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Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 04/07/2008 08:25:37

“Fine I’ll tell them, but where to look; easily done if we’re in port I’d just look for the closest lane of stores and she would probably be in one of them. If not stores then perhaps one of the local ale houses, just find the one with the finest collection of boots and bingo problem solved and search ended. But a wench on the Lobo, dam she could be anywhere.”

On the main deck Brother Timothy moved amongst the crew looking about in hopes of seeing a glimpse of the wench turned Captain. The occasional greeting and question with the crew netted no help. One would imagine she would stick out like a sore thumb. Finally making his way to the quarterdeck he spotted Kate looking out at the rolling sea.

“Blessings of the day Kate.”
“Brother, what brings you my way, looking for lost lambs to build a congregation amongst these sea wolves?”
“Your question is more appropriate than you might imagine Kate, do you have a moment?”
“We’re nowhere near landfall, the sea and sky about us are clear, and I still have hot coffee in my cup, I have nothing but time, speak away.”
“True, have you seen our mother lamb, the blonde wench currently known as Captain Wolfe?”
Kate swallows a laugh and replies “No, but I have seen the Captain formerly known as Wolfe but now doing business as Captain Bright. You just missed her, she headed in that direction in search of sparkles. Why is a there a problem?”
“Perhaps, then again it could be just a big misunderstanding.” The monk then related to Kate all that had been discussed below and the warning to keep a weather eye on the Lobo’s Captain and crew.

Looking out at the ship’s wake the two shared a quiet moment until, “As usual the merry crew of the Knight Hammer appears to be in the deep end again.”
“We could use some timely intervention.”
“Looking for a miracle from above Brother?”
Nodding out to the wake “Not from above, from out there, I just wish I knew where they were right now.”

Kate placed her coffee cup down and lean closer, “Are you talking about that other ship and crew from the battle?”
“Aye, that I am, Guard’n and the Pride came to our assistance. I have many friends and even family on that vessel, they took out that other frigate, saved this ship and crew while we sailed away.”
“But they're an experienced Captain and crew, certainly they knew the Lobo was damaged and had to seek shelter and repairs.”

He turned and smiled at Kate, “That’s what I counting on. By the time the Pride finished that English frigate off, probably took her as a prize, I figure they are about four days behind us and knowing the lack of pirate friendly ports in this region they’ll be heading for the same isle that our Captains Wolfe have picked to visit.”

“Except that’s Captains Bright and Wolfe.”
“So it is, I beg your pardon and your leave so I might go and find her before she manages to get in trouble again.”

As Brother Timothy heads off, Kate returns to nursing her cup of coffee.


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 04/08/2008 10:25:51

"She told you what??!!" Jack thundered.
The crewman swallowed hard and put down the armful of dresses he was carrying. "That... that she'd be takin' Master Briggs' quarters, an' 'e'd be bunkin' down wif you, is all," the man stammered. "Said you an' she'd worked it out all democratic-like, an' that we was to move all 'er gear there, an' likewise wif 'is, 'cept vice versa. Said you knew all about it."
"Does it sound like I knew about any of this?"
"Now you mention it, no, it don't much. Say, you figure she was 'avin' one over on us?"
Jack's eyelids went to half mast. "Trindel, an albatross could have one over on you easily."
"Oooh, albatrosses!" Trindel said happily. "I like albatrosses! All stately as they glide about up there. I sometimes wish I were an albatross..."
"Aye, sir?"
"You're babbling."
"Sorry, sir. Me mum, she says I always babble a bit when I'm nervous-like..."
"A remarkably insightful woman. No doubt runs in the family. Now, where is she?"
"Gloucester," said Trindel proudly.
"I meant my wife, you nit."
"Oh, her! She went topside a bit ago. Said sumfin' about needin' 'coffee and counsel', she did."
"Kate," Jack muttered. It made sense to him that she'd seek out her most trusted friend.
Trindel cocked his head quizzically. "I thought you said 'er name was 'Honour'."
"You wouldn't happen to have a relative, a cousin perhaps, named Mason, would you, Trindel?"
"No, but now you bring it up, I met a bloke from the uvver crew what goes by that name. A right brilliant one, if you ask me."
"I'm not. Now get back to your station. No more moving anything in or out of here unless I order it. Understand?"
"No more movin' anything, even if you order it," Trindel replied.

