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POLL: Personal Forum Storefronts for Seamstresses!

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Lady Rebecca:
I think this is a great idea. I am thinking of starting my own website to sell historical clothing to others this year, and I'm sure that exposure on here would definitely help.

I would rather pay a fee to those I "know" than those I don't.

All considering, its doubtfull I'd be selling anything, but I say its a wonderful idea. I do think it shoudl, be its own area in Fair Garb, or by the Buy-Trade-Sell, and not part of the general sewing discusion area, just for ease of access to posts. Thats my two bits on the matter.

While I probably wouldn't work for those of you Over There who regularly attend fair, I think it's an excellent idea.  It would also allow me to let folk drifting in from Over Here know I'm about...   :D

I don't have a shop, but it sure would be nice if the shopkeeps had a place on here with their wares!


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