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Hello everyone,

I've been reading the rules for posting and have a question for this forum section on knitting.  I knit my Token / Trinket tuck stitch bags by hand, on a vintage TricoExpress wooden loom as well as my knitting machine.  Would it be acceptable to post a picture or two here to show the various designs I'm working on?  I'd like to get opinions on the sizing and possibly the designs that would be desirable for RenFaires.

Thanks in advance,

Pictures of people's work are always welcome! ;D

Thanks Sitara.

I began making these bags in a much smaller version as men's belt pouches in a stonewash black cotton.  Then a couple of friends who attend a lot of SCA / Pagan / RenFaire events began asking for larger ones.  They pin their Tokens/Trinkets on the outside and have their tokens to share inside the bag, which can dangle from their wrist.  This is the latest pattern/design I've been using, a diagonal tuck stitch pattern.  Now let's see if I can get this picture to load in here.  They're a nice size, approximately 6" x 9".


Yes, Sitara has it right... photos of people's work is always welcome!  You have two choices for Knitted work, here and the Finished Projects thread where most people post their most recent projects.

  Welcome to the Crafting Section.

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