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Even though I haven't gotten to meet anyone at fair, i miss the general persona of everyone.... :(

Plus i'm really craving letting the girls at the leather store play dress up.... I like dress up. :)

What are ya'll craving?

Peasant Bread.

Fight School.

Perching on the rail at the (drinking/blowing) horn booth.


Tailgating in the parking lot.


Men in kilts... Hack & Slash... Mead... In any combination, really...  ;D

I set up back in '02 just to keep myself from missing the festival so much.  Feel free to drop by and look around.  We have our own forum but it's just about MDRF so it's not as huge-ish as this forum.  In this forum you meet folks from all over!  (I play at both forums).

I miss it all! The smells, the friends, the parking lot ... even the privies! Most of all I miss having an excuse to drink beer at 9 in the morning  ;)


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