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Xanthenes The Unbalanced:
Okay, I decided to skip the "Girls of RenFaire" tag for obvious, or not so obvious, comparisons.  Though I must admit, "Renaissance Girls Gone Wild" did have a nice ring to it.   :)

Let this be a thread where we simply admire the beauty of the fairer sex, captured at all of our faires, in all their resplendent glory.  Here are a few of my favorites from the '09 season:

Jon Foster:
Ok, I'll play along...

Lady Pauleena?  ;)

Err, no seriously now.  :)

And another real hottie to finish the post.  :o


Okay Xanthenes I could easily get used to this now cause in my opinion what better than a beautiful woman at a Ren Faire to admire her beauty. Nice shots by the way and Jon nice what a catch Lady Pauleena is. I'm sure she'd have tons of men who would like to have their picture taken with her anytime if you ask me.  ;D

Xanthenes The Unbalanced:
Jon, you've got some awesome shots in there, but you owe me a new keyboard after Lady Pauleena.  Figures that picture would come up just as the Diet Coke was going down.

Jon Foster:
Sorry, couldn't resist.



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