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Renaissance Festival Podcast 110
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Staring    Kristen Roger   Marc Gunn and Joe Haydu 

Renaissance Festival Podcast Shownotes 

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Saturday, August 01, 2009 Renaissance Festival Podcast #110   August 1-2, 2009               

Music from Albannach, Nancy Daily-Green, Barleyjuice, Cantiga, In Our Cups, Cedric the Fiddler, Jesse Linder, Emerald Rose, Haggis Rampant, Craig of Farrington, Men of Thunda, Mickle-A-DoQueen ;s Gambit


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*Albannach,  Rebel King  from Eye of the Storm 

*Nancy Daily-Green,  The Twa Sisters  from Silly Songs of the Selkie

*Barleyjuice,  Tippin ; It Up To Nancy  from One Shilling

*Cantiga,  Cantiga 100  from Magic Steps

*In Our Cups,  Bedlam Boys  from Foolish Pleasure  

*Cedric the Fiddler,  Rights of Man  from Cedric ;s Overmode Jesse Linder Interview 

*Jesse Linder,  Irish Emigrants Trilogy  from Easy   Free 

*Emerald Rose,  Gwydion ;s song to Lleu  from Songs for the Night Sky

*Haggis Rampant,  Bonny Portmore_Highland Cathedral  from Tri

*Craig of Farrington,  Hymn to Venus  from Blue upon Blue 

*Men of Thunda,  Clumsy Lover  from Men of Thunda

*Mickle-A-Do,  Molecatcher  from Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts

*Queen ;s Gambit,  Threes  from Pawn to King Four Faires Running This weekend 

*FaireWorlds, Eugene, OR 

*The Pirate Festival, Milton, Ontario 

*The Colorado Renaissance Festival, Larkspur, CO 

*The Midsummer Magick Renaissance Faire, Oxford, CT 

*The World of Faires Festival, South Elgin, Il 

*The Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire, Battle Creek, MI 

*The New York Renaissance Faire, Tuxedo, NY 

*The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Rock Creek, OH 

*The Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire, Buckley, WA 

*The Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha, WI Listener Comments

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Music Challenge

5.Kenny Klein,  The Highwayman ;s Song  from Little Birds of Desire

4. Tippler ;s Way,  Rolling Home  from Let A Light Shine

3. 3 Pints Gone,  Nancy Whiskey  from One More Round

2. Carl Ash,  Calling St. Cecilia  from Compass Rose

1. The Minstrels of Mayhem,  Starlover  from Blind Man ;s Bluff

Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading The Faire is Over

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