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This is copied from a copy from the old board.

I am still considering a FAQ, but at present I really don't know what we should cover.  These links are listed as being fine choices, but, at present, with no claim as to their validity or safety or pretty much anything else.

The List:

[*]Cheesy Marketing Gimmicks in the Knife/Sword world.
[*]The anatomy of a *wallhanger* katana
[*]The Characteristics of the Rapier { is an invalid link - 06/04/12}
[*]Wayne Anderson's Guide to Swords for the Elizabethan Gentleman { is an invalid link - 06/04/12}
[*]Questions and Answers About the Rapier

Armor Resources:
[*]Cory Hurt of Hurt Armouries -- (pseudo)
[*]Arms and Armor
[*]Valentine Armouries  -- (temp)
[*]Online Armory -- (var)
[*]Mercenarys Tailor Armoury -- (joust)  { is an invalid link - 06/04/12}
[*]Armouronline -- (temp)
[*]Pitbull Armory -- (L_Oren)
[*]Historic Enterprises -- (L_Jason)
[*]Norton Armouries -- (L_Jason)
[*]Therion Arms -- (L_Jason)
[*]Vistar Armoury (no longer making new items) -- (L_Jason)  { is an invalid link - 06/04/12
[*]White Mountain Armoury -- (L_Jason)
[*]Blankenshield Armoury -- (L_Jason)
[*]DarkHeart Armoury -- (L_Jason)
[*]Medieval Reproductions -- (L_Jason)
[*]LARP-Armoury -- (L_Jason)  {} is an invalid link - 04/08/14
[*]Mittelalter-Online -- (L_Jason) {in German} { is an invalid link - 06/04/12}
[*]Manning Imperial -- (Chris B)
[*]Ice Falcon -- (Sir Marc)
[*]Wulflund Historical Shop -- (Lady De)
[*]Samurai Store -- (Chris B)
[*]The Inner Bailey (leather) -- (Sir Marc) 
[*]Age of Chivalry -- (Valiss)
[*]Larp Warrior -- (psparks44) {} is an invalid link - 04/08/14
[*]Targemaker  Targes -- (ChrisB -- Retired but site is still up)
[*]Tozando (Japanese Iaito, Shinken and Armor) -- (ChrisB)  {} is an invalid link - 04/08/14
[*]Thorkil - VERY high quality Viking helms and armor -- (ChrisB)
[*]Armamentaria (Roman) -- (ChrisB)
[*]Soul of the Warrior (Roman) -- (ChrisB)
[*]LaWrens Nest (Roman) -- (ChrisB)

Weapon Resources:
[*]Arms and Armor
[*]Del Tin
[*]Darkwood Armory - facebook  -- (facebook link -- Dona C)
[*]Christian Fletcher
[*]Badger Blades -- (DB)
[*]BudK -- (DB)
[*]Phoenix -- (temp)
[*]Angel Sword -- (var)
[*]Salamander Armoury-Jim Hrisoulas -- (valk)
[*]Dragon's Eye -- (rapier) { is an invalid link 06/04/12}
[*]Revivial -- (joust)
[*]Albion Swords -- (joust)
[*]Lutel -- (Valk) { is an invalid link - 06/04/12}
[*]Triplette Arms
[*]Museum Replicas -- (PW)
[*]Medieval Weapon -- (PW) { is an invalid link - 06/04/12}
[*]Knight's Edge -- (PW)
[*]Armouronline -- (temp)
[*]Valentine Armouries -- (temp)
[*]Kult of Athena -- (Mach)
[*]Blankenshield Armoury -- (L_Jason)
[*]Manning Imperial -- (Chris B)
[*]Iron Wolf Forge -- (Shetani)
[*]Darksword Armory -- (Toki Bloodaxe)
[*]Sabersmith -- (EponaBlackhorse)
[*]Baltimore Knife & Sword Co. -- (1stmatematt)
[*]Wulflund Historical Shop -- (Lady De)
[*]Armour Class -- (Chris B)
[*]Castle Keep -- (Chris B)
[*]Bugei -- (Chris B)
[*]Ravenswood Leather -- (Valiss) { is an invalid link - 06/04/12}
[*]Age of Chivalry -- (Valiss)
[*]Armamentaria (Roman) -- (ChrisB)
[*]Soul of the Warrior (Roman) -- (ChrisB)
[*]LaWrens Nest (Roman) -- (ChrisB)
[*]Lochness Origins (Dubhs Custom Made) -- (ChrisB)  {} is an invalid link - 04/08/14
[*]Jidai -- (ChrisB)
[*]Grozer Archery - High Quality Period Bows -- (ChrisB)
[*]Scottish Dirks and Dubhs -- (ChrisB)
[*]China Traditional Archery Supplies -- (StephenLee)


Schools, online resources/references:
[*]Martinez Academy of Arms
[*]The Association for Renaissance Martial Arts
[*]Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts
[*]Sword Forum
[*]My Armoury
[*]Schola Saint George -- (joust)
[*]Arador -- (L_Jason)

Schools, brick & mortar:
[*]Martinez Academy of Arms (in NYC)
[*]Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts (in Toronto, CAN)
[*]Gallowglass Academy, Inc. (in Leaf River, IL) -- (100 miles northwest of Chicago)

Online Resources for aspects of armor/weaponcrafting
[*]Blacksmith's Journal
[*]Guild of Metalsmiths
[*]Forge Magic
[*]iforge iron

[*]Chivalry Bookshelf -- (temp) { is an invalid link 06/04/12}

Just post an addition and I'll add it to the master list.  If you could add the name of the site as well, that would be helpful.  If you have any questions you would like answered, then note that as well.

List updated/validated 04/08/2014


p.s. If you find any broken links (I've noted several), let me know, either posting or PM will be fine.

Jean Pierre Dewell:
 WOW great list but there is one vendor is not in buisness anymore that's Valentine Armouries. I got a Email from them saying there closeing there doors man that's sad they have some awsome stuff, there site is still up but they are no more. Sorry to see them go.


Toki Bloodaxe:
I have been checking out a site called Darksword Armory. They are a battle-ready arms and armor enterprise out of Canada that make amazing sword, daggers and armor. there are some great link to videos depicting their battle-ready swords in action. Well worth a checkout, in my opinion. Thanks for the big master list, too. That really helps out.

Sabersmith (

Based out of Michigan.  Swords, daggers, axes, maces, hammers.

updated, thanx!


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