"Close enough," Jack sighed. He saw Lil'Puddin' jump up on the table, with one of Honour's feathers in his mouth. The cat stretched, then seemed to melt onto the table with his back to the rest of the room, his long tail moving to and fro like a languid snake.
"Traitor," said Jack under his breath. He turned on his heel and stalked off in search of his wilful wife.

He prowled the upper decks until he found Kate finishing her cup of coffee. Another cup, almost empty, sat across from her.
"Hello, Kate," he said, turning on all the charm he could muster. "Have you perchance seen my darling wife about?"
"You mean Captain Bright?" Kate asked, peering over the rim of her coffee cup.
Jack's blood ran instantly cold. "'Captain Bright'?" he asked. "Surely you mean 'Captain Wolfe'."
"No," Kate said. "I don't believe I stuttered. Captain Bright is what she told me. She decided this morning to retake her maiden name. I can't wait to see the splashy entrance she makes on this little slice of hell you've decided to take us to."

Jack's mind began to race. Of all the times she might pick to pull something like this, she'd have to choose this one. As Capt. Wolfe, she at least stood a fighting chance of avoiding the Turk's bounty hunters. Announcing herself by her "maiden" alias was certain to bring nothing but trouble unless he could either get her to change her mind, or get to Ahmet before anyone tried to collect the bounty. He rose and gave Kate a nervous smile.
"Something the matter, Jack?"
"I should be getting along and find Honour. A few things we need to discuss before we make port. Captainy things. You understand."
Kate smiled and nodded her head to indicate which way he should start looking. It just happened to be the wrong direction. "Happy hunting, Captain Wolfe. Topsails and mainsails."
"Ummm, yes. Quite." He hurried off, trying not to break into a run. "Honour! Where are you? Honour!"


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 04/16/2008 21:14:53

"Honour? HONOUR!! Where are you, dangnubbit?"
"*&^%!!" she said under her breath. "Talk about cranky! He's out for blood this time."
She slipped down the hallway and into the kitchen's galley.
"Martin! I'm so sorry. Was that a souffle?"
"Not anymore. It's just...a puddle of something."
Wench poked it. "Can you, like, add some air to it? I mean, can you just take a straw and blow it up again?"
Martin stood there staring at her in disbelief.
"Wench, did you ever cook?"
"Not if I could help it."
She prodded the sunken mass in Martin's hands.
"It really looks----"
Wench turned to Martin. "I really need to go NOW."
And down the hall she went.

Jack burst into the galley.
Martin stood there scraping the remains of his souffle into a trash barrel.
"She's been here, hasn't she?" Jack said triumphantly.
Martin said calmly, "What makes you say that?"
"No one can deflate something that is supposed to rise as fast as she can."
Martin choked back a smart remark and a laugh.
"I guess you would know better than I would."
Jack raised an eyebrow and said, "What is that supposed to mean?"
Martin assembled his face to an impassive one. "Well...did she ever cook for you?"
"Honour? COOK? Hell no! I'm still alive, aren't I? Never mind..I'll find her yet."
Martin said, "I'm sure you will. I'd check with Lilaney. Wench probably went to check on Elinor."


"Wench!" Elinor smiled with glee.
Wench put her finger to her lips and shut the door.
"I had to stop in and see how my favorite little scribe was faring. How are you, darling?"
Elinor winced as she held up her newly bandaged arm. "I seem to have had a leak. But Lil and Brother Timothy saw to me and Lil said I am healing nicely."
Wench leaned over and felt her forehead. "And no fever! How is the hand?"
Elinor wiggled her fingers. "Still stiff. I tried to hold a pen but it just slipped through."
Wench patted her arm. "It's to be expected. When my arm was broken from that mast, it took me a good three months to regain all my strength. And now it is as good as new."
Elinor grinned. "You sure proved that when you and Black Jack Roberts went back to back."
Wench shrugged. "I was trained by Marvos. He is the best."
"But, Captain, you never let anyone know before Captain Vardus."
She grew silent at that. "It was a very bad time. If only...."
Her voice trailed off. Elinor sat in silence.
"Well...on to better things!"

