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2009 Season

Started by bunnie, October 10, 2009, 10:36:35 PM

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Hey all!!

Sorry this is so late in getting posted.

On behalf of Charity & Faith; I wanna say THANKS to all who came out for our first season at SLRF.
We had a great time, met some wonderful people, and can't wait for next year.

From the decorated trees, to robbing Robbin on a daily basis, Rick the Cookie Man, Jared-don't-pick-me-up Hot EMT guy, the AWESOME barstaff and oh yeah, the SIMPLY FABU OFFICE/MGMT TEAM

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! You made us girls feel super welcome. We miss you all! See you next year!

Bunnie Limeybird
The Limeybirds

Queen Genevieve

can't wait to see you again little "Strawberry"

you girls made me smile

Love ya,
The Duchess
Queen Genevieve

L Dale Walter

Don't forget the awesome Queen's Birthday Cake Sing Off Battle!

Some of the stupidest stuff I have ever done, but classic!