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Renaissance Festival Podcast #111 – August 8-9, 2009
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 Staring    Kristen Roger Marc Gunn and Joe Haydu 

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Saturday, August 08, 2009 

Renaissance Festival Podcast #111   August 8-9, 2009 

Music from Blackmore s Night, Kerridwynn, Broceliande, Castlebay, Jim Hancock, Celtic Stone, Gallamor the Bard, Jed Marum, Flying Fish Sailors, John C. Wiseman, Ten Penny Travelers, and The Whiskey Bards

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*Blackmore s Night,  Home Again  from Fires at Midnight

*Kerridwynn,  Little Black Fox  from Memories In Thyme   

*Broceliande,  Hobbit Walking Song  from The Starlit Jewel

*Castlebay,  The Harmony of May  from Tapestry II   Garden of Green

*Jim Hancock,  Carrickfergus  from Rolling Home 

*Celtic Stone,  Raggle Taggle Gypsies  from Druid Wood 

*Gallamor the Bard,  Mallon s Bridge  from Drive By Barding

*Jed Marum,  Rose of Tralee  from Confederate Songs of Ireland

*Flying Fish Sailors,  Flupandemic  from Loch Ness Monster 

*John C. Wiseman,  Danny Boy  from Simply Entitled

*Ten Penny Travelers,  Raven Boys  from Beyond the Gate

*The Whiskey Bards,  Pirate Lullabye  from The Recruiter…Free Rum Ain t Free Faires Running This weekend 

*Bill Johnston s Pirate Days, Alexandria Bay, NY 

*The Big Bear City Renaissance Faire, Fawnskin, CA 

*The World Renaissance Faire, Irvine Lake, CA 

*The Maine Renaissance Faire at Castle Treasure, Manchester, ME 

*The Silver Leaf Renaissance Faire, Battle Creek, MI 

*The New York Renaissance Faire, Tuxedo, NY 

*The Great Lakes Medieval Faire, Rock Creek, OH 

*The Pennsylvania Renaissance Festival, Mannhiem, PA 

*The Washington Renaissance Fantasy Faire, Buckley, WA 

*The Bristol Renaissance Faire, Kenosha, WI Listener Comments

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Marc Gunn with Lorella Loftus reading The Faire is Over         

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