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What are the things that you take with you when camping that you cannot live without, certain cooking items, rubbermaid tubs for the garb, etc. ?

My Jambalya pot.


Being a "Foodie" I have a lot of must haves.

1.  Dutch Oven

2. Grill

3. Coleman Kitchen

4. Coleman Oven

5.  Porta Potty - Since I now have Diabetes (it sucketh mightily) I find this to be a Goddess Send!

6. Shower - Hubby has long hair and hates oily hair, so a shower is something he needs!

There is so much more, but either SCA or Faire Camping, I bring the Kitchen Sink with me, we have a special heater that will give you very hot water in minutes.

Wait until I get my new bed!! It is a canopy and is a slat bed that breaks down!


brier patch charlie:
My sheepskin rug and my kilt. Every thing else is just extera baggage.

We are pretty proud of our campsite.  We go with another couple from Ft. Worth and have developed a pretty sweet setup.  Last year we completely connected and enclosed our two tents, a 10x10 enclosed canopy, an 8x10 canopy, and a 10x20 enclosed canopy.  One room was setup as a bathroom complete with a pop up toilet stall and another shower stall (heated shower).  We also hung our garb in there.  We divided the 10x20 into a partially enclosed kitchen and a fully enclosed lounge complete with custom made floor pillows and a DVD player.

But in terms of items, we favor the latter part of the season so we can't live without our 18,000 BTU tent heater.  We've been down to 30 degrees and are perfectly comfortable in the tent.


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