Author Topic: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?  (Read 5234 times)

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Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« on: May 31, 2008, 11:35:50 PM »
We've had a post about royal felines, are there those with capital canines? Or those who are owned by both such as moi? Or other fine members of the Animal kingdom?

Does how we are owned reflect somewhat how we are at Ren Fests? In part, yes at least. I own a Forester and I got it because so much of my life involves hauling cargo which includes pet taxis. Ie, a car bought because it fulfills the requirements of the mission, not just because it was this or that kind of car.

But to me, if one is a true dog person, then they like being outside in the elements, a quality similar to Ren Fests. And while we can't take Rover with us inside, we may have some vision of roaming the forests with Rover or packs of Rovers as our guides, guardians, protectors, friends.

As cat people, we know not to run free but to conserve our energy, to look calm, relaxed, even nonchalant as the world runs on buy. We view the world from on high. Hence, when we come across visions such as

we think little of it because such is like the panther in the tree, seeing the world from above.

Or perhaps we see ourselves as one with the forest, understanding creatures great and small, so we assume a character, a representation, of such a personalty.

You think?

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Re: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2008, 09:35:04 AM »
Great topic!  I would say yes.  I have found 2 faires that will take canines.  My avatar is of Gio and I at NCRF this past Spring and we are heading to GLMF for opening weekend.  3 of the 4 traveled to Tennessee this past weekend so I could attend Rendezvous, thanks to Lady Dracolich, Lord Devlin and Molden for their help! 

I found it rather challenging to find a home just perfect for our needs however once we did, we knew it was the place for us.  The white dog is a Dalmation/Greyhound mix which in England would be considered a Lurcher and the other 3 are Italian Greyhounds made popular during the Italian Renaissance by Royalty and Nobility.  Mary Queen of Scots was also a fancier of the Italian Greyhound.

I do also have 2 cats, one is a very small black cat who is loaded with personality and is a great huntress.  The other is a loveable orange/white cat who loves to antagonize his sister, much like my kid brother did whilest growing up!

I love being outdoors and being surrounded by nature (much to the shagrin of the allergies).  My homesite resembles my home Faire of CRF and I absolutely love it.

Each of them have a personality all their own, interestingly as the pack spends more time together, it's interesting to see their personalities develop as well as my own.  Watching how they interact and play together is an interesting study in different needs and sociological aspects of getting along with others, be it animal or human.
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Re: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2008, 02:39:25 PM »
Yes this is a great topic.

I had a cat for 17 years and he traveled all over with me while I was in the service. He went overseas and back with me. He was content just riding in his carrier.  He also didn't mind being left for a 5 days when I had a short TDY.  Clean water, lots of cat chow, fresh litter and blinds up so he could survey the areas, he was happy.

I now have a collie who adpoted me last year. His age is unknown but he is gentle and quiet but like me. Slow and easy yet alert to the goings on around the house. Almost lost him during the TNRF on memorial weekend because of a heat stroke. But between our neighbors (who called us to come home) and a great vet in M'boro we brought him home Monday evening after the fest.

Yes our animals do reflect who we are. From being a gypsy and take care on ones self to being quiet, gentle, reflective and calm.
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Re: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« Reply #3 on: June 02, 2008, 06:27:02 PM »
 I guess my Regal Siamese are like me- the strays are like my Evil Twin pirate sister? LOL!
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Re: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2008, 06:35:00 PM »
My two dogs are goofy and fun-loving, laid back, fiercely loyal, and of indeterminate heritage.

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Re: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2008, 07:27:06 PM »
Not sure if Beau is like me (he's nervous, barks a lot and likes to sniff newcomer's hairlines and ears, snorting all the while, ask Queen Bonnie!).  But general doggy qualities are things that I hold dear.  Loyalty, intelligence (although not all dogs are, many are much smarter than some humans I've known) and the ability to laugh at oneself are top among them.  I, too, love the outdoors and find the stifling summers of the south difficult to deal with precisely for that reason.

Here's a fun animal quiz...Renmail me your answers and I'll tell you the secret of it:

List your three favorite animals and why this is so, with #1 being the top choice.
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Re: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« Reply #6 on: June 03, 2008, 01:05:50 AM »
List your three favorite animals and why this is so, with #1 being the top choice.