"HONOUR! Where the HELL are you? This ship isn't the bloody ark, you know!"
Elinor said, "I do believe that is your mister's voice."
Wench got up quickly and stood behind the door. Her finger was to her lips.
Captain Wolfe opened it and fortunately the door blocked his view of his rebellious part-time wife.
"She in here?"
Elinor faked a coughing fit and shook her head no.
"When she shows up--and she will---tell her if she knows what is good for her, she will meet me on the quarterdeck."
Elinore nodded. "And do you want the ship moved to the right a little?"
"Nothing. If I see her, I'll tell her."

Jack slammed the door and Wench came back into view. "My, my! I guess he got up on the wrong side of the sailcloth!"
"Never mind. Just a ship that crossed my wake one night."
Elinor looked confused.
Wench sighed. "Yes. Well. I think I can turn this into a game. Let's see how long it takes Captain Wolfe to catch this little chick."
"Now THAT I understand!"
Wench winked and gave her a light hug to keep from hurting Elinor's arm.
"I give Captain Wolfe at least two hours before he catches up to me."
Elinor grinned, "My money is on you, Captain Wolfe Jr."
"Bright. Captain Bright. As of an hour ago. I'll be back later unless the other Captain decides to feed me to the fishies."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 04/20/2008 22:18:46

'Let's see how long we can keep this game of hide and seek going, dear husband of mine.'
Wench slipped around the corner of the infirmary.
Suddenly she was caught. "And where do you think you are going in such a hurry?"
"Duckie, you just about gave me heart failure!"
She put her hand to her chest.
"I heard Jack is tearing the ship apart looking for you. Said if I found you, I was to keep you and send someone for him."
She grinned, "But you won't."
"Give me a reason why not."
"Old time's sake?"
Duckie tried not to laugh. "Honour, where do you think my loyalities lie?"
She shrugged. "Your loyalty is to your hypocritic oath."
"Him too."
Duckie leaned against the wall. "Jack is my friend."
"He's my husband. What's the point?"
"I've seen alot go on between the two of you. I was there when it all fell apart."
Wench was quiet. "That was a long time ago."
"Two years."
"Alot happened in two years."
"Cade Jennings didn't. He happened in the first month."
She sighed. "Dr. Gander, you saw how Jack was after El Lobo took the hit from the Mercedes. It wasn't the ship that was wrecked. It was Jack's self-esteem. He always thought himself indestructable. Bonita predicted disaster for us. And she was right."
"I admit, Jack was a bit hard to deal with...."
"A BIT? Duckie, he drunkenly pulled a gun on me that last night and accused me of having an affair with Cade!"
"Well, weren't you?"
"Not that it is any of your business, but no. I wasn't. The next morning, Jack apologized profusely and gifted me with a sapphire necklace. But it was too late. The damage was already done."
"Well, sure. Right after he accused me, I figured I might as well be guilty of the crime accused. The next morning as Jack gave me that sapphire necklace, I could barely look him in the eyes. When he left to get the journal from Armand LaFourche, I arranged the purchase of the sugar plantation. Cade sailed the next day and I left the day after that."
"Honour, why did you leave? You could have stayed on the plantation."
"Duckie, this conversation is now over. I had my reasons. Let it go at that."

Wench sighed. "Will he never realize that where I am, my arse is too?"
Duckie laughed. She gave him a hug and whispered, "Game on! See you!"
And with that she scampered down the companionway and turned right.

Jack turned the corner as Duckie had his hand on the door of the infirmary.
"Aha!" he said triumphantly. "She's been here!"
Duckie raised his eyebrow. "What makes you say that?"
"I can still smell her perfume."
He looked at Duckie and then spat, "Hell, you wouldn't tell me anyhow."
And with that he continued on his mission.


