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Jezzy MacPeaks:
I came to post info on Hoss' Funeral service and found no listing for Muskogee!

It was at that faire where he introduced me to the lifestyle I've come to love!  It's a big faire, so I'm surprised it's been overlooked on this forum.

Anyway, the family has asked us to copy this info to every board possible, where people who knew and loved Hoss (Scott Griffith) could be notified.  He's worked at several faires, Muskogee being a major one, so I leave it to the powers that be to make a Muskogee listing and please pass along the following info to his friends there.  Thank you!

 Hi all,I'd like to thank everyone for their condolences on behalf of myself, Russ and the rest of Hoss's family. I've got an update on the arrangements that have been made.Johnson-Romito Funeral Home99 West Aurora RoadNorthfield, OH 44067(330)468-1443will be handling the visitation and service Hours will be Wednesday 8/12/20092 - 4 PM and 6 - 9 PM In lieu of flowers, donations can be made (to his parents) to help cover the burial costs.Any cards being mailed to the family should be addressed to;Mr & Mrs Richard Griffith7687 Chaffee Rd Northfield OH 44067Cards can also be left @ First Aid, or soap booth during faire & we'll make sure Mom & Dad get themAlso - anyone wishing to come is Garb is encouraged to do so - and will be very welcome. Faire was a very happy part of Hoss's life and his parents know how important his other family was to him

We must not have many members from OK. the faire is listed on thefaire Directory. and there's a thread on it in the smaller faires section for the West region.  Not to say it's a small faire there's just not many active OK RFers.

This isn't really a faire directory update.  There is a listing in the Faire Director for this event, however.

I am going to move this thread over to the Smaller Faires (West) area so it gets in front of the people it is targeting.

As a side note, I've also attended this faire a few times and have found it to be a wonderful event - very clean, well run.

Here's a forum for Muskogee.

Rani Zemirah:
Thank you, John, for opening up a forum specifically for those of us here in Oklahoma!  :)

I'm an active OK R/Fer... but I usually attend Norman Medieval Festival because it's very close.  I'll be making it out to the Castle at Muskogee several times next season, though!!! 

I saw a thread recently with photo's of Muskogee somewhere, but I think it must have just been in the general Faire Photo's forum.  Might be nice to get some of those in here, also, just to show off what's available! 

I know there are several active members who live here in the state, and I'd love to actually meet some of you!!!  I'm in the OKC Metro area.  Anyone else close by?


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