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Title: Connor Fisher, the Gamboling Bard
Post by: Nidhoggr on April 10, 2016, 11:10:56 PM
So this is my first year on cast out of ten years attending.  I am in one of the cast guilds known as the Gaelic Gambol.  We are the Merrymaking Guild.  We do music, dance, host the maypole, etc.  My character is going to be Connor Fisher, the Bard who plays music with his twin brother Ian Sanders (it's a gag as he is in his 50's and I am 29, I am very large and he's a skinny guy) in the shire of Briarwood in Scotland.  I am playing him very energetic and whimsical and a bit off his head.  (IE: Chasing after noblewomen despite being a peasant).

If you had were at a faire and encountered an eclectic musician who was incredibly friendly and playful, what are the sort of things you would enjoy doing for interactions?

Also: Any comments, ideas, etc for a character like this?