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 04/21/2008 00:06:28

“This vessel is not that large, how in heavens name does she do it?”

He spoke to no one in particular and to himself specifically as he moved about the El Lobo in search of the one previously and now once again known as Captain Bright. Crewman quickly moved out of his way and made no effort to assist or hinder the monk in his search. In fact a pool had been started amongst the hands, one could get decent odds that neither their Captain or the monk would find the elusive blonde wench of a Captain within the next hour.

“Honour, wherever you are, get your pretty arse back to me right now!” The monk paused to listen and with a shake of the head he continued onward. “Might as well tied a bell around your neck Jack, with all that bellowing she knows exactly where you are and where she shouldn’t be,”

Rounding the angle by starboard cannon six the brother was stopped by a large number of crewman chasing cannon balls across the deck. Usually stacked in a proper pyramid for easy access by the gun crews, all that remained was the base. “It can only be.”

Grabbing a pirate by the neck and looking at him directly, “Yes or no, has she been here?”
The poor man extended his arms and waved them about indicating the balls rolling about and looked near to tears, his mouth open but at first no sound came out. Slowly the words started to come out of the moving mouth, "It wasn't us Padre, you have to believe us, make sure the Captain knows it wasn't us, he'll believe you, you being a man of the cloth. Tell him we couldn't stop her, she just appearred sudden like, and then pointed at the cannonballs and said they were dusty and if we didn't take better care of the ones we have, well we wouldn't get any new ones. Wipes her finger on the top ball and shows us the black soot on it to make her point. Well no sooner does she leave than all bloody hell breaks loose and we got balls rolling everywhere. You gotta stop her before she strikes again!

Bless you, which way?"

Following the pointing hand the monk continued forward.

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Reply author: Lilaney
Replied on: 04/23/2008 09:38:12

"Almost there."
Someone muttered on the quarterdeck.
"Yeh, but, I ein't leavin' for port call."
Four sailors of the El Lobo were working the lines;
all strong as oxen, brave of souls and dull of wits.

The dark shadow of an Island began to loom closer and closer to the ship.
The winds had died down and now they were tacking at a more sedate pace.
A peaceful morning was slowly turning into a tedious afternoon.

"You's will iffen Bo'sun says so!"
There was a swing and a miss and a muffled laugh.
"Yeah, well, yo right about thatun; but, iffen I have me druthers, I is staying on board when we's gets there."
"Is it really all that bad?"
The youngest bull of the bunch removed the marlinspike from his line and admired the new eye he had just woven in.
"You's stayin' on board; iffen yo Mam wants te see ye alive in a four month."
He looked rebellious for a moment and quieted as the other three glared at him.
"That bad, eh?"
The three nodded and went back to line work.

"'Scuse me!'Scuse me! Comin' through!"
The rustle of fabric was their only warning
as a sweet-smelling, blond hair-flying something
ran right between the four of them.
She paused for a hint of a second.
Looked up, and smiled at the youngest man,
who was entranced by her beauty.

"Where does that lead?"
He was spluttering, so the older man with one eye
nodded his head at the manhole in question.
"To the line locker; but ma'am, ye ain't wantin' to go down thar..."
"Thanks!" Her bright perky reply caught them offgaurd
as she darted down the steep steps and out of sight,
a hair's breath before their Captain came into view.
His stare could sink ships.
"You lot seen her?"

Three shook no, one nodded yes.

His Captain had him by the neck faster than blinking.
The young man pointed towards the Galley.
Captain Jack dropped him and stormed in the opposite direction.

"Ye idiot! Whatcha do that for?"
The young one grinned,
re-took his seat on the rain-barrell
stuck his marlinspike into a new line
and whispered.
"I's might earn a kiss."


