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Started by Emerald Shaunassey, May 11, 2008, 05:26:43 PM

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Emerald Shaunassey

I do bae Emerald Shaunassey, Captain by the grace o' God o' The Salty Kiss.  I an' m' crew be Crown Privateers though for those that dinnae ken that means we bae legalized pirates ... we pay our 'duty' to the Crown an' still get nae representation!

This be me an' me crew, minus our newest mate, Coral our Navigator.  I would be next to the last in the portrait.

IWG #979, IFRP #569, RMG # 614, Bard # 171.
Creator, Owner, & Manager of Williams Entertainment: Home of The Ladies of the Salty Kiss, The Shanty Lasses, Native Souls, & Grand Lake Renaissance Festival.


 why I myself am looking to become a pirate. hope you girls are having fun out there.  If i was to become a priate how would I do that? Would I need to be captured? or could I just jump on board?  ;D