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POLL: Personal Forum Storefronts for Seamstresses!

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Jon Foster:
I didn't vote (yet) but I think it could be a great option to pursue. My wife would be able to do a lot with something like this. I just need to talk her into doing it!


Since I LOVE to create and sew historical clothing but rarely have the time to go to Faire and wear any, I would love to have someplace where the people who become familiar with my name (through the forums) can have a chance to view what I would like to sell.  It's rather impersonal on eBay - this would be ideal!

Marietta Graziella:
I won't vote since I don't intend to have a store front, but I'd say YES PLEASE! for those who do.

A wonderful, convenient place to find qualified, trustworthy merchants online sounds like a winner to me.

I don't have enough time to sew for more than myself and a couple friends, but if I did this would be an opportunity I would jump at. Definitely a great idea!

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted:

I am honored and humbled to be able to serve many of the members of this community with designing and making garb. I would be interested in supporting such a project.


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