Reply author: Welsh Wench
Replied on: 04/23/2008 21:26:09

Wench got about halfway down the steps when she felt something land on her shoulder. She looked to her left and there were two red eyes. Letting out a blood-curdling scream before she could stop it, the bilge rat bounced off the wall.
She shuddered as she landed against the railing.
'If there is one thing I hate, it's rats.'
She backed slowly up the stairs and within seconds, she was back among the four men.
"Ma'am Captain, you alright?"
She took a deep breath. "When was the last time this ship was fumigated?"
"Purged. Of vermin."
"Ye mean that Frenchie guy we picked up in St Maartin? Firmin?"
"No! I mean of rats. At least the four legged kind."
"Ah! Well, Ma'am, bilge and rat kind of go together. Like ye canna think o' one wit'out the other."
"Never mind. Anyone been looking for me? Like another Captain?"
The young man spoke up. "Aye. Cap'n Wolfe. Been lookin' like he 'bout to blow a gasket. Sent 'im towards the main deck seein' as 'ow ye were going down, he better be goin' up."

Wench exclaimed, "You're wonderful!" and threw her arms around him and gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.
"And now I need to hurry up and get dressed. Going ashore, you know."
"Uh..Captain Ma'am, I don't think ye..."
But she was gone in an instant.
The young man, Scully, grinned. "Tole ya so!"
The bo'sun shook his head. "Canna b'lieve she be goin' t'shore. Don't she know that island be hell on earth?"
One of the other men grimaced, "Aye. But that island ne'er experience that thar Cap'n. On'y woman that can make Cap'n Wolfe that crazy...well, that La Ville du Traitre be no match fer 'er!"

Wench headed towards her cabin--well, Briggs' cabin which was now hers--and as she reached it, she put her hand on the doorknob when all of a sudden a fist slammed into the door. She looked up into the red and angry face of Captain Jack Wolfe.

She sighed and said, "Game over."


Reply author: Mad Jack Wolfe
Replied on: 04/24/2008 21:04:57

"Game over, indeed," Jack growled. "Would you mind explaining was that was all about? I've torn this ship apart looking for you."
"It's really quite simple when you think about it," Honour said coyly.
"Do enlighten me, darling."
"All right. I'll start with the simple bits and go slowly, just for you. This is a door. It opens and closes, and with any luck it'll keep you out-" She tried to duck through the door and slam it in his face, but he blocked it with his boot.
"Now that wasn't very nice. Care to start over, without the carpentry lesson this time?"
"Not really."
"Humour me."
"Did it ever cross your mind I didn't want to be found?" she said impatiently.
"I gathered that. People who run away typically don't. You always were skilled in that respect."
Honour's face clouded over. "Jack, I hope you didn't track me down just to say something hurtful. Not when it comes so naturally for you."
He gave her a thin smile. "Touché. Actually, I wanted to ask you about a strange rumour Kate told me."
She cocked her hip and smiled sweetly. "Really? Which one? Oh, do tell!"
"What do you mean, 'which one'? There's more than one?"
"For someone who's so good at gathering accurate, inside information on his prey, you really stink at it when it comes to your own crew."
“Cheeky to the last, you are. Kate said some ridiculous thing about your switching aliases before we make port. It's not true, is it?”
Honour turned away and walked to Briggs' writing desk. “No, I'm not changing aliases.”
“Finally, some good news...”
“I'm reclaiming my maiden name.”
Jack winced. “Please tell me you're joking.”
She paused to check her makeup in Briggs' shaving mirror. “Deadly serious,” she replied.
“That's what I'm afraid of.”
“What's that supposed to mean?”
“Nothing!” he said with nervous quickness. “I was hoping I could convince you to reconsider your decision.”
“Why on earth would I do that?”
“Oh, I don't know. Old times sake?” He tried his best to cover his growing anxiousness by turning on the charm, but it wasn't going well. The last thing he wanted was for her to sashay into La Ville du Traitre announcing herself as “Honour Bright”. If he couldn't get Ahmet to call off his bounty hunters in time, it would mean a death sentence for her.
“Oh, right. Because old times with you were so good,” she said sarcastically. “No.” Her suspicions were mounting, but she knew she'd have to string him along a bit longer if she hoped to hear anything resembling a straight answer.
“Please, Honour? It would mean the world to me if you did,” he implored.
Time to go fishing, she thought. “Come off it, Jack. There has to be something in this for you. What happened? Did you lose a bet?”
His face brightened at her suggestion, and the deceitful wheels in his head sprang into motion. “I confess. You've sniffed me out yet again,” he lied. “You're almost entirely though not quite wholly correct. See, here's the thing. I did indeed make a bet with a tavern keeper on La Ville du Traitre last time I was there. He wagered me a tidy sum that I wasn't really married. Now, if you were to walk into said tavern on my arm and introduce yourself as the one and only Mrs. Jack Wolfe...” He stepped closer, smiling devilishly all the while. “Think of it, love. We breeze in, he loses the bet, we split the money, then pop you back to the bazaar for a bit of shopping. What could be better?”
Honour leaned into Jack, and traced lazy circles on his chest with her fingertip. She looked into his eyes and in her most sultry voice, said “I have an even better idea, my dear husband.”
“Yes, my love? What is it?”
“I say you take your idea, and go STRAIGHT TO HELL!” She pushed him away and slapped him as hard as she could.

