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Christine Helman:
This would be a wonderful resource to be able to link my website and/or pay for space on this site to promote my historical clothing design business.  :)  Most of the historical clothing sites like this are for Victorian or Colonial (18th Century). There is a need for those of us who specialize in Renaissance attire.

As a side note, I highly appreciate that you stress in the rules of this site to "Play Nice." I have found many historical costumers can be hyper-critical of each others' work. It would be wonderful to have a place where those types of personalities are weeded out and we all support each other without snide comments and critiques. There is a market for everyone's work whether it is clothing that is Period Appropriate or just Historically Inspired. My clients are not mundanes who give a fig about the accuracy of print and fabrics, but rather reenactors who understand the necessary monetary investment and appreciate my attention to detail.


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