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Because it's looking a little bare in here... let's get the Finished Projects thread going again!

This is a modest start, but I've made a linen pocket for my 18th Century Ensemble:

Now... show off that garb you've been making!

Here is the dress I made for my sister-in-law (blue) and the one i made for my best friend (green/gold) Obviously there are 2 upper sleeves, I took the pic that way to show her with and without versions. Sheesh, I'm not that weird  ::)

OK... Here is my finished silver Elizabethan (only the hem remains to be done).  It's my first sewing trip outside of the 19th century, and I loved making it (loved wearing it for the photos, too!)


A fairy costume designed by the young lady who will wear it.  The bodice laces closed in the front on the girl, just not the dress form. The wings will slip into a prepared pocket between lining and a fairy bodice.  The blue one is side lacing.

Jean Pierre Dewell:
 Bonjour Mesdames!!
 Those dress are so beautiful well done indeed! and I know you all look wonderful in them also!!!.


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