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2009 Edition: Sept. 12th - Oct. 18th

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Mandrake Von Sets:
My guild doesn't participate due to the time commitment, but my wife and I might just venture down for a day.


We will be there at least two weekends.  At this point it will be the 2nd and last, but don't know for sure yet

We might try to hit one of the later weekends, but due to time and money (mainly money) restraints, I'll probably miss this one.

We are hoping to attend the first and second week (kids week and Pirate week respectively) of faire.  Perhaps we will run into some of you there.

Carl Heinz:
Our current plans are to be there the second and third weekends.  We're starting to load the Bounder and reservations made for Casa RV.  Need to check the scooter out a bit more.  Was running rough yesterday.


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