Author Topic: M'Crack Family Gathering Sept 26 & 27 - Breakfast instead of tailgating??  (Read 2275 times)

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PARF does not allow tailgate in the parking lot - it is well posted on the grounds "no alcohol or tailgating in the parking lot" - so I would like to propose we all meet for breakfast instead. There is a place about 5 miles south of faire on the same road - Rt 72 - called Kountry Kitchen:

944 Lebanon Rd.
Manheim, PA
(717) 665-2986

If you all want to do this in lieu of a tailgate let me know and I'll make the arrangements. If not I am open for suggestions.

Who is game for this idea?

If we're going to do this I'll need a head count so I can warn the restaurant - lol!

Edit:  OK - I am hearing positive feedback for this so we're going to meet at Kountry Kitchen around 9 (ish). So - again tentatively - here's the attendee list:

Jade'n aka Lady de  la Warr
Smack'n aka Sir Oswyn Dagworth
Flatt'n aka Scotsman
Alone'n aka Lady Guinness
I presume Amdra will be joining us (Lepus of Flatt'n and Alone'n)

Anyone else?
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