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So You Want To Be A Castleteer?: or A Guide For Newbies

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There is a Motion on the Floor, do I have a "Second"?

No, no, I'll second that Motion, and call for a Vote!

All those in Favor state "Aye!"


Sir Samuel:
am i able to cast a vote if I floored the Motion?


Capt Lucy:

Lairde Guardn:
I do not want to assume, since we all know where that leads.....but I do not know where Loveland Castle is and can not seem to find an address listed anywhere on these threads about the place.   I believe that someone told me it was in Ohio, and since I am getting ready to make a run up to GLMF, I was wondering if it would be on my way (or a short side trip) so that Julia and I may stop by and see this place for ourselfs.

So if someone could help me out as to a location........



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