Jack steadied himself against the wall and shook his head to clear the stars from before his eyes. “I'll take that as a no.”
“Finally, you've figured out how to take a hint.”
“Well, what's so wrong with it?”
“Simple,” she smiled. “Because you want me to.”
“Now that's just petty,” he protested.
“Get over it. And while you're at it, get out.”
“But Honour...”
“I said GET OUT!”
“Fine. I'm going. But will you please think about it?”
Honour stared back at him. That's when he noticed the inkwell in her hand.
“All right, all right! I'm out.” He stepped into the corridor as the door slammed behind him. Briggs was standing in the doorway of the great cabin with a smirk on his face.
“She's slippin',” said the quartermaster. “I didn't hear one thing break.”
Jack grunted dejectedly and walked off toward the main deck.


Reply author: Martin Montgomery
Replied on: 04/27/2008 23:02:38

Dinner that evening was a mix of baked fish,supplied by the "Lobo's" crew,the remaining root vegetables stewed together with barly and bits of salted beef ladeled over a hastily prepared flatbread that consisted of all of the ingrediants that would normaly go in a souffle. The big cook dished out hearty portions to the crew then took a covered pot to the Captain's Mess he was followed by one of the Galley Mates who carried a heavy tray draped with a cloth towell. Entering the Mess,Martin looked down the narrow table,Captain Wolfe sat with a grim expression on his face,Welsh Wench occupied the far end,looking with concern at Elinor, who had made the trip from the ship's surgery to a sunny spot on deck for her health,then back down to the Captain's Mess for this dinner. Briggs sat on his Captain's right side,flanked by Duckie,Lilaney and Blackjack Roberts. To WW's right was Kate,Brother Timothy,Mason and a large empty chair meant for Martin."Friends!" He boomed in a falsly cheerful voice "We make landfall soon and I can think of no better way to plan and prepare than over a good meal!" He shot a withering look at his blonde Captain and recieved a bright smile and a little hand wave" Thanks to several lucky casts by Captain Wolfe's able crew we shall dine on fresh baked fish,vegetable beef stew and...." another look askance at WW " a new flatbread recipe that I have been wanting to try for a while." The big man had been carefully serving the meal,starting with Captain Wolfe and working his way down the table to end with Captain Honour Bright, a small amount of retribution for ruining his surprise souffles, she hardly seemed to notice.Martin dismissed the Galley Mate as Mason looked about the table with a look akin to fear,but he was at the meal to represent the combined crews and to report back to the men with their duties duing the ship's repair at La Ville du Traitre's facilities. The nervous man took up his spoon and started to dig in as rich smelling steam tickled his nose,but his utensil stopped short of his watering mouth,stopped by a single finger on his right wrist. Brother Timothy pointedly cleared his throat and after recieving a nod from both Captains spoke in his rich voice "My comrades, we have been together but a short time,yet I have come to realize we all have benifitted from each others company." A snort sounded from one end of the table and a sniff was heard from the other,but Lil toasted Doctor Gander and Briggs nodded to himself. "Our coming together may have seemed unlikely and at times,I admit,painful." A wry grin touched Elinor's lips as she unconciously flexed the fingers of her wounded arm. "Soon we enter a dangerous place,where personal honor and fairness are more than likely looked down on." A barking laugh from Briggs was cut off quickly and he lowered his gaze to his own bowl. "I know that we all have differing outlooks and beliefs but at this time I would like to ask that we each focus on whatever you each believe personally and wish,hope,beseech,appeal,plea and yes,pray,for all of our safe returns!" The robed monk silently clasped his hands and after dropping his own gaze,he heard bits and pieces of mumbled prayers and wishes. When the quiet murmers stopped he raised his head and nodded "Now, may I suggest that we enjoy this meal while it's still hot!" "Amen!!" Mason blurted out,through a mouthfull of flatbread.


