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List'n from the "Calendar of Friends"

Started by Old Tinker, September 10, 2008, 09:47:54 AM

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Old Tinker

thought that since we have a new home for "Castleteer" and "Laveland Castle" info, we would include our list'n for this weekends "Gather'n".
i be the Old Tinker and his Belle...

"Penta- A Castleteers Gather'n(Re'Union)"
----September 13th after OHRF Invasion----
   last update: 09-10-08 ~~ possible attend'ees- 80

"Captain" humphrey
Katie (Designated Driver)
PyroDocs(Peter Beer Slayer)
deckyon & Melissa
Troy & Tammy
Sir William Marcus & some fellow brethre, (about a dozen)
CapnFayeCutler & friend
Conte Carl & Contessa Donna (in spirit)
jinx & friend
Bugsey & Lady Pegos
Scotsman & Lady Guinness (Wedd'n Annv. 9/13)
StareNorthSteve & Lady
Quioet One
Poofbird & friend
Angus & Lady
Old Tinker & Belle
Sir James & Lady Missy
Imestra & Curtorio
Aunty Lou
Angus the Honourable- a company of 12
spirit & Layde
Gwyndoln Gerrity & Prince of Sicily, plus- Little Thunda
CaraGreenleaf & two friends
Evelyn Wolfe & two guests
Hendo & Lady Hendo
Maeve Nations & Husband, w/dear wench sister

lots more to come ~ ~
Loveland "Castleteer"
Travel Safe, Travel Far