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Quick tip for refreshing garb between washes (or for non-washables)

Started by gem, September 19, 2009, 02:37:26 PM

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I have found that using a dowel works much better than a safety pin.  Tape the string to the tip of an arrow shaft, and thread the casing over it.  It moves very quickly!

Betty Munro

Butch, you are a genius!  I'm putting that on my Home Depot list!


Thank you THANK YOU ladies and gents. I swear, I was ... well, swearing over the darn string. The waist is nicely bunched up when on, and that means when the string is out, I have 100" of area to go through.

Anyone know how to get the string back from a cat? lol. I'll figure it out. She thinks it's hers now. Kitten spit. yeck.

Oh, and I just cleaned my garb using this kit from walmart. It was a no name dry cleaner's kit. There was a spray in it, and a 'dryer sheet' (many, actually), and a bag you put it all in. For the extra delicate stuff, I put them into a pillow case, THEN into the bag. There was no washing, just using the dryer on low.

I am lucky that I only have one or two pieces that can't go in the washer. My damsel stuff is built like iron, that stuff can go on 'hot' in the washer, never fade and never have an issue.

But I'm about to get some things that are really really delicate. So this thread is amazing.

How do you all refresh leather?

Beauty is found in those who take the time to build you up.

Adriana Rose

Dryer sheets? I wipe my leather stuff down with a damp cloth and lightly spritz it with lavender water and store with a pouch of dried lavender. Yes I do love lavender lol.


The vodka and water trick. MIST the leather, don't soak it.

Also cleaning with saddle soap (kiwi brand from Walmart), and then PLEASE condition your leather! I use hubards boot grease it soaks in nicely and it makes your leather buttery soft.

I can't say it enough, (I used to specialize in boot/leather care as a boot black in the local gay leather scene) you need to condition your leather. Boots too. It is essential to the long life of your leather garments.

I'll up a tutorial if it's needed?