Reply author: Hibernian
Replied on: 04/29/2008 22:00:38

“My compliments, an excellent wine Captain Wolfe.” Holding the wine glass up Brother Timothy slowly twirls it about watching the light from the candles play upon the edges of the cut glass.

“Compliments are always welcomed, but in this case they belong to a French merchantman the Lobo took awhile back, my Captain’s share included several bottles of the wine you are admiring in that Irish crystal. I was keeping this wine to celebrate a certain special event, but now it appears that event will not come to pass,” Jack’s words may have been meant for the company but all the while his eyes stayed focused upon the blonde wench at the far end of the table. “So let us not waste a single drop for who knows what the future might bring,” Jack quickly drain his goblet and very deliberately places it back on the table.

“Speaking of the future, while not formally acknowledged, word about the ship is our next port of call lies just over the horizon. Any truth in that Captain Wolfe?”
“Brother in case it has escaped your notice this ship is not the saintly community of scholars you may be use too, rumors and innuendos spring up with every change of the wind and on top of that, as the Captain I am not in the habit of discussing my decisions with the crew.”

“Fair enough, but you obviously have never spent time in a monastery.” Elinor’s giggle escaping the far end was quickly swallowed “My apologies, the sudden image of Captain Wolfe in a long brown habit complete with tri-corner hat was too much to keep inside. Please excuse my interruption, Brother do go on.”

“Captain, while I understand and respect your rights as Captain of the Lobo, every delay places the Knight Hammer that much further out of reach. I admit to being a bit bias as I have a very close friend on the Hammer, but I’m also concerned that we are heading into a very dangerous port. It has been my experience that the leaders of the crew, namely the people who are sitting around this table need to work together if we are all to survive. Do I assume correctly that it is meant for all to survive the Isle of Traitors?”

Jack ignored the monk’s question, “If you’re afraid monk, I can arrange passage off my ship.”

“No, not afraid, but long ago a younger man once sailed these waters and his experience lays a strong foundation for my concerns. These people need to know what to more secret more raising the limit Jack...time to lay the card down for all to see.”


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Replied on: 05/01/2008 08:22:38

ack smiled as he poured himself more wine, then held his glass aloft in a salute. “I have to hand it to you, Brother Timothy. You don't shake easily.”

The monk gave a single small nod. Had he heard a hint of respect in the pirate's voice? “A by product of strong faith, Captain.”

“I suppose,” Jack replied. He took a sip of wine, then continued. “You all seem to have heard ramblings and rumours about our destination.” Everyone at the table nodded and made affirmative noises. Briggs just shook his head and slugged back his wine. “Well, it's true. We are bound for La Ville du Traitre, the former prison colony built by the mongrel French and now run by pirates, for pirates. We'll lay in for necessary repairs, thanks to the popularity of your Mister Roberts here with certain well armed lunatics. Will we lose time in our pursuit of the Hammer? Of course we will. But we'd lose considerably more if we were to lose a mast, which you all have intimate experience with, or should we manage to get a few more holes blown in us, which always seems to happen whenever your bonny captain sets a stilletoed heel on my deck...”

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