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Quick tip for refreshing garb between washes (or for non-washables)

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I have yet to find any piece of garb that is truly non-washable.   For my beaded stuff, I either throw it into the bathtub with enough oxyclean to make the water slightly glossy looking or I stuff it into a pillow case and throw it into a washing machine on low.   

Absolutely, and if you're worried about beads rubbing against each other, lay the garment on a sheet, safety pin around the edges here and there and a few in the middle scattered around.  The sheet will keep the beads from coming into direct contact with each other.

Lady Kathleen of Olmsted:

I hand clean all of our non-washable garb using Amway's L.O.C. The Undergarments are Gentle Cycled washed and hung to dry.

There is a product called FRESH AGAIN that kills the enzymes that cause odors to linger in clothing. I used that a lot when I worked at the Costume Shop.

I was told that I could hang some of my non-washable garb up in a room with several incense sticks.   The smoke sanitizes the garb and gives it a great scent ;)  Good luck!

Taffy Saltwater:
Thanks for the hint about the vodka/water mixture.  I used it on some very vintage furs that were smelly, left them to dry and they came out odorless.  I didn't know vodka could be used externally.


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