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iain robb:
Me too -- just paypalled for a FOKTOP pin. Thanks!

iain robb:
And got it today! It's very nice -- thanks!


Do you have any pins still available? I haven't been on the site in quite some time and missed this original posting of orders. I have a 7 year old Knight that was inducted into FOKTOP by her magesty the lovely Queen Bonnie, and this brave knight takes his peep killing very seriously! I can't even walk through a store without him spying them and immediately (and quite loudly) grabbing boxes and yelling "KILL THE PEEPS! DEATH TO THE PEEPS!I MUST KILL ALL PEEPS!" while he proceeds to start hitting and smashing the packages. :o  LOL
So far we haven't been thrown out of any stores, but we do get some strange looks from folks.

He has taken to destroying candy korn now too as he believes this is the favored food of the dreaded peeps.

Queen Bonnie:
 Alas! I noticed my FOKTOP pin is missing! No idea where or when it was lost. It was painted- a yellow peep on a green ground.
 I have recruited a lot more FOKTOP knights. Maybe we need more pins?

The Rabbi:
I would not object to the oppurtunity to purchase a pin.


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