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John's pass pirate ball.(john leveque)

Started by bethany_blackheath, May 18, 2008, 10:15:54 PM

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Hi, those that live in florida, or who will be visiting. June 6-8th. This is info on the John Leveque pub crawl tickets.
ok....the pirate ball is on June 6th and  is for those 21 and up. i know this because our director for the show(michelle) said that people under the age of 21 can't get in, and that was said in front of suzie and she agreed, it's the VFW's policy. 
now, for more fun news.....

I am going to be selling PUB CRAWL TICKETS at the pirate ball and thru out the day saturday.(hopefully i'll have sold all of mine by then). They are 25.00 per ticket/token and you get 10 drinks total, 1 at each pub. and at the end you'll get a t-shirt.  but the best part of it get to see my lovely face as you buy the token from me! i'll have a bunch so i wont run out....but i want to run out...  so please help me sell! thank you in advance!!


*lifts this posting up to the top of the list*

Arr, Avast me hearties!  I be Benjamin Daniel Twistmetal, Ben Dan Twistmetal fer short, Main Mast and Ballast of the Sweet Willie, dependin on what be needed by Captain Anne Bonny.

This Friday through Sinday, June 6, 7, and * be the 7th annual John Levique Pirate Days at John's Pass!

Bring yer Crewe, Bring yer Cheer, Bring yer Scurvy arses here!

Friday June 6, frpm 7:pm-11:pm E.S.T. is the Pirate's Ball, Adult Pirates only if ye please, the Wee ones will be turned out.

Saturday June 7, 12 Noon, the Invasion begins!  We be stormin John's Pass in search of Treasure, Booty, Rum, Not neccessarily in that order.  Be sure to catch the Fight Circle at 2:pm, where w settle differences as only Pirates can, and the Bar Brawl at 4:pm, where Pirates show how Pirates drink!  Followed shortly by Anne Bonny's Rum Party at 5:pm.  The Festivities finish with a Bang with an evening Fire show which ends at 10:pm.

Sunday June 8th, Wake yer arses early and heave to!  We be starting at 10:am, and Storming John's pass until 6:pm.  The Fight Circle, bar Brawl, and Rum party will also be an hour ahead of their Saturday schedule.

Be sure to find Bethany Blackheath in her Pyratical disguise for yer Pub crawl tickets, If'n ye scurvy dogs find yourselves up to the challenge.

You do not need a patch or badge on your sleeve to show you have honor.


I'm guessing and want to confirm, the Pirates' Ball will be inside the VFW this year, not down at the bar on the water?
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That is Quite correct, you Sinfully Scintillating Cinnamon Succubus, you. ;)
You do not need a patch or badge on your sleeve to show you have honor.