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Okay, once I get an idea of how many pins we need, we'll try to get an order put together!

Looks like there's definitely enough interest.  Start sending your payments!  I'll be able to place the order once I have all payments.

FOKTOP PINS - $20  Send PayPal payments to:  jkpiekkola (at) msn (dot) com

same info applies to these as the R/F pins - info found here

Current Members waiting for their pins: PINS STILL AVAILABLE!

Sketch of what the pins look like:

Old Tinker:
me Belle and me, along with El would each like one, that makes an order of three (3), please good DB.
me's sure that our DB will inform us on $ per pin and address to send funds, (sorry DB, no paypal acct.).
thank you very much,
OT & B...

I would like to have two of them please..

Anna Iram:
I'm in for one DB.

I think I still have mine, but I'll look and post tomorrow..


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