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Dang, I WOULD have to work an early shift both tomorrow and the next day.  Figures...still, I may go out just to see what i can see.

2009 Leonid meteor shower Nov 16/17.

Jon Foster:
Hopefully the weather gods will favor us once before the year ends. We haven't been able to get outside for astrophotography at all this year. The solar minimum has kept us from shooting the sun too. Nothing very exciting other than a blank disc all year.


I have the 16th off and work late on the 17th, so I'm hoping for clear skies so I can sit out all night...

One of my favorite photographic events:  Argust Day!

It's always in August and corresponds with whatever year it is.  For 2010, Argust Day is August 10th.

Dust off your Argus camera - ANY Argus camera - and snap away!



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