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I don't know where to put this, and I'm too timid to make my own thread, so here:

The goth club is having its annual Renaissance Ball this Sunday night, period dress is encouraged. I'll be on the dance floor as always during this particular night of the year (yay for holidays). :-D Fun times.

No need to be timid here, Sidonia.  We love to see other local events.  Don't know if anyone can make since we'll be in the middle of theRendevous at TN ren.  Come to the faire if you can.

I made a new thread for the ball.

Aw, didn't realize the Rendevous activities would go that far into the night, you crazy kids you. ;-) Hehe... I may be at the faire that day, don't know if I'll be dressed up though. I went on the second weekend in the disguise of normal clothes, it was comfy, but felt a bit strange. Anyways, thanks for the thread, I'm going back into hiding now. ;-)

Saturday Night is the free night. There's no official Rendevous event scheduled.  There may be a gathering at the hotel pool/ or random groups at dinner here and there.

Come to faire and introduce you self.

Lord Zenok:
Sidonia don't go back into hiding. Stayout awhile and make yourself at home. We always enjoy have new family members.


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