holding one of her boots in one hand and holding onto the rigging with the other. As she looked at the heel, she said, "Damn! Broke another heel!"
Then she grinned. "But it was for a good cause!"
Black Jack laughed, grabbed her hand and said, "Let's fight our way out of this and over the edge back to El Lobo together!"

Wench said, "I always said 'Heels wound all the time'!"


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 01/31/2008 16:19:52

“Duck, Luv!!” Blackjack shouted.

“What?? Duckie?? He’s still on the Lobo, do you need a doctor?” Wench said confused.

Jack quickly grabbed her arm, and spun her behind him, catching the sword of the lieutenant close to the hilt of his own rapier. “Not very sporting attacking from behind, Mate.” He grinned wickedly. “Especially a lady!” His boot caught the shocked sailor in the gut, doubling him over. The butt of Jack’s sword finished the job. “Ye make me ashamed to be an Englishman!” He spat on the unconscious officer.

“Sorry for the rough treatment, Luv, but there wasn’t time to be gentile.” He grinned at Wench. “Put your back to mine, and we’ll try to rally the rest of the crew what followed me to get our collective arses off this sinking scow.”

“Hmmmmm?? Back to back you say?” Wench winked smiling.

“While ye are a fine woman, M’Lady, and I am honored greatly, we do have two problems.” Blackjack shook his head.

“And what’s that?” Wench asked coyly as she relived Malcolm of his Damascus rapier, and caught another sailor through the midsection as he charged in with a belaying pin.

“For one, ye be married.” Jack shouted as he parried a third sailor’s thrust. It seemed that by taking down Dagget they had attracted much unwanted attention.

“And for another?” Wench shouted over her shoulder, locking blades with yet another attacker.

“That right at the moment this is neither the time, nor the place, Luv!” Blackjack laughed back as he ducked a wild swing and buried his sword in the hapless man’s chest.

“Oh, pooh!” Wench laughed merrily, sending her opponent’s sword over the side of the ship then cutting the man’s britches off so that they fell to his ankles. Wench made a threatening move toward a certain part of the embarrassed man’s anatomy and he fell overboard in his haste to escape.

The Pride pulled away to intercept the Valliant, the last thing Guard’n, or Captain Smooch were about to permit was a two on one battle to take place against the Lobo. The two fighting ships circled each other in the open water, each vying for an advantage the other would deny. Occasionally cannon fire would erupt from either vessel with little or no effect on it’s nemesis.

Suddenly the HMS Valliant broke away from the battle, it’s crew tossing several barrels over the aft side of the frigate. “Their covering their retreat!” Smooch yelled as one of the bombs exploded sending a spray of water high enough into the air to lightly wet the crew of the Pride standing at the bow. “We’ll have to sail around!”

“Now what in hell do ye make ‘o that?” Guard’n asked pointing back to where the Cornwall was lashed to the El Lobo del Mar.

“Damn you, Roberts!” Wench and Jack whirled to find Malcolm had recovered his senses enough to shakily stand, aided by one of two commonly dressed men neither had seen during the fight. Malcolm signaled to one of them and to their surprise the man ran for the hold. The other had trained a pistol on the two and slowly helped Malcolm back away toward the long boats.

“Maybe I’ll be able to fish your body out of the water once this ship blows!” Malcolm sneered as they retreated.

Wench and Jack looked at each other. “He’s going to blow up the ship!!” They exclaimed at the same time.

“Crew’s of the Knight’s Hammer, and El Lobo del Mar. ABANDON SHIP!!” Wench shouted as she and Jack made for the grappling lines that still held the ships too closely together. The two pirate crews swarming along side of them.

“Quick, Jack! Cut us loose and get us the Hell out of here!!” Wench shouted as they made the deck of the Lobo. Just then a call came from the crow’s nest.

“SHIP AHOY!” Gordy shouted.

“Can this day get any bloody worse?!!” Mad Jack swept one hand down his face. There on the horizon the HMS Broadsword appeared and headed towards them.

“Mister Dagget, I’ll be damned if I allow you to scuttle one of his majesty’s ships just to settle a personal score!” Burton Cummings was livid. “I demand you call off your man at once, Sir!!”

