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Is your festival looking for a New Queen or a Lady in Waiting with experience?  Then look no further!  Lords and Ladies, you are about to be introduced to the One and the Only... Lady Kimberly!!!!!!  She comes with a full wardrobe (the period of your choice), and more than enough talent to woo any King.  

This is a limited time offer.  If you hurry now to your scribes, I will throw in Not One, Not Two, but THREE references and a resume.  

IS THAT ALL, you ask?  NO!  Because, I am in a good mood today, I will include A PREVIEW WEEKEND!  You can have Lady Kimberly come to your festival and see what she can do!

Here is just a sample of all that is included:

So, why not forward this message to your Entertainment Director and make a girl happy!
Dates available January through April, and June till mid October.

Current festivals : Tennessee Renaissance Festival (May) and Louisiana Renaissance Festival (Nov. -mid Dec.).

Curtsy of Chip Talbert and Chuck

You know Syrilla we could always use more good noble ladies like you in our nobles guild at VARF for when we start up again next year.

Count Adolfo:
oh, were it only within my power to bring you here to Florida... then we'd have two utterly AMAZING Queens here...
oh, wait, I'm being really, really selfish

naaaah.  I'm a Rogue, I'm allowed!

I loved the way you staged your ad! I'm working with the Bay Area Ren Fest kings (Henry VIII and the Holy Roman Emperor) trying to help find them gigs. Good idea to post it here and the way you did!  ;D

lordwriothsley, I wish I could afford to to come up and do it with you guys!  One day...


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