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Started by Shandi, September 24, 2009, 01:32:20 PM

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made a mask for all Hallows and it looks great in hand...on me I look as crosseyed as a goat :P
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lady serena

The mask looks great, and you dont look cross eyed. If you want to fix that problem if it bothers you to much can you put a stich or 2 on the back side of the bridge of the nose area to pull the mask tighter in that area? To me it looks very flat against your face and I think thats why you get the cross eyed feeling. Im sure others will ring in with ideas that may work better.
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Rani Zemirah

It does just look as though it's a bit too wide across the bridge of your nose, so perhaps you can trim the eye openings so that they're closer together?
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