Malcolm nodded to the lackey that helped him to keep his feet. Without a second thought he raised the pistol and shot the captain of the HMS Cornwall between the eyes. “No, captain Cummings. I, and Sir Blackwood do the demanding here.” Malcolm sneered. “Now let’s get out of here before this bucket takes us with it.”


Reply author: LairdeGuardnMCrack
Replied on: 01/31/2008 17:03:59

Captain Smooch continued to bark orders at the crew of the Pride, having the ship move around the barrals, trying to pull into an favorable position to unload all shot on the Valliant while keeping it unable to turn back to help the Cornwall without opening itself to a full broadside. All the while Guard'n stood at the rail watching the Cornwall and Lobo, the surprise volley that the Pride had given the british ship had opened quite a few gapeing holes at the waterline and the ship was taking water very fast. He saw that the lines between the Lobo and Cornwall were pulled very tight and was sure it was the only thing keeping the british ship from rolling on its side. He also saw the Lobo's crew cutting lines very quickly and trying to pull away.....He watched all this until he heard the watch yell there was another ship on the horizon.

Capt Smooch had also heard from his watch that another ship had broken the horizon and cussed to himself. "We have a bit of time lads" he called out "We dispatch this pest first" indicating the Valliant "Keep watch on the Lobo, and let me know when she is free" He hoped that the Valliant would see the other ship as well, and try to make a run its direction, that would give him the position he would need to let his gunners take out their main mast. "Stay ready lads, ye know we will only get a few cannons on a clean shot on their sails, all other prepare for chainshot on her ropes" He did not want to sink the ship, he wanted to capture it intact, he knew from what Guard'n had told him that the Lobo carried two complete crews and from all his past experience, that could be about as much fun as a weekend with an x-wife and the pub out of beer.


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 01/31/2008 17:06:22

In the blinking of an eye the fight had begun and the crews had scattered like leaves before the wind. As so often happens in this type of a fight, there is a rapid formation of many small clusters of intense action surrounded by circles of relative calm. This is easily confirmed given the opportunity of time and a safe vantage point from which to observe. Brother Timothy, sword and staff in hand, slowly made his way off the quarterdeck and down the main deck heading toward the frigate Cornwall.

Passing around and between the clusters of crew he both directed friends and dispatched foes. The rap of the staff to the head and then a push in the back directed the fighters in the proper direction. More than one English sailor looked smilingly at the brown habit thinking of an easy kill before suddenly finding himself swordless and a large wooden staff crashing toward his head.

Coming around the mast Brother Timothy found clear air and an unobstructed view clear to the Cornwall. Something was wrong, in the back of his mind a voice was screaming but he couldn’t quite make it out. Sword raised he engage the next cluster of men. He had just smashed a young English officer when he bumped into...

“Briggs! Over here, I need you!"

Dodge and slash, parry and smash.
“Dam it Brother I’m a little busy right now, do you think it could wait?”

Pull the sword from one body-back stab into another.
“No, look around you...does something seem wrong?”

Duck, duck, duck, enough of this take the legs out!
“We’re in the middle of the ocean with a 200 men who want to kill us, what could possibly be wrong?”

A wooden staff swung underhand connects with a sailor’s nether region.
“Boy that has got to hurt, I can’t place it but something is off kilter.”

Hey nice axe, like my sword?
"You're nuts, trust me Captain Jack Wolfe has everything well in hand, before you know it we'll have an English frigate to call our very own!"

Suddenly a familiar voice could be heard above the battle...
"Crew’s of the Knight’s Hammer, and El Lobo del Mar. ABANDON SHIP!!”

"Oh-Oh perhaps we spoke too soon?"


Reply author: Elinor Hakebourne
Replied on: 01/31/2008 21:05:07

It would have been better for me to have stayed where I was,Elinor thought, as the battle raged around her.

There had been only a few moments for her to puzzle what was going on before the fighting began. She had immediately sought shelter behind some crates on board. She knew her fighting skills were not up to par to deal with the conflict at hand, and figured she'd probably be trampled if she chose to crawl anywhere else.

As soon as the fighting had begun, Elinor found herself alone, Julian having joined the crew in the fight. First thing on my list after this is getting some decent fighting skills from a crew member, she thought.

