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I'm getting married at Sterling this summer and I'd love to hear from others who got married at Faire, or who are planning a wedding at Faire at some point in the future. Is there anything you wish you would have done differently? Something that helped make the day go more smoothly? How did you/ will you handle your non-rennie friends and family? Why did you decide to get married at Faire?

For us, we couldn't imagine anything more perfect than declaring our vows in front of friends and family in such a beautiful, romantic settiing {plus, we're not really 'religious' and don't want a 'church wedding'} and then having an ENTIRE FESTIVAL for post-ceremony revelry and merriment! A hearty mug of ale, a jousting tourney and a pub sing beat the pants off of a Dj and the "Electric Slide" ANYDAY!!!


I was married at TRF in 1999 for many of the same reasons that you listed.  You'd be surprised how non-rennie friend and family may react.  My Dad wore tights to our wedding!  And even my husband's 80 year old grandmother dressed up, and had a fabulous time riding in the rikshaw I might add.  We did the typical pictures and then we did one with everyone who dressed up.  The only downside I had was people assumed we were cast so we had complete strangers sitting in the second row of the chapel, my dad had to move them down so he would have a place to sit after he gave me away.

I don't think we'll have too much issue with people thinking our ceremony is part of 'the show' as Sterling does them at 9am, so hopefully that will help with keeping the ceremony intimate - we're only inviting 50 people to the ceremony & private reception, but letting EVERYONE know the date so if they want to join us later and lift a tankard with us, they are more than welcome ! :)

I'm hoping some of my more uptight family members will get into the spirit of things too, Knarlyknot! My Stepdad and his wife had a Renaissance-themed wedding last March {my mom passed away in 2005 and he re-married} and one of my sisters and her husband and kids go to BARF every year, in garb , so I know some of them will 'get it', but I think this will be the first time at a Faire for most of them'.

Did anyone include any special info with their invitations? I'm planning to include maps from the hotels where folks will be staying to Sterling, and I will mention that 'dressing up' is definitely encouraged but certainly not required, but I'm wondering if there is any info I could provide to help those new to Faire feel a bit more comfortable?

We got married at Sterling as well, the first year that the wedding gazebo was in place as a matter of fact. :)

If you haven't ordered a cake yet, you might want to consider just ordering a selection from the Mile High Cake booth.  We did that, and it worked out PERFECTLY!  We had five different flavors, and the pieces were big enough that most people could share and taste all of them.

I'm still annoyed that I only got one bite of my Black Forest Cake, though!  I kept getting pulled away, and by the time I got back to it, they'd cleared the tables.  WAH!  :(

Another thing that we did, that I don't know if they still do, is rather than have a sit down meal, we just got everyone food coupons and let them eat while they were out and about at the faire.  Every guest got a main dish, a dessert, and a drink coupon. 

Anyway, I hope that your wedding goes as well as ours did. :)

As far as extra info in the invites, we said that dressing up was encouraged but not required and that if they chose not to dress up that very casual was the way to go.  Mid-day in October can be muggy and hot and we didn't want people showing up in typical wedding attire only to be uncomfortable the rest of the day.


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