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Moon Dawg:
HUZZAH! Back on the Forum :o Anyway I'm back and just in time as well.
June AARG Gathering will be at the Dog and Duck. A couple of Rennies went to Hot Mama's and spent a while. While it is a nice place ( I returned as well) I dinna think that all the young Yuppies would deal with us too well while the Dog and Duck loves us. Suggestions or Comments welcome as always.
Anyhoo! June 24 2008 C.E. is the fatal date as usual Half Seven. Now all we need is entertainment.
July AARG will be at Queen Bonnies place (Meow Manor)
No Bloody Cakes
Other than that it is BYOB, No Kidz and RSVP with a dish yer bringing!
I will provide Bunz and dog Hamburger meat for burgers tha' rest is up to y'all!
More info will be forth (or fifth) coming soon.

Element of Air:
So, june AARG is on the 24th and at the Dog and Duck pub? What time are we all meeting up. I will not be able to get there till about 9:00 - 9:30 pm. Is this too late?

The July AARG is at Meow Manor and no cakes allowed and blah blah all the other stuff, correct?

Var Greyshadow:
June 24?  That's a Tuesday.  Is it the 21st or the 28th?  (I assume it's supposed to be a Saturday.)

I think it is the 21st as that is the third Saturday...but don't hold me to it.

June AARG is at Dog and Duck at 7:30.

Element of Air, 9 or 9:30 isn't late at all! Things are just starting to get rolling by then.   ;)

Why are no bloody cakes allowed at the July AARG?  Is this a Meow Manor rule, Queen Bonnie ruling or a Moon)Dawg demand? 


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