A roar could be heard from in front of her. Her gaze locked upon a man who charged right for her from the left. His face wore a manic expression upon it, and for a second she entertained the idea of grabbing her bodice dagger and striking at him. The moment passed, and with it her impulse to do such a thing. I'd probably hurt myself, and he'd end up unscathed, she thought. Grabbing her trusty--and strangely, not yet destroyed--bag and grasped the handles tightly with her fingers. Putting all the force she could muster behind her strike, she took the bag and aimed for the man's ankles. The man was at such a run that in his haste this strike was effective, in that he stumbled, slipped, and fell.

Elinor got to her feet at once and attempted to walk at a crouch away from her attacker. He grasped at her skirts and held on with his grubby left hand, his right hand fishing around for his dagger. Elinor stood as soon as she felt the tug upon the fabric, and spun around, impulsively clocking the man in the head with another strike as forceful as she could make it. The move was successful, for the man was knocked out by the blow.

Breathing heavily from the effort, Elinor had barely time enough to recover when she felt a sharp pain in her arm. Her brain took stock of the battle as well as the source of the pain. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw red blooming from her left arm and realized she had been shot. She whirled around and saw a shooter aiming at her, or a point just beyond. Ducking just in time, she saw the shot hit the wood behind where she had just been.

"Maybe getting that dagger out would be a good idea now, Elinor," she muttered to herself amid the din of the battle. Awkwardly fishing her bodice dagger with her good arm, Elinor crouched, poised for another attack, when the call came to abandon ship. "Abandon ship?" She muttered. "Why would we--"

But, at that instant, she fell to the deck as two men pushed past her, engaged in a battle of their own. You need to get up, Elinor, she told herself. You'll get trampled or worse if you stay down here... Doing her best to get to her feet, her eyes searched for her fellow crew members of the Knight Hammer. Spotting Brother Timothy, who seemed the closest to her at the moment, she called out to him, using her best hawking voice, hoping she'd be heard over the noise of the chaos and confusion. Clutching her arm, which now throbbed with pain, she yelled, "Brother! Why are we abandoning ship?"

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Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 02/01/2008 07:29:20

Crews started moving across planks and ropes from one ship to the other. The din of battle gave way to the stampede of feet as the order to abandon the Cornwall passed man to man.

"Now why are we running away from a perfectly good ship?" The monk stood on the Lobo watching the horde move, looking up to the masts he noted that all were still intact and nothing on mid deck seem amiss. A loud snapping noise jerked his attention to the grappling lines joining the Lobo and Cornwall together as if they were Siamese Twins.

"Oh saints and sinners she's sinking and taking us with her!" The Cornwall was indeed sinking and the lines lashing her to the Lobo were snapping under the increasing tension. Lines that weren't snapping were biting their way through the ship's sideboards crushing the wood. "Damm, we need to cut those lines, or else we'll soon have three crews on one ship and I don't think even Guard'n has enough ale for that."

His sword flashed in the light as he attacked the lines, slowly they started to part and break under the assault.

Looking up and checking his progress his eyes scanned the Cornwall. In amongst the chaos his eyes found a small figure, a young girl in the middle of battle, how odd, wait, I know her. "Elinor! What are you doing over there? Never mind, get over here now! Elinor...abandon ship...come to me now!"


Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 02/01/2008 09:37:52

"Abandon Ship?"
'She cannot be serious!' Lil's mind reeled with the thought of yet again having to find another ship to be babysat on until they found the Knight Hammer.
"Oh No you Don't!"
Lil saw the Brits from what was obviously the sinking vessel to their starboard, using monkey lines to swing to safety.
Unfortunately they were not just swinging across and giving up; they were trying to take out the El lobo and the Knight Hammer's crew with them.
"Ye Bloody Cox-combs!" Lil yelled as she unwound herself from her relatively safe position, caught the nearest man-line and swung out into space.
In her downward arc she caught a Brit square in the face with her hob-nailed boot, neatly dislodging him from his line.
Lil laughed as she reached the peak of the swing and began to decend back the way she came, kicking at bodies and snagging lines to draw them off-course with her left arm.
She was starting to loose momentum on the line when she heard the ominous snap of lines below her.
"Bollocks!" she yelled as the Brit's ship was taking on water from it's gun ports now.
It would be any moment and the water would be gently flooding the main deck.
"Last Line!" Some poor powder Monkey shouted as he hacked the last lashed line and the El Lobo gave a great heave as it righted itself on the keel after having been slowly leaning onto to its side.
Those were the boy's last words as the Brit who was on that lash-line made a jump for the deck, gained his footing, and cut the boy down where he stood.
Anger boiled up into Lil; she understood the ways of combat and had no problem with a fair fight, or an unfair fight where she had the advantage. Hell, she understood a fight where she was at a disadvantage.
But, to cut a weaponless kid down just for? That was bad form!!
She bent her knees to gain momentum on her final downward swing.
With the quick shift of the ship, she was going twice as fast as she was previously. Quickly switching arms and angling slightly, she held her right arm out stiffly as she approched the deck of the ship; she grabbed the Brit by the hair and with his added weight, she forced him back over the railing and with a 'thunk', he hit the water, sans his hair.
"Oh! EWWWW!"
Lil released the hank of blond hair that still remained in her clutched fist.
Sliding down the line a bit as the line slowed, she judged the drop and on the next pass across the bow, she dropped to the deck and immediatly slipped on the slick boards, falling square on her fanny.
She let out a small cry from the contact as she rolled and sprang to her feet,
just in time to duck a swinging cudgel.
"Oh! Sorry Lilaney!" Brother Timothy took out the sailor directly to her right and she dodged left.
"Not a bother, Brother!"
Lil picked up the unconcious man's blade and moved to the closest group of fighters.
"Lil! Never mind that! Elinor's hurt!"
Lil's mind was filled with bloodlust and had to pause a moment to let it sink in that her friend was injured, quickly searching the crowd, she spied Elinor, leaning against a stack of crates. She was gripping her elbow as the crimsom stain bloomed up the arm of her sleeve.
"Madre de Dios!" Lil ran past the group of fighters, smacking the nearest Brit on the butt with the flat of her blade as she past.
"What the hell happened?!"
She took Elinor by the her good elbow and began to assist her, bobbing and weaving, to safety.
Elinor was starting to shake from the shock of blood loss. She looked quickly over at Lil as she kept an eye on swinging arms and flailing bodies.
"Guess I took one for the team."
Lil's mind focused on their destination, Duckie's Surgery. He had what she needed to fix this.
She pushed Elinor down as an Axe blade came too close for comfort.
A booming baritone caught Lil offgaurd. She looked to her and Elinor's right, there, kneeling on the deck was one very annoyed looking Dr. Gander.
His shirt sleeves were covered up to the elbows in blood, his shirt was sliced across the shoulder, leaving a gaping hole exposing skin. He was leaning over a bleeding and screaming crewmen of the El Lobo. It didn't look good for the man on the deck.
"Not to worry, Doc! Lil has this!"
Elinor's words started strong as she hollered the last of her energy out at the Doc, and then fainted on Lil's arm.
"Easy, Girl!" Lil was not expecting her to faint and made a grab and steadied her as she changed grip to heave her friend up into her arms.
Duckie was next to her in a flash.
"I'll take her." He wasn't offering; he simply took her neatly out of Lil's arms, turned and was gone.
Lil, too worried for her friend's injuries, followed in their stead. Occasionally punching a Brit in the back, arms, face or legs if they got too close.
"What about the kid on the deck!?" She hollored at Duckie's back as they wended their way across the main deck.
"Dead!" He barked back, finally making it too the door, he kicked it open with his foot and proceeded down the steps and into the dark.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 02/01/2008 14:35:52

"That's it! Clear the last of those lines before that hulk drags us down with it!" Jack hacked at the few remaining lines even as they wrought havoc with the gunwales. A grapnel had dug itself so solidly into the wood that he couldn't dislodge it no matter how hard he strained. Finally, he grabbed an ax and hacked the surrounding wood free. The grapnel dislodged with such force that the mass of metal hooks and wood flew at the deck of the floundering Cornwall like a hellish cannonball. He watched as the projectile found a victim; a young midshipman who chose the wrong moment to leave cover. "Better than drowning," he thought.

"Hard a-starboard! Lay on all canvas, and get some pikes against the Cornwall to push off! The rest of you, get blankets, canvas, anything you can soak and cover the decking!" The crew set about following his instructions as the wind began to fill their sails.

