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What Do You Dream of Having in your Campsite?

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So I think we had this on the other site, if you could have your fantasy campsite? What would it be? What would you have in your site? What would make it yours?

I am looking forward to getting a Kitchen cover, from Panther Pavilions.  I want it in Purple and Black to sit next to my pavilion so we can cook and eat with cover.


brier patch charlie:
I would like to have a camp wench! For cooking and other camp needs.

For $800 you can get an inflatable hot tub.

Granted the logistics of getting enough water out there is a problem.  But the subject stated "dream" so there it is.

Lady Ann of Draycott:
A travel trailer with a shower, A/C and Heater and one of those really nice quiet generators to run all the electrical stuff that I have come to appreciate.  ;)

Wouldn't have to take the time to set up a tent, take it down and pack it up again, especially if it's raining, wouldn't have to worry about rain, the tent leaking, stuff getting stolen, extreme heat or extreme cold and I could dry my hair with my hair dryer after taking a shower.  ;D

I want a camp COMPOUND!!! Complete with our own portable flushies, and a tent with AC where the ladies could rest and relax. Something decorated like the inside of a genie bottle...


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