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Rowan MacD:
  She is great! I have been following her page on FB  (Truly Carmichael);  that white Spanish portrait dress she just completed is amazing!

  (sort of) on topic-I was excited to find she is about the only source for affordable HA replica ouches I have seen. 


--- Quote from: Lairde Guardn on September 18, 2013, 08:46:49 PM ---Still one of the best with a great variety and decent price range.   Always received excellent service......from both these shops...



--- End quote ---

Just ordered a few things from the Tudor Shoppe- easy ordering and quick shipment (less than a week between ordering and receiving).  The items were a bit steep in price, but not ridiculous.  Sizing was pretty accurate, and I'm happy with my order.

Has anyone used medieval collectables or dark night armory ... I plan on getting basics from them but still spending 200 dollars... But hopefully I should be okay since it is a simple order. Waiting on my taxes then ill shall repost  my findings

Rowan MacD:
 MC is a decent source for basic odds and ends-I bought my hubby a 'Tudors' (as in the TV show)
white cotton shirt with black work for under $40.00.  He gets complements each year on it.
  Keep your eyes out for sales:
  I bought 5 leather ring belts @$9.99 each from the site (I spent $40.00 for one bought at faire, 10 years ago!).
  They had a sale on cotton breeches for $20.00 pair-scored 3 pair in brown, tan, and black. 

Some items are very cheaply or carelessly made. for example: The Surrey Chemise


 It is made to have drawstrings around each sleeve in 4 places.  the drawstring channels are made of pieces of cheap, metallic wide trim sewn onto the sleeves, with the drawcords passed under them. 
  The seamstress obviously sewed the channels down over the drawstrings to save time having to thread them through the channels later.  She wasn't particularly careful, and the results were drawstrings that were sewn sewn over and down in numerous places on both sleeves.
  I had to fix them before I could wear it, so I spent an hour or so ripping seams and resewing channels.   
   The same chemise also has a seam straight down the front of the body which I seriously don't like,  and its' made of a very flimsy cotton poly blend, like you find on the $1.99 shelf at Hancocks.  The drawstring neckline is also far too small to wear off shoulder.   It barely qualifies as a boat neck shirt when completely open and ungathered.   I note that the models' hair carefully hides this. 
   It also comes with 'dry clean only' tag (on cotton?)-which is a pretty good indicator that the whole mess is cheaply made and they expect it to fall apart pretty quickly. While it can be washed on delicate cycle with no visible issues, I took the precaution of resewing the seams, and wearing it very sparingly.   It cost me $50.00 on sale-they are asking $75.00 now. 
   I figure I could make it for $10.00, paying retail for the fabric and trim (which is fraying).  The drawstrings are that plastic-y, poly metallic stuff that melts and costs about .99 for 3 yards at Hancock's. The trim is also non-fabric, and also a very cheap, metallic, 100% polyester stuff,  closest I could find was something slightly better @$1.99 yard.
  Coincidentally, this the ONLY item I have bought  from them that actually carried the 'Medieval Collectables' label.   Hubby's shirt was from another company and sold through their website.
 *end vent*

Etsy shop:  Dungeon Duds N Jewels.  I just received a custom made chemise and it is perfect.  Great communication with the seller.  I like the chemise so much, I ordered another one from them.



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