"You'll never get away in time!" Dagget howled. "The fuse is lit, and my revenge is nigh!"

Jack regarded the gibbering madman for a moment, and clenched his teeth. He shoved one of the deck guns back and set about loading it with a double charge and single 8-pound ball. Pushing the gun back into position, he aimed it at the sinking ship's waterline, amidships. "Not with my bloody ship, you won't!" He touched off the gun and blasted a three-foot wide hole in the Cornwall's hull, causing her to take on water even faster. Jack was gambling that by getting her to sink faster, maybe enough of the powder magazine would be wet enough to diminish any explosion. "Get us away, Briggs!" he ordered.

Briggs dutifully relayed the order. "Helm! Get us runnin' before the wind!"

Jack watched the sinking timebomb and waited as they ran from her. Was it enough?


Reply author: Blackjack Roberts
Replied on: 02/01/2008 22:39:36

The wind caused the white sails of the El Lobo del Mar to billow out with a crack as Blackjack jumped to aid the rest of the crew and strained himself to his limit on one of the pikes they were all pushing on. He knew full well that the English at least kept their powder in tarred barrels until it was needed to prevent it from accidentally getting wet below decks and becoming useless. They couldn’t count on the seawater pouring into the ill fated Cornwall’s guts to be enough to stop the explosion.

“Heave, you scurvy dogs!!” Biggs shouted as he strained on his own long pole. “Heave, or by God I’ll set my foot to your backs!!”

Blackjack’s face reddened and contorted with the effort as he tried to will ever more strength into his back and legs. Sweat streamed from beneath the black silk scarf that bound his head, soaking his long ash blond hair into damp strings about his shoulders. Suddenly he felt the pole give and he nearly fell over the rail as El Lobo pulled away from the doomed ship.

Without the Lobo to hold her up and counter balance her, the Cornwall heeled over to her starboard side away from the pirate ship. The rolling action drifting her a few extra yards away. Buckets of water were hastily pulled up from the sea and thrown over every scrap of cloth they could cover the deck with. Quickly El Lobo del Mar gained yard after yard of distance between them selves and their fate.

The hull of the Cornwall bobbed like a deranged cork in the gray sea, sinking a little further with each dip. The Lobo was a good fifty yards away when the water had began to close over the last of her. That’s when they heard it. A series of dull thuds beneath the waves, like a giant hammer striking thick wood. Then the one explosion near the surface that did nothing more than send a jet of sea water fifty feet into the sky. Marking for one small moment in time the watery grave of the ship.

The cheer that went up from the deck of the Lobo carried over the waves to the ears of Malcolm Dagget as he climbed the rope ladder of the HMS Broadsword over a hundred yards away. He looked over his shoulder to see the pirate ship sailing away safe and sound.

“Phanishwar!” He shouted to his one remaining lackey as they made the deck. “Did you remember to bring my rifle with us?”

The Punjabi man nodded and pointed to an odd oblong piece of luggage that lay among the several bags he and his brother had loaded into the long boat after the Pride had attacked the Cornwall. Dagget hurriedly opened it to reveal a flintlock the like of which none aboard had ever seen before. Quickly he loaded the ridiculously long weapon, and attached a strange looking spyglass to the top. A metal foot clicked into place and he set it on the railing, looking patiently through the eye piece.

Blackjack grinned, shaking hands with various members of the crews as they all celebrated their victory and escape from the English. Once again he had escaped the traps of Malcolm Dagget, and had found new comrades in the bargain. For the first time in years he began to feel as if he had finally found a home again.

“We’re not done yet, Lads!” Captain Mad Jack’s voice rose above the din. “Set course for the Pride and that other English tub! All hands to battle stations! Let’s see how they like being bloody out numbered!”

Malcolm steadied himself as best he could on the rocking deck. He stared one eyed down the scope until he had Blackjack’s head in the crossed camel hair embedded in the far lens. “Damn you to Hell, Black Jack Roberts!” He hissed between his teeth as he pulled the trigger.

He watched with satisfaction as Roberts arced backward, then took his eye away from the scope and handed it to his Indian servant. “Captain Hawkins! Make for the rendezvous, full sail. I believe I have some good news for Lord Blackwood.”

“Very well, Sir.” Captain James Hawkins responded. “All hands full speed, Nor’ by Norwest!” The Broadsword pulled away from remaining ships and soon vanished over the horizon.

