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So You Want To Be A Castleteer?: or A Guide For Newbies

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The Castleteers have evolved to the point that (unfortunately) i feel rules are necessary. so here they are.

1. The Castleteer Gatherings are Adult Events. Not so much because we only do adult things and youngsters wouldn't fit in. It is because we are a large group, spread out over the interior and grounds of the Castle. It is impractical, if not impossible, to monitor everything and still be able to enjoy the festivities.

2. The Castleteer Gatherings are Garbed Events. This one is easy, it is because I say so.  :) The KOGT knows they have to be dressed to attend, so it is only fair everyone else is dressed too. lol (this rule is very connected to rule 3)

3. Only Those Who RSVP May Attend. The crowd control rule. You need to RSVP on one of the forums in order to be on the guest list. People come to visit the Castle 24/7, whether we are open or not, they will still come. That means strangers will often appear and simply invite themselves to the party. It happens all the time at the Castle. Feel free to take a bit of ownership and upon seeing someone that doesn't belong explain that the Castle is closed and currently being rented by a private party. If you are not comfortable doing this then simply find me....I love doing it. I am very polite, but forceful and have never had to raise my voice or cause a scene. Not once in 20 years. (well maybe once or twice, but you won't find the bodies)

4. These Are Potluck Dinners. Bring something. It shows participation and intent. You do not have to eat, I rarely do. But remember, it is the thought that counts.

5. BYOB. Self Explanatory. But please be responsible for your own gear. Also, refer to rules 2 and 3.

6. Have Fun, Make New Friends, Laugh A Little. You are missing the point if you don't follow this rule. :)

can we please get an admin to make this a "sticky"?

And may I add;
7. Official Castleteers have actually slept overnight in The Loveland Castle.
Long Live Harry's Dream!

8.) What happens at the castle, stays at the castle... ::)

Sir Samuel:
So if I have spent many many nights and know all about the place and know all the other rules does that make me a Castleteer already?


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