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Wanting to Plan Proposal at RenFaire NY

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To NJBen,
I am the co-director of NYRF pubsing.  While we have (and do) occasionally do "proposals" it is generally either fellow cast members or regulars at our faire so that our audience is involved (ie. they know the participants)  I saw earlier in the post the possibility of setting up a "rougueing".  Speaking from experience, our rougues are exceptional!  They rougued me on the closing day of my 25th season at NYRF and it left me in tears (in a good way!)  To set something up, I would recommend you speak with Harold at House of Dra (it is a clothing booth right off Greenfield Common).  You would need to ask him early in the day to be able to set something like that up.  If you want something more elaborate you will need to speak to faire management.  Wanda Carr is our assistant general manager and in charge of weddings.  The office number is 845-351-5171.  Good luck!!!

Damien Ryan:
My advice, if you have never been to faire, and her either...nix the idea at propose somewhere that she will find romantic. 

My ex proposed to me on the bridge near the flushing privies.  It's the kissing bridge--you're supposed to kiss when you go over it.  Very romantic.  There's people around but not the center-of-attention-embarrassing amount of people.

thanks Theodonsqueen that is one of the places i am thinking about

just wanted to let you all know the proposal is on, and will be done opening day at NYRF with the washing well wenches first show of the day. so if you wish to witness my short proposal make sure you are there


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