The report of what sounded like a small cannon echoed from the Broadsword bringing all eyes on the El Lobo del Mar to her. A small almost invisible puff of smoke drifted from her deck.

“What in Davy Jones locker was that?” Biggs rubbed his stubbled chin in wonder.

“Damned if I know, Mr. Biggs.” Mad Jack scratched his head as he watched the English ship turn and sail away. “Didn’t seem to mean much at this range, did it?”

“Blackjack!” He heard Wench shout. Turning they looked down at the still, unconscious form of Jack Roberts, a long red streak creased his head just above his right temple to vanish beneath the black silk head scarf. Blood began to darken the cloth to an even deeper shade.


Reply author: LairdeGuardnMCrack
Replied on: 02/02/2008 03:16:52

"So they decided to try to run away did they" Smooch yelled loudly to his men, "well we will see just how smart that commander is" it was then that Guard'n came to him "El Lobo is free and the Concord is now with Davy Jones"
Smooch rubbed his fingers thru his beard and gave a small smile. "hoist the jibs, we will make her think we are going for speed to run her down" He turned to Cover and Guard'n "If the commander is smart he will see us going for speed, and he will tac to starboard to break away from us and the Lobo and then try to double back and make for that other vessel, he knows we will not be able to slow enough to turn after him at speed so he will think he has the advantage and should pull all sail as soon as he is turned. He knows that at speed the best we can hope for is a running broadside". He watched thru his glass at the other ship, and laughed as he watched the rudder of the other ship begin to turn almost as soon as the jibs caught the wind. As soon as he saw the ship fully turned and making sail the order was barked out "drop all stun'sl and jib and bring us starboard"

Guard'n looked to Smooch "will that not put us in his direct path" asked questioning "then he looked at one of the deckhands and handed his mug to the lad "seems I will be needing an ale" He looked at Smooch, who just grinned and barked more orders "chainshot in all port guns, take out the rigging" He looked at his helmsman "once the broadside is released, bring us hard ta port so we face this british pup directly"

The expression on Guard'ns face was one that a few had seen before, and Cover upon seeing it quickly made the sign of the cross and looked to the heavens. "That is the look lads, the one he gets when a current wife and current girlfriend both show up at the pub at the same time that a tavern wench is sitting is his lap" Smooch laughingly said to those on the quarterdeck as they watched the Valliant turn directly at them as they moved into position. "Now you all know the feeling, you may not die, but your sure there is going to be a lot of pain involved" A lad handed Guard'n his mug back from which he took a huge gulp then looked again at the other ship bearing down on them and raised the mug again to his lips.

"FIRE ALL GUNS" and a full broadside of the Pride went off almost in unison. The billowing smoke from the guns blinded the quarterdeck from seeing the Valliant for a moment, but as ordered the ship was steering quickly to port. Once the turn was complete and they could see clearly, the two ships were almost head on, and as they passed each other the gunwales moaned and groaned as they scraped along each other while the crews of both ships just looked at each other with eyes wide.

The damage had been done, the Valiant was slowing and some of its sail had fallen to the deck and much of the other fore and main sail was flying loose. The chain shot had done its job, taking out much of the cordage. Many of the forestays, halyards and sheets were destroyed leaving much of the running rigging and standing rigging for the fore and main mast damaged.

"Bring us Abaft and abeem the El Lobo" Smooch ordered the helmsman, before looking to the first mate "hoist flag for the Valliants surrender" He knew that without the ability to catch the wind the ship could not move with much speed and would be a sitting duck, so he was sure the commander of the british tub would be reasonable.

By the time the Pride manuvered around and joined with the El Lobo, the Valliant had the flags of surrender flying. Smooch called to the Captains of the El Lobo "seems we have a prize, do you all know where we can find a crew for it" He laughed heartily "shall we pull alongside and see what we have or should we chase down those longboats and that other ship"

Smooch looked to Guard'n "so how do you like the ship so far" Guard'n just shook his head, "I hope we brought enough ale because day one will take me a barrel just to get thru" He sat down with his back against the binnacle drinking his ale while he watched many of the crew take to the ratlines with small arms while others reloaded cannon and waited for the orders to which ship they would move on.

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