1. Unicorns because they are the spirits of them all. (you didn't say nonfableous animals)
2. Snow Leopards because they are emphasis of all that is cat.
3. Dogs because they tell you that you are the world.

(but sent as renmail)

On Cats and blinds. Oh, what my kittens do to my privacy! I am forever adjusting my vertical slat blinds for some and usually it isn't too bad ..... except when a cat decides to sit on the end of the sill (instead of going further behind the bookshelf where they are unreachable), parting the blinds and giving the straight on view as I exit the shower! Many a times I have made a desperate grab for a cat going for the windows with "I want to look out the window, NOW!"

On Dogs and beds. Mom has dogs and a cat. The dogs absolutely love me, I'm their walker, the older loves beddiebies with me. It's pure joy ...... but on a single bed, it can get hard on the back....especially if it is both of them (rat terrier and chihuahua). Oh, well!

On getting my own dog. It is a dream of mine but reality has its limits. First of all, I live in an apartment and while apartments are great for cats, I think it is very unfair, to put it mildly, to have a dog without at least a backyard for it to play in. And, of course, any dog would have to be approved by the Egypkits. At any rate, he/she would come from a shelter; we are firm believers that love should be given as it can be for those animals out there looking for a home. I make food donations to the animal shelters in the names of the pets of my adult life.

The Egypkits and being left alone. Well, taking them up to Mom's is an adventure in itself. If they figure out that they may be going into the pet taxi, then they go into hiding. Up to Mom's, they can travel in the same taxi. Once there, they adjust quickly and move to take over the place or at the very least. But on the return trip, for some reason, they insist on traveling in separate taxis. I think it is something to do with Mom's pets being around but I am not so sure. Hence, being left alone in the apartment doesn't (seem to) bug them. They have twin water bowls, two food stations with food and more water, two litter pans, three windows to look out of, a queen size bed, two sofas, a desk, a $400 cat toy (and a $4 leather chair), an elevated run way thru most of the place, and so forth.

There are three occasions, however, when I will move them out of the apartment and up to Mom's. The first is when I'm on an extended study somewhere such as a marine station. Weekends are okay, but intentionally pushing past two nights and I want them someplace where they are looked after. Secondly is during Halloween. Morgan, of before, was certainly at risk (black cat with green eyes) but really any cat is and I don't want anyone smashing my windows to get at them. So even if it is only for a few hours, they are not left alone on that night. At the very least, they are closed in the bathroom away from the windows. The third reason is if I'm moving which I hate doing and fortunally don't do that often these days.

On personalty. Mom's rat terrier, who absolutely adores me, is the great explorer. Always ready to go out on walks, always ready to go further, further, further, sniff, sniff, sniff ...... while her roommate, the chihuahua, is content to sit at home and enjoy the comforts returned from previous expeditions ...... that someone else did, of course. Still, when "the lights of home" are signaled on her walks, when the route changes in that direction, she strides out forceably, out in front. Mom's cat, well, she can go for me, I'm a cat person, that is obvious, I'm okay. It's those kittens that often come with me that drives her up the wall! She'll often look behind me to see if they came with me this time.

The Egypkits, I don't think it is a thing of individual personalty but rather, what it all means together on various paths. Osiris may be pushy in love me, love me, love me, but then again, there is a guiding force to "stop that frivilous activity and instead, spend the day with me." Focus on what is important. Isis, when she isn't batting the heck out of little ball all over the linoleum floor, she is the kitten of aloofness, watch the world endlessly from a place of comfort. Think, consider, hypothesis, and consider again.

That, of course, is the way of the wizard. Granted, I am also the explorer (ie, Mom's rat terrier). Cats, of course, teach us to look for positions of comfort but they also teach us that comfort needs not to be overwhelming, just enough for us then and there. We need to have our own special places. And they teach us to share, at least with other cats.
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Re: Do our Ren personalties reflect the animals that own us?
« Reply #7 on: June 03, 2008, 03:48:54 PM »
The only persona I have garb for at the moment is a horse-trader. I dress in browns and cremes and have several batches of tail hair hanging at my waste. In so far as horses roam, I've been horse-like. And I can be ornery like some horses. And at times have been a work-horse (though not possible anymore).

The persona of Tremayne as I've conceived her is also a roamer and is generally going from some form of domestic service to another, so somewhat horselike as well.

I don't at present own any horses, though I did as a teenager and hope to again some day.
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