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Can't Wait Until March!

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Last weekend saw the end of the Renfest season around Oklahoma.  I don't know how I'll endure the next 4 months as Scarlet Renfest in OKC is now defunct.

I'm glad I went to 4 Winds at the end of February last year.  I look forward to returning in the middle of next March.  I'm glad to be getting a 2 week jump on the Renfest season in Oklahoma.  My stay this year was short due to the need to get to "Big D".  What kind of things should I ensure I experience on my return trip to 4 Winds?


Lol. Definetly see the joust, since we are the second ranking team in the country!
Our archery booth is awesome! And right next to it is our range, so come see me there!
We have the best wooden mugs and eattery with Knarly Knot.
We have grand chain mail at the Dark Rose, amazing shows, Willies Willy Wenches! Breaking the Habit! Just to name a few....oh the cast is great and the food is yummy! And  if I don't stop now you won't get me to ... I love my home faire!

Can't wait to see ya!

I rather enjoyed your booth last spring.  The equipment was of good quality & the instructions I received were definitely from people who know about archery.  If I have my own longbow by then, can I use my own on your range?

We would love for you to bring your own bow! We have tons of regulars who have thier own bow and quivers. So glad we could bring faire joy to you can't wait to meet you next season. ?

Rani Zemirah:
Hmmm... sounds like a spring road trip might be in order... :D 


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