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Tuexdo on Food Channel


Just saw your faire on the food channel., "Sunny's Summer Eats".
Looks like a wonderful place to visit and eat!!!!  :o  LOL!
Great looking faire!!

I saw a ren fest in the commercial.But missed the show. At least now I know what faire it was.

Thanks for posting.  The food network crew in general (and Sunny Anderson in particular) were fun to have with us and we enjoyed doing the shoot.  Glad to hear it had the desired affect.  Hope you can come and visit us sometime.

Lady Neysa:
I just finished watching this a little while ago, it re-aired tonight.  I'm proud of myself, I've never been to NYRF, yet as soon as the segment started I correctly guessed which faire it was!  (I spend way too much time online.)  Pretty neat episode! I loved Sunny's reaction to the chocolate covered cheesesteak!  The pineapple and coconut sorbets looked good too.  My home faire (MDRF) only has orange and strawberry. 


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