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May 30th — May 31st, 2008
Franklin Food & Spirits Festival

Help us help the Southern Foodways Alliance and Heritage Foundation document the unique traditions of the South and save the Franklin Theater.
Heapin Helpin' of Heritage: Argue the merits of cake over pie. Talk sweet tea. Debate the perfect combo at a meat-and-three.
All this and more, as you explore the State of the Plate with the Southern Foodways Alliance.

Spirits of the South: Experience the finest craft beers, wines and whiskeys in the South with tastings and commentary from the
clearest minds in the business.

The Spirit Tree: Learn how to turn a tree into whiskeywith Jim Myers.

odd note this topic about events other than TN ren is topic #840

June 1 2008
Traveller's Rest Music Festival
Nashville, Traveller's Rest

The Traveller's Rest Music festival is this sunday but there's no info on the about who is playing.  LAst year they changed from celtic music to bluegrass and other tn area music,

Lady Catherine:
Not sure where this should go:

I was approached today about a local Columbia, TN boy scout group starting a small ren faire in March.  They did it this year and want to do it again, bigger, better, and including the community. I was asked this year to do some belly dancing, but because of tiemconstraints did not make it.

I am curious as to who might be interested in doing some performances. Forgive me, fo I met him many times at TNRF, but I know thereis a man who juggles a crystal ball. I know we have musicians, dancers, etc. here in our community who might be able to give of their time....

Let me know by e-mail, etc.



The  juggler is Avidd.  You might try bagpiper. And he's not on here but Matt from previous years did some magic. He was Matmagican or something like that on Myspace.

SUN, JUN 1ST , 4 pm:
Travellers Rest Plantation
636 Farrell Pkwy. map
Travellers Rest Music Festival feat. Treva Blomquist, Bella Musiqa, Melissa Brett & Turk McNamara Cover: $12.
 Bella-M?s?q? entertains audiences using a variety of Mediterranean musical styles ranging from North African, Middle Eastern and Turkish to Spanish Andalusian, flamenco, and original compositions.


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