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Doktor Kaboom & Christophe The Insulter


Got this from another board I'm on:

Doktor Kaboom rented the Eismann Center this Thursday night to try
out an indoor program he is putting together.
He is not making any money off this one.
He has to charge for the tickets, cause renting the Eismann Center
is expensive.

Adults: 10$
Kids: 7$

He would like feedback and such. Comments and Suggestions, Not
sure, But, I think he will be passing out comment sheets.

So, if anyone is need of a 'family night', Check out the Eismann
Center's site for the specifics.
I believe it starts at 7:30PM.

NOW!! For the those who are sans kiddies and would still like a
night out...
Christophe the insulter is taking the stage right after Doktor
Kaboom that night.
(Truly, taking the kids to his show will cause an awkward silence on
the drive home for all parties.)

Both these gents are nice guys and I like to see some of our own
succeeding beyond their own parameters.


Phillip McGuinness:
I saw the premiere of Dr Kaboom's stage show when he did it in Dayton a few months ago, and I highly recommend it. He did a lot of the same bits that he does during his ren faire act, but since the stage show isn't confined to "renaissance" science, he adds a lot of stuff to it that you probably won't ever see at one of the ren faire shows.

Thank you Raevyn!!

I finally got back on the boards!! WOOT!

Here is specifics:

May 22, 2008

Doktor Kaboom!
Countrywide Theatre
Tickets: $10; discounts available for students and groups
Eisemann Center Ticket Office 972-744-4650
Web Site:   7:30 pm

May 22, 2008

Christophe the Insultor
Countrywide Theatre
Tickets: $10; discounts available for groups
Eisemann Center Ticket Office 972-744-4650


Dr. Kaboom is performing just down the road from me and I will miss his show  :'(

Did anyone go to the show last night?

Was it any good and what kind of turn out was there?


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