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I was just up in Michigan a week ago taking my Grandmother up to Grand Marais, and we stopped in Mackinaw City as is the family ritual for fudge and caramel corn.  While there we decided to stretch our legs a bit and walk around.  I ran across this little shop that just seemed to out of place to believe.

The shop went by the name, "Enchanted Knights".  It had a small selection of Chinese made renaissance clothing (at seriously scary prices), knick knacks, a ton of imported swords, and even some roleplaying games.  It seemed a grab bag of "stuff" all around ren, and fantasy.  Their website seems to be: http://www.enchantedknights.com

The gals working in the shop were nice, and all dressed in some semblance of garb to one degree or another.

I know we have a few, people on the board from the area.. one of you who lives and works on Mackinaw Island..

I just have to wonder how a shop like this stays in business.  As far as I know the nearest faire would be MIRF down by Detroit, or maybe one of the newer faires that have opened in the last few years.  Do you locals frequent this shop?  Do they work faires at other times during the year? 

In the town of fudge, and caramel corn I just can't see how a "fantasy" based store could garner around tourist interest.

It's a seasonal store, much like everything else in Mackinac City, closing in late October and opening again in late April.  They do quite a bit of business during the summer months. The tourists here will buy damn near anything!! My girlfriend and I stop in often (mostly just to browse) on days when we just wanna get off the Island and "bum around" and the store usually has quite a few customers everytime we go.  I don't know if I'd recommend it to a "hard core" Rennie (Re: the prices and the selection...although I DID buy my first garb shirt there)) but for just killing time and maybe taking the edge off your "Faire Jones", it's not too bad.  To my knowledge, none of the people working there work at, or even attend, any Fairs.  Once when we were shopping there, I brought up buying garb and the woman looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language.  A lot of the beaded jewelery there is hand-made by a local woman who's really helpful.  I bought my girlfriend a bracelet to go with her garb and it broke the 1st time she tried it on.  The woman not only made her a new one but made a pair of matching earrings for her for free.  (WOW! That sounds like a shameless plug!)
Oh! and they usually have some pretty cool (and somewhat obscure) collectable swords.  Last year they had The Thundercats Sword and this year I see they have Snake Eyes sword.
Hope that helped!


  Very cool info.  Yep.. when we stopped in it's so early in the season we were the only people there.  I think we were probably the only tourists in the city!

  The girls were nice.. only one was wearing garb that I would expect to see on a "hard-core" rennie at a faire.  The others were.. "costumed up".

   The sword room was interesting.  I'm not a big fan of collectible swords, but they seemed to have quite a few.

   I was just curious.. I didn't expect to run in to a shop like that there.  Was just a surprise.


Hey Mags...... next time your in town..... ya drove right by us!!!  Call and we can meet up next time! 8)


  I actually thought of you guys while I was there.  I received your "event invite" on renspace while I was there, but unfortunately it was for the day we were flying back to Florida (May 11th).

  It was a whirlwind trip.  I had been promising my grandmother for years to take her to Grand Marais to where my grandfathers ashes were scattered.  The stars finally aligned enough for us to make the trip.

  We flew in on a Thursday, and I drove the 7 hours from Detroit to Grand Marais. We started off with 4 days there.. drove down to Frankenmuth where we spent 2 days, then another 5 in Detroit with family.  Over 1400 miles on the rental car.  Hardly any time to breathe.. but still a wonderful trip.

  This was my first time back to Michigan in more than 10 years... If I ever get back and have a little time to relax you can bet I'll let you know.


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